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r%£€ TVBLIC 





The oldest 
flag in the 
United States 

The Bedford Flag, commissioned to Cornet John Pa£e 
'L'^^^i^ ?^ " °^ ""'^d by hi5 

R nl"' /r ^° fought the Bedford Mmutemen 
at the Banle of Concord Bridge, April 19, 1775. 

Acquired MAY ]m _ No.. 

Shades of You 

Sign urn 1994 

Bedford High School 
Mudge Way, Bedford, MA 01730 

Volume XI 

Shades of You 

Take a look down the hall when you walk to your class. Take a peek 
intotheclassrooms. Peeplntothegym. What doyou see? Diversity. Difference. 
Variety. Beauty. Shades ofYou! An outsider probablywould not realize byjust 
looking at the faces that the students here are not all carved from the same stone. 
Each oneof us has a different background and weall haveall blended togetherto 
make one phenomonal unit. There are students from Hanscom Air Force Base 
always coming and going. It is hardforthem to start from scratch again at Bedford, 
but Bedford High School is always happy to receive new students and sad to see 
othersieave. TherearealsostudentsfrommanyothertownsthatconfietoBedford 

through the METCO program. Everyone at Bedford has incredible respect f orthese 
early birdswhogetupbefore6:00every day tocomehere. Then, of course, thereare 
many students from the town of Bedford itself. Most of these students have lived in 
Bedford,asmallsuburt>antown,forallttieirlives. Someimaginethemselvesstillliving 
in Bedford twenty years from now. Others can not wait until they have moved out of 
theirparents'homesand have theirownapartment or dorm room. Bringingtogether 
people withdifferentbackgrounds.ideasand values results in anexcitingplacetogolo 
school. Wehavecometogethertoaccepteachother. We know no boundaries to 
friendship. In our hearts, ourfaces, our souls, we truly area beautiful group of peopte. 

Ben Dickemefgesfrom the Boys' 
locker room. . . the very heart of 

MarcellBittleandGeri Parisella represent all of BHS as 
they stand with ttie sheer confidence gained ak}ng with an 
education in Bedford. 

JamalJones boosts Roche) le Morel kjup just enough to pass"short"bu' 
not enough toovershadow his monstrous figure. 

SUCKER! Sarah Shamel shows flavor deviation by enjoyingachen) 
lollipop rather thanthe traditional grape. 


Shades of You 

No, guys. . . The canopy works better if you stand UNDER it! 

"Who? Me?" Chris Farmer, Chris Midgett,IVIarcusHarrisandTigerlVlooreappeartobeon 

KrIstenlVlacDonald.JessicaTumer.andCameCiaccia Avid yeartx)oker Rachel Siegelbe- 
anxiouslyawaitthebeginningoftheNHSmudwrestling ginstonodoffasshetriestofinish 
tournament. Timetosuit up, ladies! this caption on pa. . ge. . . . 


Typical People 

When you see thefaded brick, with elderly shrubs surround, 
You can't see that Bedford High is, byfar,thebestaround. 
It isn't all the green grass, orthe large and bright school bus, 
WE make BHS what it is, that's right, it's only us! 
But "us" isn't just me, and no, it isn't just you, 
"Us" is every oneof us together in this school. 
Theflagsof all our countries, make this placesupreme. 
I lookat schools in othertownsand I just wantto scream: 
"Hey, takeapeek...justtaketimetocomeand see my school. 
After justataste, you'll seeyourtownand say, 'Ohwhatafool, 
I am to not be at BHS where everyone is pro 
And the students areeverything but numbers in a row.'" 
I say to them, "Butthat's not all . . . haven't you heard? 

Carrie Ciaccia, Ben Cordes, Sarah Carvey, Joey Zupkus, Matt Ska venski, Rachel 
Siegel,Chris Carson, and Heath Dilltakeamomentfrom the yearbooktosmile at 
thecamera. But Heath, WHATare you doing? ThecameraistheOTHERway! 

AishaMondosirand Gary Martin are somehow psyched to be freshmen. 

Personality is only the tip of our Iceberg! 
We take pride in all our students . . . black, white, green and red. 
Wecensornoone,but encourage tfteminstead. 
Support isgiven by teacherand studentalike. 
At each Talent Show, all can step up to the mike. 
Our Drama program, to nonecan becompared. 
From football to tennis, no team is ill-prepared. 
Madrigals, bands, and orchestrasare numerous . . . 
And every single thing isan important part of 'US'." 
That's what's so special about being a Bedf ordite. 

Sometimes I lay alone in bed at night. 
Thinking of what I would do and where I would be. 
If "us" had never been a part of me! 

Colleen Devlin, Nicole Larsen, Miranda Hillyard, Meaghan 
Watkins, and Carey Huxsawshowthat Freshmen canstill 
look good(eventhoughthey are wet behindthe ears.) 

Brian Geary, Beth Sokolik, Keri Evjy, and Mike Goodwin appearenthralled to be eating 
theirfabulous school lunch. 

People in the Day 

On a typical day, the average BHS student is attacked from behind at least once. 

Mr. Pilla attempts to demonstrate a vacuum by sucking in all of the air in the room before 
another art lecture. Jim Maddox has seen itall before, and gets ready to hold his breath. 


Lazy People 

Afternoons at BHS are anything but lazy for most students. Few go home at 2:00 
because most staytoparticipateinawide variety of activrtiesorsimply to hang out with 
friends. Ourever improving sports teams range from football to golf, basketball to 
track , and softball to tennis. The music department isfull of life after school with show 
choir, jazz band , and the flag squad practicing . Then, of course, there are the spring 

musical and numerous drama club productions. Telemedia. Language Clubs, 
SAOD.andother clubs meet often after school. Many studentsat one timeor another 
must putofftheiractivitiestogoforextra help. Then there are some days when 
organized activities fade out of the pictureand students are left with ttie luxuryof 
simply hanging out with their friends out in the sun or down by the gym, relaxing. 

AaronRashbaandJeannetteHagonplaydoctorafterschool.Whats Mr.Pavaolinesupallofhisyogurt-lovingstudentsforttiefiringsquad. 

Chastity Irizarry serves it up to Mrs Cordes. 

The "I Love Yogurt" Club, with faculty sponsor Roriano Pavao. 


Lazy Afternoon 

Junior Prom 

The big event had arrived. The dresses had been bought and the tuxedos ordered. 
After trying five shades of lipstick and combing the hair ten times and doing 
twenty different poses in the mirror, everyone was ready for their wonderful 
tonight. The evening started out for most people with dinner at a restauraunt. 
Around 9 o'clock the new cafeteria was already filled with people looking their 
best. The room could not be recognized as a cafeteria afer the spectacular time 
and effort put into decorating. The prom court included Chastity Irizarry, Mindy 

Pulsipher, Alison Sundet, Apama Rao. Chris Midgett, John Barrows, Jason 
Ingraham, Chris Farmer: Matt Gallant and Beth Mara were selected to be 
Prom King and Queen. Students left the prom around midnight but the night 
was not over. Many people went over friends' houses to party the whole night 
long. TTie only bad point of the evening was the deejay who neglected to play 
the theme song "Wonderful Tonight". Even with this disappointment, the 
energy of the Class of "94 made last year's Junior Prom an exciting event. 

Chris MidgeRand Aparna Rao like to dress upfancy 
every time they go to the cafeteria. 

The Prom Court included Chastity Irizarry, Mindy Pulsipher, Alison Sundet, 
Aparna Rao, King Matthew Gallant, Queen Beth Mara, Chris Midgett, 
John Barrows, Jason Ingraham, and Chris Farmer. 

Lori Malymeikdoesn't know that Chris Farmer is 
subtly pursuing her, hoping for a dance. Nervous, 

Megan French-Fuller, Aaron Rashba, Kristen MacDonald, Nickie Liss, Mary 
DeMoss, Sarah Carvey, Nick Kane, Alison Sundet, David Jones, Heath Dill, Anita 
Shewakramani, and GeorgeChenshowthat prom night isagroupthing. 



"Hey, whafsthatonyourshoulder?" Jessica Dugaland Rob Hannon 
Mika Volicer, Betty Corrigan, Wendy Castellana, and Jessamyn Smith are being watched. . . among the masses atthe Junior Prom. 

"Sardines,anyone?"-TheJuniorClasspackedintotheNewCafefortheirprom. Aftertheexperience,almost Just a day at the beach for Tiger Moore and Lamar 
everyonevotedthattheirSeniorPromshouldbeheldinanevensmallerroom. DorchduringtheJuniorPromenade. 


American Field Service 

Each year one or several students from countries around the world come to live in 
Bedford and students from Bedford visit other countries through an organization 
called AFS (American Field Service). This year Bedford is very lucky to ha ve Carlos 
Roman from Ecuador and Florian Lerchbacherform Germany .Carlos and Florian 
havebeen with their Bedford host families since thesummerandwill be staying until 
early July of 1 994. Bothare fairly quiet people not, however, duetoa language banrier. 
Carlos has studied Englishforten years, "Though,"heintefiects, "the English classes 
inmyschoolarenotverygood." FlorianhasstudiedEnglishforfiveyears. They both 
said thatthe language is not usually a problem. Florian had been living in Egyptfor 
threeyears when he decided that hewantedtobecomeanexchange student He chose 
the United States because he feltthatthe U.S. was a very interesting country. Carlos' 
unclecametotheU.S.twenty-threeyearsagoand encouraged Carlostocome here as 

an exchange student. Before coming to Bedford, fast food was the first thing that 
came to Florian's mind when thinking of the United States. Carlos agreed without 
hesitation tfiat Americans eating McDonald's hamtxjrgers was the biggest stereo- 
typethat he had heM as well. Onedrfferencettiatdoesexist between the United States 
and Ecuador is the was in which people greet eachother. According to Carlos, in 
Ecuador,gir1sare usually greetedwithakissontxith cheeks. Fk>han remarked that 
here,"Everyonealwayssayshi,what'sup? butttienttieykeepon walking without 
wartingfor the answer. " This past summer, Bedford students visited ottier parts of 
the world. Craig Wiley wenttoParaguay (for those notfamiliarwithttie world atlas, 
Paraguay is in South America). Megan French-Fuller and Cattierine Weicker went 
to France. All three students had a six week trip that ttiey will never forget. AFS is 
a wonderful program which brings people from all over the world closertogettier. 

Craig Wiley is caught in theact try ing to push Catf>erine 
Weicker off of the AFS truck. 

Craig Wiley, Carlos Roman, and Catherine Weicker 
stare intently at the camera while Florian waves his 
Germanflag enthusiastically. 

AFS students bond with ttiemsetvesandtheircakxilators 
before the parade. 


BHS Abroad 

sthatatowerinyourpocket.orareyoujusthappy Even in France, Catherine Weicker shows her school spirit. Niceshirt, 
toseeme? Catherine. 

Bedford Day 

This past September 1 8th at 1 o'clock, the annual Bedford Day Parade 
began. Practically everyone in town gathered to watch the Bedford High 
School Marching Band. When the last fire engine had disappeared, the 
crowd rushed toward all of this year's exciting booths. Many BHS clubs 
graced the scene. The brand new InterAct Club took photos, AFS set up 

Juiie Smith, Caria Gianetta, Gilbert Tsang, and IVIike 
McAllister solicit businessfrom unsuspecting passers-by. 

its traditional golfing operation, the Yearbook Staff sold Internationa 
foods, and the POMS chuckwagon sold food of all sorts. Money was 
raised in support of the Hockey and Lacrosse teams, the BAA. the 
Class of 1 995, and the National Honor Society. Although Bedford Day 
may no longer be the highlight of our year, it was still a great event 

Josh Smith and David Wolf get loaded up on fried dough. 
Well, Josh, at least SOMEONE wants to share! 

Thesef reshwomen haven't quite gotten the hand of the Bed- 
ford Day thang. 


Our Town's Heritage 

Hey Stephan . . . pick on someone your own size . . . oops . . . you are! Sorry, Sarali. 

Sarah Rosentiergcatchestheentireepisodeon film. Sorry, 

Lori Malymeil<, Bedford alum Cameron Demby, Erica Willie, Nicole 
Bogan and IVIichelle Jackson seem to be having a blast at Bedford Day. 

Carolyn Fanelli and Lisa Piantedosi are hard at work at the National 
HonorSociety Booth. Wait,did someone say "NACHOS?" 

Afteran exhausting Bedford Day, Christina Carvey and Sarah Shamel 
seem to welcome the thought of a big roast turkey. With gravy. And 
whipped cream. Okay, stop. 


A couple of pairs ... I mean ... a pair of couples 

Spirit!! 19 

Pep Rally 

A Blue and Gold 

day for sports fans. 

Pep Rally 21 


Lori shows off her "MiHtary Brat" atti- 
tude ... something Kim knows quite a 
bit about. 

Chris Harris loves riding his "big, yel 
low limo" to school everyday. 

Sick of military formals, Mindy de- 
cides to sneak away and relaxes with 
her date. 

A symbol of home for many military children, this plane is a constant symbol of the Air Three girls from Hanscom predict if they will b)e attending Bedford High until gradua 
Force and the inillions of men and women who preserve our freedom. tion. A common thought among all children of the airforce. 

24 Clubs and Organizations 

Clubs and Organizations 25 

26 Tournament of Plays 

The Sophomore Family portrait. 

"Anylhiiig the freshmen ean do. juniors ean do belter." Michelle. 
Craig and Kate are the Jiinior Class' best couch sillers. (See previous 


"No! Not Coke! I need Sprite, the only soft drink 
with the great taste of Lymon!" As Carson 
discovered, Kate isn't the easiest of people to 
please. (Just a joke, Kate) 

The 1 994 Tournament of Plays was a huge success (as it 
is every year). Bedford High School was fortunate to have 
a professor from Salem State College as an adjudicator this 
past year. The Freshman class presented "How to Get Rid 
of a Housemother," a comedy with a spine-tingling scream 
at the end. Kamah Hittle was awarded Best Female 
Newcomer for her energetic performance. The Sopho- 
mores performed a series of folk tales called "Give and 
Take." Ben Waterhouse was named Best Supporting Actor 
for his expression and stage presence. The Juniors entered 
into the Tournament with "Hide and Seek," a mystery 
thriller. The Senior class won the award for Best Play for 
their interpretation of the emotional drama "These Won- 
derful Years." The Seniors also picked up the remaining 
awards (six altogether). Best Actress went to Chastity 
Irizarry, Best Actor to Ryan Kiessling, Best Supporting 
Actress to Lori Malymeik and Best Male Newcomer to 
Jayson Ingraham. Winning the school tournament, the 
Seniors went on to the Massachusetts High School Drama 
Competition, and made it all the way to the State Level. 

Tournament of Plays 27 

Men In Tights?!?! 

Hey guys, say "Wassail'" 

Come hither all wenches and squires. 
Today we feast in honor of our royal 
princess Margareta who is coming of 
age . There will be ladies, lords and 
knights attending the feast along with 
many other lords and ladies from the 
far away kingdom Bedford. On the 
royal scroll of activities we will be 
listening to song, partaking in dance 
and theatre, and relishing in merry 
food and drink. And a drink it will be! 
Wassail! In between the festivities, 
soloists, vocal and instrumental, will 
amuse our quests from the Kingdom 

As the night turns ye old 
merriment will arouse each and every 
soul in the entire castle. A dose of 

theatre will be perfomied for amuse- 
ment. Thou princess Margareta will 
marry, unite two kingdoms, banish her 
regent and fellow courtiers, and stroll 
into a deep, wooded forest with peas- 
ants dressed as wondering animals all 
in a insignificant three fourths of an 

The night of activities will be 
one to remember. And a rumor was 
heard by the watering hole, that all 
festivities as such, will never be mea- 
sured as high because a certain group of 
Royal Seniors of '94, will no longer be 
able to attend festivities again. We 
shall have to see. 



Chris "Pally" Carson and Slina Carvey demonstrate 
their "pro" recorder skills. 

28 Madrigal Dinner 

Madrigal Dinner 29 

30 Semi-Formal 

" Damon, if you don't get your hands 
off my chest, I'll beat you with this 
cane!" Bryant Chisholm has just about 
had it with Damon Scott's antics... and 
Marcell Bittle keeps his distance from 
Bryant's chest. 

As Jen Kigeramd KimTarbell think" Is 
he taking a picture of mc?", Cynthia De 
Young thinis "Nice shoes!" 

Shake Those 

A deeper shade of love. Lori Malymeik, 
Erica Willie and Aparna Rao show 
what friendship is really all about. 

twinkling eyes, glisten- 
ing smiles, gorgous 

colors 1994's Semi-Formal 

was full of swinging singles and 
captivating couples. No one 
was without a smile or an urge 
to "jump around." Everyone 
was dancing all night long to 
the expressive sounds 
eminating from the speakers, 
and the few who chose not to 
dance mingles from table to 
table catching up on the latest 

Everyone looked wonderful 
"all decked out" in their best 
attire. Radiant reds, vivid blues, 
passion purples, and glittering 
gold speckled the dance floor. 
All were unicjue from casual to 
elegant, revealing to conserva- 
tive, hot to ... luke warm. All 
were "dressed to the nines"... 

many were dressed to the tens 
and elevens. 

As the night wound down 
and Double Impact (the night's 
deejays) entered into a chorus 
of hits from "Grease," many of 
us were ready to collapse. But 
as soon as we heard "I wanna 
Shoop, baby," the chairs were 
empty and the floor was full of 
bumping and grinding. The 
movement slowed only enough 
to allow a final slow song ("I 
Will ALways Love You"), which 
satisfies starcrossed lovers and 
potential beaus alike. 
When the night finally came to 
an end, all danced their way to 
the parking lot. Within min- 
utes, the American Legion was 
deserted and the Classes of '94 
and '93 poured into the streets 
of Bedford en route to little 
Semis all over town. 

Semi-Formal 31 

Underclass Officers 

Most of the 
people here are 
Officers ... you 
can choose for 
yourself. It's 
out of our 
hands, now. 

Kamah "Wheels" Hitllc, Queen of the Lilllc 
People (she's president of the Freshman 
class), marvels onlookers with wheelchair 
tricks in the cafeteria. 

"Rapun/el.Rapun/el. let down your hair!" 
Juniorclass president Julie Smith gets ready 
to lean her head out ol the tower w indow . 

Candids 35 

38 Senior Class Officers 


Seniors 39 


Stephen Aftosmis 


And il s practice, practice, practice 
If ya wanna get to Carnegie ... 
But somehow it's all worth it 
When you hear the curtain call 
It's Showtime. 
- David Lee Roth and Jason Becker 

Amy E. Akillian 

Mimi, Fugi. Chica 
Don't strain to impress others, 
being yourself will impress them enough 

Jon Jason Alonis 

Jay, Lightning, Entity, 

Jodi Lyn Bailey 

Don' I thnk in terms of forever 
Think of now, 
and forever will take care of itself 

Don't allow anyone to put you on a 
It's too easy to fall off. 

William R. Boland 

John M. Barrows 

Johnny Smooth. Rosey. 
J.B. Funky, "B". "J" 

With one foot on the ground 
and one foot in the clouds. 
With one eye open and one eye closed. 
The bitter cold will burn you. 
And my dreams become my life 
for my lite is but a dream. 

- John B. 
I hope life isn't a big joke, 
because 1 don't get it. 
— Jack Handey 

42 Seniors 

Julie Marie 
Frances Bayne 

BAYNE. Bulie 

I'd rather be a failure at sonicthuig 1 enjoy 
than be a success at something I hate. 
-- George Burns 

Kind words can be short and easy to speak, 
but their echoes are truly endless. 
— Mother Theresa 

Nicole M. Bogan 

Nicki. Noo-Noo. Fat, Unique, 

Don't worry what people say about you, 
chances are they are just jealous. 

Sara Elizabeth Borshay 


Life is hard, whether you have to do lhini!s 
that you don't want to do or whether you 

are able to do what you want to do, 
in either case hi'c requires consistent effort. 
-- R.B. 

William G. Buckley 

Catherine A. Brown 

Katie, KB 

Laughter is the sun that drives winter from 
the human face. -- Victor Hugo 

A woman's guess is much inore accurate 
than a man's certainty. -- Rudyard Kipling 

Jessica J. Brown 

Life's full of problems to conquer — 
answers to find. 
But if all could be conquered 
and all could be found, 
where would the need for friends be? 
-- Journey 

Sara Brown 

Brown. Brownie, Pea, RaRa, 
the original groove-master, 
O.W.J. M.H..O.W.S.W.M.. 

People drive ... People like things. 
-- Bill .Skcr\ 

Scott W. Carlisle 

Christopher Daniel 

Chris, Carpy, Carpentah, 

The only easy day was yesterday. 

There are no shortcuts lo anyplace 
worth going. 


Sarah Anne Carvey 

Carvey, Boss 
May the happiness we share ioda> 
only be the start of a deeper kind of joy 
that will grow w iihin our hearts. 

RiKk on! 

Seniors 43 

Wendy Castellana 

Wendell, Gwendolyn, 
Guinea, Paul. Fluffy 

Did you ever have the feehng that you 
wanted to go and still had the feeling 
that you wanted to stay. -- 
Al Pacino ("Scent of a Woman"") 

Caren J. Chen 

Kareem, Ralph 
The one thing worse than a quitter is the 
one who is afraid to begin. 

An apology is a good way to have 
the last word. 

George D. Chen 

Georgie. Yohan, Jorge Amore 
Heart is what you have 

When you're down 
The odds arc against you 
But you never give up 

Alankar Chhabra 

Alan, Shabba Ranks. Loverman 

Can you feel it baby, I can t<K)--Marky Mark 

X-Tra Naked 
-- Shabba Ranks, Raggamuffin Posse 

Do it right the Tirst time; or don't do it at ail 

Kevin F. demons 

Carrie Ann Ciaccia 

Ciaccia. Ciach, La Chach, Care. 

All glory comes from daring to begin. -- 
Eugene F. Ware 

Music is the glue that holds the 
memories together. - Unknow n 

Keith Colbath 


The only limit to our realization of 
tomorrow w ill be our doubts of today. 
Let us niii\o tiirvwud w ith strong and 

I - I I ) K 

Kristie A. Connolly 

If you treat petjple as they are. they will stay 
as they are. If you treat people for w hat ihcy 
might be and become, they will become 
their better selves. -- Unknown 

44 Seniors 

Benjamin Cordes 

Ben, Cordsey, Cordy 
'here is a theory which states that if anyone 
ver discovers exactly what the Universe is 

for & why it is here, it will instantly 
lisappear & be replaced by sometliing even 

more bizarre & inexplicable. There is 
another theory which states that its already 
happened. — D. Adams 

Betty R. Corrigan 

Boop, Corrigan, Becky, Belita 

li doesn't matter if you love nic or hate 
mc. As long as I make you think. 

Mary A. DeMoss 

Ryan Alan Dern 

Benjamin E. Dick 

Beno. Dick, Benny, B 
It"s time for me to face the world, where it 
will take me, I do not know All I know is 
that wherever 1 go is. I can always count on 
the support and love that has made me the 
person ! am Kxiay. 

Heath R. Dill L 

Dilly, Charles Baker Harris, 
Cyndre, Louis. Glouie XV 
Fall down seven time: then stand up eight. 
-- Japanese Proverb 

Deborah R. Downs 

Debbie. Deb 

Uon't worry. 
Look on the briahl side.' 

Tj. Jessica Lynn Dugal 

Seniors 4.'^ 

Chris Evjy 

Brian Pagan 

I'm siill alive. -- Eddie Veddcr 

l"d rather jump off the Sears tower head fir 
into a thumbtack. - Al Bund> 

This is the most work Tve done all year, af< 
oven this is laie' -- me 

Sarah K. Eppler 

Epppp, Epilady. Epster, Eppy 

I don't care if you hate me or love me. 
as long as I made you think. 
— Madonna 

Did you ever like a bad dream ' -- C.R. 

Sean M. Erickson 

Carolyn Woods Fanelli 


We're captured on a carousel of time. 
We can't return, we can only look 
Behind from where w e came. 
— "The Circle Game" 

Kyle Christopher Farmer 

Chris. Farm Dawg, M.S.. 
Ace Bucoon 

I wish common sense was a coiiuium ihiiii; 
-- Uncle Kurt 

Only God can be a king lo me and if the 
God be in me than the kin" I be. -- DMC 

David Faulkner 

Faulkner, Faulknor, Dave, Mad 
If you can't live it, die trying. 

Karen Forbes Freeman 

l-el me be something everv blessed niuuii 
And when I sleep, let me dream all the hm. 
that not one little piece of living is eser lo' 
— A Tree Grows in Bnx)klyn 

46 Seniors 

Megan French-Fuller 


Matthew T. Gallant 

Matt, Matty, Galante, G, 
Matty G., Mark, Sir 

If you're always thinking about 
tomorrow you're not going to do a good 
job today. — M.G. 

Jeannette Marie Hagon 

George. Gidget, Clara, Huck 

Standing on the mountain 
on the mountain of dreams 

telhng myself it's not as 
hard, hard, hard as it seems. 
— Led Zepplin 

Siri H. Hanson 

C.B.. Series 
Help those who help others and see where 
the world leads to from there. -- S.H. 

To Wanda! -- M.S.M. 

Marcus D. Harris 

Shaneen Harris 

Robert W. Hannon 

Robbie, Bubby, Hannon Hog 

In any contest, sheer force alone will not 
assure victory. Success belongs to those 
of us who have also mastered the power 
of the mind. -- U.S. Marines 


Stephen Daniel Hector 

Tractor, Stevonium, Hectate. 
Mole, Gerbil, Hec, Stripes, 
Hector the Collecter 
The secret to education lies in respecting 
the pupil -- Greg Lief 1988 

Without imagination, we arc nothing. - 
Stephen Hector 

Seniors 47 

Heather Alison Hirsch 

As the years go on and time passes by 
People will change, 
But our memories remain the same. - me 

Yabba Dabba Doo!!! -- Fred Flinstone 

Cynthia Diane Hunt 


Life to me is not measured in years. 
It's measured instead in 
smiles, laughter and tears. 

Jason Ingraham 

Jay, Rolphie. Hair. It, Dave, 
Late for Dinner 
Zzap! -- Nick Kane 

Suit the action to the word, 
the word to the action. — Hamlet 

Chastity Crisselda 

In my hands, I hold today. 
In my dreams I hold them. 
In my faith I hold forever. 
- R. Cuisiek 

Brian Jardine 

Michelle Denise 

Meisha, Nici, Snoopy, Mimi 
Stay true to yourself no matter what. 

I dunno what cha wanna do? 

Life for me ain't been no crystal stair. 
— Langston Hughes 

David Martin Jones 

Jone.s, Dave 
Always accept a breath mint 
if someone offers you one. 

An anil) of lambs led by a lion w ill alway" 
defeat an army of lions led by a lamb. 
— Sum Yung Guy 

...And he himself, the Grinch. carved the 
roast beast. -- Dr. Seuss 

Linda Elizabeth Jones 

Chicken Butt. Belle, Leenda. 
Jonesy, Linear, Binz. Jones. Candy 

It's not what God goves you, 
it what vou do with it. 


48 Seniors 

Rohit Kaul 


Knowledge is power. -- Hobbes 

Live your life as an exclamation, 
not an explanation. - Unknown 

Kathleen Anne Kelly 


A terrible darkness has fallen upon us, 

now we must not surrender to it. 
We shall lift lamps of courage and find 
our way through to morning. 

Ryan Kiessling 

Michelle Koop 

Florian Lerchbacher 

Flo, Gemnany 
Say what you think. 
Do what you want to do. 

Joel J. Levangie 


It's not what's dealt to you thai counts. 
It's how you play the hand. 

Never tell me the odds -- Han Solo 

Nicole Liss 

ickie, Nick, Nicoletta 

When ) ou were born, 
you cried and tlie world rejoiced. 
Li\ c such a life that when you die, 
the world cries and you rejoice. 

Shanna MacArthur 

Smurt, Shannie, Guinea, Bubba 

Remember how it used to be when the sun 
would fill the sky, remeiulvr how we used 
to feel days would never end, those 
days would never end. --The Cure 

Seniors 49 

Kristen M. MacDonald 

fCris, Kritten 

Another chance hello, another goodbye 
and so many things we'll never see again 

days of life that seemed so unimportant 
seem to matter and to count much later on. 

Joanne Mackie 

Jo. The Wild. Lobster 

Loretta Ann Malymeik 

Lori, Fuzz Bear, Cherub 
Stand for something or fall for everything. 

We don'"t learn to hate ... we hate 
because we are ignorant. — me 

Elizabeth M. Mara 

Beth, Bethy, Provi 

We all have fwssibilities we don't know abou 
We can do things we don't even dream 
we can do. — Dale Carnegie 

William Martines 

Andrea Marston 

Eric James McCune 

Cune, Cuna 

Learn to forget. 

On the day that I was bom 
the nurses all snthered 'round 1 
and the> gazed in uidc uonder 
at the joy they had found. 
-- George "Thorogood 

Brendan Michael 

B. Big B. Sir. G 
There's still .some fight in me 
That's how it will always be 
Hold your head up high 
Look "em in the eye. never <:ay die 
Get up and make it work. 

— Van Halcn. "Get Up" 

If you don' i have anything 
nice to say about someone. 
They're probably a jerk anyway. 

- Hooter's Restaurant 

50 Seniors 

Kerri Lynne Mead 

La Mead 

Whoever wants to reach a distant goal 
must take many small steps. 

Dreams and dedication 
are a powerful combination. 

Sean Mee 

Christopher Reynaurd 

C-Rock, Midge 

1 got to be righteous, 1 got to be me, 
1 got to be conscious. 1 got to be tree, 
1 got to be able to counter-attack, 
I got to be stable, I got to be black. 
— Freestyle Fellowship 

James A. Mobley 

Jennifer Sara 

Jenny Jen Jen 

Leave the road and memorize 
this life that's passed before your eyes 

Albert Moore 

Claire Morehead 

Pro. Barbazon Woman, 
Claircbcar, Care, Carehead 

' For the foolishness of CukI 
is wiser than man's wisdom, 
and the weakness of Gwl 
is stronger than man's strengtli. 
-- 1 Corinthians \ :2f> 

Carl J. Miishala 

C .J., Siege, Mush. Carlos 
Jolt is my narcotic of choice. — me 

Count Chocula ' 
Are wc actually supptised to he 
afraid of this guy'' 

Seniors 5 1 

Cindy Nerney 

Cyn, Buddy. Blono, Cindy Lou 
Lou, Tweety (French Class!) 

Believe in yourself 
and you can do anything. 

Listen to your heart, 
it will always tell you the truth. 

Henrik R. Patel 

The strongest man in the world is he 
who stands most alone. -- Henrik Ibsen 

Those who expect to reap 
the blessings of freedom must, like men. 
undergo the fatigue of supporting it. — 
Thomas Paine 

Tara Peaks 

Tee, Girlfriend. Yellow Girl, 
Squeak, Cat, Valonaa, Mama. 
Peaks. Doily 

Don't fall into the trap of being brain- 
washed, because if you can't be yourself, 
then you will never be 
anything or anybody. 

Heather Jean Peebles 

Tadpole, Jena, Heather #1 
Don't worry ... I'm dealing with it. -- me 

If you love something lei it go free. 

If it doesn't come back, 
hunt it down and kill it. -- Unknow n 

Julie Dawn Piantedosi 

Jules. Guinea 
God grant me ihe serenity to accept the 
things I cannot change, the courage to 
change the things I ran and the wisdom 
to know the difference. 

You big bloated mitochondria. 
— Ren and Stimpy 

Lisa Piantedosi 

Lee, Lise. Lisa-Pizza 
I am woman. Hear me roar. 

- Helen Reddy 

Send them a message: "Democracy lives.' 

— Jerry Brown 

Christopher L. Prentice 


Mindy Pulsipher 

Min, Minny, Minnie. Lou, Pulse 
There is a solution to every problem: 
Nothing is itnpossible. 

52 Seniors 

Kimberly Ann Raffa 

Kim, Kimia, Raff, Raffa, Raffy. W.B., 

Days turn to minutes and minutes to memories. 
Life sweeps away the dreams 
That we have planned 
You are young and you are the future 
So suck it up and tough it out 

And be the best you can. 
— John Cougar Mclicncamp 

Aparna K. Rao 

Princess, Vanity, Little Girl, 
'Parna, Pam, Pamarana, AP 

As you have come into this world, leave 
some mark behind. — Swami Vivekananda 

Aaron M. Rashba 

Rufus, Guy, Louie, Glouie, 
RASH, A Rash, the Rash, Hips 

It makes me sick to see a guy just watch 
it go out of bounds. - Larry Bird 

Wandering is no more than the happiness 
of an anxious man. -- .Albert Camus 

Tarnia Robinson 

Carlos A. Roman 

Boomer, Latino, Alex. #10 

Bajernne a la ciudad del paraiso dondc 
los campos son verdes y laas chicas 
son bucnotas, llevennio a casa. - VV.A.R. 

Sarah Hadassah 

osey, Roho, Stella 

If in nothini; else so happy 

As in reinemb'ring iny good friends. 
— Shakespeare 

If it weren't for the last minute, a lot of 
things wouldn't get done. — SE 

Michael Rossi 

Christopher T. Rowe 


Opportunity is like an apple on a tree 
just waiting to be picked. 
- Christopher T. Rowe 

Seniors 53 

Amelia Veronica 

Amy, Ainie. Datch, Sandy, 

Rocky, DWTF 
Don:t let your dreams be clouded 
Aim your sights high 
Search your true feelings 
And reach tor the sky. - RATT 

Sarah Irene Shame 1 

Sarita, Sa Shame. Shaiiio. Sa 
With brains in your head 
and feet in your shoes. 
You can steer yourself 
Any direction you choose. — Dr. Suess 

Arturo Santiago, Jr. 

Junior. Art, Arthur 
A;ways be yourself ad never try 
to be like somebody else. 

David Schowalter 

Maxx Stone. Michael, Damon, 
Dameon, Talis, Tals 

I love you more than all the fires 
that fence in the world. -- Rainer M. Rilke 

So be ill Carpe Noctcm 

Damon P. Scott 

Bradford L. Shattuck 

Jonny Rocket 
If you want to fly w ith the eagles 

in the morning. 
Don't hoot with the owls at nicht. 

Anita Shewakramani 

Nita. Pita. Neets. Shew. Crackers. 
Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater, 
Anita Chiquita Juanita Banana 
Yon onlv live once, btit if • 'ht. 
once IS enoui;ii 

Joshua Aaron Silverstein 


Do not follow where the path may lead 
Go instead w here there is no path 
and lease a trail. 

54 Seniors 

Adam M. Smith 

Smile a lot. 
It costs nothing and is beyond price. 
— H. Jackson Brown, Jr. 

Lauren Marie Stewart 

Lisette, Laur 
If trees could scream, no one on Earth 
would sleep peacefully again. 
-- Lisa's T-Shirt 

I am strong. I am invincible. I am woman. 
- Helen Reddy 

Erin Elizabeth Smith 

"E". T.M.B.. Smith. Boo 

It doesn't get any better than this. 
— Old Milwaukee Commercial 

Great loves, too. must be endured 
-- Coco Chanel 

Jessamyn E. 

Murphy, Smith, Brit, Poofy, 
Jessie James 

A true friend is a pearl who needs your 
deepest needs and so spares you the 
shame of giving your heart's hidden 
desires a name. 
— Jean de la Fontaine 

Michael D. Smulski 


Troubles will come, and they will pass, 
don't live your life loo fast ... Be a 
simple man. 
— Lynrd Skynyrd 

Bring on those college chicks!! 

James Sullivan 

Wayne Sullivan 

Alison Kay Sundet 

There are only the pursued, 
the pursuing, the busy, and the tired. 
-- The Great Gatsbv 

Seniors .'^S 


Kimberly G. Tarbell j^hn Lloyd Taylor, Jr. 

Joanna Thorns 

Jo Jo, Joe, Smitty 

Love is instinctive, hate is learned. — i 

I pray to God that I hve to see 
the exception of difference -- me 

Jessica Turner 

Jecca. J.T.. Jello 

A swing is a piece of freedom on a leash. -; 
And you taught me there is time enough for 
love. — Y. Dubon 

Kim, Kimmy, Guinea 

Emancipate yourselves from 
mental slavery. 
None but ourselves can free our minds. 
— Bob Marlev 

People who have courage are afraid, 
but do it anyway. 

Jeffrey Weinfurt 

Marika Volicer 

Calvin Wilder 

Cai. Calmeisler, Bacchus, The 

Extremism in the defense 
of liberty is no vice. 

n ill llic (uiivuil 
i^c IS no \ irluc 
-- Barry Gold water 

1 never put on a uniform to play a game; 
I put on a uniform to win. 
- Larrv Bird 

Erica L. Willie 

The Willie. "E", 
Nubian Pnncess 

Be a leader not a follower 

56 Seniors 

Fabulous Flirts: Betty 
Corrigan and Marcus Harris 

Pretty Peepers: Rob Hannon 
and Beth Mara 

58 Superlatives 

Happy Hackers: Amy Sandell and Chris Merrill 

Luscious Legs: Wendy 
Castellana and George Chen 

Super Smiles: Julie Piantedosi and John Taylor 



Superlatives 59 

\stounding All Around. 

\aron Rashba and Sarah Rosenberg 

Likeable Locks. 

iiyson Ingraham and Sarah Carvey 

Lively Laughs. 

Sara Borshay and Arturo Santiago 

Wedding Bells? 

George Chen and Anita Shewakramani 

Superlatives 61 

Nathan Ahlgren 
Caroline Alba 
Megan Albani 
Natalie Alexander 
Danielle Allain 
Christopher Aumann 

Charles Axtell 
Marcell Bittle 
Ronald Blanchette 
Andrew Brault 
Jaqui Brown 
Jennifer Brown 

Jennifer Brown 
Michelle Cronin 
Craig Browne 
Caitlin Buxton 
John Cadotte 
Katelyn Carpenter 

Christopher Carson 
Christina Carvey 
Jennifer Casey 
Tara Chapman 
Wendy Chase 
Yung-En Chen 

Adam Chiocca 
Gina Corea 
Richard Corrigan 
Michelle Cronin (yet again) 
David Crook 
Latanya Davis 

Rhea DeSilva 
Timothy DeYoung 
Jessica Dibble 
Michael Donaldson 
Courtney Donovan 
Mathew Dwyer 

Kimberly Duda 
Elizabeth Ela 
Krissy Farrington 
Neil Flukiger 
Katharine French-Fuller 
Fred Gabelmann 

62 Juniors 

Juniors 63 

Adelle Johnson 
Aarti Kapuria 
David Kern 
Jennifer Kiger 
Maria Koen 
Eric Kovall 

Jens Kullmann 
Carter Lanoux 
Kate Leary 
David Levasseur 
Tim Likosky 
Dina Lipczer 

Mary Long 
Josh Longstreth 
Michael McAUister 
Lisa Looney 
Jason McCormick 
Erica MoHnar 

Simon Mungia 
Jeremy Nash 
EiUeen O'Pray 
James Paredes 
Lisa Paschkewitz 
Lora Patino 

Linda Pearson 
Christine Perino 
Scott Perkins 
Michelle Pietchel 
Michael Pilla 
Stacey Porter 

Michelle Pulsipher 
Stephen Robinson 
Alexandra Ross 
Gregory Ross 
Kristina Roussak 
Andrea Russo 

Michael Sands 
Lisa Scheiern 
Sharon Schofield 
Andrew Schwerin 
Thomas Shelton 
Tara Slavin 

64 Juniors 

uniors Bustin' Out All Over 

Linda Pearson and Kelly Gullage hang out in the 
Junior corner of the school: the cafeteria?!?! 

Mr. Palmer is conducting an experiment where 
he tests new chemicals, hidden in juice boxes, for 
retarding effects. He'll have to look very hard to 
notice any further degradation in Jim's condition. 

Julie Smith 
Adam Sparrow 
Jennifer St. Sauveur 
Rachel StiegUtz 
Jeff Sulhvan 
Kristof T'Siobbel 

Jeremy Tate 
Sharlene Tobin 
Jason Tolowinski 
PhiHp Toole 
Gilbert Tsang 
Jennifer Tsang 

Naveen Wadhera 
Sean Waldron 
Heather Walker 
Catherine Weicker 
Scott Wiener 
Craig Wiley 

Juniors 65 

Julie Albonesi 
Jose Amaya 
Nicholas Anderson 
Sarah Baird 
Elisa Banner 
Nicole Barrila 

Susan Bayliss 
Michelle Bayne 
Emmanuela Berca 
Karl Bielitz 
Jackson Bleckley 
Thomas Bleckley 

Andy Bouneuf 
Agata Brys 
Kirsten Bushey 
Matt Callahan 
Nathan Campoli 
Megan Carpenter 

Scott Carroll 
Ron Celeste 
Christopher Chen 
Jeremy Ciaccia 
Jennifer Clerkin 
Amy Corrigan 

Rafael Costa 
Benjamin Croxford 
Alissa Dangel 
Angela Day 
Brian Deardorff 
Nicholas Defino 

Cyndi DeYoung 
William Dick 
David Dickenson 
Meredith Dill 
Gina Disanzo 
Julie Dubitsk\ 

Douglas Mix 
Kerry Duncan 
Kathryn Esposito 
Matthew Fanelli 
Akilah Garnett 
Christine Geilfuss 

66 Sophomores 


The Class of '96 entered the school building this year with confidence. 
After all, freshman year is supposed to be the hardest year, right? Getting used 
to new surroundings, being the youngest in the school, it wasn't easy By Octo- 
ber, reality had arrived for the sophomore class. The second year of high 
school is HARDER than the first. Teachers expect more than they ever did and 

there are no excuses this year. Sophomores that struggled through Mr. 
Reynolds' U.S. History I know this better than anyone. (Warning: staring at a 
computer screen late at night on Thursday with writer's block will rehaunt all 
of those planning to take Political Science Senior year.) All of a sudden, there 
are clubs and activities that you never knew existed. Sleep takes a backseat to 
homework. Bedtime seems to get later everyday, until ... What bedtime? The 
only hope is that the Sophomore jinx is just that ... only a year long! 

Ellen Gersh 
Adrian Gerstel 
Bethany Giusti 
Brandon Goins 
Jeremy Gomes 
Melissa Gray 

Rebecca Green 
Ethan Grey 
Christina Griecci 
Terry Haneef 
Christopher Harris 
Jeff Haynes 

Rebecca Holland 
Carol Horsch 
Michael Hursh 
Krystal Irizarry 
Brendan Jones 
Oderra Jones 

Sophomores 67 

Andrew Katz 
Shaun Kennery 
Danese Kenon 
Allison Kiessling 
Jeannie Kim 
Russell Kleekamp 

Thomas Kotwal 
Kathleen Kyper 
Nathan Lander 
Jorge Lang 
Sabrina Lanza 
Jessica La Valley 

Jill Lavoie 
Jason Lee 
Amy Leshin 
Bethany Lesure 
Michelle Lloyd 
Heather Loewy 

Eddie Long 
Michael Lord 
Steve Pierre-Louis 
Jo Lowery 
Eric Luke 
Daniel Macisaac 

Matthew Maddox 
Margaret Mann 
Lisa Maranian 
Gretchen Marston 
Adam Marto 
Scott McBreen 

Heather McCarthy 
Jason McCloud 
Josh McCloud 
Adam McCormick 
Theresa McGovern 
James McGrath 

Jeffrey McGrath 
Cara McNamara 
Kristin Mead 
Lynn Mee 
Christopher Mickell 
Douglas Mix 

68 Sophomores 

Joshua Montgomery 
Lisa Maranian 
Amy Morgan 
Dara Morris 
Jennifer Muise 
Matthew Nerney 

Theresa O'Reilly 
Tricia O'Brien 
Josh Oien 

Matthew Ondovchik 
Jennifer Opalenik 
Amy Parsons 

Rajul Patel 
Mark Pietchel 
Patrick Pisani 
Leeland Pope 
Alexis Presti 
Chetan Rao 

Sophomores 69 

70 Sophomores 

Sophomores 71 

Shauna Adi-Kaylor 
Ingrid Ahlgren 
Katie Akillian 
Jeffrey Anderson 
Christopher Betz 
Amita Bharat 

Tiffany Bowlby 
Paul Bradfield 
Shauna Adi-Kaylor 
Felisha Bruno 
Christopher Bussey 
Jawann Campbell 

David Campbell 
Kristina Carlo 
Krystal Carroll 
Nathan Casserly 
David Chapman 
Michael Chester 

Anurag Chhabra 
Chao Yen Ching 
Christina Ciccone 
Michael Clark 
Kelly Clay 
Jean Connelly 

Thomas Cook 
Stephanie Crook 
Rebecca Anne Davidson 
Nathan Casserly 
Melissa Davis 
Simon Davis 

Andrew Dern 
Colleen Devlin 
Timothy Dolan 
Michelle Donnelly 
Shawn Downs 
Scott Duncan 

Trinity Dunn 
Kianga Eccles 
Keri Evjy 
Melissa Pagan 
Aron Peiring 
Jessica Penik 

72 Freshman 


"Nervous excitement" describes the feeling of 160 students at 
Bedford High School on September 2, 1993. High school 
means freedom, new friends, new classes but at the same time 
it translates into confusing hallways, large, angry seniors, 
demanding teachers... A AHH! After about a week the stereo- 
types disappear. BHS is not as big as it seemed, there are no 
threatening upperclassmen waiting behind doors to pounce 
on you, and, sure, freshman year is more work than eighth 
grade, but you can handle it. On the other hand high school 
is not quite the dream that it is portrayed on Beverly Hills 
90210. Just because you are in high school does not mean that 
parents are more lenient about letting you stay out all night. 
But, hey, college and liberty is nearly around the corner and 
in the meantime, you are having some of the best times of 
your life. 

Kathleen Ferrill 
Maria Gallant 
Brian Geary 
Julie Geary 
Joseph Giaquinto 
Mike Goodwin 

Kenethia Greene 
Jennifer Gresens 
Kristine Hanson 
Justin Hastings 
Travis Hawes 
Casey Hill 

Miranda Hillyard 
Kamah Hittle 
Leana Hoadley 
Christina Horn 
Tony Huegel 
Carey Huxsaw 

Freshman 73 

Tawnya Jardine 
Jamal Jones 
Oderra Jones 
Seonghoon Kang 
Hunter Koh 
John Kruse 

Pornpimol Kulhom 
Tim Lander 
Niccole Larson 
Susan Latiff 
Jamie Lavalley 
Ann-Michelle Levangie 

Christopher Light 
David Lloyd 
Sarah Longstreth 
Ja Lowery 
Stephen Lua 
Kimberly MacGregor 

James Madera 
Gary Martin 
Thomas McC reedy 
Elisa McGovern 
John McGrath 
Devin McPhie 

Jennifer Milligan 
Jennifer Mills 
Kathryn Mills 
Aisha Mondesir 
Asha Mondesir 
Jameel Moore 

Rochele Morello 
Wesley Morgan 
Maurice Naylor 
Emily Neal 
Brian Oates 
Christine O'Reilly 

Ashley Osgerby 
Daniel Otteson 
Todd Ouellette 
Michael Piantedosi 
Geri Parisella 

1 / 




74 Freshmen 


Freshman 75 

Steven Simmers 
Meredith Sledge 

James Smith 
Josh Smith 

Beth SokoHk 
William Stieglitz 

Ricky Stucka 
Eric Sullivan 
Bryan Sundet 
Kristen Sylva 
Brad Sylvester 
Candice Tanner 

Allison Turner 
Dustin Van Sickler 
Consuelo Vargas 
Becky Venuti 
Nadva Volicer 

Meaghan Watkins 
Ian Wessell 
Lonnie White 
Bryan Wiener 
Jaime Wilbur 
Melissa Willey 

Jennifer Williams 
David Wolf 

76 Freshmen 

To Ducky With Love... 
We'll Miss You. 

Miss Dowling is gone. After thirty-four years, Bedford 
H igh School ' s answer to Aphrodite has taken a permanent 
vacation. For the friends she'll leave in her wake, it is a 
time of extreme disappointment and bitter sadness ... 
although we realize that this is best for her. For Ducky, it 
is the first page in another chapter in her glorious history. 
What has belonged to the students of Bedford High School 
for better than a quarter-century now 
belongs to the rest of the world. Ducky 
now basks in the beauty of such para- 
dises as New Zealand and Australia ... 
but then, any place would be paradise 
if Miss Dowling were there. 

Over her illustrious career. Ducky 
has turned many, many places into 
heavens. It all began when she was 
seventeen. She graduated from a small 
brick schoolhouse in western Nevada 
as the proud recipient of the "Luscious 
Legs" superlative (a title she holds to 
this day). To keep her family together, 
she attended school, raised her four 
younger brothers and a school of fish, 
slaved away in a button factory and 
roped cattle in a traveling rodeo. Ready 
for the good life. Young Ducky (also a 
title she carries with her) fled her small 
town for New York City. There she 
met her first husband, Jacques 
Bouterand a scout for a prominent French ballet company. 
She moved to Paris to lead the company to heights never 
before achieved. Years later, bored with the life of prima 
ballerina, she left the country with her newest beau. Prince 
Abili D' Abubu of Jordan. For the next several years, she 
led the life of a queen. She had servants at her beck and 
call eight days a week. 

Gradually, the whole "princess" thing grew tiresome 
for Miss Dowling, and she again opted to flee for another 

life. Before she knew it, she was in Kenya perfecting a long- 
neglected study as ambassador to the UN. Two months later, 
having completed the study and having become bored with 
the vast wilderness and wildlife. Ducky began hernewest life 
as a nanny for a very influential couple. She fell in love with 
a chimney-sweep and he convinced her to return to the 
United States. They were married shortly after they arrived 
and bought a plantation in southern 
Virginia. Miss Dowling (she insisted 
on keeping her given name, refusing to 
be known as Elizabeth Rittlesketh) got 
a job as a librarian on a floating univer- 
sity that travelled the world. After six 
weeks, out of fear of being recognized 
as the Princess of Jordan or the prima 
ballerina of the Madame Poriskova 
Company, she returned to the states 
and her husband. 

The small taste of library work, how- 
ever, never left her. She had a newfound 
desire to catalog thousands of books 
daily. She went to Hawaii temporarily 
to take a course in "library studies" 
with a world-renowned librarian. When 
she returned to Virginia, her thirst for 
library work remained unquenched. A 
temporary job opened in Bedford, and 
Miss Dowling gladly accepted it. Sud- 
denly, the drab and dreary town bright- 
ened and, soon enough, the population increased. "DUCKY 
IS HERE! ! ! " screamed newspaper headlines. The collective 
school grade point average skyrocketed to unheard of pro- 
portions. And Miss Dowling was loving every second of it. 
Weeks turned to months and months turned to years ... thirty- 
four years. And now she is gone. 

And as Miss Poppins ascends (with her umbrella, of 
course), we wish her only the very best as she conquers 
unexplored land and unexpecting men... 

Dedication Page 77 

Oh Say Can You See... 

The students outside of Ms. Leavy's 
classroom first recognized the new 
teacher when they heard her perfor- 
mance of our National Anthem dur- 
ing the Flag Ceremony of 1993. Al- 
most immediately her voice envel- 
oped the crowd. Her talent captured 
everybody's attention directing all 
eyes towards the soprano voice. Even 
the most non-attentive body in the 
arena could not help but to become 
quiet. If she can manage to bring 
everyone to attention in an assembly, 
imagine what she can do in a class- 

As a new English teacher to the 
English Department of Bedford, stu- 
dents are already raving about her 
teaching styles and methods. "Ms. 
Leavy manages to bring a fresh, new 
perspective into the classroom" whis- 

pers one student in Leavy's English FV 
class. Her creative styles of teaching 
range from meditations "on moun- 
tain peaks" to playing music in the 
classroom while students write es- 
says. Ms. Leavy believes in unique 
approaches with her teaching so that 
students in her class do not lose their 
interest in learning. 

While Ms. Leavy makes class "fun", 
she still gets the job done. Ms. Leavy 
"can be a little crazy but sKie is still 
tough. She expects a lot from us and 
won't allow any slack-offs." For the 
seniors in her classroom, Ms. Leaw 
prepares them for their college years 
by introd udng college essays into their 
curriculum. Of course, other things 
are due like \'ocabulary e\ er\' week 
and grammar and essays and book 
reports and. ..get the picture? Ms. 
Leavy may have "typical work" that 

we all know, but her presentation o 
the material is what makes her clas 
one to look forward to! 

Outsideof theclassroom,Ms. Leav 
was a track and field star in hig 
school and college. Ms. Leavy is n' 
stranger to juggling school work an« 
extra curricular activities. For thi 
reason, she is understanding towarc 
the teenagers of today. It is her att 
tude towards her students and he 
accomplishments that earn her tih 
respect she has gained so soon in he 
Bedford career. By the respones 
the students and compliments of otht 
faculty members, it looks like M 
Leavy will be here for a while. Th 
administration benefited thestuden 
of Bedford High more than they wi 
e\'er know! 

Keith Adams- Phys. Ed. 
Marsha Anderson- Secretary 
William Ambrose- Assistant 
Steven Barbas- Band 

Donald Barron- Art 
Janice Birch- Business 
Chris Bosak- Business 
Joseph Buckley- Superintendent 
of Schools 

78 Teachers 


Aldevino Braga- Aerospace Science 
James Burns- Phys. Ed. 
Edward Campbell- R.O.T.C. 
George Christin- Special Education 

William Corliss- Business Education 
Vernon Dameron- Social Studies 
Charles DiPietro- Technology Ed. 
Eleanor Donovan- Assistant Principal 

Micheal Donovan- Social Studies 
Elizabeth Dowling- Librarian 
Kathleen Drenas- Home Economics 
Estee Dubitsky- ESL 

Thomas Duggan- Principal 
Mike Elias- Phys. Ed. 
Sheryl Estrada- Foreign Language 
John Flynn- Counseling 

Syble French- Business 
Elaine Giddis- English 
Paula Gullage- Social Studies 
Barry Haley- Athletic Director 

Teachers 79 

Teachers and Administration 

Senior Class Officers Matt Gallant, Sarah Eppler, Mrs. Krueger, beloved Chemistry teacher, takes time 
Wendy Castellana, Mrs. Sorgi (advisor), Sarah to pose en route to one of her many classes. 
Rosenberg, Beth Mara and Cyndi Hunt enjoy one of 
our several snow days this past year. 

i I 

Marguerite Hamilton- Business 
Robert Hentz- Assistant Superintendent 
Clinton Huff- Mathematics 
Gary Hunt- Mathematics 

Kathy Jordan- Special Ed. 
John Judge- English 
James Kelly- Foreign Language 
William Keup- Science 

Catherine Krueger- Science 
Catherine Leavey- English 
Nancy Lehan- Registrar 
Marilyn Light- Special Ed. 

80 Teachers 

Allison Lohrum- Counseling 
Keith Lord- Media Aide 
Barry Low- PA Music 
Mon Luke- Science 

Lois MacGregor- PA Special Ed 
Beverly Marklis- Special Ed 
Sandra Maczko- Early Childhood Ed 
Philip Maffa- Music 

Virginia Malouin- Area Nurse 
Benjamin Maxwell- English 
John McCarthy- PA English 
Fran McGrath- Secretary 

Frances Messmer- Science 
Jean Miele- Mathematics 
Eugene Milliken- English 
Mary Mitchell- Health/Phys. Ed. 

Bruce Morse- Audio-Visual 
Ken Norton- Science 
Hurbert O'Connor- Automotives 
Dorothy O'Malley-Counseling 

Teachers 81 

Messmer, a welcome addition. 

February 2nd marked the first six months of Ms. Messmer's teaching career at Bedford High School. She began at BHS this 
past September, and has been dazzHng the school with her knowledge of chemistry and biology since. Messmer teaches chemistry 
(both levels 3 and 4) and advanced biology - and she is having a great time with these courses. Messmer has an extensive 
education. She has a B.S. in biological sciences from C.W. Post University in New York, and an M.S. in molecular genetics from 
the Florida Institute of Technology, and a Master's of Education from UMass Lowell. Messmer has long been interested in science 
and research. She said she realized the she wanted to teach while enrolled in a doctoral research program which involved working 
at UMass Lowell as an instructor. Messmer said she really enjoyed this, and decided to become a science teacher, combining 
her love of both research and teaching. Messmer completed her student teaching requirements at Bedford High School during 
the 1990-91 school year. She worked with Cathy Krueger, who is currently head of the science department at BHS. Messmer 
then taught at Belmont High. The position was permanent, but when she learned of the opening in Bedford she decided to apply. 
When accepted, Messmer returned to the school where she had done her student teaching. Messmer is personable and 
enthusiastic. One student commented, "Messmer is not afraid to share her experiences and anecdotes with the class." She is 
married and has two daughters, 11 and 14. Messmer places emphasis on physical fitness. Step aerobics, alpine skiing and 
horseback riding are a few of her favorite activities. In fact, Messmer said she has always enjoyed sports and competition. She 
was involved in various sports during high school. Her favorite sport, she remembered, was tennis. She says, "I try to maintain 
a healthy lifestyle." In her advanced biology calss, Messmer makes a concerted effort to relate the curriculum to everyday life. 
For example, she often relates the injury she once received in a car accident to the biological study of muscles and bones, and 
how an injury affects the body systems. Messmer added that she feels she has received a warm welcome into Bedford High and 
the community. Her favorite aspect of the position is the sudents she works with. "Students at Bedford High School establish 
goals for themselves, and work to accomplish those goals. My students are all very motivated ." She is also happv with the facultv 
in her department and the administration, who have been helpful and friendly during her beginning months at BHS, she said. 
With field trips, special projects, and her own knowlege and personality, Ms. Messmer has sparked the interst of all in her science 
classes. In only six months she had made a mark on Bedford High and is an asset to the faculty. 

By Lauren Stewart ( Forum ) 

Kathy Pelton - Foreign Lan- 

Jeanie Piantedosi - Library Aide 
Anthony Pilla - Art 
Barbara O'Neill - Secretary 

Pat O'Shaughnessy - Secretary 
Leonard Palmer - Science 
Floriano Pavao - P. A. Foreign 
Patricia Pellegrini - Social 

82 Teachers 

Denise Rainis - Foreign Language 
Doreen Ralston - English 
John Reynolds - Social Studies 
Paula Rochefort - Secretary 

Marjorie RuU - Foreign Language 
Armond Sabourin - Mathematics 
Deborah Sakelakos - Science 
Sandy Shay - Mathematics 

Jill Somerville - CASE Pre-School 
Huberta Sorgi - Music 
Pat Spinosa - P.A. Social Studies 
Eleanor Stanley - Special Education 

Richard Stephenson - P.A. Math- 

John Sullivan -P.A. Social Studies 
Maureen Sullivan - English 
Kathleen Teague - CASE Pre-School 

Lawrence Ullman - Science 
Caroll Walcott - Reading 
Kathy Webster - Nurse 
I Myra Wrye - Secretary 

Teachers 83 

"Like lemurs to the sea..." The Varsity 
football team (led here by Matt Thomas anil 
Eric McCune) walks from the liekl after 
another grueling battle. 

Not loo discreet. Brendan McGrath tries to 
pick the pocketof an opponent ... at midfield. 


Wheti the score is 7 to ?> and your tcatii 
is a game away t'rotii the superbow l. 
everyone's hearts are with you. hether 
it be classmates or teachers or citi/.ens 
of your hometown. Last season was no 
different than the circumstances just 
described. The town was happy, the 
school was proud, and it v\ as one ol the 
easiest things for one to hold their head 
high and accept all the praise. This 
past season, when the tables turned, so 
did the "fair weather fans". All of a 
sudden, everyone one on the team is a 
sideline coach, and one of the most 
difficult things for the "sideline 
coaches" was for them to keep their 
composure and work, harder. No one 
could not help to hear the whispers of 
"Our team stinks this year!" when 
walking down the hall. We w ould have 
been lying if we had said that it did not 
bother us, when in acluallity it did, 
especially the captains this year. The 
captains take full responsibility for the 
0- 1 season this vear, and also ask for 

no pity or sympathy. The group of 
young tiien that they played on the tlelil 
with gave the their highschool iheir 
hearts and souls, and \^hen that v^as 
not enough, they gave blotxi, sweat 
and even tears. One of the ftxitball 
team's valuble players broke his leg in 
an elTotl to represent his classmates, 
his school, and his tow n, .^s he had lelt 
the field in an ambulance, he had 
screamed at the football team "Don't 
quit. Don't even quit! " That tells just 
how much of a winner our football 
team is. Even though the\ had not won 
one game, they had gi\en it their best 
shot, their glory. Anything that the 
football team has wanted in the past 
has had to hurt, and will again in 
seasons to come. When a plav er feels 
too tired, all the\ ha\ e to do is think 
back to last season. Retiiember what 
you had. and what you still have the 
chance to do. WIN!! Don't give up 
Bedford. In everyone's eyes you are 
the best football players that there ever 
could be. 

86 Spons 



The Field Hockey Teams of 1993 
were coached by Mrs. Helen 
Gfroererand Ms. Jackie Weicker. 
Even though their records didn't 
reflect it, each member tried her 
best against each and every oppo- 
nent. In Ms. Weicker's first sea- 
son as a coach, she led the team to 
their first win in several years. She 
has an extensive field hockey back- 
ground, having participated on the 
team while a BHSstudent several 
years ago. This year's captains 
(Kerri Mead, Lauren Stewart and 
Katie Brown) led the everyday 
warmups and cheers before the 
games. They kept the team spirit 
up, even when things didn't turn 
out as well as they should have. 
Kerri, Katie, Lauren. Anita S. Amy 
S, Jessamyn S and Sarah E w ill be 
graduating this year (if everything 
goes according to plans) and, as a 
result, there will be a large hole on 
the varsity team next season. Al- 
though the graduating seniors will 
be mis.sed, when September comes, 
Beth Ela and Carla Giannetta will 
have to step up and take their place 
as leaders of the team ... and it w ill 
be business as usual on the field. 
Individual honors went to Kerri 
Mead and Carla Giannetta (who 
made the 1st All-Star Team) and 
Lauren Stewart and Katie Brown 
(who made the 2nd All-Star 
Team). Congratulations to those 
individuals and to the entire team 
on a season well played. 

Varsity: Back: Caroline Alba. Jen Brown. Michelle Cronin. Michelle Piclchel. 
Mary Long. Amy Lcshin Catherine Weicker. Kale Leary . Lisa Lotmey. Rebecca 
Tomassian, Cathy Rowe (mgr): Middle: Maria Kocn. Danielle Allain. Tnnily 
Dunne. CarlaGianneita. Beth Ela. Maria Gallant. Sharicne Tobin. Anita S.; Front: 
Amy Sandell. Lauren Stewart. Katie Brown. Kerri Mead. .Sarah Eppler. Sara 

lI! Where s m\ conlacl lens ' 

Junior Varsity: Back: Dina Zolotusky. Kristin Mead. Emma Bcrca. Susan 
Bayliss. Cathy Rowe. Danielle Taylor. Heather McCarthv, Keri Evjy. Chhssy 
GeilCuss. Jackie Weicker (coach): Middle: Ann-.Michelle Levangie. Candiee 
Tanner. Kim McGregor. Theresa O'Reilly. Cara McNamara. Nicloe Barilla. 
Christina Griecci: Front: Meredith Dill (mgr). Elisa McGovem. Alissa Dangel. 
Cara Stein. Suzanne Schmuhl. Lindsav Svlva. Bethan\ Giusti. 



Sports 89 

J.V. Soccer Team: Ricky Siucku. Gilbert Tsang. Casey Hill. Shawn Downs. "If you won t play my way, I'lljust takemy ball 

James Smith. John Kruse. Second: Curtis Wright. Anurag Chhabra. John and go home!" Ja.son Ingraham yells at his 

Brome. Will Slieglit/. Jeremy Ciaccia. Justin Hastings. David Barton (Coach). opponent. 
First: Naihan Campoli, Eddie Long. Steve Simmers. Michael Hursh. 

90 Sports 

Boys Soccer 

"We three kings of soccer field are..." Var 
sity Team Captains Rob Hannon, Calvin 
Wilder and John Barrows kneel before 
Coaches Wilson and Barton. 

Boys Varsity Soccer Team: Back: David Wolf, Ben 
Waterhouse,Corey Gelormini, Tim Sheflin, David 
Kern, James Smith; Third: Matt Ondovchik, Sean 
Waldron, Matt Giusti, Jesse Ryan, Andy Katz, 
Jeremy Tate; Second: Matt McAllister, Tim 
Likosky, Chris Ryan, Jason Tolowinsky, Carlos 
Roman, Carter Lanoux; Front: Coach Dave Wil- 
son, Ben Dick, Rob Hannon, Calvin Wilder, John 
Barrows, Jason Ingraham, Dave Schowalter and 
Coach Dave Barton. 

Sports 91 

(Jirls JV soccer: Back: Melissa Fagan , Ellen Gersh, Kalie Captains Beth Mara, Cyndi Hunt and Linda Jones 
Akiilian, Nadia Volicer, Christina Ciccone. Julie Dubitsky, take a break from a demanding soccer practice to 
Christine O'Reilly, Mike Macgreken. Front: Christina Horn, pose with their coach. 
Bethany Lesure, Stacey Porter, Lexic Ross, RebeccaGreen, Jill 
Lavoie, Dara Morris. 

Girls* Soccer 

For fourteen of the players on the varsity soccer team, the 
1993-4 season marked the last time that they'll play soccer at the 
high school level. For the entire team, it was yet another season 
of hard work, determination and fun. Although the Girls' Var- 
sity Soccer Team didn't win as many games as they'd have liked, 
their genuine love for the sport was ever-present. And though 
they didn't win a trophy made of gold, they earned a trophy 
that will be carried by the team as a whole forever ... a trophy of 

The three captains that led the Bucs were Beth Mara, Linda 
Jones and Cyndi Hunt. Though it was difficult to win every 
game, these team leaders kept the rest of the squad in high 
spirits. Goaltender Mary DeMoss helped to keep the Bucs in 
many games with a consistently positive attitude and a consis- 
tent twenty-to-forty saves per game. Making Mary's job easier 
were Kim Duda, Debbie Downs, Theresa McGovern, Mika 
Volicer, Carolyn Fanelli and Jen Robb. Tara Slavin, Siri Hanson, 
Katie Esposito and captains Cyndi Hunt and Beth Mara con- 
trolled the midlfield. Leading scorer and captain Linda Jones 
was helped up front by Tara Slavin and Jen Robb. 

The season came to an abrupt end, but the memories and 
friendships that were made will carry on. Keep Kicking Bucs! 

92 Sports 

(Jirls Varsity Soccer: Back: Caren Chen, Lexie Ross, Stacey 
Porier( again). Margaret Mann. Theresa McGovem, Meghan 
Albani, Jen Robb: Middle: Mary DeMoss. Heather Peebles. 
Apama Rao, Debbie Downs, Kristen MacDonaid. Jessica 
Turner. Carolyn Fanelli. Mika Volicer: Front: Tara Slavin. 
Wendy Casteliana. Beth Mara. Linda Jones. Cindy Hunt, Siri 
Hanson. Katie Esposito. 

Wendy Casteliana takes her soccer injury like a real woman. 

Mary DeMoss practices various methods of contortion 
and STILL saves the ball while Wendy Casteliana looks 
on in awe. 

At ."^'0". Debbie Dow ns is able to fly past her opponent with 
the greatest of ease. It just goes to show you that being 
short has man> advantages. 

Sports 93 

"Son, where are you going with lhat club?" Mr, Duggan's 
eyes have gone, as he interrogates Mr. Reynolds, 

Golf Team: Back: John Reynolds (coach), .Sanju 
Shewakramani, Jeremy Gomes, Sam Richards; Middle: 
Mark Pietchel, Rohit Kaul, Steve Aftomis, John Thoren, 
KC Colbath, Adam Chiocca, Dave Storer, Henrik Patel, 
Jen Tsang; Front: Jason Lxc, Jeff Anderson, Thomas 
Shepard Eileen O'Pray. 


he 1993 B.H.S. Golf Team was 
coached by the one and only 
Mr. Reynolds. All the players 
are grateful to Coach Reynolds 
for his powerful methods of 
coaching and his expertise in 
the game. Many thanks also to 

Mr. Thoren for his time and helpful tech- 
niques. The team's 2-12-0 record does not 
reflect the efforts and improvements made 
this season. 

The physical game and the mental game 
are both important in golf. The mental 
edge, or competitive spirit can often win 
the match. A match consists of eight play- 
ers on opposing teams, playing nine holes 
in match play. 

Some of the fascinating players on the 
golf team were: John "Boom-Boom" 
Thoren, known for his professional style of 
playing; Adam Chiocca, whose humor and 
wit on the bus could always be counted on; 
Steve Aftosmis, known for his bizarre, yet 

powerful swing; Rohit "Chicken Hawk" 
Kaul, always good for a laugh or a three- 
foot kick out of the rough; Mark Pietchel, 
and his advice on weightlifting and 
strength-training for golf; K.C. Colbath, 
and his infamous creative shots to steal the 
win; Henrick Patel, who could tell you 
about the physics of the ball's motion and 
torque; Adam "Rough Neck" McCormick, 
always ready for a gruesome golf brawl; 
Sam "Pretty Boy" Richards, known for his 
flirtation with the girl from Newton South; 
and Jeremy "Chubs" Gomes, remembered 
for his breaking off the seat on the golf bus. 
All players contributed to making the '93 
golf season a fun and exciting experience! 


Sports 95 


The 1993-4 Fall Season 
Cheerleading Squad 
was the best in quite a 
long time. It was cer- 
tainly refreshing to see 
such an enthusiastic 
flock of beautiful young 
women in the familiar 
Blue-and-White. Led by 
captains Sara Brown, 
Julie Piantedosi and 
Kim Tarbell, the most 
recent bunch of autumn 
cheerers took their show 
all the way to the Na- 
tional Championships in 
Myrtle Beach, South 
Carolina. The team 
raised every penny of 
the cost of their trip to 
the Nationals in a series 
of imaginative 
fundraisers. And it was 
certainly worth the 
effort ... the squad 

knocked 'em dead at The Mighty. Mighty BHS cheerleaders. 

one competition after 
another. Game after 
game, week after week, 

these ladies were there Chccrleading captains Kim Tarbell. Julie Piantedosi and 

tainly about time that 
they got the recognition 
that they deserve. 
"Two, four, six, eight. 
Who do we appreciate?" 
The gorgeous ladies in 
the blue and white... 

for the Bucs ... it's cer- 

Sara Brow n enjoy reconstructing ancient Egyptian pyra- 
mids on their off days. 


Student Life 

J paid HOW MUCH for these? 
lands Johnny Yang of Sewon Iin. 


Score Board 










Lincoln Sudbury 21 





Boston Latin 












Cross-Country cruised to a 5-3 
record in 1993-its best record in five 
years. The team not only had an 
outstanding record, but also an 
outstanding work ethic and attitude. 
In previous seasons, the Bucs had 
talent ,but never had enough size or 
depth. This year, no challenge was 
too large or deep for the Bedford 

Captains Aaron "Rash" Rashba 
and running god, Steve Robinson 
trained the team hard over the 
summer and the Bucs were out for 
blood at the beginning of the season. 
Unfortunaltely, the league's top two 
teams, L-S and N-S were Bedford's 
first opponents. Fired up by these 
losses, the team managed to win 
every other DCL competition except 
for a close race against Weston. 
Despite an excellent performance at 
the Eastern Mass championships, the 
Bucs missed qualifying for the state 
meet by two points! However, 
Rashba and Robinson managed to 
qualify as individuals. 

Robinson consistently finished 
first for BHS, with Rashba usually 
finishing second. Hot on Aaron's 
heels was Naveen "the Dream" 
Wadhera. The next few spiots were 
filled by a tight pack of Bedford 
runners: Freshman Paul Bradfield, 
Sophmore Yung-Tsyr Chen, Juniors 
Yung-En Chen, Matt Dwyer, Sewon 
"X" Im, and Jim Ratichek, and Senior 
Alan Chhabra. the "bad boys of Cross 
County", Juniors Johnny Yang and 
Mike Donaldson, also made great 
improvements this year. 

It is kind of tough to have a two 
person team, but the Bedford girls 
squad still managed to have a great 
season. Veteran harrier Christina 
Carvey came on stong for the Bucs 
throughout the fall. Her partener in 
crime, Sarah Shamel switched form 
Field Hockey to Cross- Country this 
year, and definitely made the right 
move, judging by her speedy times. 
Under the superb coaching of Barry 
Dyment, the 1993 Cross-Country 
team had one of its best seasons ever. 

captains Steve Robinson and Aaron 
hba with their coach Barry Dyment. 

Cross Country: Back: Coach Barry Dyment. Yung-Tsyr 
Chen, Chris Betz, Naveen Wadhera. Mike Donaldson, Matt 
Dwyer, Johnny Yang, Jim Ratichek: Middle: Doug 
Robinson, Paul Bradfield, Yung-En Chen. Aaron Rashba, 
Steve Robinson. Alan Chhabra, Sewon hn; Front: Sarah 
Shamel. Styna, Erica Horn. 

Sports 99 

Thfe Ladies Have The Floor 

... Over the river, between the 
trees, through the window, off 
the bleachers, around the 
backboard ... Nothin' But Net. 

Kerri Mead and Cyndi Hunt don't seem to 
understand the gravity of the situation as 
the Lady Bucs' B-Ball Squad battles their 
opponent down to the wire. 

The Junior Varsity frontcourt worships the 
sacred orange sphere, a ritual practiced 
prior to every game. 

100 sports 

"Fasten your safety belts and prepare for 
take off ! " Jen Robb goes to great lengths to 
intercept the inbound pass. 

Varsity: Back: Coach . Carta Inferrera, 

Krissy Farrington, Kim Duda, Eileen Hartwell. 
Jen Robb, Theresa McGovcm, Geri Parisella; 
Front: Tara Slavin. Linda Jones, Cyndi Hunt, 
Kerri Mead, Debbie Downs, 

Sports 101 

Chris Midgett elevates over a defender ... not that he 
had to jump, but he just does it for effect. 

"O.K. John, the key here is to iceep the ball away from 
those big guys in the red uniforms." Will Dick and 
John Barrows discuss strategy. 

Varsity Team: Back: Tim Likosky. Will Dick, Jesse 
Ryan, Chris Ryan, Ben Dick, John Barrow s, Teddy 
Sautita, Brendan Jones; Front: Matt Dwyer, Chris 
Midgette, Calvin Wilder, Chris Farmer, Cedric Townes. 

Freshman Team: Back: Coach Gary Hunt, Brad 
Sylvester, Eric Sullivan, Steven Lua. Oderra Jones; 
Front: Tim Dolan, Scott Duncan, Anaraug Chhabra, 
Will Stieglitz. Seong-Hoon Kang 

Sports 103 

Thi- Ski Squad: Back: Jason Lee. Ricky Slucka, John McGrath, Brian 
Deardorff, Danielle Allain. Danielle Taylor, Brian Geary. Paul Bradfield, 
Nathan; Middle: Jen Tsang, Slina, Belhany Lesure. Mall Thomas. John 
Thoren. Jeremy Ciaccia. Agala Brys. Josh Smith: Front: Sieve Aftomis, 
Jessica Turner. Mary De Moss. Jason Ingraham. Carrie Ciaccia, John 
Taylor, Sara Borshay, Amy Sandell, Jim Sullivan. 

Bc(h Mara, Calvin Wilder , Erica Horn and 
iTiosI of Katharine French-Fuller and Andrea 
Russo Irolick joyfully in Ihe clear, brisk waters 
of Shawshecn Valley Technical High School. 

Skiers like it packed. Swimmers like it watered-down ... 
But they have at least one thing in common: 

They Like It Cold And Wet 

Here's a riddle. What goes: white, 
black, white, black, white, black, thud? 
A penguin falling down the stairs! 
What does this joke have to do with the 
Skiing and Swimming Teams depicted 
on this page? Not much ... the penguin 
was just thrown in there as an "ice 
breaker" (get it?). 

Seriously, though, these teams 
worked hard all season long. The Ski 
Team had a record-low number of 
injuries this season and several of its 
members skied to personal bests. The 
Swim Team was blessed with the 
emergence of Calvin Wilder, who opted 
for the rim of the pool rather than the 
rim of the hoop. 

The performance of the Skiing Squad 
was highlighted by the continued 
excellence of Jayson Ingraham's skis 
(with Jayson in them ... most of the 

The Diving Team was again marked 
by Wendy Castellana's expertise off the 
board. The addition of Kathleen Kyper 
to the board and freshmen Jen Mills, 
Beth Sokolik and Tiffany Bowlby 
proved beneficial to both teams. 

104 Sports 

Varsity: Way Back: Diving Coach Brian Maczko. Chris Bclz, 
Ann-Michelle Levangic. Coach Sandy Maczko, Katharine French- 
Fuller; Way Middle: Erica Horn. Andrea Russo. Nathan Campoli, 
Jenny Mills, Beth .Sokolik. Tiffany Bow Iby, Joey "Hey Elephant" 
Zupkus, Kathleen Kyper. Curtis Wright; Way Front: Wendy 
Castellana. Charlie Axlell, Beth Mara. Calvin Wilder. 

"C'mon guys, help me out a bit here. I'm up to my neci< in 
work! " Wendy ... is ... in the pool. 

"Thai's right. This innovative process can give you a full 
head ol" hair that will look and feel like your own ... even 
when wet!" This demonslralion is being given by the 
.spokeswoman lor the Hair Club for Wen...dy. 

"Ooh girl, look al him ... he's the cutest brother in the air..." 
Andrea Russo marvels at Calvin's llighl plan. "Aclually. 
he's the only brother in the air," Katharine rebulls (no pun 

Sports 105 

Sean Mee exhibits his stick-wielding 
si<ills in a face-off in front of his own 

Bedford's toughness is also evident in 
the hockey team's play. Here, a Buc 
braces himself to be knocked against 
the boards. 

Bill Boland shows the drive to achieve 
that each Bucs posseses as he hurls 
himself towards the puck and an op- 


The hockey team is also a very closely 
knit group of individuals. 

A perfect example of how opponents 
turn and run from the mighty Bucs 

The Bucs #44 shows how Bedford 
sports-type athletes can skate circles 
around everybody else. 

106 Sports 

Another strategy of the Bucs is to have 
playersdress up like Akilah and Hillary 
to distract their opponents. 

The entire hockey team gathers for the 
regular "Kneel in Front of the Gate" 

The Icemen Cometh 

The Bedford High School 1993-1994 Hockey 
Team overcame tremendous adversity simply 
by being on the ice. Not too long ago, there 
wasn't a hockey team. And those of us who felt 
that a hockey team was necessary supported 
those of us who liked to play hockey in their 
pursuit of establishing a team again. Through 
publicity and word of mouth, the fact that there 
wasn't a team was on every breakfast table in 
the town. And things changed. The players 
organized a team. The school had a hockey 
team. The people that truly enjoy playing 
hockey can now play hockey. And those 
people played hockey. And regardless of the 
success of our Hockey Bucs ... they're still our 
Hockey Bucs. 

Sports 107 

Steppin with the Lady Bucs: Tara Sla vin leans into it 

Yup, It*s Softball... 

The 1994 Varsity and Junior Varsity Soft- 
ball Teams promised at the outset to live up to 
the expectations set by last year's glorious 
teams. Let the record show that the young 
ladies wielding the bats made believers out of 
all of us. 

At the plate, the Lady Bucs Softball Squads 
wreaked havoc on opposing pitchers. They 
got on base, advanced runners, stole bases and 
scored runs with the ease and grace that we 
have come to expect from them. Defenses 
from surrounding towns seemed to run from 
the ball as it bounced off Bedford bats. 

In the field, our glove-wielding women 
baffled the foreign offenses with their speed, 
agility and accuracy. With a corps of pitchers 
like Sarah Rosenberg and Kelly Gullage, few 
batters fulfilled their hopes of reaching first. 

Overall, the teams had a very productive 
season. The loss of three players to gradua- 
tion hindered neither the varsity team nor its 
minor league affiliate. When the name "Bed- 
ford" appeared on opposing schedules, play- 
ers wearing the colors of other towns began to 
shake. We can only hope to have such a 
season next year. 

108 Sports 

\ This picture is cute enough to ... put in the yearbook. 
Lexie Ross and Kim Raffa pal it up on the bench while 
the Lady Bucs bat circles (or ... diamonds...) around 
the other team. 



Eileen Hartwell psyches out the opposing pitcher. 

GO RO! Sarah Rosenberg takes time from her busy 
schedule (what DOESN'T she do?) to take out her 

Sports 109 

Varsity: Back: George Chen, Matt Gallant. Jason 
McCormick. Jeremy Levangie. Mati McGarry. Rich 
Atkinson. Wayne Sullivan, Jim Sullivan; Fronl: Paul 
Stone, Geoff Chase, Bill Kat/. Dave Venuti, Colin 
Ross. Bryan Albonesi. Mike McGarry. Dan Hogland. 

"Alright Dave, this is what we'll do. I'll pitch it in the din 
... and in the mayhem, we'll sneak out the back and, if 
we're lucky, we'll get to the party on time." 

110 Sports 


The Baseball team had an outstanding season in the spiing of 1993. This season will be the most memorable to everyone. The Bucs 
madeit all the way to the North Sectional Finals in the State Tournament. The team finished off the season with a 17-7 record and were ranked 
17 in the Boston Globe Top 20. With 7 out of 9 starters gone due to graduation, the Bucs must fill those positions. It will take a lot of hard 
work to replace the Seniors of 1993. "Death Valley" and the "Bermuda Triangle" are gone. This year's defense. "Desert Storm", will be feared 
throughout the league. The pitching staff is believed to be the best for the third consecutive year. "The Yung Guns"; Matt Gallant. Jason 
McCormick, and Wayne Sullivan, will have to contribute the best season of their lives for the Bucs to make it to the Tournament. The infield 
will be anchored with Sullivan and McCormick will share duties at first base. Matt Gallant will be stationed at the "hot comer". The outfield 
will be headed by George Chen, Jeremy Levangie, and Jim Sullivan. 

There is no "I" on the team. The group is the motivation that will get this 1994 team off and running. Coach Sullivan will stress defense 
and hard work if this yea's team wants to be successful. Be prepared to see us in the States. 

Sports 111 

112 Sports 

Bedford's Own 

Ball Bashers!?! 

ennis - What a concept! A game that turns a bunch of preppy athletes 
(normally quite tame) into half-crazed people with oddly-shaped 
weapons and vengeful swings. Who else but crazed idiots would 
stand in a small green square and allow opponents to fire fuzzy, little 
balls in their general direction? Our tennis teams, that's who! And 
we sure are proud of them! 

Fast running, strong hitting and quick thinking are the bare 
essentials for a tennis team. But ours isn't just ANY tennis team. Our 
tennisers have the strong desire to win (...even if they don't win, the 
desire lingers...). These "ladies and gentlemen of the court" don't step 
onto the concrete without first deciding just how to pick apart their 
opponents. And they wouldn't even think of picking up a racquet 
without a pep talk that would put even the Dallas Cowboys to 

Both groups of sphere-smashers exhibit unique styles of serving 
that make each and every member distinct and different. Baseline 
volleys, overhead smashes, sinking liners and (of course) aces are all 
integral parts of the Bedford arsenal. When the Tennis Bucs swing 
their paddles, people feel compelled to watch ... and opponents are 
compelled to lose. 

Boys' Tennis: Back: Coach Arlen Deardortf. Naveen 
Wadhera. Jeremy Ciaccia. Brian Deardortf. Alan 
Peterson. David Hirscti, Viet Le, Mictiael Hirscfi. .Aaron 
Christina Carvey WASN'T on the Girls' Tennis Team ... Rashba: Front: Sewon Im, Vilas Sridharan. Mark 
she opted for Spring Track, instead. Pietchel. Rohii Kaul. Corey Gelormini, Sam Richards: 

Not Pictured: Aclam Sniiih. 

Sports 113 

Bryant Chisholm crosses the finish line with a smile. 

& Girls 


Right sport, wrong year! Boys/Girls Outdoor Track : Back: katie Carpenter, 
Michelle Pulsipher, Katharine French-Fuller, Christina Carvey, Lisa Looney, Jen St. 
Sauveur, Marie Tanzer, Carolyn Fanelli, Carrie Ciaccia, Catherine Weicker, Chrissv 
Geilfuss. Middle: Greg Cohen, Andy Bourneuf, Tony Richards, Ron Blanchette, Ben 
Waterhouse, Wendy Castellana, Heather McCarthy, Jennifer Kappremanr, Kristen 
Horrigan. Front: Adam Chiocca, Jason Campoli, Matt Ross, Cait Hurley, Mike 
Esposito, Bryant Chisholm, Marcus Harris. 

114 Sports 

Jen St. Sauveur 
jumps over the 
hurdles with the 
greatest of ease. 


Ever feel like you are never going home? 

116 Clubs and Organizations 

^5 Nickie and Mary look too happy to be 
college bound seniors ... must of been 
before all of the essays, applications and 
• more essays. 

.1 I' 

Marcel brings new meaning to "Jack-in- 
the-Box". Jonathan helps "Jack" attack 
poor Katie. 

Just smile for the camera and, when they leave, we can go back to changing the School 
"onstitution." Mr. Duggan thinks he's putting one over on us. 

Adelle and Angela are standing in the hall. 

Clubs and Organizations 117 

Jeremy Nash carefully instructs band mem- 
bers, Brian Deardorff and Michelle Koop. 

1994 BHS Marching Band: Top: ChrisCarson. Steven Barbas. MargaaM Mann, Vilas 
Shridharen. Ben Waterhousc, Jeremy Ciaccia, Greg Ross, Charlie Axtell. Josh Longstreth, 
Mary DeMoss, Debbie Downs, David Wolf, Cara Stein, Jen Tsang, Jeff Hay nes. Middle: 
Lora Patino, Katie Carpenter, Chrissy Geilfuss, Katharine French-Fuller, Phil Tixile, 
Carrie Ciaccia, Joey Zupkus, Brian Deardorff. Jason Lee. Marie Tanzer.Alyssa Dangel. 
Bottom: BrianGeary.StimpSl.Sauveur, Jeff Weinfurt, Alison Sundet,Tiffanv Bowlby, 
BelhSokolik, Michelle Shwimer, Sarah Longstreth, Jeremy Nash. Michelle Kixip. Jean 
Connolly, Cordelia Pnmmerman. 

The percussion section, and a few others, can not believe how much fun they are 
having at the football game. You see, they have nothing else to do on a Friday 

120 Clubs and Organizations 

1^" A ^ ^ A Thisyear, a touch of Disney 's "Aladdin" 

III I f il I n il TO TrlG BB3l was brought to us via the Bedford High School 
■■■ '5J iw A^WmA Marching Band. Their repertoire included 

"Arabian Knights," "One Jump Ahead," 
"Friend Like Me" and "A Whole New World." 
Despite the loss of many experienced seniors, 
the band put on an impressive show for that all 
that attended the football games and competi- 

Every Wednesday night and Friday after- 
noon, devoted band members could be seen 
practicing either their drills on the field or 
music in the band room. Drill work was 
particulary tricky in the second number due to 
bobbing, rotations, and some fancy footwork. 

The band attended three competitions this 
year, with mixed results. Their first competi- 
tion (the Billerica Invitational) was consid- 
ered a success. The band received the caption 
awards for both Marching Band and Color 

However, the band did not fair quite as 
well at the Sheperd Hill MICA competition. 
The band was particularly discouraged over 
receiving low scores in catagories where they 
felt a strong effort had been exerted. The 
band's director, Steven Barbas, felt the the 
scores were totally off base and destroyed the 
score sheets. Due to this incident, the band is 
unsure whether they will continue to attend 
MICA competitions. 

The band's final competition was an unbe- 
lievable sucess. Sweeping every category with 
five stars, the band showed that with team 
work and hard effort they could put on a 
fantastic show for all. 

Those who attended football games had 
the extra treat of listening to the band play 
stand's music. The crowds' favorites were 
"Twist and Shout," "Hey, Baby" and "The 
Hey Song". The flag squad also had a lively 
kick line during "Louie Louie". 

None of this would have been accom- 
plished if not for the the direction of Drum 
Majors Jeremy Nash and Jen St. Sauveur. The 
two alternated conducting the band, with Jer- 
emy conducting during "Arabian Knights" 
and "Friend Like Me" and Jen during "One 
Jump Ahead" and "A Whole New World." 
Chris Carson and Phil Toole should also be 
commended for a spectacular job on their solo 
in "A Whole New World". 

Thoughout the ups and downs of the year, 
the band maintained a high level of enthusi- 
asm. Not only doing an exellent job at the 
competitions, but infusing the the crowds at 
the football games with a spirit indicative of 
Bedford High School. 

Clubs and Organizations 121 

Last year the flag squad struggled with many beginners, but this year's nine returning 
members were a thousand times better. Last year's somewhat disjointed group bonded 
to form a real team. The flag squad emerged to put on an eye-catching show in 1993. 
With their "Aladdin" theme in the music, a choice adored by all, the Flags had a great 
time with this year's show. And, of course, the unforgettable elaborate costumes as well 
as the new sets of flags that the music department provided made this year's show one 
of the most colorful ever. Captain Kelly Gullage and a cooperative effort of all the flag 
squad members worked to put together four challenging routines. These new dances 
pushed the girls' talent even more. From "Arabian Nights" with its improv-dance 
opening to the rhythmic "One Jump" to the energetic dance routine "Friend Like Me" 
to the flowing finale "A Whole New World", the flag squad pushed themselves to new 
limits in 1993. 

I kig Squad: Mrs. Gullage, Megan Carpenter, Agata Brys, 
Kathleen Kyper, Michelle Pulsipher, Dina Lipczer, Caria 
Inferrera, Kristin Horrigan, Kelly Gullage, Gina Corea. 

Clubs and Organizations 123 

Whether playing trumpets, violins, tubas or cellos, members of 
Wind Ensemble and Orchestra are always 

Sounding Sweet 

Kathleen Kyper is so advanced on the viola that she's goin 
to go professional ... but, then again, maybe she won't. 

Under the careful direction of Steven 
Barbas, both Concert Band and Wind En- 
semble had another sucessful year of playing. 
Not only did its members participate in con- 
certs but they also devoted much of their time 
and energy to the Marching Band. Both of the 
bands played their songs to the complete 
satisfaction of all who attended the Winter 
and Spring Concerts. This year the band's 
repertoire included "Overture For Winds", 
"George Washington Bicentennial March" 
and "Barber of Seville". 

Once again, this year's orchestra performed 
well. Mr. Philip Maffa returned to BHS to 
conduct the group. Although the group was 
slightly smaller than lasts year's, neither the 
enthusiasm nor the quality of performance was 
lessened. A few of the highlights of the year 
were the POMS dinner and the Winter and 
Spring Concerts. Chamber Music, which is a 
smaller rendition of Orchestra, meets every 
other day and usually performs in small groups. 
Along with performing at the POMS dinner, 
they also play Renaissance pieces to fit the 
mood of the annual Madrigal Dinner. 

Of course, Tara has to show off by playing with her eyes closed 
Keep practicing, Marie. You'll be able to do that, too, someday. 

124 Clubs and Organizations 

"C'mon, Carson, her teeth couldn't have been THAT big!" 
Weicker and Carson (sans first names) love to do crazy 
thngs during AP Recorder class. 

BHS's resident Little Drummer Boy. Jeff Weinfurt, is so 
good that he can play his drums while rehearsing his 
speech for the Mr. Universe Pageant. 

"No. Ben. Jeff can't protect you now. I want you to 
apologize for what you said before I get creative with this 

Clubs and Organizations 125 

The 1993-94 BHS Madrigal Singers: Top: 

Jen St. Sauveur, Stina, Michelle Pulsipher, Adam 
Chiocca, Sharlene Tobin, Jen Tsang. Andrew 
Schwerin, Jet't Haynes. Middle: Margaret 
Mann. Catherine Weicker, Heather McCarthy. 
Lora Patino, Ben Waterhouse, Le Edilore. 
Naveen Wadhera, Kate Leary, Cara 
MacNamara. Bottom: Carson, Malymeik, Ro, 

Double sextet: Bayne, Carve, Ro (the 
student leaders). Mac. Leary. Patino, 
Mann, Tsang. Stina, Siimpy. Pulsipher, 
McCarthy (not necessarily in that order). 

Show Choir?: Back: Jeremy Nash, Cordelia Primmerman, Krister\ Sylva, Allison 
Turner, Shed, Kirsten Bushey, Sharlene Tobin, Jamie Wilbur, Emily Ullman (no 
relation), Ingrid Ahlgren, Heath, Cah-vee, Jeff Haynes (inspected by #9), Shawn 
Downs; Middle: Margaret Mann, Lexie Ross, Jen St. Stimp, Stina St. Stina, Lora 
St. Patino, Andrew St. Schwerin, St. Naveen, Christina Griecci, Tarie Thumbser, 
Cara Stein, Terry O'Reilly, Alyssa Robinson, Nickie Liss, Cara Mac, Shell, Katie 
Esposito, Jeannie Kim, Rachel, Kate Leary, Heather, Heather; Front: Arturo 
Santiago, Cah-son, Michelle Shwimer, Bayne-sta,KatieCahp)entah, Sarah Shamel, 
Eileen O'Pray, Jen Tsang, Andrea Russo. (This caption is for the picture with a lot 
of people) 

126 Clubs and Organizations 

Chorus or Choir or something: Back: Casey Hill, Chris Betz, Cordelia Primmerman, Jenny Mills, Allison Turner, Ellen 

Gersh, Kirsten Bushey, Alyssa Robinson, Niccole Larson, Keri Evjy, Carey Huxsaw, Emily Ullman (no relation). Colleen 
Devlin, Ingrid Ahlgren, Shawn Downs, Lisa Looney; Middle: Jayson Ingraham, Lexie Ross, Jean Connelly, Sewon Im, 
Jason Lee, Michelle Koop, Richard Remington (Steele), Carol Horsch, Curtis Wright, Christina Griecci, Christina Vermette, 
Tarie Thumbser, Kristen Sylva, Rebecca Davidson, Jen Gresens, Katie Ferrill, Cara MacNamara; Front: Arturo Santiago, 
Gina Janot, Beth Ela, Jen Kiger, Jen Young, Jamie Wilbur. 

^^^^^^^ * 


(WARNING: This is going to be a very long caption...) Um ... Andrew, the group 
is singing over here ... See, Andrew, Jeff and Michelle are in Madrigal, the elite 
singing group at Bedford High School here in Bedford, MA. The Madrigal Singers 
rehearse on even days in room DIO (the Chorus/Choir/Madrigal room). DlOhas 
a capacity to hold up to one hundred seventeen bodies (because we did it during 
the exchange with West Potomac High). The room also ser\'es as a Voice 
Training/Spring Play Rehearsal room. The caption is now over. 

"Four Calling Birds..." Cara Mac, Lori 
Maly-mac, Julie Mac and Mac Ro are 
among the Madrigal elite. 

Clubs and Organizations 127 

128 Clubs and Organizations 


As you walk down C hall on any afternoon, you can find many things 
)ing on offered by our three foreign language clubs. In one room, you 
in find the French Club - led by Lauren Stewart, Carrie Ciaccia, 
arolyn Fanelli and Kristin Horrigan - having one of their many French 
a parties. The club also had a fondue party, complete with melted 
locolate, fruits and marshmallows. Early in the year, French club 
lembers held a Halloween party where they enjoyed great costumes, 
imes, and food. 

Continuing down the hall, you may be lucky enough to find the 
panish Club having one of their afternoon cafes where only Spanish 
lay be spoken. The club also enjoyed a field trip to a Spanish 
■staurant, paid for by their Avon fundraiser. Along with the French 
ub, they also enjoyed a Halloween Pizza Party. The Spanish Club was 
:d by Arturo Santiago, Caroline Alba, Jen Brown, Courtney Donovan 
id Carter Lanoux. 

Searching further on down C hall, you may be able to find the Latin 
lub enjoying one of their ice cream parties. They also enjoyed their 
wn Halloween party in late October where all had a great time. A 
mdraiser was organized so that the club would be able to have an 
ijoyable rest of the year. Mindy Pulsipher, Julie Bayne, John Cadotte, 
jhnny Yang and Jeremy Levangie led the club in this fun-filled year. 

Jadya Volicer, Leana Hadley and Becky Rebecca Greeen and Dara Morris think 
'enuti have a good time at one of the '^at being in the Spanish Club is the best 
anguage club events. 'hing that ever happened to them. 

Bonjour. If you're in the French Club, you know who you are. 

The members of the mighty, mighty Latin Club. 

Clubs and Organizations 129 


Besides getting out of finals 
early, what's so great aboout 
Girls' and Boys' State? Well, 
you get to wear the same bean- 
ies and tee shirts for an entire 
week. You also become an 
expert in flag etiquette. Seri- 
ously though, learning about 
democracy and applying it for 
a week is a very educational 
experience. Boys' and Girls' 
Staters run for postitions and 
operate in a mock government. 

Each year, four Juniors are 
chosen by the American Le- 
gion to represent BHS at this 
event. Last year, Aaron 
Rashba, Calvin Wilder, Jessica 
Turner, and Sarah Rosenburg 
were the lucky four! 


In the 1992-1993 school year 
a group of students met with 
the local Rotary Club and de- 
cided to set up one of the hun- 
dreds of International Youth 
Rotary Organizations, known 
as Interact, in BHS. The pur- 
pose of this new club is to unite 
high school students so that 
they can appreciate the values 
of service participation locally 
and nationally. 

Dr. Greg Symko, Interacts 
acting advisor, helped aid the 
new club in candy sales, Bed- 
ford Day, raffles, leaf raking in 
Bedford and fundraising to 
help the flood vicims in the 
midwest. In all. Interact has 
raised over $2,000. Interact is 
sure to be with Bedford High 
for many years to come! 

Bottom : Lauren Stewart, Katie Brown, Lisa Pantidosi, 
Wendy Castellina, Gina Coreia, Sarh Rosenburg, Dr 
Greg Symko. Middle: Linda Jones, Katie Buxton, 
Sharlene Tobin, Chastity Irizarry, Navine Wadhera. 
Top: Carolyn Fanelli, Beth Mara, Elissa Banner, 
Christine Geilfuss, Carrie Ciaccia, Rebecca Gret n 
Kerrie Mead, Cara McNamara, Jeanie Kim, Kristi : 
Mead, Dara Morris, Julie Dubitsky, Henrik Patcl, 
Adam Chiocca. 

Look at that smile on Kristen! Interact must be 
discussing more than just raffles and fundraising... 

130 Clubs and Organizations 


Clubs and Organizations 131 


...its showtime... This year's telemedia has 
not been without it's problems, but they have 
managed to pull ahead and make this year's 
show exciting, interesting and funny! The 
active students of telemedia deserve our 
praise and support, here's to a great job you 

132 Clubs and Organizations 

Eric Green and Jeremy Tate wants to 
know if you would rather be a tree or a 

Vilas whispers, "Help me! Steve thinks he's the 
Queen of England and Katie thinks she's the 
President! " 

Clubs and Organizations 133 

Ben Gaudet. who graduated last year, can't seem to stay 
away from the ROTC room. Shanna MacArthur and new 
recruit David LaVasseur are graced with his prescence. 


Fall In!!" 

Air Force Junior R.O.T.C. 
or Aerospace Science is 
more than just another elec- 
tive course. It is a close knit 
organization which engages 
in numerous extra-curricu- 
lar activities. It is an organi- 
zation in which students 
learn how to direct and lead 
a diverse group of individu- 
als. R.O.T.C. is also very 
active in social events and 
community activities. It is a 
place to learn and to have 
fun at the same time. 

Colonel Campbell tends to surround himself with the best 
of recruits ... er ... students. 

'ii Iff IV I 

134 Clubs and Organizations 


Carrie Ciaccia was the NHS president this year 
and did a stellar job balancing NHS, Ski Team, 
college applications and all of that other great 

If you look closely, you'll find every graduating member 
of the National Honor Society. (Note: Look VERY 

They May Be Smart, But They're ... 



cholarship. Character, Service and Leadership. Some 
of us have some of these quahties. All of us have at 
least one. But very few of us have all of them. Those 
of us who do may be inducted into the National Honor 

To become a member of the 
National Honor Society (an exclu- 
sive nationwide organization), the 
inductees must have exhibited each 
of the necessary qualities. Scholar- 
ship ... the students must have 
maintained an 88 average through- 
out their high school career to date. 
Character ... each student must 
possess some unique and original 
quality that helps to define who they 
are. Service ... inductees must 

have demonstrated a commitment to 
their school and to their community. 
Leadership ... one of the most impor- 
tant qualities - the drive and desire to 

That all sounds great, but what 
happens after the induction? Prez 
Carrie Ciaccia, VP Jessica Turner, Sec'y 
David Jones and Treas Jeannette 
Hagon planned many activities to keep 
NHS active in the community. One of 
the major objectives for the school 

year was to maintain the recycling 
program begun last year at BHS. 
Depsite technical difficulties at the 
outset, the program was an over- 
whelming success. The Society also 
had a booth at Bedford Day. The 
members literally sold hundreds of 
cheese-smothered nachos ... with a 
smile thrown in for no extra charge. 
NHS maintained its peer tutoring 
status, providing academic aid to more 
students than ever before. Addition- 
ally, NHS began a tradition of giving 
tours to new students to acquaint them 
with the BHS surroundings. The idea 
was a huge success from its inception. 
This year, NHS really shattered some 

Clubs and Organizations 135 

The Drama Club, however large it may appear, is 
actually quite exclusive (that is, subject to talent). 


The Bedford High School theatre crew achieved 
monumental things on the stage this past year. Oh 
baby, give me some of that pickle juice! 

Aan i Kapuria, unfazed that Eric Green and Nathan Ahlgren 
haven't moved in weeks, tries lo keep the stage free of 

136 Clubs and Organizations 

The Senior Class actors, unprepared for the Tourna- 
ment of Plays, pray for lightning to strike down the 
Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors. 

Due to unavailability of chairs in the school. 
Drama Club officers Megan French-Fuller, Naveen 
Wadhera, Lora Patino and Sean Erikson address 
the masses from a rock in the parking lot. 

"Claire, how could you tell Rvan about the increase 
in price of school lunches? I told vou it would send 
him over the edge!" Ryan stares off into nowhere as 
Carolyn rips Claire out. 

"C'mon guys, that's my Mom's shirt! " Further proof 
that Sophomores shouldn't be left alone in the audi- 
torium ... 

Clubs and Organizations 137 

Vlath a nd Science Leagues 

An heroic and startling 

(yet grim and sad) 

story of courage. 

raig Wiley, Science League member, estimates the ve- 
rily of the bullet as it hits the box held by Eric Green. 
Ins is really shooting the monkey. 

Clubs and Organizations 139 

Whether they're talking or writing, members of the Debate 
Team and Forum Staff make themselves heard. 


And your hands are where, Dave? " Obviously no 
on a pencil, slaving away at another poem for ih. 

The Forum, our monthly school 
newspaper, has been contributed to 
by many students over the past year. 
The staff, though small (ten people), 
consists of creative writers, poets and 
photographers. Mr. McCarthy, Fo- 
rum advisor, gets frustrated when his 
meetings go unattended ... but, please, 
creative geniuses need not sit through 
lectures! This collection of personali- 
ties has done a great job of represent- 
ing the diversity of BHS. 

The Debate Team consists of several 
of the most talkative people in the 
school. Just listen to a few of these 
names and you'll instantly know: 
Adam Smith, Craig Wiley, Stephen 
Hector, Aaron Rashba,JoshSilverstein, 
Bryant Chisholm, Chastity Irizarry, 
Alan Chhabra, Henrik Patel. The list 
goes on and on ... just like the members 
of the team! Not only do these people 
talk, but the Debate Team has made 
public speaking an art form. 

Chastity irizarry is laughing. Henrik Patel, for the 
first time ever, is spjeechless. Hmm... 

140 Clubs and Organizations 

Forum Staff: Left to right: Jeannette Hagon, David 
Schowalter, Heather Walker, Ryan Kiessling, Eric 
Green, Stephen Hector, Aarti Kapuria, KatieCarpen- 
ter, Megan French-Fuller. 

Jeannette Hagon stares pensively towrd the horizon, 
hoping for inspiration for her next article for the 

Debate Team: Back: Aaron Rashba, Craig Wiley, 
Stephen Hector, KCColbath; Middle: Emma Berca, 
Susan Bayliss, Josh Silversfein, Henrik Patel, Adam 
Smith, FredGabelmann, BryantChisholm,Josh Mont- 
gomery; Front: JeanConnelly, Jeannette Hagon,]ulie 
Bayne, Chastity Irizarry, Aarti Kapuria, Alan 

Clubs and Organizations 141 

Crop On! 

Well, it's done. At the end of last year. Sarah (Editor-inChiet ) Carvey. Dav id Jones. Lori 
Malymeik. Michelle Jackson, Megan French-Fuller, Chris (Pally) Carson and Rachel Siegel 
had great ideas about how the 1993-4 Bedford High School Yearbook would be the best ever. 
"This year's yearbook will make all of the deadlines with weeks to spare. No more calling 
people up the day before a deadline is due." Yeah ... this year, we called them at least two days 
in advance. (Not quite the improvement that was anticipated.) Sarah and her Crew of Merry 
Croppers were still determined to make the yearbook special ... spectacular ... unique. She 
repeated that to herself over and over again as she and three other yearbook staff members 
prepared to pull yet another all-nighter. Somehow, we got the hang of it ... towards mid- 
January! Well, let's run down the list of who made the yearbook that holds this article (in 
random order...): Sarah, of course, was the glue that held the operation together and the Advil 
that soothed our eye strain. Lori was the Photo Editor - organizing and shooting and organizing 
and shooting and ... you get the "picture " (pun intended). Dave was the funnel that collected 
all of the creative juices and drew them together into a single jar labelled 'Captions" (...I also 
wrote this article and many others). Michelle was the Business Editor - calling area businesses 
for money and all of that other business stuff. Joey (Butta)Zupkus was quite instrumental in 
Advertisement Sales. Pally served as the Money Captain of the yearbook. Rachel's entire 
sophomore year was dedicated to the Senior Section. Megan was the Script Surgeon, writing 
articles and collecting essays of other contributers. Several others contributed greatly to the 
yearbook. In a nutshell: Arturo Santiago. Chastity Irizarry. Erica Willie. Cameron Demby. 
Katie Brown. Kathleen Kyper. Alison Sundet. Aaron Rashba. Katie Ferrill. Miranda Hillyard. 
Katharine French-Fuller and Heath Dill. Laying out. writing captions, soliciting ads. snapping 
photos, cropping pictures ... day after day, week after week. Social lives look a backseat 
(ahem). Our only lives were in the yearbook room. Our food was delivered to us there. Our 
air was pumped in. We were hosed down in the mornings to ward off disease. We carved three 
small holes in the wall to let in more sunlight. An occasional phone call for Mr. Rinaldi was 
our only link to the outside world. April 4th marked the first day thai an\ of us (at least ihe 
survivors) were permitted off school grounds. But it's done. And it's wonderf ul. Crop On! 


Not only devoted "Hive" members: Jeff "Hello?" 
Haynes. Weicker. Sarah 'Boss ' Carvey. Pally Carson 
and Stina are also professional recorder players. 

142 Clubs and Organizations 

of the yearbook totem pole: Editor Sarah Carvey 
Vice-Co-Assistant Editor David Jones are just stand- 
around (something that they didn't get a chance to do 
year long). 


A r 1 

The Yearbook Staff (for real): Front: Boss: Middle: 
Rash Rashba, "Hot-Blooded Latin Lover" Santiago. 
Pally Carson. Joey Butla/.upkus, Magnet. Back: "Cast." 
Chaz. Miss Henning, Tar-and Feather: The very, very 
back: "The One," Cam's Girl. 

This was Sarah's only mistake. This was supposed to be 
a picture of Megan French-Fuller, but we got these two 
lovely young ladies instead. Way to go, Sarah! 

Lori Malymeik and Erica Willie smile as they think of the 
upcoming yearbook meeting. They are psyched that 
they will be at school until 8:00! 

Carrie Ciaccia, Chastity Irizarry and their fellow 
headbangers, think up cool and inventive new layouts 
for the next deadline. Rock on guys!!!! 

Clubs and Organizations 143 

144 Career Dav 

146 Clubs and Organizations 


rhe future of education is now. 

Twenty-six students and five teach- 
?rs blur the semblance of education as 
they navigate the global classroom 
down the information highway. The 
tools of the information age are at their 
disposal: computers, information ser- 
vices, problem solving skills, team skills 
and partnership with community re- 
sources and businesses. What does all 
tliis mean? Whether an individual 
project or a team effort, everyone is 
viewed as a member with unique skills, 
interests and strengths. 

The Mitre corporation and Hanscom 
Air Force Base selected Nexus as the 

partner in the Annual US First national 
competition. The Challenge: in three 
short weeks build, with the parts sup- 
plied, a 40-inch tall machine that can 
collect volley balls scattered around a 
playing field, wliile avoiding the two 
other competitors macliines and putting 
your balls in the 6' high goal. 

Starting two weeks late and 
plagued by snow storms and late parts 
deliveries, the Bedford team worked 
day and night under the watchful guid- 
ance of Al Groff and Bruce Sunderland. 
While construction went on in earnest, 
other teams of Nexusites were docu- 
menting the process, making tee shirts 

and posters, communicating with spon- 
sors, planning the winning strategy, hold- 
ing press releases and sharpening driv- 
ing skills. What emerged was an awe- 
some robotic machine named BHAM 
BAM (Bedford, Hanscom And Mitre Ball 
Attacking Machine) and a cohesive Bed- 
ford effort. Victory eluded this year's 
team, but both Mitre and Hanscom were 
impressed by the skills, dtermination, 
expertise and enthusiasm of the Nexus 

Sooner or later, all education 
will be Nexus. Shouldn't it be 

imon Mungia explains the theory of relativity to Mr. 
Unaldi as Tara Peaics and Matt Maddox relate personal 

Clubs and Organizations 147 

Who's Who 

Continued from page 41 


Beth Mara and 


Josh Silverstein 


Sarah Shame! 

Alan Chhabra 

Debbie Downs 


Alison Sundet 


Katie Brown 


Julie Piantedosi 


Amy Akillian 


Kerri Mead. 


Erica Willie 


Cindy Nemey 


Nickie Liss 


Jeremy Levangie 


Sara Brown 


Stephen Hector 


Kristen McDonald 


Jeanette Hagon 


Amy Sandell 


Linda Jones 


Chris Farmer 


Kim Tarbell 


Jessica Turner and Nickie Liss 


Sarah Rosenberg 


Claire Morehead 


Lisa Piantedosi 


Sarah Carvey. Jessica Tume 


Jayson Ingram 


Bill Buckley 


Jessica Dugal 

and Chris Evjy 


Jessamyn Smith 


Carrie Ciaccia 


Carolyn Fanelli 


Wendy Castellana 


Joanne Mackie 


Mary Demoss 


Tara Peaks 


Anita Shewakramani and 


Jennifer Montgomer> 



Lori Malymeik 


Arturo Santiago 


Joanna Thorns 


Sara Borshay 


Chris Midgett 


Calvin Wilder 


Karen Freeman 


Cyndi Hunt 


Kim Raffa 


Shanna MacArthur 


Sarah Carvey 


Ben Dick 


Nicole Bogan 


Mindy and Michelle 



Debbie Downs 


Anita Shewakramani 


Chris Carpenter 


Beth Mara 


Alan Chhabra 


Apama Rao 


David Jones 


Adam Smith 


Michelle Jackson 

1. Vote 

2. Drive between 1 and 4 

3. Buy tobacco 

4. Rent an X-rated movie 

5. Buy lottery tickets 

6. Get your ear pierced 

7. Call 1 -900 numbers 

8. Dismiss yourself from school 

9. Win Publistier's Clearing House 

10. Get a tattoo 

1 1 . Sign your own sports release 

1 2. Move out of your house 

13. Drive a rented car from Hertz. 

1 4. Go to the Golden Banana and Fuzzy Grape 

1 5. Fight for your country 

16. Rent a motor scooter in Bermuda 

1 7. Make deliveries 
18 Go to 18+ shows 

19. Run the mixer at Dunkin Donuts 

20. Do stuff without doctor permission 

21. Rent a hotel room 

22. Swim during Adult Swim 

23. Be tried in court as an adult 

24. Serve jury duty 

25. Get a commercial flying license 

26. Sell alcohol 

27. Gamble on a cruise ship 

28. Claim "dependenf ' on your tax returns 

29. Be an organ donor 

30. Give blood without parental permission 

31 . Perform phone sun^eys 

32. Work a 40-hour week 

33. Dance in a strip club 

34. Use Nautilus equipment 

35. Pay for museums in Europe 

36. Drive heavy machinery 

37. Own a gun 

38. Be legally executed 

39. Declare your citizenship 

40. BE AN ADULT!!! 

You 're 





■-■■■:■< ■■■ L^: L 


We Think You're Just Sensational ... "MAME!" 

Carrie and Kristin take time from their 
agonizing pain to smile for the camera ... 
you see, Ro had just run around doing her 
Tonya Harding impression (they're hold- 
ing their icnees...). 

Andrea. Stina, Lisa, Eileen and Sarah ( not necessarily m that order) exhibit the ■ betvs een ^ "o altar there, Jeremy carries Jen over Jeremy's feet ... not his own feet ... the oiheii 
acts" exercise of standing-in-front-of the-white-wall. Jeremy ... just forget it! 

150 Musical 

Denysha Domonique Jackson 

Born: Sunday, February 13, 1994, 6:32PM 
New England Medical Hospital 
Weight: 6lbs 8oz 
Height: 19 1/2 in 

Precious little bundle, at your mother's side. 
Do you see your grandpa's smile and feel your grandma's pride? 

Baby, do you truly know of mother's love and care? 
Darling at your bedside do you see God's angels there? 

You are my little queen, tiny little lass; 
Many wondrous things for you are dreamed in your behalf. 

Still with all of our good intent, we are but common sod. 
Honor us all, child you must; but Love and Worship God. 

by "Pop" Harold A. Holmes and Grandma Myrtle H. Holmes 

Dedication 151 

Strike a pose! 

152 Candids 

b comment. 

Candids 153 

SicpliLMi Aftosmis 
33 1 Springs Road 

Activities: Varsity Golf 1 ,2,3.4; Varsity Ski Team 1 .2.3.4: Latin Club 
3.4: Science Team 3,4; International Week Band 3,4; Talent Show 4. 

Thanks To: Mom and Dad. for being my parents, and putting up with 
me for 1 8 years. Lino Miani for being like me, and my best bud. as well 
as talking me into playing the guitar, and Edward VanHalen for the 
inspiration. Kevin Clemons. for putting up with my attitude, and 
keeping my head.straight when I wasconfused. Scott Perkins, forbeing 
himself (well, most of the time) and fordoing stupid things with. Mai^ 
DeMoss. forgoing totlie Semi-Formal with me. Jason Ingraham. for 
all those longthair lift conversations. That will reinainasecret because 
1 don't remcmberthem. My band, Charlie Axtell. Greg Ross, and Mrs. 
Axtcll Ibrputlingupwiihusplayinginlhc basement until 1 1:00. Mr. 
Reynolds for the 4 years on the Golf Team, as well as Scott Shuben and 
Sfevc Morris on the Ski Team. And a special thanks to Mr. Sabourin 
for making me acutely learn my Algebra and not letting me slide by, as 
well as Mr. Ullman for my love of Physics. 

Future Goals: To get some kind of Engineering degree, and start my 
ownfirm,andallerIn)akemy rirst6million. I'll live off interest. Then 
ril play my guitar in all of the Ski Resorts out in Colorado until I'm 

3 Temple Terrace 

Activities: J.V. Girls Basketball. Field Hockey. Girls Tennis. Show 
Choir, Chorus. Peer Leadership. 

Thanks to: First of all. I have to give much thanks to my mom and dad 
I did it. can you even believe it?! Tliank s for understanding, for g i \ ing 
me all the supp<)rt I could possible ever need and more. I love you 
forever and ever. To Katie- my little sister- why are you so*io<k)o 
wierd ? Forget it. I already know, your an Akillian. it comes with the 
territory! Don'teverchange, you are what keeps me sane sometimes. 
I loveya. Fugi! Tothc rest of my Akillian family (GrandinaCeil. Dave 
and Dorccn, Alexander, and my deceased Granipa Red). I love you all 
so much!! To Olivia- my sister, cousin, mentor, security blanket, 
partner in crime, and my bcstest, bcstesi friend m the whole wide 

world we have had somecrazy limes! ! ! I ! ! Puff novel, si-i-ingin' m 

Iherai-i-in. Womp stalking. Wallham drive-by's(we still need to gel 

round the way girl !).THECLUB need I say more'' Roixxxx>xannc! 

Jzzzzzordan. do you know who dees is'.' Cypress Hill- "one with the 
Eeeeeaaarrtthh!" Our sneaky little language "Hith-a-gecc....ilh-a- 

gisss ith-a-gug....lilh-a-gecee!!!!" Hey T. get me a pop-larl! Da 

Boots. CHICA! !!!!! Latin lingo BABIEEEEEEEE and anything 

else you can remember. I luv ya, girlllll! Mika- Marika. Mike. 
Madonna. Mikiellknow. Iknow, you love that one). Mike, my idol, 
without you there would be no chicken thanes, croissants. Blisiex 
(whata shame), or lifc-lhreatning. hair-r.using, death -defying car rides 
to school every morning. You aie a beautiful person, inside and out. 
andifyouchangcl'llkillyou. THhCOVE!!!! AHHHHH! M.W.and 
F. or D.B, need to croak. We love the I'pbeat Boys. "Lemonade was 
a popular drink and it still is." .And NEVER. EVER, forget the 
club . . (clap. clap.clap.clap) I loveya! 'zyourbus'.' 
Mine's just peachy! You are a real good, (and crazy), friend and you 
better keep in touch after we get outta here! Are we still gonna get an 
apartment in Boston this year'.' Somehow 1 doubt it. but hey. with Kim 
anything can happen ! Thanks you for being such a go<xi friend. L YLAS 
( as you would say . .. . ). Apama- We' ve been friends for yeiu^: thru Matt 
K.. Thru MIKE K. (ITI never forgive you for thai' Hey. he\, hey!). 
Vinnie. Jorge. Cy....and all the others, (no. I didn't forget Yves ) 
.Always look out for yourself and you ow n best interest ! .Also, luid most 
importally. always stand up I'oryourself. whetherit be w ith boyfriends, 
family, or friends, or you' II be selling out to yourself Tliat's the best 
ad\ ice I think 1 can give you right now. so good luck. Panarna. and I'll 
always value our friendship. I luvya.chica! Eppler!!!- How the hell 
arc ya'.'! You. girl. DEFIN.ATLEY' have your head on straight. You 
know what you want, where you w ant to go. and how you w ant to get 
there. I think that's what I admire the most ahiut you. You have always 
been a true friend to me, unlike SOME people, (let's not mention any 
N.AMES), and 1 tcidly appreciate that. Hey, field hix:ke\ w as fun, I'un. 
fun. while it la.sted. but all wonderful things must conic to an end. 
Maybe someday when I decide to visit PA. I ' II bump into a beautiful, 
intelligent, funny, sincere, strong, independant woman, and she w III 
mm around iind say. ..."hey. ***•»! !"Lori-Hey chica! Ijust wanna say 
a quick thank you, mostly because you should already know how much 
1 thank you foralways being there forme. Twinieeeee!!! Goodluck 

with Cam. and keep up your singing and Spanish dancing. I luvya!! 
Bryant- All I have to say is. owe mesoooo much money!!! But 
that'sokay I guess, but only because I loveya! Please behave yourself 
when rmgonc... yeah. okay. I'm sure you will! No.but4-real,youare 
a good friend and a gixxJ person to talk to. and thanks lor making my 
career at BHS bearable, (ps. keep you mouth shut about J.K. when I' m 
gone!!!!) Laune- ELCY!!! Whatamlgonnadowiih you'.' Taco Bell 
and Brulingion Police are our griends. Zack is a VAMP.. .fangs and 
everything. Iswear! Blue gumball'? I didn't see any blue gumboils, 
why '? .Someday we' rc really gonna open a Zach Boschetto' s. and we're 
gonna make CRAZY money ! We have to. it was a detention plan from 
hell. "No. really. I'm supposed to be here! Please let me stay!" "No 
more games is about posiiivity... " Donnie'.' Hello'? Jackie- Boy 
Crazy? Idon'tknowanyboycrazypeople. "Youhaveabigafro! Yeah! 
ABIGFRO!!" Try tostayoffgroundlongenoughtograduate.k? Luv 
ya fereva! Erica. Nickic. Jo. and Gladys- You girls are so CR.AZY ! ! ! 
You are the ones that give this school some life. I mean as much as it 
can get ! ! I'm real happy that we got to be friends over the last couple 
years 'cause you giris really know what friendship is all about! Cya 
soon .tps. Erica. Nickie...WE MADE IT!!!!!!) Michelle J. - 1 think 
what makes you so special is your unique, different, and biz.zare 
personality ! I know you will always stay your ow n perosn. so that the 
onlyotherthingisg(xxJlucktoyouinthefuture! BYE! John- Youare 
definalley one of the only guys I feel like can really understand me when 
I talk to you about something. You are so funny and talented and I'm 
glad we're still friends aftcralldicse years. We've both changeda lot. 
forlhebetter.andl'mgladwedid. You love Palace, admit it! Cyababe! 
Joanna and Julie P.- Spam?! What is with the Spam' Idon'tevenwant 
to know ! Thank you girls for being true friends and always speaking 
yourminds. I can't believe we finally made it! Luvya! Anuro-I'm 
glad you move here because if you hadn't, then, who would make me 
laugh in Humanities?! You are so sweet and kind and I really hope that 
you never change. Gixxl luck w hen you go back to Puerto Rico and I 
hope you fulfill all your dreams! ! Barbera, Ria, Jaqui. and Adele- you 
girls need to keep the school aliveaficr we're gone, and I know you will! 
Never forget ourlittle tripto the Weston basketball game, we will have 
todo it again sometime. Goodluck toall of you in the future! Chris's 
(Midge and Farmer)- or should I say Twecdie Dum and Tweedle 
Dummer- no sir- you guess are sii funny, annoying, wierd.. .and I don't 
even know what else. I really can' t see you two w iihout each other there 
to laugh at your jokes, so good lucklobothof youof the future, (and 
Chris F., I will never forgive you for leaving nie at the mall w ith your 
nasty friend Steve. ...stop laughing, it isn't funny!) Julie S.- What a 
sw cetic you are. I could never picture you being mean toanyonc! Our 
litlleconvenLsations in choir last year :uv something I w ill neverforget. 
GcHxl luck wiih Tony, and wish me luck with whoever In the future! 
Luv ya! Odera and Chris- thanks for nuking Business class fun. for 
writing your number all over my homework and foralwayscalling my 

house when I'm already on the phone and last, but in no way 

least, Mylcs. I don't really know what to say to you. Our relationship 
was the best experience of my life, and I w ish that it never had to end.but 
I hope that you can understand why I did w hat i had to I don't know 
w hat w ill happen for us in the future, but I hope maybe we can give it 

another chance voudon'tjusi throw away a love like ours. All lean 

say is that i w ill love you forever, and ) ou w ill always have a place in 

my heart. Remember.."in is for Y is for L is for " I love you 

forever My Ics. 

Future Goals: To graduate from high school with flying colors and to 
get into a gcxnl schixil. once again graduate with flying colors, find a 
beautiful opera singer with loLsof nioncv and a name like Jeremiah. 
Daven. Anthony, or Jordan Nathaniel, still be able to support myself 
and my children without his nuincy, succeed in w hatever I do . .and live 
happily ever after. 

Jon Jason Alonis 
8 Adams Rd. 

Thanks to: I 'd like to thank my parents and family for all they did to 
help me through schixil. Thanks Jen and Steve for show ing me that 
there's more to life than computers. I'd also like tothank Nick for 
all those hilarious times at lunch. Thanks to Mr. Stephenson for 
humiliating meduringclavsand forgetting meloaclually work. Thanks 
to Ben for being a goixl friend and all the unique \ olleyball games we 
played. Thanks to Dave Schowaller for all those funny times during 
Mr. Powers' class. Thanks to Heather Walker for all that cix)l poetry 
you let me read and for being a gtnxi friend. Thanks to Bendik 
Anthonsen lor all those hilarious history classes. Thanks to Henrik lor 
those great basketball games in g\ m and the great debates we had at 
lunch. Thanks to Chris Rowe forbeing a good friend and helping me 
out of situations. Thanks to Joanne. Cindy. Heather. Megan, Karen. 

Jeff, Brian. Dave and anyone else 1° ve missed for being great friends 
and for all the times we shared together. 

Future Goals: Go to college and major in computer engineering. I'm 
unsure w hat the future holds but I'll have to explore and find out. 

Jodi Lyn Bailey 
9-B Appletree Ln. 

Thanks to: Thanks to my mother and my fathcrforalways being there 
for me when I needed them, and for raising me to be the person I 
Also, thank you for standing by me no matter w hat decisions I ma^ 
good or bad. Thanks to Kelly, and Scott forbeing the older influen 
I always looked up to. I also want to thank Jamie foralways beinglQ 
forme no matter how much we fought, for not only being my sisterl 
my best friend too. Thanks to Krisitie for Page Place, the path, 
cemeteries. Somerville. bike riding, your house, right in broad day- 
light, the stalker. Littleton, the call, your \ix. fights, pizza, mattress, 
hockey games. I st time mudding. the w indow, stairs, car, tram tracks, 
backpack, the game, walks. D+D's. lunch, and also making me realize 
I don't know where I am. Thanks to Wendy for the long talks, tellinj 
me to go to the bathroom, making me cry. all nighters. work, tht ' 
scares, giris night out ( if that was possible), fantasizing about the fui 
(ya right) some day! Thanks to Jessica for partying late night at your 
house. "Oh, and we're not on a stakeout". Exxon, the war w agon, aitd 
the flyers we handed out that day ( broad daylight! ) Thanks to Lindv 
forX-mas. Bill'sgarage. winter of '92-93, McD'sbathnxim.geii 
lost in Bedford, junior year let's not go. Friendly's, New Y. 
smow mobiling, mudding. reflexes, thechase. boiling the hamburt:. 
the standard, late night. Bob O. house, locker room in Jessu 
driveway, whipcream. white out. "Lindsay, your mom's home", 
photo booth pictures we took of the four of us. always keep in toi. 
Linds. Thanks to William fordoing the hay. mudding. CM, > iHu-iru^ ■ 
the smow ball chase. Kristies house, finding all the hospitals. 1. 
summer. Melrose, my driveway, jumping lessons, the night before 
Senior year. New Hampshire, burning my hair in the pet shop, the gum, 
"Bill, stop the law n mower", sneaking ouL thanks for wiping my face 
with that smelly tissue (I appreciated that), most imp<irtantly forbeing 
yourself. Just remember I do still care, sorry il had to end that way. 
Thanks to all my close friends that stoi>d by me. 

FutureGoals: To get an apartment wiih the giris To go to col lege, to 
become a 1 st grade teacher. Someday many the man of my dreams and 
have the baby boy I've always wanted. Also to find out where I .i 

John Michael Barrows 

Thanks to: Thanks to my mother and father for making me what I am 
inday Thanks to my mother for being the most uni!, ■ i ' • ,ind 
lo\ ing person in the wiHid to me, and helping me throu . ars 

even though I haven't been the easiest person to live « uti I ii.uiK^ i < 
my father for always pushing me to be the best that I can be. for bi 
my morivation and undcrMandIng w hen 1 didn'talways succeed. Thi 
isno way that I could have survived this long w ithi<ut both of you. you 
w ere al way s there for me and even though I don ' t always say it or show 
it, I love you and I always will no matter w hat. Thanks to my sister. 
Nanc. forgiv mg me someone to turn to w hen I couldn't turn to anyone 
else. Even though you are not close to me in age, you are and always 
will be close to me in my heart. You've helped me through my 
problems and you've always understood what I was going through. 
You'vcalwaysUx>ked out for mecven when I dMHightlcould look after 
myself and didn't think I needed anyone. Even though I don' t sec you 
or talk to you much I w ant you to know how much I love you and how- 
much I am thankful that you arc my sister. I want to say thanks to my 
best fncnd Greg for being one of the best peiiple I know \\ c always 
had a good time together no matter w hat we did. and even though you 
left me and went to Malignon. you never lost touch. You never cared 
very much w hat other people said or thought about yiHi. you w ere just 
yourself and I admire you for thai. Thanks for show ing me some of the 
best times of my life and don't ever lose touch or forget abtnit me 
wherever we may end up. cause I know Iwon't. OTIS!!!!"Thiscould 
beihe stupidest thing we'veever done." Thanks to Lindaforbeins my 
friend all thcscvears and for being my first love from 2r>d grtidc ihroi ^ 
8th. I never had enough guts toaskyouout, andl'msorry I teased } 
all the time. "I just w anted you to chase after me." We" ve bc"en thnn. 
a few hard times and had a few doubts but I will alwaysk)veyou 
will always be here for you. Don't worry, you'll find that pertect el. 
some day. Oh yeah, thanks for giving me the nickname ROSEY. 
Thanks to Sarah E. for being Sarah E. You alw a> s knew who you were 
and where you were going. You never listened lo the rumors or w hat 

154 Senior Directory 

ers had to say, you believed in what you felt was right and never 
«hing else. I hope I meet other people like you in iny life, but no 
; w ill ever be able to take your place. And also thanks for sitting up 
night w ith nie and watching the sun rise, or was it keeping nic up all 
;ht and making me watch the sun rise. You're dead! Tlianks to Mika 
being someone who 1 ' vc al w ays w anted but could never gel. but will 
fays love and never forget. You like that little rhyme? Seriously 
ka. you're beautiful and I 11 always love you, don't ever forget me. 
anks to Rob for not letting a girl get in between our f riendship, and 
1 sorry if I ever said or did anything to make you inad. We're going 
jotoone of those World Cup games no matter what. Thanks to Cyndi 
being the nicest person I' vc ever met, DOOOOEEEE! ! ! ! Thanks 
Ben for puking in my mom's car. Thanks to Dugal for being Ihc one 
^o had the party that made Ben puke in my car, and thanks for always 
t ing me someone topick on. you know Hove you. Thanks to Midgett 
rsharinglhat great idea of going to Papa Gino's with me. hut hey. we 
tfree bread or cheese or whaieveilhc) were slicks, and nirnmmmni 
>rc they good. Thanks lo Kim T. for always mooching off me but 
ingsoculelhai Ididnicjic. I'll tell Toni that you want his number, 
ly faithful. Thanks lo Cicorge for being one of the most sarcastic 
opie I know. Thanks to Sarah Ro for having that buffet o( food for 
after the prom. Thanks to Chastity for being so set in her w ay s that 
onecould ever change your mind You might want to rethink your 
tlook on guys or become a nun, one or the other. I still think you're 
ry attractive. Thanks to Betty for making fim of everyone and 
erything with me. tell me again w liat' s in a hot dog. Want some fish 
peas or broccoli, mmmmnim. Thanks lo Cameron for belies inL' ir. 
;and helping me believe in myself, and lor putting mcon his icani. 
lanks lo Sara Borshay for pinching and stretching the skin on my 
imach everyday until 1 screamed. Thanks lo Ralfa for breaking your 
: more limes than I have, and thanks lor the bus ride home from 
ashington, I'll never forget that. Thanks lo Brown for being so 
k-cable and for being my cheerleader "no matter what." Will you go 
the prom with me'.' Thanks to Erica for being one of the best 
Ifriends I've ever had and for being o.k, 1 don't know what I would 
vedoneifyouhadn'tgotlen belter. Thanks loJaqui forgetting me 
it on the way lo Alewife and taking me on a lour of Cambridge and 
iston. And thanks for having one of the best bodies I've ever scon. 
'Spanish, and for being my long lost neighbor. You're beautiful, 
hanks to Tim Likosky for being my boy. Thanks lo Rebecca for 
^ing ine someone who I really enjoy being with and not being so 
ught up in what other people think or want, but with what you want. 
laiikstoMr. Wilson for coaching inc all these years and putting up 
th my ego. Thanks lo Mr. Maxwell for being the best teacher I've 
erhad and probably the best teacher I will ever have. Tlianks to this 
ars soccer team for bei ng one of the best teams thai I have e v cr been 
lartof. Thanks to McDonalds for giving me someplace thai 1 didn't 
int to goon the weekends. Thanks to Bedford and Bedford High for 
least letting me know that I want to get out of here. Thanks lo the 
arb(M)k for charging me fifty bucks lo have this put in. And finally, 
inks 10 all those people that I didn ' i get to thank, it' s nol lhai I Ibrgui 
out you it's just that I didn't have any more money, 1 know you'll 
dersland. Thanks to Wendy for asking me to go i n the w oods w 1 1 h 
r. It was templing. Maybe someday we'll get together and don't 
)rry about losing touch w iih me w hen we go away tocollege, I could 
ver forget you after all these years. Thanks to Chastity for always 
oiding me when I asked her oul on a dale, one of these days you're 
una go oul with me and we' II both find out whal we know we want 
find out about. And thanks for putting up with my ego. 

lure Goals: To graduate college, well, first to gel into college, and 
;n make so much money that I don't know whal todo with it. To have 
/ kid grow up and play professional basketball. To have the soccer 
im play the football team in football iind then in s(Kcerand prove my 
imof whose the beiterathlcte. Todunkaba.skctball,onaregularrim. 
I find a ride at an amusement park thai is going to make me hurl. To 
id a girl that won't complain about me leaving the toilet seat up. To 
vergelsooldthallhavelowearDepends. Tisdiewithasmilc. And 
course, to meet Michael Jordan. 

lie Bayne 
Adams Rd. 

usical 1,2, .^,4: Latin Club 1,2,4, — vice-president 4; DramaClub 
>,3.4; Madrigal 2,iA. ShovvChoir2,.l,4; Double Sextette 2.3,4 — 
ident leader ( I of 3) 4; School Atmosphere Coniinillee 2,3,4; 
:bate 3,4: Legislative Conimilte 4; Tournament of Plays 2,3,4: 
udenlPrcxlueiion Night 2,4; Spring Play 2: National Honor S(x:iety 

tanks lo: My mother and father, of course. Throughout all the 

changes, you've been constant in your love and support. I love you and 
r II miss you. Thank you Michelle forgetting your act together. Thank 
you Sarah Carvey, for being the first person who talked lo me. Thanks 
to all the Bedford HighScholl alumni, especially the pcole in music, 
draina, and Latin 2 & 3. You leave me in stitches. I'd like to thank Les 
Pullen for leasing me and for taking me to the Senior Prom. Hove you 
and I always will. Thank you Shireen for Italy, double solitaire, and 
Clint Eastwood. I love you Beaner. Thank you Jecca for being you, 
especially in English and in the lunchroom. I'll always love our 
philosophy and relationship discussions and 1' 1 1 al ways love showing 
you my food. I love you dearly. To Jason Ingraham, Adam Smith, and 
Aaron Rashba for lunches and pool. To Sarah Rosenberg. Michelle 
Pulsipher, and Jane Atkinson for surviving my car .iccidcnt. To Ro 
again for being the friendliest, funniest girl I know, and for always 
keeping things in perspective. I'll comeback for my answer to your 
prostitution. To all people devoted to Jerry Brown and PaulTsongas. 
ToChastity Irizarry forbeingthe very vibrant girl youiu-e. To Wendy 
Castcllana. Chastity, and Adam Udell for Physics. To Calvin Wilder 
for puuing up with nie and lo David Jones for man handling and then 
marrying me. To all base kids and allosevery where. To Mrs. Kruegcr 
and Mr. Reynolds for being the best teachers I've ever To Mr. Low 
forgiving me a chance. To Mrs. Mclnnis for being llexiblcdedicaled, 
andcaring as well as talented. To Mr. Anderson for working hard and 
for entertaining me. To Mr. Stephenson for having long hair and for 
being a military brat. To Hewlett Packard for including " mine hunt" 
on their calculators. Toeveryoneelse for adding lomy life. I honestly 
appreciate il. Thank you so much, I love you. 

Fulure Goals: I hope to bea successful opera singeri with a job). I want 
to avoid being a starving I'd like to survive school, get ajob, gel 
married, and havea happy, healthy family. I want to have dinner with 
Clint Eastwood and Marlon Brando and I want a life thai is never 

Nicole Monique Bogan 
6 Liberty Ln. 

Activilies: ROTC 

Thanks To: First and lorenicisl I v\ oiild like lo thank my mother for 
everylliing she's done for mc throughout my years. Thanks to the 
Boody Girls Angela and Lisa my two best friends. To Loretta "Lori" 
M . Erica W., Adelle J., we had some fun! ! Tiger, Damon S., Kim T., 
ShannaM., Julie P., Apama R. Toall the fellas inBHS and you all know 
who you are so I won't name al I of you because there isn't enough space. 
If I missed anyone stay cool. To my Air Force Buddies thanks for 
treating me like your lil sis. PE.-\CE! 

I 'uliire Goals: To go lo college and study nursing. 

Sara Elizabeth Borshay 
4.sshawsheen Road #25 

Activities: Field Hockey 1,2, Varsity 3,4: Skiing 2,3,4: Tennis I, 
Varsity 2,3,4; Carlo .Xdvcntuic I cjm Leader 3. 

Thanks lo: To all the ihc girls, you've made H.S Ihc best experience. 
1 couldn't have done this without you. I love you all. Amy S: forlwing 
my best friend for so long. For m.iking ski the black diamonds, for 
jumping off the see saw. lor gelling grounded together, for Cape CikI 
and Uncle Heniy , for giving ine great advice and for sctmping many me. 
To the Sandell family for always bringing me w ith you on trips. Sara 
Brown: For teaching me all the commercial songs, for beinglikeatwin 
sister, for putting up with me waking you upevcry morning, for 3 a.m. 
on the Dan rock, for trips to Florida, and for being the disco queen. Erin: 
For being my .second mom. for making all my necessary appoi nlnients, 
for holding my hair back and then cleaning all my puke up, for always 
reprimanding me, for leaching n)e about getting books in the wallet, for 
eating many danish with me and etc... lor gelling in the $.5(10 fender 
bender with me, for letting me i uin half your wardrobe, for Florida 
memories, and for being the only one I can do anything in front of! To 
IheSmith family for including mcon all of your holiday events. Kimia: 
For having ihe #1 bugger comer, for loving siki fat as muchas Ido, for 
breaking your Icgevery year, for letting mc always make fun of you, for 
being there to video me whenever I needed you, road trips in the 
Cougar, Dartmouth, or Maine, and for somccra/yrtxkers. Andrea: For 
inu-ixlucing nie lo Piu-liaments. for having many hectic piuties, for being 
a great new neighbor, for letting nie use you car, and for always being 
there for mc no matter what. Jessamyn: For being my only British 

friend, for being Beard, for laughing at everything, and for many pool 
parties. Linda: For ordering a Mattie Lcntine deluxe, Salisbury beach, 
stranded at Chel's, and you can keep the shews. Jessica: For introducing 
mc to Chet, for driving me to school and for letting me borrow all of 
your clothes. Amy A for being my tennis buddy. Paranoid, N.H., for 
popping ridalin, and lo your mom for the epic wave. Eppler: For being 
Richiu'd's favorite, for lellingcveryone that my F.H. skirt is wet, and for 
your driveway. Ro: For being my WW. partner, and for many gossip 
parties. Jodi: For making me laugh until I cry and then. ...and for spilling 
Kool Aid. Kristie: For always wanting to party. Ten F : For scoring 
all the goals, for being my favorite senior and for "Myan." Jen-Jen: For 
having a very supportive porch. Betty: For being the ultimate scoopcr. 
"Oh my God he is mint " Wendy: Fora funlimeat the Cape Heluva, 
aGixxlDip. Beth: Foralways making megotoswim team and for many 
fun limes at W W. Lindsay K.: Foralways being willing logo fora ride 
in Carlo. Tiffany: For loving the chronic. Matt Hansen and the Malt 
Hansen Family: For always keeping me laughing. John B. Foralways 
making fun of me. Robbie: For being my first love. Michael: Forbeing 
my second love and my favorite little Irish boy. Danny: For keeping 
in touch with me, lor being a great person to talk to, and being a 
sweetheart. Toall the Rado's: Sean for alwaysfighting, Billy forbeing 
a riot. Matlie for all yourg(X>k siki, Andrew for Neil, Mike C. forbeing 
my phone buddy, Jeff for showing Andrea aboutrollerblades, and Man 
M.. Chris R, Brian J, and Chris forbeing rad. B. Buckley: For having 
2sandwiches;md for fighting. Billy B. For all of thegum you havegiven 
me. Chris M.: For never being a pan of ourclass.BobO.: For Viva La.s 
Vegas. John T and Mike R. for snowmobiling. Carlo: For taking me 
everywhere and iKi a\ s breaking down in the worst places, I miss you. 
A special thanks to my mom: For always putting up with me and for 
always being there for me. I.L.Y. Dad: Forallthegrealtimesweuscd 
to have together, and for yourgood advice. I.L.Y. Amy: Forgiving me 
a black eye, for telling mom about my rocker, for always letting me 
borrow yourcloihes. iuid for some fun limes. Lucky: Forbeing the best 
kitty in the world. Kallie and Joe: For being my favorite aunt and uncle 
and for living in Florida. Brooke: For beating on me and for playing 
with legos. Lindsay: Forbeing the cutest thing in the worid. forteaching 
me the siki life, and for being a good friend. Hove you all. Last, but 
defmately not least, my gorgeous Chester: For all the special times 
we've had. For everyihing you've done for mcandeverylhing you've 
taught me. For always being there for me no mailer what. I love you 
and always will and I'll never leave you. To the Wiggins Family for 
being the best. 

Future Goals: To marry Chester and have many kids. To hav e a job 
that I like and to live in Florida. Also to always keep in touch with all 
my friends. 

Jessica Brown 

8 Shawsheen Ridge | 

Activilies: JV Basketball 2; Varsity 3,4; SADD 1,2,3.4. j 

Thanks To: My family for putting up with me. Dad thank you for 
always being there. Remember I will alwaysbe your Hide giri. Buddy 
for being the best dog. Ely I know I don't show it but thanks for 
everything. Gerry thanks for Uiking all ihe blame. I wish you the best 
of luck in the future. To the whole Brown family for the support. .Mom, 
thank you I have learned a lot from you, mostly Ui be independent. 
Remember I love you. Scott, thtuiks lor helping lo raise me. I know 
Iwasdifficult. Thanks for all the toys p.s. a little birdie told me. Nicole 
& Scotty I love you two more than anything in the world. Thank you 
for making feel special and for being the best in the worid. Grandma 
lhank you for everything. Grandpa. I miss you and will always be 
thinking about you. Also thanks to the Prctli's, Janice and Nana. 
Diimne lhank you for letting me finish my senior year with my friends. 
I know it wasn't as easy as predicted, but I aprecialed it. Gretchen 
thanks for letting me takeover l/2of your ro»im, God only know s whal 
would have happened if I shared a rwm wilh Andrea (J.K. Andrea). 
Thanks forbeing my little sister and remember I will alwaysbe here 
for you. p.s. you 're a big baby. Andrea. I know ii hasn't been easy for 
you, but 1 am proud of you. Memories: Lindsay, CD's in the house 
jump jump for joy. Jeff: the war wagon; McDonalds, Ex\on, Islands, 
Spire, Megapulse, U-Mass(D.H. & E.F.), Salem, Johnny J ( Michelob), 
Paddi, chopc hop, forsiiving me from Giraffe, and niony more, p.s, yes 
we can have a party. Wendy, thanks for putting up with all my trash, 
for having a license (ya right) and for driving when I couldn't. W e' ve 
been ihrougha lot andalmosi near death, but we made it out of the Jem. 
I know I'm mean lo you somelinies Wendall, but you do mean a lot to 
mc. Memories: NH. basketball, me. you. Randy sneaking out to see 
Bedford, the closet SM, RM, MC. JM (guys. m> dud's home); shark 
week 'J2, chi 1 1 ies, Liist but least remember 1 love ya. Tamia, thanks for 
bcingmy other half at keeping SMaw ay fminall Ihe rancidgiris, thanks 

Senior Directory 155 

for your houbc. lor making me walch 3 pukebags. fun i)n the beach, 
chillies, prcliy kitiy. p.s. Tgive mc your hand! The Maddox fannily. 
il'aiiks for every ihing. Matt for being my llille brother. Jimmy for 
ei-ylhing and for being there with me on ihc hell ride vviih Barry. 
N-lkki. ihanLsforthc wonderful week at your house, being my summer 
chauffeur, trips to Salem, nights 111 2 a.m. .for being hke my older sister 
and foialways being behind mc, well w hat are red heads for .' Trips to 
Tower Records. Haydeas ( SK ) and Exxon. To the H-crew. you guys 
are the best. We panied hard the summer of 93. but wait till this 
summer. Amy. trie. andTiffany remember Archie4-eva. Poofy.for 
CVS. for being annoying, and for all the classes we had together. 
Borshay. for all the clothes supply, lor letting me lake you to sch(X)l for 
as long as I could, for setting my microw ave on fire and remember me 
or else there would be noChester. Betty, for being my first besl fnend 
in Bedford. Maine. Broukline, Jay & Keith, bike rides, my slow tape 
and fur everything else Hum. thanks for always having to suffer 
through English with me. all the Hunt parties, basketball and many 
more. Linda for sitting bench with me. for slaying ai P(Kify's with me 
and preiending we were asleep when Daymion came in. Tara, the 
movies. Phillie Blunts, Jasons. and for being there for mcand Lindsay 
Jennifer H., thanks for being such a good inlluencc during b-ball 
season, lorali the advice and for always reminding me of who I really 
am. Mrs. Sullivan thank your for being understanding and the best 
coach in (he world. Jodi, for ripping my pants, late night at my house, 
teaching me how to act in the junkyard. Exxon bathroom, and we're not 
on a siak eoul. junior prom. Xmas shopping for Billy and for all Ihc other 
great times. To everyone at CVS. Mai, Karen (pumpkin head I. Steph 
(mxich ), Michelle. Amy. Chris, Mall G, forgiving me a hard lime, for 
pinching my leg wilh Billy, and for lelling me follow you around during 
unassigned. Wayne-OforthenamcChucky.sianing with meat CVS. 
being married to meal Kim's p.s. Wayne you're noiarapisi. GaryM 
for being my pumpkin, and for not forgetting me when you become a 
star. Jeff. I miss you a lot and I w ish you the besi of luck. Chris, 1 love 
youaliH. You'reoneofmybesifnends Thank youfurhcings>>ioleranl 
with me when I Irylorunyour lifelevenlhough I can I but I make up 
lor it by all the things I've done for you likcCapeCod Thank you for 
my necklace and for going to my pictures wuh mc Michael, we have 
so many good and bad memories Remember all ihe trips we ltx)k to 
so many places and tor always calling me in ihc middle of the nighl. 
Thanks for beating me up with Jeff in ihc snow and making me cry. 
Thank you for always being there when I was crying and 10 have 
si>meonc to call. F'or having pretiy eyes and a nice bum p s. This is 
acolleclcall from Chris. Thanksioeveryone in Brookline especially 
Jiison. Ihe only person 1 still know from nursery schiKil To Lisa and 
Trisha,thc 'ranck family andevery oneelse and Jackie ihanks 
for being like family. Jackie my little bugga we shared so many 
childhiHxl memoncs and I miss you a lot. Remember I will always be 
hcreforyou. BilIB lorbeingmy buddy, lor always pulling a smileon 
my face, tor making me smile w hen I cry. for all the trouble you have 
goiien me in. for fixing the grill (in the » arw agon that 'VOl' BROKE' 
p.s. Billy go mental! Mally. thank you for being agreal friend For all 
Ihe good times we had. for using ray car, for li\ ing al iny house w ith 
Mike N.. Exxon, for comiii.L' into my work every Thursday alter I got 
paid, forgoing lo NM with everyone after the prom, lor being Sean's 
euz, for always making me w orry about you. Bui niosi of all lor being 
yourself Thanks lo all Ihe gu> s ihat let me party with them BJ. BH. 
RC Cola. RW (Prom and R&J club), AP, MM (Roasi em). CM 
EL. IX'. fL. LT. MN (miss ya). RS. TA (for dragging me across 
McDonalds). BOlfor being menial), R.Ml for ihe aspen. Hampton. and 
fo almost always being so nice), TC ( fur being my little Irish boy. p.s. 
Jess Help!). BM (it's a girl, thanks lor being a sweetie.) To the Mce 
family, thanks for e\ erything. Mane, thanks for ail the advice and 
support L> nil. for keeping my bed w arm when Idon'l come home and 
lui bcingaliltlesisierand friend. Sean I really don't know w hatlosav 
except for thanks forall Ihe |iiinying. Thanks loralwaysbeingyourself 
and never trying to please anyoncexcepi y ourself . Thanks for always 
leasing me. but I know you're only kidding Thanks for being lliere if 
I really need help. Memories: the uarw agon. Taco Bell, Islands, NH. 
megapulse. spire. Kilnibrook, and all ihe others. Thanks for being the 
one I think out of everyone 1 w ill always rcmeinbor the most. Last but 
not leasl Lindsay. 1 miss you moicthun life itsel! fhanks for keeping 
shotgun warm (24-7 land for whining lonie. Thanks for being my besi 
fnend and foralways being there for ine wlien I need lu i.ilk lo someone. 
Even though I can't talk lo you e \ ery day it' s a ciHxl ftvl i ng ih.ii I know 
that you'll be there if I need tu talk losoirieone and that I can uiisi you'll 
always be ilicre lor nie. Memories: Dan's shirt. Chuck H Cheese, RT3. 
w ind bciicaih my wings, TL&IX?. Vodka Queens, warwagon. your 
ceiling, fish lighl, Chris, yes Jerry youcan so ihai way and many more. 
To everyone I forget I am sorry . 

Future Goals; To gel married and have a wonderful family and never 

forget how lo party . 

Katie Brown 

4H Bedford Village 

Activiiies: Field Hockey I ;Van>ity 2,3: Co-Captain4: Tennis LAPS 
1.2.3. (Sec) 4: Spanish Clubl.4. (Sec/Pres) 3: Drama Club 1,2.3.4: 
AIDS Task Force 3.4: Gym Dec 1 .2.3.4: Work 3.4; Inicr-Aci 
Board of Directors 3.4; Yearbook 3; Senior Section Editor 4: S ADD 
1 .2.3: Executive Board 4; Legislature 3.4: Campaign Work 2.3. 

Thank.s To: First I'd like lo thank my mother for always being there 
lor me no matter what. I couldn't have done it without you- 1 love you 
very much! Jen thanks for being taller than meandsull being a great 
little sister, luv ya! Thanks lo everyone in Mexico: Papa, Monica. 
Francisco, y Kevin. Losquieromucho! Nana, Uncle Tommy, Auntie 
Kaihy. and Bridget- I love you very much!.. Lauren- for the talks. 
Harvard Square.concen.s. and being agreal Iriend.. to the Stew arts lor 
the ridesand Pemy. Ciacc- N Y , EUROPE ( AMSTERDAM '!' I. The 
Bradys. "funny Fingers." etc.... Lisa- Angel. Elvis, Tums. and always 
making me laugh... lo the Ciaccias and Ihe Pianlcdosis for being so 
hospitable... Ca - "the Klan. "TCBY,etc Mrs. Fanelli lor killing the 
bee. .. Ro. Wendy . Gina. and Adam for InierAcl... Europe gang: Mary . 
Steph. Gersh. Jen David - "Whose fault is it?". . Adam - for Kane 
jokes.7ih grade. I ' m happier Ben - Europe, the bra. and yes you arc 
much lal ler lhaii me ... Krisien - the laughs, the cries, the secrets. BOB. . . 
Mead, my beach bud.ihe drives, the talks ai the pi/vj place... Nicki - 
Twin Peaks. Williamslow n, Ihe faces in the snow... Sarah S.,SarahC. 
Aaron, Alison. Bill B, Jell <i. Bayne. C hns E. Claire, Mary D. Deb. 
Jimmy, and anyoncelse I couldn't afford... Field Hockey espcciallly 
defense! Tnnity. Maria. Gina. Danielle, Becca...)Bob Kerrey. RL'G- 
GED MAN. and all Ihe Frai guys for all thefun!!!! Lastly, ihankstoall 
my teachers for everything. Thanks to the class or94! ! ! 

(ioals: Togo to college, marry alall. handsome man; be a happv mother 
lo two tall kids: see Ciacc marry a Kennedy; Lauren have millions of 
kids, have cafe con k-che in Spain wilh Ihe "New Lisa" and Elvis; lo 
keep in louch w ith all my friends' 

Sara Brown 

Activilics: Foolbal! Cheerleader 2.3. Capl 4; Basketball ChecHeader 
2.3,Cupt. 4;Competiiion Chcerieader 2.3. CapL 4; Track I : J V Soccer 
I; French Club 1.2: SADD 3.4; AIDS Task Force4: Hall Decorating 
l.Spinl Games I . Gy m Decorating 1. 2. 3.4. Jessamyn Smith Tanning 
Club 1,2.3.4; 70 s Preservaiion Sixiely Member 1.2.3,4; Booze. 
Cruise, Play Team Member 1 .2.3.4; McDonald's Most Warned Clan 
3.4; "Carlo" Cruise Team 3; Mission 92 1 1 Find Chei 3.4. 

Thanks To: First of all I'd like to thank my family who has been sd 
supportive throughcverything Tomy nKMii.Sandie.ihjnksforallthe 
liiiKs you'veiakencareof me when I was sick, all the vacations and 
lor being so understanding when I needed you, I love vou vtithalimy 
heart Tomy dad. Ronnie. Iknow ihaiwehavcn'talwaysgottenalcng. 
but you've always cheered me up and supported mc Even when I 
wasn't so smart. I love you dearly. To my sister Lisa for stealing my 
clothes, taking me loTaco Bell, for being the only person loevercall 
me"Fifi." hav ing the ithisI beautiful baby boy. and mostly forbeingthe 
best big sister I could have Thanx to my brother Chns for talking about 
"rabbit eye-biills" ,and forcuming tome w hen you needed to talk. I love 
you. Special ihanx lo my hroiher Malt. Y'ou've been my besl fnend. 
always taking care of me w hen I needed a shouldertocry on You n»ean 
so much lo UK- Don'i forget all ihc great times we' veslianrd. I'll miss 
sou Oh. Ihanx lor showing me how lo party hard core. To "Pumpkin 
Paul " for being ihe best brother in-hiw .and for being siichagentJeman. 
us niixinchildcren hav e lo slick together To all my family in Chicago. 
Jennie, Jason. C Jim, .■X SheliaCram,Gramp>s. I'. Robert. all you guys 
arc the besl. ly a special Ihanx to all the giris. I>)n' i forget the 
"H-Crew," To ■ borshlcer" for being the first person 1 knew liere, for 
"dunking iJicdonuis.' lorhaving "pride in your children." for skiing 
your kitty and me profusely, for being "molly" with me, forexperienc- 
iiig "'chcerieader wheel." forbeing my "twin sister." forall the Florida 
excursions, and for loving Chesiaaaaaa!!. he's gooo»xx>geous'!'!!! 
Thanx lo Raffa forbeing RiKifa. lor being my best fnend. for partying 
freshman and sophmore year, for leiung me ctv on your shoulder. 5 
words "cheese, pickles, turkey .lea, KIM '" forbeing blond, and for not 
liking Cracklin Oat Bran Don't lurget "how "boui \ a I. ncic Buck!," 
"poop!, " I love you Kimmy, Thiuix foralways being there. To Linda 
for being Pooh ! We " ve come a long w ay si nee 5th grade and I lov e you . 

Don'i I urgci ■when ''Lindsay Glabc? for "there's some Bedlufd H 
in the house'" Junior Prom (sophmore year). .."hurry up!! "forciav* 
in my window late-night, for relating to tiK- on two levels, for alu . 
catching a bit of realily , for being "chicken" and forbeing oneoi 
bestesi friends. Thanx to Andrea for being "boo. " for bein^^ m .i: 
classes Jr. year, all the rockers I didn ' i go lo ( little pee-pec h 
livingonTwixalone.andforone word "what!" Id also liketu iik 
three girls who made us the Fab four. Amy. Jessamyn. and Knn It 
Jessamyn for being poofie. for hav ing a water fight wiih me in the 7tt 
grade with the slip-n-slide. forgetting mayo on ihe noggin freshnut 
year, for leiling me cry to you every night, for putting up wiih ihi 
Saturday mom. caller, for dnving the hiiod. tor being expeneiKet 
Nahant. for Jr. Prom with Chipand .■Xdam. forbeing the only one in ihi 
H-crew who did not earn it. and forbeing the best blond T' \" f( 
locking me and Chris Memll in Ihe Closet in the Sih grade 
GnRwilhme.forfightingwithRoband lOminulcs later lovm. n:; 
Phil B's freshman year "mother figure." for bashing Boff a. for the 1 • 
but exciting journey loAltilash. Don't forget "it I only hadonekei: 
"the Pig's Pit BBQ," "Bariell police, open up." "Am I ungrateful. Yui • 
loved it.' For your crib late night BB baby, for expencncing ih. 
aerodynamicsofabody as it's propelled from Ihe from seat of a vehu I 
10 the back seaL for living through the violator, forthe "stoogie." foii ■ 
rockers, for scrubbing vomit of I my bathroom lloor. for Beth ' s ab< s; 
for loaning me turtlenecks in my time of need, for discussing cats as itw 
relate tocurrency . and for always supporting mc with the mute ev en i 
it means nrsorting lo vandalism. I love you sweetie, you can shake tha 
ghetto biHilie inmykilchenwhileslurpingafrusly beverage any limt 
To Enn' Thanx for "oh mv eye," "frosty beverage ' " for always bein 
in forthe long run. lor being i)>e"Ouccn. " lor supporting my juice bo 
habit, for "his bum .'■'ihanx for always being supportive and listening Vi 
mecoinplainaboul the "mule." for being part ot tfic .Attiia.shexpenencx 
(how the fireplace treating your neck.) for freezing your gluieu 
maximus off wilh meanvJ Aime in N.H.. for resorting Uicannibalisn 
for being the first person I shared my N .H. experieiKe w ith. for partyin 
in "Rica" w ith Incide. for poolhopping. forthe Sheraton Tara w ith B.l 
, and Cha/ al that . for being happy lo be alive, lor "Giz/ard soup." be 
most of all for being one of Ihc best friends I've ever had. always bein 
game for a good rocker even if it' s at your ow n house or on a scha)l nigh 
lloveyiHiSmith.wewillconlinueioparty 'lillhekeggoesdry. All vo 
giris mean the w orld to me. I couldn't have made it this far w iihoui yo 
guys. Thanx lu the cheerleaders To Julie and Kim for surviving wii 
me. Julie you' II always be "Drooly Pukarclli" tome. To Betty for bein 
queer with nw and for nxrkin' at die Sr prom '93, Amy for shaking \ou 
bootie. Hilly for partying with me and taking frequent "bun runs' 
Chnstine V. for being a corky. Jaqui for letting me call you Juanil: 
Adelle forbeing my secret lover, Jessica for being a boulder, Mindy fr 
hav ing hickics w iih me. Chnstine P. and Latany a lor being sweetie 
even when I was grumpy which was often. Colleen for running into 
door and breaking your nose. Kcm for being Muggy . Lynn for lellin 
.Adam lo "lick stick donuLs " that was awesome. Knsten. Rivhelle an . 
TawnyaforheingifK-newgirisandnevcrspeaking.Cvn ' -.uli 
Jeon for sctniping Malt, and lo Apnl foi pulling up ' ic 
lloveallyouguvs!"""ThanxtoChciforalllhero>.kt j i 
Ihe number 2 Pokxk. To Rob C. for mAing Amy jealous and bein 
Raaab!.lo Bill Buckley forbeing in my dreams and fix lov ing yourca. 
John B. for being "I'nrcal" and lor being my »«iccer player, Bobby C 
for being 3 sweetie. Billy M for "Hamburger", to Rob H fi'l nclis 
Jr. and Sr years, to Brendan for being my football p i f > 

leachingmehowloplayfoolball,Fartnerforheinge.i^. . ■v 

out a rap "G". to Man H. for being my first love (hechec.) to L liris N 
for brrakin my heart in ihe 3lh grade and for alw ays being " Vanilla 
to Sarah Ro for "my mum is in the batithhhnxMHMnm!" all the grc: 
mcmones. and always being able to make mc chuckle ai all costs, I lov 
you bun, lo Sarah E for K ' ind lov able al Ihe same time, fi 

being bpp. and for sieal I iie (just joking. I love you "')l 

Cyndi for being ""CINOMi \ ,. i.'i always being cheery. I don 
know hi>w you do it To Bethy for being "Bop," for never gelling th 
joke, and for being sweet A special Ihanx loTiffy . for alw ay s. al way 
alw ay s being in for the long run. lor being addicted lo the chronic, fi 
being finicky and only eating ham. cheese, and bread for laughing Iik 
a retard with ine while menially impaired, for all the summers we spei 
together, for knocking on my w indov» ai 4 O'clock in the morning oi 
of your tree, for always listening lo nK w hen noone else undcrsuxx 
don't forget all the awes4>me limes we had logcllicr .ind all Ihe memoric 
like "flashback." "macamaca," and enjoying tiie Smith family cuisim 
I love you likea sisier and r m in lov e w ith your brwher loo! '!!!""'! T 
Matt Miiddox for letting nie steal your hat. to Knslie C. for smokir 
butts. loLindsayK forlikingancw guy every day .for cheering with m. 
for a short time, and lor always cruising inCarlo. To Jessica B for bein 
the number 2 Brow n ijusi kidding ) Thanx losomeof iheclassof '9. 
ToCaroline for laughing at me alter I ran into a tree on Thanksgivin; 
making cheering Jr. year bearable, and foralwaysgivingmethe insiu 

156 Senior Directory 

ctxip. To David Boffa liirbcinj; ihdimII y opim^cil loevcrylhing Idoand 
nakmg me laugh even when I'm iiucl ,it > du I » John G. for being the 
lUisi seclusive person 1 know, and tui being a good friend, to Cohn lor 
>eing so sweet all the lime, for all the talks, and being New Mexico. 

Chip for being "Chippa Dippa" and for being a sweetie. To Todd 
indCoolerfordrivingaimlessly for hours, and a very special thanx to 
Vdani. I love you and you've always been there for me. We've had a 

01 of laughs and you are my best friend. I hope that never changes. I'd 
Jso like to thank Mr. Sullivan for not turning us in. To Wayne for being 
luggable, you'll alwaysbe my "darlin"' to Rob S. for being "Georgio". 
o my cat for biting my toes and doing snuggles, and to the Anheuseur 
Jusch company for making my high .school years more enjoy- 

•uture Goals; To graduate BHS with bell.s on. To continue to be 
successful incollege. Marry the manol my dream.s and elect the "girls" 
o be my bridesmaids. To see Kim Raffa get a joke. And to never lose 
ight of whats important, and always remember that ihe best time of my 
ife was the time I spent herewith the best of friends!!!!!! 

>cotl Carlisle 

Blanks To: My parents and my brother. Thanks loGeorge for allowing 
lie togi^ e him rides and Ibi not smoking d'jiirum in Ihe car. What legs! 
PhankstoChris for having no musical talent. Thanks in Alan foriilinost 
billing mc. "Where's your search vvarranl' " Thanks lo .Scan lor "what 
he hell" and gi (liny nio\cments. Thanks Uavc. nest nine I'll kick \ ( iU. 
Thanks Dcrn loi inakmg nie teel real good inside, l-'ainici - light lor 
heconlroller. 1 wouldaiso I ikcio thank carbon copies, small potatoes, 
ind why bother for always being there. 

"hnslopher Daniel Carpenter 
IGcneiti Circle 

Activities: Fiuitball; Lacrosse .1.4; JROTC 2,3,4; C/Officer 
3,4; C/Commander4; DrillTcam 3.4: LalinClub 1 ,2,.3: Heavy Hitter 
3: MA Army Nat. Guard 4: DC 3.4; .SADD3,4; CVS .3,4. 

Thanks lo; I would like to thank my mom. Dad. Megan, & Family for 
l>eing the greatest and always being there when I needed them. To my 
Other family, the Buc Football Team, the Senior Bucs - WEZL (for 
having those boots.) Jim M.tfor the Gym Class Special', iMidgetl (lor 
that weird music everyday,) rTd'orthe great picture in the paper, nice 
leep,) Smulski (Ka-Bong,) Wayne (you're ihe lanky.) Farmer(for 
being Famier.) Malt (for coming back.) Marc-D (for liking Taz) 
Rocket (did anyone ever tell you that you're beatiful'') George (for 
those lucious legs) Brendon iwe let you uiiu Sully (what to play 
kickball'.') Eric, Flo, and Pagan — and Juniors ChisholmandTom. and 
all the so 

phomores — for being the greatest bunch of guys you could ever put 
together. Thanks toCoaches Sab. Petnllo.andCol. for all the hell we 
gave them and they gave back . Li no. y ou Wopperican. thanks lor being 
Ihe brolhcr I never had. C huck. Goose, your are dangerous. Be nice to 
me w hen you're the General of World. Matt "ask me anything" O, 
Here comes the rooster. You are honky, let's go fishing. Keep the neck 
red and drivea big inick. To Ke\ in. for the roofsurtnig, girls, and gaines. 
|We/l, we pulled olTsome crazy stuff. Get a real car. Thanks to Melissa 
for being so special to me and making nie wan so long to takeout. You 
jonly made it beticr. To Mindy for being so goofy, Greek, and Erica T. 
jforagreat Junior year and 10 Dugal, for letting me call her Doogie, and 
lother things. Thanks for nol cal ling me ! To Cara for hci ng so shon bul 
always cule. Jen C. for being the dream mamma. To Cyndi lor being 

my favorite cheerleader and pretend ToGhandi. (Nash) when the 

times get tough the lough gel bic-cd, A&mti S. for always gelling 
teachers off the subject when I didn't do my homework. Jen O., want 
a mudslide .' Thanks lo the Lax team for the *Ci>de Reds* . To the CVS 
crew, those smocks are queer. Mai. KC. I'M NOT WEARING 
THOSE QUEER SMOCKS, Nooch. Michelle. Stcph C, Julie, Marc 
S.,and AmyO. ilsbeenablast.TotheOndovchik, AxtelLandMiani 
families for also being the best to me. Thanks to my heroes: me, Lino, 
SI. Doug. Robert E. Lee. Garth. U.S. Army Rangers, Al Bundy, Chip. 
Ginn, Superman, Deputy Dog and Captain Kirk. ToChicf and Col , and 
the rest of the ROTC crew nol mentioned, I never could have done it 
without you. Good luck Class of 1994. 

Future Goals: To get rich, pregnant, and drive an American made car. 
Also to graduate college, pursue a career as a military officer, marry a 
beautiful woman, and be happy. 

S.iKih AnneCarvey 

7 Daniels Drive 

Aciivilies: Tennis JVl; Varsity 2.3,4; Caplain 4; French Club 
1,2,3,4: Spring Musical 1,2; Pit 3,4; Yearbook 1,2,3; Editor-in-Chief 
4; Toumamentof Plays 1,2,3,4; Student Prtxluclion Night 3,4; Spring 
Play 2; Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Chamber Music 2.3,4; Madrigal 2,3,4; 
Double Sextette 2,3,4; Student Leader4; Show Choir; North 
East Junior District 1; North East District 2; SAC3,4; B.G.G.B.3,4; 
President 3,4; Dave 4; Short 1 ,2,3,4 and forever. 

Thanks to: Alison for being pro and loving to bike, for drinking as 
much DP as 1 do, for acting crazy with me at the prom and for always 
understanding mc. Ilovcyakid, B.G.G.B. rules. Pro-wait. ...ok. ok! 
Thanks for loving bagels as much as I do. 1 love all our jokesand 1 am 
so glad that we became such good friends. Carson- Thanks a million 
for all our walks/talks that we've had. You've given mc so much 
adviceandil'sgreatly appreciated. Don't cverchange the way you are. 
Keep on giving people advice and one day, you'll make millions. To 
Shed lor being socule and well. ...short. Thanks for going lo Denny's 
with me and for understanding my problem with a certain person. 
Megan - for always being a lot of fun, lor your house wilh Heath and 
Marmalade and for being short wilh mc (nol like we had a choice!). 
Thanks for never being afraid lo try new things - like go to France. 
We've beenthrough a lot together and I am glad thai we are such good 
friends. To Kathiirine for loving Chili's as much as I do. for being like 
a second litlle (big) sister tome, and alway s m.iking mc happy when 

1 was upset. I'll miss you next year. Turner - for. well MOM. 

I'll, inks I'orallofour chat overthe summer. Chach for being such a spa/ 
and I or being Ihe best stand parlnerevcr, Aaron for loving lo bike and 
play lennis tournaments wilh me ami Im being clueless. Dill for all 
the help wilh layout on this yearbook, lor leiulmg me your U2 CD for 
I /2 a year, for milking fun of my laugh, lorouryb|okes, for your mating 
call. PROMNITE, and for being a good friend lo mc lor the last 16 
years. Crop on!! Thanks loCraig for sophomore lorlcaching 
me to have a good altitude. Jim for calling me Tiny anUlm eicrnally 
criticizing my driving. Aaili for helping me gel lhn>ugh SPN l.istyear 
andforalltheadvice. BGGB rocks the world! Lauren - 1 finally goi 
a car, now all 1 need is a convertible. Thanks loChiocca lor being so 
charming. Dara for being PRO. .Andy for lending me tons of CD' sand 
for being so daring, 1 am really glad that you are ok. you are a dear 
friend. Nickie- Thanks forbeingsocompalible(J&J) and lorelemally 
lislenting to ine - I love you. Mary for being so crazy and getting 
through English wilh me. Jr. Prom '93 eternal. Weicker for taking 
Francais V, Kate L. for being one of Ihe funniest people I know. Josh 
Smith for being an awesome freshman, Knslin for Im ing Physics 
wilhmeand for the Pub. Stimpforall thecknhes 1 bunoued. SPN - 
Tiune that mane, and for camping with us, Sai ah lor going hiking with 
me, falling off a cliff, writing a sequel to"Exile" with nie and for being 
I'riendsfor I6years. ThankstoKevingforalwaysbeingsoniee. Chris 
E for being so tall and forgiving me your milk Carolyn - thanks for 
letting me dale you in Tournament last year - Spencerrules. Michelle 
J. for being the best business editor ever and for being such a spaz. 
Ariuro for having a cool laugh, Jeff for being a racist all of the lime, 
Karen for sending me to the office, for being my v iolin idol, and for 
doing drugs wilh me during pit "93. Heather P. for making sure thai 
1 was awake in Cliem. Ro for always being cheery even « hen blew. is 
nolsocool. Beth E. fordoing can-can with me. MichclleP lor being 
a 2nd sop. and for a great year in Physics! (P.S.-Chem '93 rocks. ) Ben 
C. for having C(X)I parlies. Rachel for this directory, .\nila lor slicking 
il through w ilh mc when limes w ere lough. .Adam lor all ihe ad\ lee 
and fro being one of ihe swcclesi |XM[ile 1 know , I.on. YB" W'e inaJe 
Thank you for your ciilhusiasni m e\ eiyihing lhal you do. Jones how 
do I begin? Thank you for all oiii phone com crsalionson iiilei csling 
topics, for wearing niyscrunchic even Hue weren'l going out. lor ihe 
countless massages, for being the slowesi people I know - u hat'?, for 
nol leaving marks, for loving my mom. for llirtiiig uilh llie cntii cGTT, 
for being God of the yearbook, for4,(XX)calories ( gel in thecar! !). for 
privacy - what the hell is lhal .', for green jello. for close calls (hey 
Megan, how are your CD's'.') Denny's, DAMN!. Jr. Prom "93. 
PROMNITE. "Freak Me Baby." Queerwolf. and for never being 
afraid lobe yourself. ILOVEyou. Thanksio: Mrs.Rainisforloving 
us.Mr.Low for working so hard on everything, Mrs. Bosak for being 
soenlhusiaslic, and Mr. Maffa for agrcat orchestra. Special lhankslo 
Mrs. Anderson for teaching me lo love the violin, and forbeing a gixxl 
friend loall. Finally, thank you Mom and Dad for all the love, support 
and happiness you' ve given mc. Andrew and Thing, you guys iue grcal 
brothers - even i f you are loud. Fro - thanks for all that we have ever 
done logelher. for your great driving ability (hey- it's illegal!) for 
having a bad allilude lowiu"ds certain people, for watching Zorro, for 
making me laugh, for slicking through X -Counlry , for protecting me 
always and for never being afraid to stand up for what you believe in. 
You are a great si.sler and 1 love you. I'll miss you Stina. Thanks to 

everyone - 1 love you all ! ! 

Future Goals; To graduate from college, to live in a house w ith three 
of my best friends (J. FF, C) with no parents or dessert for Ihe 
rest of my life and to always be happy. 

Wendy Caslellana 
3 Willard Circle 

Activities: JV Soccer 1,2: Varsity Soccer 3,4; Var^iiy Swimming 
1 ,2,3,4; Diving I , (Capl)4; Gator Sw imming Team 2.3; Wedgewood 
Swimming & Diving Team 1,2.3,4; Varsity Track & Field 1,2.3. 
Caplain 4; Class Treasurer l.2.3.4;HOBY2;CitizenshipCommillec 
3,4; Interact Comitlee(Treasurer)3,4: Bedford AIDS Task Foree3,4; 
AFS 3; SADD3,4;FrenchClub2; Latin Club4; Prom Commilee 3,4: 
Prom Decorating 3,4; Hall Decorating I ; Powder Puff 3,4; The Row 

Thanks To: My mom and dad for everything - for all Ihe advice and 
encouragemeni that's helped get me where 1 am today and where I will 
be lomorrow-l love you. Matthew and Derek - good luck in everything 
you two do and no, you can 't lake over my room w hen 1' m aw ay . Uncle 
Michael and Bob - you two have taught me so much without even 
realizing it - 1 loveyouguys.Jodi - for all the memories - falling out of 
Bree's tree, t'lst lighting over Mike Naegli, playing store in your mom's 
room with all her nail polish and jewerly , rating each other al dancing 
lo Madonna (you were always better,) late night talks in Kelly sroom, 
slaying in Scotl's house by ourselves for four days, fishing and rafting 
in your pond, leaching me everything there is lo know about Jim 
MoiTison, the tape you and Kristie made me, sledding down your 
driveway, and everything else you and 1 ever did logelher. 1 know that 
things have changed between us but. no matter what, you' II always be 
my best friend - 1 miss you. Betty - 1 have one thing to say. "Party over 
here, blender over here, chicken right here." Remember: Ted and Jason 
from Bentley. getting my Ciylowed from Saugus. all our backups.Tand 
T. '93 Junior and Senior Proms, days and nights speni al Hampton 
Beach, sctx)ping fine guys, bonding, late nighl switnsal Springs Brook. 
Bee Gee. Sara Brown's house (we did the same things.) Abominable 
Snowman. Officer McCravy. "1 got a lan," dancing lo 70'sand 80'shiLs 
in your room, all of our guy talks, Martha's Vineyard - Greg andTrcvor, 
our moped explorations, and picking up thai kid wedidn'ieven know, 
and every thingelse 1 forgol. Thanks for all ihe memories B(x>p- 1 love 
youkiddo. Marika- for being my personal fashion consultant, coming 
to see me in the hospital, lubiiig up, your mascara routine, almost killing 
me and Eppleron the way to Newton South, New Year's Eve w ith Rob 
and Ben. Idling me shop in your closet, and of course US.A Up All 
Night with Gilbert Godfried featuring "A Hoi Summer's Nighl in 
Barefoot Counly'Belh -lor alwayshavinglolakea..., Dave and Dave, 
having hairy legs with me during swimming, going to Jiie' s house in 
Jamaica Plain to steal a piece of his tree, being my swim buddy. Beau, 
having an afro in fifth grade.driving me toschool. "You got four cents", 
for being a co-conspirer of ihe blue card, and early morning gossip al 
Wedgewood. Linda - for senior year classes, being a soccer pro. the 
time we skipped school with Beth logo lo Boston, our trips lo Wobum 
and Arlington w ith Belly and Mika, Chemistry wilh Dav e, soccer camp 
"Wendy, you' ve got me through." nuiking Jodi hale me in fourth grade, 
and lor alway s being someone w ho 1 knew w ould understand. Erin - 
for con upting me, Reading for College, making mc drive along wilh 
MiUAanne, le class de francais, making crazy videos al my house, 
running me into your post-prom video, letting me call you Lainaze. and 
surviving the frigid weather in New Hampshire wilh me. .Amy - lorour 
Canie video, dancing in Sara Brown's kitchen, dancing al Junior Pivm, 
pretending to scoop Bruce in from of Mike, being ehauffeured by 
Bulch. looking like a B-.S2, and for letting Kim and I play golf on y our 
door. Ro - for student council, Rulliand Gnice-Marie, being the 
ultiniaie con artist, always smelling like chicken. Chili's and The 
Crush, all yourgct logethcrs. Daw n and Mikeslories,and for all 
minute stresses w hen we pulled all nighlers and drank coffee and took 
Vivarin until our bodiescould lake no more. Eppler - lor The Row , near 
fatal drives with Mika, drives lo New York and car crashes all in ihe 
same evening. Grace-MaricChili's and TheCrush, W alk for Hunger, 
finally finding out where I live, dancing like Lori,imd coming lo visit 
mc in the hospital. Sara Borshay-forCapeCod, Snatch Alley, your near 
fatal nighl in Billerica, Helluva CuxkI dip, "Lurliia I love you", and 
drives to Hampton. Raffa -for being caplain of JVStxrccrtwelhiHight 
we were socool ), the lime w e practiced in our underwear, and playing 
golf its Amy tried lo sleep "four." Jessamy n - for all your parties, having 
the hugesl hair in middle sch(x>l, HOB^'. letting me Ninxiw yourdros. 
Walk for Hunger, and Hoi Shots Part Deux. Cyndi - for all the rides 
home alier soccer and our talks about guys and the lime we weni lo 
Jamaica Plain and stole a piece of Joe's tree. Simi Bn>w n - lor letting 

Senior Directory 157 


UK' 1 1 jsh ai \ oiirhouse ihc day after ihe "93 senior prom, fresluiian year 
French with Liz and Ro. and all our talksduringunassigncd junior year. 
Jen M. - for Chem sophomore year and for having ihe niosc unsafe 
porch ever. Amy A. - lor freshman year wilh Jamie and Dave and for 
misterguys. Krlsiie - for all the limes you and Jodi and 1 spent together 
bahy-sitling Ihe Duprey's, New Year's hve ai Melissa Hartwell's, 
walking home from thai foot ball game with Billand Randy, the Uipeyou 
(wo made for me. and our four day slay at Scott's house. Andrea- for 
buying and ruining my mother's car. Kim T. - for all our rides to the 
club and for being my guinea. John B. - "want to go into the w ixhJs," 
rides loNY,c;u-chases. "you smell like your room," letting me borrow 
your clothes, having the besl sl(x:ked kitchen, and for bei ng such a good 
friend overall these years. Chris - for the lobsterdinner and all the other 
times you made mediiuier.thedinner.Sliicey and I made for you. yelling 
at Colin for me. Dandelion Green, all your parties, the lime we talked 
all night at Springs Brook, and lor always being so sweet to me - thank 
you. Bil I (Martha) -for being a pany|X)opcr. 'Twenly-nine cent, you 
got penny." And forsurviving Advanced Biology wilh me. Chris F. 
for being my Nubian prince. Wayne - for looking out for me this year 
and for goingout wilh me forlhrce days in eight grade. Calvin - for all 
our moments at Wedgewood. Kaiilyn's parly, and for blue cards. 
Marcus - lor Psychology. Lisiener'sGuidc. just being yourself and for 
changing some of the view s you once had. Greg for all Ihe wonderful 
times we had until you Icfi. Chastity and Julie lor the Physics Potty 
Posse and all the stories and gossip thalcame w ith it. Ben and Rob for 
watching Shattered with Mikaand Ion New- Years'. Georgeforalways 
sitting behind me. Midgelt - keep llippin" Ihe gip. Thank.s to the rest 
of thcclass. especially Brendan, Matt D.. Jeremy, Andrew P.. Scan M., 
John T., Jimmy, Mike R., Dave J.. Aaron. Adam. Mindy, Carolyn. 
Kristcn. Lauren, Jessica T.. Katie, Sarah C. Mary, Kerri, Lisa, and 
Nickie. I'll also like to thank a few special people from past years: 
Bryan A lor being oneof the wisest people I know; Dave B. for making 
me laugh : fodd lor all the talks and advice you gave me; Colin - you 
were always there forme if I needed you and I'm glad we got lo be as 
good a fricndsas we were; Dave L. - thanks for all the memories - NBA 
draft pick. Chem. runs to Jiffy Lube, Jessamyn's party, alter school 
talks - you are one of the most importiinl guys in my liteand I love you 
very much. Mike B for some of the best times I've ever had and for 
showing me what is truly Important in life. Thanks to the juniors - 
Stacey. Sarah. Megan. Shiu-lene. Michelle C. Matt H.. Mike M,, 
Bryant. Eric K.. Greg, and Carter. I'd also like lo thank Jim M. and 
Mike L. I d like to lhank Mr. Sullivan for being the best teacher I ever 
had - you taught me more than you know. I'd especially like lo lhank 
Paul for there when I needed you most. You mean so much to me and 
I hope that things will never change between us. I love you - ( you stole 
a what; docs ii say e-n-d). To the entire class of 1494 - thank you for 
Ihe past twelve years; I wish all of you the bcsi of luck To anyone else 
lhal 1 may have forgotten - lhank you. 

Future Goals: To go to a good college and receive my masters in 
nursing. Then, after 1 get settled, 1 would like lo get married to a 
gorgeous and rich niiin who has an unreal btxly iind a great pci-sonalit) , 
have at least live children and pray loGod that he' II bless me with no 
more than twn hoys, live in an enormous home cither in NYC. on 
Comm. Ave. or Fresh Pond Parkway, prove lomy two younger broihcrs 
that my parents weresane before ihey were born, never lose touch w ith 
my partner in crime. Beity Con igan. and lo .see Bruce Boutin get his 

.3 Avon Rd 

Activities: Soccer l,2,.'i,4; Swimming 2; SADD 1,2,3,4; Marching 
Band 1 .2; Yearbook 1 ,2; Hall Decorating I ; G> m Decorating 2..3.4; 
Prom Decorating 3.4; Spirii Games 1 ; Peer Leadership4 

Tlianks To: To my mom and dad for putting up w ith all my problems, 
lieing (here when I really needed you. for being understanding and 
suppoi ling me in everything 1 do. My sister Carla for always being 
around, locopy everything you did ( "Do you have local everything I 
eat'.'" ) For shari ng a phone with me and for al w ays protecting me f 
M,u-k (w hen 1 was liitlOiUid forjusi being my big sister. Mark, my big 
brother, you w ill always gei on my nerves and pnibably will always pick 
on me. but w hat are little si siers for'.' Don" I let this go to y<iur head, but 
you are an OK of a lirother. For all the seniors who thanked me w hen 
I was a freshman. You guys made tlial year fun I "11 never forget how 
we ale lunch on the radiaiorand how you guys never treated me like a 
freshman. To Joanna for being agotn) friend for a long tJmeeven if we 
had our ups and downs. For coming to ihe Cape with my family . 
"Quick, quick, put me down." Julie lor jusi being a great person and 
good spirited. .\niy. working in the w arehouse was a lot of fun, and for 

alway.s making me laugh. "Whaldaya doing'.'" Oon'lchange. Mike 
R and John T, thanks for all Ihe candy and gum you ever gave me. Sorry 
that I never stop talking. Thanks to all the girls on the varsity soccer 
team, youguys are great! Thanks KrislenMaskalenkofornever losing 
your "cookies," for a fun yearof soccer and for getting lo teamingreal 
shape. PeteC foralwaysbeingagreatguy and for always wrapping my 
ankle. To my period F French class, you guys iire awesome! Special 
thanks to Chris Betz. David Kern. Jenn Kiger and Jenni fer Robb. Chris 
B, thanks for helping me with my French homew ork and for being such 
a sweet kid. AA. SC. WC, KC. CH. and IJ, for being so nice to ine. 
Michelle, we have been friends forever and will always be. Mrs Jordan, 
for all the help you gave me. Mr. McDonald. forhelpingmepassUS 
history and all your help. Ms. Dow ling ( Ducky ).you are the sweetest 
personandl willmissyou. Mr. Maxwell and Mrs. Leavey for making 
English fun and forgetting me to like it. Mrs. Mitchell and Mrs. Freed 
for Peer Leadership. Mr. Palmer for totally confusing me in chemisu^ . 
Forall the people that thought I w as loud. hey. if I need to get Ihe point 
across lo someone, I got to make sure they hear me. Sorry for all the 
people I forgot. "Thanks!" I'mgoiilgtomisseveryone. Idon'tknow 
w hat I would have done without you. 

Future Goals: To be very successful, to attend a 4 year college. 
Majoring in veterinarian or childhood education, gelling my degrees 
and lo be the besl that I can be. Have lots of money, a greal husband, 
agood house and car and 2 kids. Mostof all. to be happy w ith whatever 
I'm doing with my life. 

George Chen 

Thanks lo Scott for rides everywhere and being wicked cool. Evjy for 
being loo cool forscho<il and being a fellow crash dummy, Jessica for 
being my first cheerleader, Mindy for being my last. Brendan for the 
world champion gym football team... tix) bad he went free agency. 
Gallanllorbeingahotlover-P.S .'"Buck ". SiirahCarvey for her parties 
and always changing herniind. Alison for harrassing and hilling me. 
Alan for showing me what it w as like lo crash inio a telephone pole, 
Adiim for never shutting up. Erika ■ sou go girl, Mary for her Paula 
Abdul dance Reehoks in eighth grade. Wendy for sitting in front of me 
in all my classes. Sarah Ro for her Dads singing, Calvin for partying 
so hard andhisdancing. Jeremy for being my laxi service. KimTartiell 
lor those rice crispy treats, shout cuts lo Ihe crew. Bnx)klyn. Bronx, 
Queens and Siaton Island. Damon for kmking like Webster Ltmg. 
Midgeill orhisheavenly Mx-als and having a Pillsbur. doughboy - like 
belly. l am)erfore.iiing all my icecubes andsingingevery song he licars 
while ils playing. Jaqui for being someone lo make fun of when Im 
bored. Bry ant loilieing afly brother. Marcuv foralw ays taking his -.hin 
off. Al dog for always being Xlra funky, Vin for being a Split-End. 
Tern C lor gening freaky. Pal Lewis lor his cartwheels. Coaches 
Sulliv an. Petrillo. Hirsch. Elias. Campbell, and Sabourin. the boys of 
ihc diamond and the gridiron: McComiick, Jimmy, Wayno. Sloner. 
Ace. Kai/, M&M McGarry, the hired gunsof the '93 sea.son. Smulski. 
McCune. Wea/cl. Carpenter, Mobley. Fagan. Taylor. Tomasso. Flo. 
Ginn #.'^ I . iind underclassman. .Anita for being thai very special womiin. 
Ken for being a gneai big brother, thanks for putting up with me all these 
vearsmom and dad. 

L'l slocpci .ukI unlock the 

Future Goals: To be world class pn 
myslenes of the world. 

h3 Dunsicr Rd. 

Aclivilies: Varsity Cross Couniry ; J V Tennis; JV Basketball. 

I would like to thank the higher power and especially my parents. I 
would like to thank my brother Anurag for being such a w icked c(k>I kid. 
I would like to thank Mr Spinosa for being such a great teacher. I'd 
likeloacknowledgemybov George lor being my crash dimimv. Id like 
lo lhank Scotland Chris for not telling anybody about the accident. Id 
like to acknowledge Mindy and Ben for making Bioand life a liille hit 
special, rd like to lhank Evjy forall Ihe juice runs Id like to lhank 
Dugal for [Xililiciilh correcting me in Re> nolds class I d liketothank 
Cal forall the huge Rockers. 1 wish toacknowledge .Anita for being die 
little sister I never had. I've got to lhank Jim for installing a booming 
sysiem in my car. I thank Jaqui for being a McDonald' s hcffa. I thank 
Demo lor all the good times al Punty. I'd like to ackow ledge Barry , 
Steve. Rashba (Cool Kid1. Mall. Sewon, Jim. Yung. Yung. Naveen. 
Paul.Johnnj Yang and Mike for being my X-couniry boys. My final 
shoui-oul goes to Shelly for being the best girl the Lovennan could 

2 Macintosh Rd. 

Activities: Wind Ensemble 1.2,3.4; Marching Band 1,2,3.4; Ore i 
tra; ChamberOrchesira 1.2,3,4; .Musical; Drama' 
1 .2.3.4; French Club 1 ,2,3,TrcasurBr4; Vice-President. Inierai. 
SADD 1.2,3,4; National Honor Society 3. President 4; Ski Tea' 
Captain 2,3,4; Track I.2,3,captain4; Yeartxxik 1. 2.3. Business K: 
4; Davidson's Pharmacy 3.4; Advanced Chemistry Survivor 3' 

Thanks To: To my oldest friend Lauren. We've been ihnni 
everything together. Never forget .Amsterdam. Taekwondo 
dances and Ebony and Ivory. Thanks for your advice and al w ays w,a 
oui for people pull ing y our braids — I love you !! Lisa, what wo 
do w ithout your phoneline'' Thanks forall our gossip sessions, tl 
talks, and for being as lost in chemistry as I was. Someday I'lll 
Spanish! Kalie, for being a fellow Kennedy lover - w ill we ever| 
Nantucket? For being a hyperspaz just like me. all our talks and f 
gossipy Physicsdasses-be careful with that noieb(K)k!! Caroly 
being my track buddy, for that huge graveyard talk, and for helpiner 
through diose nine hourdays at Davidson's. Sarah S. for beingcji 
w idi me for three years, for animosity between die coaches, forh^ 
mycal'stwin.and foractuallylikingX-Countrv skiing-maybc i 
someday. Kerri, for all our middle school memones, for Gci 
Hospital, and for being such a good athlete - 1 wish my legs wc: 
muscular as yours' ! Aaron for Prabbism, the number 27 and W 
Wagga Australia. Jessica, for Space Academy and for being u 
Sarah C. for being my stand partner practically every year! De' 
through Ihe years - how s your cat"? Mary, for taking care of mc 
my fainting spell. Krislen. for having a freckle in your eye. Jasor 
Ben. for fighting over me in founh grade. Sarah Ro. for our Eui 
gossip sessions. Alison forartclass. Megan for sociology class - 
do you think about gays in the military'.' Julie, for being die perlc^ 
Brady. Class of '93: Krysiin. hey God-sister, thanks for bein. 
partner in every game. Jenny, tor campfire. Europe, and being a l 
person to talk 10. Sicph. for being so happy Laurie, forall our p 
Meg, fortheclannet Brian, for junior year and for making me I 
so many limes. .Alex. for calling me Care. And David, forhelpir: 
and Lauren cross ihe street. Class of "95: Katie, for playing al 
games. Kristcn for Chamber 93-94 and for An II Minor cIj 
Michelle, for alw ays smiling. Kate for an class. Lora. forbein v 
president of ourclub. Katharine (guess what I heard?) and Chris < 
many wrong did you gel?l for hi story class. Phil, for silting behin 
at every fcHiihall game. CaiherineforbcingCalherineiwithaFri 
accenii. Thanks to all the ski teams, especially the "90-'91. Eik 
thanks for befnending a freshman. Marching Band "92 and "93 
guys made u fun" To the track team, especially Chnssy — highjum 
rules! Toallofthe teachers w ho really love then subject: Mr. R, 
Mrs. Donovan, Mr. Huff. Mr. Reynolds. Mr. Sabourin. and ^ 
Sullivan forsociology. MyFamily: Mom. forbeing crazy. lookinj 
like me, and for always being there. PS. I am still taller. Dad.lK 
wish I liked yard work, but I just can'i stand it. Anyway, ihank- 
call ing mc Munch, helping me get into college, arxl for standing h. 
me in w hatever I do- 1 love you guys! ! ! ! I ! Jeremy, thanks for our v 
dance, junior Celtics, all die Wind Updates (sou know who) an> 
being the hot little brother in the world! ! ! To Nonna. Nonno. Gra/. 
and especially Nannie • you w ill never know how much I mis.s yoi 
Cindy and Cal. for being my second parents and lor leliing irwhci 
alyourhousc To Kale and Andrew for being ihc besl ihc li'M, 
To Colleen, for being such a lo\ al penpal. To the Kenned) 
beingUx)coolandfinally,ihankyoulolheHollicsforsini:i . . 
great song!!! 

Fuiure Goals: To always be a spaz. lo gel married lo a Kennedy and 
meet Caihenne Kennedy ; lo prove thai country music can be bearable; 
lo see Lauren become a well-know n feminist and to sing Ebony and 
Ivory in the year 20(X);lo finally make bread w ith Mrs. Stcwan; to see 
Lisa eat a pint of Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream (not fro ;^ 
yogun! ): to see Sarah mm down a dare; to see Carolyn eat a bi i: 
apple; and finally lo find happiness in the world and never forgci nij 
friends — I love y ou al 1 ! I ! ! 

Keith Colbadi 
23 Fox Run Road 

Aclivilies: Tennis 1.2; Football I; Golf2JI.4; Competitive Crew 
1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1.2; Jazz Ensemble 1.2; Newspaper; 
LalinClub 1.2,3.4; SADD 2.3,4; Science League 4; Debate Team4; 
Legislative Committee; Citizenship Commillce; In- 
teract Committee 3.4; Globe Santa 1 .2 (Co-Chairman ) 3.4; New Eyes 

158 Senior Directory 

.r the Needy Student Rep. 1,2,3,4: M.I.T. Simulated U.N. 3. Walk 
srHungerRep. 1.2,3,4; Youth Ministry 3.4. 

hanks lo: Most importantly my family; to my mom. you helped me 
rough all eighteen years, my dad, who always supported me. to my 
ster Lisa, you knew how to give me that extra push, long distance, and 
nally Nana, our calming conversations helped relieve the stress of 
;hool. A special thanks to Mr. Spinosa who with his teaching style 
lowed me how to excel and learn lo be independent, you actually 
ughl to me rather than at me. .Also thanks to Mr. Sabourin, through 
e year you were able to teach me a lot that I am sure will help me 
rough college, 1 learned more in a year with you than all the rest of 
gh school. In addition 1 would like to thank Mr. Kelly who has put 
) with me for four long years, ii has not been easy, and without you 
vould not have been able todo it, especially w ilh thegladiatorsword 
?hts. In addition. Mr. Kcup, you really made science exciting and 
•ought it to life, those debates were really cra/y. Also Mr. Palmer 
rough your ability to pick on roe and Ms. O" Malley you helped me 
ally understand what I am capable of doing, and made me feel sure 
ran succeed in college, thanks for the help on (hose college essays. 
Iso a special thanks to Ms. Lohmin you helped nie get through al I of 
y tough times in high school with ease, couldn' I have done it without 
HI. Also thanks to Heiu-ik. and Ro for alw ays making golf fun and 
leresting no matter how wedid out on the course; as well as Calvin, 
:ott C, Chris Carpenter and George Chen for making the "heavy 
tter" Latin 3clas,s so much fun. weneverhadadull moment with Giiin 
ere. In addition I would like to thank Mr. Reynolds for an unsucccss- 
1 but fun-fiUed season. Also I would like to thank Julie Bayne and 
liastity for being such caring people and always wanting to help 
hers, if you were not there, 1 would have had a tough time makiny ii 
rough senioryear. 

itureGoals; Toatlendcollege.decidewhatI wantlodow ith my life, 
id attend graduate/professional school. Becomesuccessful, and buy 
e Atlanta Braves organization, own a red Porsche, get married and 
ive children. Overall have a happy and fulfilling life, 

leffrey Circle 

ctivilies MalhLeague: l.2.3.4;Science League 1, 2,.3( co-captain ),4; 
ircle Francais 1 .2,3.4; Homework: 1 . 1 ,2.2,?.?.4.4; Fonun aboiii 3 
)urs: Yearbook 1.4: Telemcdia 1,2.3.4; Time Travel 3. 1,4.2; BHS 
usical; Tournament of Plays; Studcni Produtlkm 
ight 3,4; Spnng Play 1,2,3.4; STRESS 1.2,3.4: Uliimale Frishee 
3,4; NHS 3.4; Rifle Team about 3 w eeks: Sleep I : M.idrigal Dinner 

lanks to: Mom and Dad - No matter what. 1 love you dearh . Never 
rgetthat. My brother Lrik, my grandmother.,iiiJ mystupidGoliJcn 
;triever Teddy. Teachers: Mme.Rainis for bcmgclioueltc, Mr. Hulf 
r challenging me. Mr. Stephenson for two years of Computer 
:ience, one great year of Calculus, and above all. jusi for being Mr. 
ephenson. .Also thanks to the Sorgis for lyears of Humanities trips 
Europe. Friends: RyanKiesslingforbeingadoolusheadbutsiilla 
cat friend; Chakka for talking in funny voices wiih me; Karen 
eeman for having the guts to call me a really good friend; Steve 
sctor and Jeff Weinfurt for their help with videotaping hockey games; 
son Ingraham and Heath Dill for role-playing, silly French videos, 
id swimming;Craig Wiley. Andrew Schwerin, and Heath forgetting 
riemedia back together; Megim F.F. (MFFI); Sarah C. {Yvette, or 
as it Yvonne''); Jon D . Henrik P.. Jason A., Ryan D,. Nick K., Brian 
rohan, Brian [)eardortT(Siegelnngen! ). AndyT.,Graham M. Special 
anks to Dave Jones and George Clayton for being good friends who 
ere always there for me to talk to. Star Lsliutd people: Melanie A.. Dan 
id Rachel C. Randy B.. Mark G. and Flav D., Stefan H., Katie K., 
;an S., Chris M.. Luc as S.. John S, Cory and CarlyeW., and Tomand 
ebbie W. Those guys gave me something to live for. And if I forgot 
)u. sorry , but there's only so much I could remember! 

iture Goals: To graduate college, get married, have two kids, and 
ijoy my job. To come back lo Bedford one day and say hi lo all my 
d leacherN. To see an Olympics. To never lose touch with any of my 
lends. To moke the world a better place. 


ctiviiies: Cheerieading 1 ,3,4; SoUhall 1 .2; Gymnastics 3,4. Uwaif 
Kiing with Joanna. Mud wTesUing. Fat bum grabbing 

Thanks to: First of all Iwouldliketothankmy family, mom and dad. 
you're the best! If it weren't for you guys I wouldn't even be here, and 
I appreciate you guys for that. Thanks for always putting up with me 
when I was mad. sad . sick or even hysterically laughing. Grandma, 
thanks for those talks, if I just needed someone, I could always call. 
Amy, for being a pain sometimes, I mean most of the time (just kidding) 
but Mamie made me laugh, if you ever need to talk or a favor and you 
don't want to ask mom and dad. you know I'll always be her for you. 
Richard, thanks for those talks at night, you' ve always been there for 
me ever since we were bom and 1 know I can count on you for anything, 
thank you for being my very best friend. Iloveyouall. ThanksloBill 
Buckley for being a good friend ever since I met you. remember eighth 
grade lihi ai^ . ( Ken doll and Brian F.), Halloween, mking fiin of Rotting 
Hag with Sara Bo. ToBrendan. M.whoraggedonme.hitme.butwas 
asweet guy if you really talked to him. Some people from the class of 
'93. My main squeeze- Bof fa, for spilling McD's shakeon his face for 
his first impression. Love ya David Lord, you' re a sweetie. Adam, for 
liking the lip thing. Boutie for your prom and for being a good friend. 
Bruce you too. Colin for always calling my sister and driving me and 
her cra/y. Wayne for our nrom and you not letting me forget that I 
looked better al the senior prom, than at ours. Also thanks for all the 
visits. Jessica B., for being a good friend Sophomore yciir - remeber 
Brookline, Jay. Keith. Chris. Jarad, Mark W., Don W., Carrot, C.B., 
C.T.. Chuckie. snciiking out yourw indow . JoJo for being my lispsister 
Smitty, forbeing Wayne'stw in. being there tocatch .Andre when he fell 
off the couch when I blamed the egg roll on my shoe, piulying in 
SakaUtkas ' s room ( tongue ) ! Wendy Chase for laughing when I tlire w 
the subat Jessica's face. JohnB. for loving dogs, baked beans, 
and fish. Also for being one ofthesweetestguys I know. James P. and 
Jason M. forbeing sweel guys and my brother'sgood friends. Mika for 
saying we would do something bui never ended updoing it. SaraBro. 
tor doing rodeo dance at '93 senior prom. Christine P. for being my partner. Adel for being my sisicr Becky and lor helping me and 
Jacqui look for FINE MEN!!! Whitney, you always made me laugh 
when \uuyelled'i'aaaaa!!(inalouddecpvoicc), KristineV. forbeing 
a CORKY and loving MOON BOOTS, doing the RUNNING MAN 
with mc (we should go pro ). l or ahv.iy s .M XKING ME LAUGH, and 
forswiichiiig Ken and Krisien ■ s skihbies at camp (ha, ha), for putting 
the w hoopie cushion in between the door and w aking up the other 
quecrlcaders. also for beingcute and try ing to say you were ugly. ST.A Y 
AWAY FROM MOON BOOTS!!! ! Hil forbeing likemy littlesiscuz 
1 al ways see you al my house and for singing "Let' s Get Together" (ya. 
ya.yaj. Jessica D. and Julie P. for being good friends. Kim T, forbeing 
a swcciie and shaking your boolie at the club. Rochelle for being so 
small and cute. Cindy D., for being blondie (my sister). Mindy for 
Hipping all the time and for being cute and funny, you" re an awesome 
friend. Tanya and Krisien for being so quiet at first thenopcning upat 
camp. Lataiiyati>rs|K;;ikinghermindif sheliadtosay someling. April 
fordoing my hair lorpronis, etc. and for being the best coach leverhad. 
You should ha\ e been here when I was a freshman. Mr. Beaton for 
gelling us HL'NGRY" for w inning. Thanks toall the cheerieaders, I 
love youguys. Mr. McDonald, for being the besi ever sub teacher, you 
should be full time, for the making fun of ROTTI NG H AG and for the 
picuiic in front of cattle. Jessamyn remember Shubie(Scotl). B-e-t- 
ly.(J-c-s-s-a-m-y-n). he always screwed me. Cyndi, for going stag to 
semi and step, Linda forbeing a sweetheart and Keith really liked you 
(ha, ha). Jeremy, for not getting best all .iround. Chastity, for talking 
so much. Mike R.. for bei ng a sweetie and for saying you could be w ith 
someone else right now . Mike S.. for talking and then I knew you had 
a voice and for always gi ving me those rides. John and Rob, for bei ng 
my playersandnolcomingtoany competitions. Eric D.,forbcing more 
than jusi a friend. I'll never forget it, ihankyou. Wendy forbeing my 
best friend, having an awesome '93 summer, Martha" s here! ! ! (classic ). 
liking everything 1 do. my tanning and beach buddy, for thinking the 
same guys arc "soo<xhioo mint" (hands), for doing Uic exact same as 
me at Sara Bro's, for kissing Teri, and for being there w hen I need to 
talk. Heather H. who was always their if I needed someone and I'll 
always be here. Gppler, thanks fortheCabbagePatchduringStepand 
thanks forlaughing al YOU'RE A WINNER. Also I cannot forget to 
thank K.K., for being a WINNER!!!!!!. Thanks lo all ihe people I 

Future Goals: To not retire in Sears, to watch Johnny B. go into the 
hotdog business, Krisline V. do the running man in her wheelchair 
when she's eighty, to hear Joanna do somi: eggrolls for her husband. 
Also, to go lo college, study criminal justice and go inlo undercover 

Mitry DcMi)ss 
21 Cot Hill Rd. 

Activities: Wind Ensemble 2.3.4; Marching Band 1 .2,3.4; Spanish 
Club 1.2; Latin Club 3,4; Chorus 1; J.V. Soccer 1,2; Varsity Soccer 
3.4; Basketball 1,2; Skiing 3.4; Athletic Trainer; Pit 1,2,3,4; 

Thanks to: First I would like lo thank my Mom and Dad. They were 
always there for me. Youstoodbehindmcineverything. Thankyou. 
I don' I know where I would be w ithout you. I would also like lo thank 
Danielle. You area great sister. Even though 1 don'i always show it 
but I love you! I would like to thank the Dow ns family. It was like my 
second home. And the MacDonald Family, you were always there, 
thank you. .And the Liss family, thanks for everything. Linda for all the 
greatsoccersea-sons.andgymclasscsihisyear! Beth, for making Latin 
class fun. Carrie, marching band and Wind Ensemble were so much 
fun ! It was great Phil, for our lovely games we played in marching band ! 
Jeremy C, forourdance this year in band, we had so much fun ! Shawn, 
you are too funny, you're a great kid! Matt, thanks for Latin and 
Spanish. You helped mealot. JcnnR, thanks foragreatsoccerseason. 
you are awesome. Jen St. Sauveur. thanks for all th fun we had during 
marching Band, and our great walks we did! Chris Evjy. thanks for 
chemistry. AartiChemisUywassomuchfun! And all the presents we 
got Mr. Palmer, B.G.G.B., and our lilde jokes. Espi. thanks for being 
there for me duri ng soccer sciison. and for all our little jokes, our hand 
shake, and the gixxi times while we were trainers. You are a great kid!'reawesomeinsoccer!! Margaret. lhanksforbeingagreal kid. 
and all of our little jokes too, and fun being a trainer! You are going lo 
inakc an awesome actress someday ! Kevin, ilianks for our English class 
junior year, history, ceramics, and bow I ing that night. Brad, thanks for 
Ihe interesting night we had bowling. Chris Carpenter, thanks for 
everything, and History class Sophmore year! Jeremy Nash, you are a 
great drum major. 1 had lots of fun ! Ben Dick, thanks for ihe wonderful 
timein Europe! George.lhanksfor everything, Physicsclass! ll'sbeen 
real fun! Jeremy L.thanksfor Physicsclass! Steve, thanks for a great 
Semi-Fonial. You are agreal kid. Jason, lhanks forbeing there when 
I needed you this year. Youareasuperkidand very funny! Andllove 
you hair!! Ryan.Iamgladlgot to know you, you are very funny. Katie, 
thanks for a great lime in Europe, we had a lot of fun ! ! Jessica, lhanks 
for all Ihe years vie have been friends. For listening to mc and for agreat 
time in Europe. Wolfie. lhanks for all the green M&M s. You are a 
great kid. Adam Smith, lhanks for every thing and Latin class "Rota"?. 
Prom night ! Alison, I'mreally glad I got to know you, I had fun on Prom 
night, English class and oiu' pool pany. Sarah Carvey. lhanks for 
everything, prom night. English class, and all the years we have know n 
each other. Sarah Shamel. for all the fun we have at Springs Brook. 
Physics class, and all the talks we have. David, thank you for 
everything. I really appreciate all the talks we had in unassigned. the 
extra help in Math, and Prom night. Craig, thanks forevery thing, you 
were a great listerner and friend. I will never forget about the green 
M&Ms! ! Claire, we had and aw esome time in History .you are a great 
friend. Aaron, thanks for every thing, you are a great kid. and you are 
very funny !. and Prom night was awesome ! Cara. where can 1 begin'? 
Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, football games, all the fun we had in 
band, dancing, and being there when I needed someone to talk to. I love 
you. Henrik.FieshmanGymClass!! You are so funny. you areagrcat 
kid! ! Rob. well, we had a fun history class Junior year. "Can you pul 
you feet under you desk, Nickie??" All of our bets. Ill pay you back 

someday (yeah right!!). Keiri. thanks forevcrything. Basketball. 

driveway incident Europe.. .Thanks for always being there for iik- and 
listening. You are a great friend.. . Kristen, you are a great friend, you 
were always there for me whenever 1 needed someone. We also had 
some fun umes, thedriveway incident. ba.sketball season, soccer. And 
remember when we were little and I lived by you? Thanks for 
everything Debbie!! You are AWESOME! We had an awesome 
sophinoreba.skelballseason,wewere#l !! Footballat marching band!. 
Soccer setLson wiis great. And w ho could forget the driveway inci- 
dent'.'.' ! ! Becky "s house, "we have some intruders ! !"" Peaslrich. Candy 
Corn! Our little swim outside Ihe aquarium, and our little walk in the 
pouring rain to Way land Center, w e had some fun times ! We had son>e 
serious times too. you arc a great listener! Nickie, w herecan I begin''"' 
We have been through a lot... ihiuiks for every thing. You are a great 
friend, listener. ;md lhanks for alwavs being iherc. Junior year 
unassigned. History , talks while we run ai 6:00 in ihe moming!! The 
fun we had in Washington D.C. in Xth grade! ^■ou could say w e have 
had our share of memories and I love you like a sister! ! Mr. Barbas. 
"Calm Blue Ocean". Mr. Sabourin. "Enthusiasm!!" Thanks for 
everything. I really Icamedalolinyourclass! Mr. Sullivan. "I love your 
ties! " and 1 had lots to fun in History my Sophomore year! I Mr 
Palmer 1 had a lot of fun in Chemislrv . You are a great guy. thanks! 
Thanks locv eryone in the CL.^SS OF "941! 

FuliiieOcKils: lamaspiringlobeconK'aspecialnoedsieacher I would 
also like lo get married and raise a family 

Senior Directory 159 

; ., ■■.[■>ut 

V hicn: Iclciiiedia l.:.3.4: Choir I; Madrigal 23: Sr. Dislrict 
I hoi .IS :\ 1. Moil's Oclcl 3, Leader 4; Show Choir l.2,.^.4; Musical 

1.2 .< 4. Tournament Tcchic 3,4; Science League L2. Caplain 3.4; 
.Malh League 1 .2. 3. Caplain 4: NHS 3,4; Yearbook 2.3.4; Debate Team 
2; French Club 1 .2,3.4; Band of the Year 4; Marching Band Gopher 
2.3.4; L'llimateFrislice Team 1.2.3. Sclf-priK.laimed Caplain 4; May da 
Salesman 3,4; Student Advisory Committee 4; School Committee 
Critic 3,4; GO GO ( i.O.P. Revitalization Committe 2.3.4: 

Thanks To: Where do I start? First, my family. Dad and Mom for 
bringing me here, no matter how many people have gotten angry at you 
for it. Thanks lor making me who I am and providing a good 
environment to hide in. You guy s mean more to me than it may seem. 
Jesse for bcinu the biggest little brother a giiy could have. You're tiw 
brilliant lor yourown good. You' re my last refuge in this world. Keep 
in touch little guy. you meana lot. Meredith for being quiet but smarter 
ihanlhcaverage. . well, the average quiet person. Just kiddin. You'll 
he OK. Lindsay and Klissa too, and in a few yciu s 1 ' II know w hat lor. 
We'll find somegoixl in you guys yet. Thanks also lo both Grandmas. 
Grandpa. Uncles Kenneth, David. W.u'd, Dave, Aunts Eleanor, Chery 1 
times two. C'iuol. and Brenda for being too grow n up. Elizabeth and 
Kathryn and Rebecca, you guys arc too much. Why not just form our 
own symphony? Alexander, wherever you end up. you'll still be 
smarter thanevcryone. Anyways. thanksJCand friends for being the 
only waylolly Fncndly'slorhemginy first realjoband teaching me 
a lot . llianks to everyone I' ve known overall these years since the earl > 
days at Lane School. Sarah S. forCalculus notes. Ben Dick forgetting 
better every year. SethC. for being there all these years. Who knows, 
you may still go into molecular kinetics. You're all you-know-whats. 
Megan B and the Pcrcocos for mo\ ing away. Jecca Turner lor being 
there and letting mc beat you at chess. Thanks to all my fncnds Irom 
SYMS: Jay .Salvi.ClmsDrelich. Brian, Mclver.Brenl. Man Siut1e\ ant. 
Eric D.. Heather. Katie. Meredith. Carolyn'!!, and. of course. Debbie 
Luv ya Deb. Don't stray tihi far. and stay out of trouble ("hach lor 
keeping me somewhat sane at SYMS 1 hanks to all my stiphomore. 
oops, junior friends: ClirisC., .\dimiC.. Andrew . Craig. Jim. Enc. Jen. 
KFF. .Aarti. andco. You guys really have guts to be seen nearme Ben 
C lor w i Id p.irtics and I'ull-cont.ici cannoiiballs. Ro, Adam S., Linda. 
■Anita, Mindy (GONK). and Julie lor being funny as all hell in every 
class possible. All my teachers: Mrs. Hoy t, Ms. Stead. Mr. Wakehain. 
Mrs. Krueger.Mr. Ulln)iUin,Ms.Giddis!!I!!.Mrs.Micle. Mrs.Ramis. 
Mr. Pavao. Mrs. Frcdriksen. Mr. Stephenson. Mr. Sullnan. Mr 
Reynolds, Mr. Spniosa, and Mr. Low. Thanks to all the guy s at T I ')4 
for so many years of grxHl "" (ahem ) fun. Jen, Tara. and Jacqui 
for Ix'ing my friends in my first Iwo years here Drohan, Ted. Jih'. 
Kevin. Gary . Mike. Shaky . Ken. Ben. LB. Bill. Mr. P . andChei I ewis 
lbrmaking6yc.irsol my life great and straightening me out W<xilard. 
Espo. Mark, and Kac belle for being goixl friends a year older ( but not 
above ) me. fornot forgetting anything at all .iiul for being the best 
pt>ly sci tix'ak intlie world. Once you get your view s straight tGOPi you 
might get elected somewhere important. Steve Hector for being 
funny!!!! Nick Kane fornot moving til you did. Whenever you want 
to move back, you' re nH>re than w cicomc Dave Cr»x)k lor being a close 
friend, in two worlds, so to s|Kak Hcnnk. \ ou can destroy anyone you 
want in law .sch(H<l. Perry Mason, look out! Ryan lor being my 
awesome friend o\ cr ihe last tw o \ cars. I'm really I ' \ e gotten to 
know yiHi. no matter w liai I say Sar.ili Carvey for being my oldest friend 
in die w orld, ^ ou mean so much to me. Don't go away .M'tcrall. 
rcmemlier the plan' CropOnDude! But leave the cat out ot it. Dave 
Jones, you arc tix) much. What's ihal on your shoulder? It's a bird, it's's. uhoh Herc'stolcaMiigeveryonet'oramid-allcmoon 
snack. Keep in touch, Uave. No.notwithSiU'ah' .. Megan 
lor being who you are. ! love you darling. Hope things » ork out Ibr 
y ou w hcic\cr you go. You mean a whole lot to me and I need you 
dearly . Ja(y )son. y ou ok w ay too much. What would I do w ithoul you? 
Here's toallihegiHxJ times we' vehadtogether: Canobic, Ryan's Pond 
skinny dipping, the Pagixla, Rising Sun, 3:00 a.m. laughing contests, 
cookies w ith raisins, cinnamon heiuis. and poppy seeds, piiiw heel hats, 
h.illowceii 1,1/er lag. Carvvy raids, Ryan raids, giu-age doors, pixil 
jumping ichc/ Ben and .Mison.l skis, sledding through rings of fire. 
December sw miming (FOOL! I. cat prints, car washing, street signs, 
snow balls in the groin. Purity snow fights. French \ ideos. \ olleyball. 
ciUing 3-w a\ . Loaded Weapon I. "Can 1 kick her .' ", "Rita! Rita!" rain 
diinces, "hgoiste I ". "Free Willy ! ". > oplait. Revoluuon.iry Ridge snow- 
hall gang w ars - "W ait til my backupgets here!", sunroofs, "I can trash 
this lady!", stealth cars. su(K'rsoakcrs. cookies every day. Side, 
tooling people into thinking you iu-e me, and best of all, for all the times 
we' each other's minds. The bestoftimesare still locome.pal. 
Tlninks for all the ones w e've already had. 

Future Goals: To conquer the world using only a few t(M)thpicks, 
Ryan's goat, and a frisbee. To study malh in college and grad school 
and emerge as a rising siar in musical compcisition and performance. 
To live with no parents and three of my best friends in a huge house 
made of Dentyne. To practice my butt off in a)llegc on piano. To inarry 
and be happy, and to provide my children with whatever they need, 
whenever they need it Be the best that I can he. 

Deborah R. Downs 36 Gould Rd. 

School-Related Activities: JV Soccer I. Varsity 2.3.4;JV Basketball 
1.2 Varsit\ 3,4; JV Softball I. Varsity 2.3,4; Marching Band 1 .2,3.4; 
Concert Band 1 .2; Spanish Club 1 .2.3.4; American Field Sik leiy 3; 
National Honor Society 3.4; Talent Show 3 

Thanks to; Mom and Dad for being the greatest parents on the planet 
and putting up with me when I decorated the tree and told you w hat to 
do. Tlianks for supporting me in every thing I've done - 1 love you! 
Thanks to Shawn for being the craziest brother anyone could ha\e - 
Live Long and Prosper; JP for being a challenge in ba.sketball and 
letherhall because Shaw n wasn't; Nikki lor the music videos and riding 
bean bags down Ihe stairs: Mary DeMossiDusiy ) for being I ike a sister 
to me and my family, playing football at marching band, running to 
Wayland in the rain. I>cing an awesome goalie, swimming in the 
Aquarium fountain in Boston, making brownies forme when Poky 
died. J V basketball w hen we w on the DCL. the driveway incident last 
year (watch out lor the trees, lamp post, law n. truck, me mailbox, and 
the car that's coming right at us), the Period D studies w here we told 
stories, did airplane commercials, but not much homework, for 
Bertucci's. the bowling bag and the shack, disco dancing, playing 
basketball and soccer with iik*. the talent show, and everything else- 
don't slop laughing; Kem for living at the site of the driving incident, 
going to Uno' s. phy sics calendars, basketball grades 7- 1 2. telling mc 
to be quiet w hen the "greenb^-an lady" walked by. Big Mi>..i. and for 
being a great fnend. Came through the years. lor taking Cricket off 
our hands, all Ihe marching band fun. being in Miss. Peel's and Mr. 
Hirsi'h's classes withmc. sitting behind me incalculus.soflball grades 
7+8, and being a great, cra/y friend; Beckie for going lo Bon Jovi in 
'S'J.- Blue Birds. .Spnngs Brook Park, all the New Year's Eves 
(especially when we thought there was a burglerin your house I. the 
birthday parties. Rockpon. having me up to your house in VcrmonL and 
making me laugh — we all miss you; Siri for Halloween in Mh grade, 
having mc out to your shack, skiing at .Ml. Snow, your 1 2th birthday at 
Chuck E. Cheese, trout fishing at that lady s huse in New Hampshire, 
soccer grades 7- 1 2. the Spanish v ideos. and for making me read y our 
cra/y Spanish dianeslYoescuchoal radio 1 — thanks for being another 
crazy Incnd; Scooter, my cat. for being Ihe best eat inihc world; Mo. 
my hainslerrorbeingsocutc: all Ihe sheepin the world lor being socute. 
tiKi: all my teachers who have taught ine so many things; Mr. 'fMrs. 
DeMoss for being Ihe great prents of a great friend; Danielle for 
watching Nikki and I do music videos and swimming with mc at 
Springs Bnxik Park; Sheryl Pelrecca for being my basketball coach 
when we won the J\ DCL: all my coaches who have spent hours 
teaching me how to play -thank you; my Grandparents for supporting 
mc and feeding mc lots of fixxl. Maureen * Pete, my aunt and uncle, 
for ha V ing us up to y our house and making me laugh w iih your stories; 
Mrs. McCarthy for putting up w ith Siri, Sarah .ind I in Sih grade — sorry 
about thccar; Beih Mara for making gix)-stew with me. dancing class, 
a hundred yeaiN of siKccr. Blue Birds, riding bikes, and all the 
memories. Sicphanie and Julie Dubitsky for taking me to Cape Cod 
w ith you. bike riding dow n Dewey rd.. and being being the ctx^liest 
neiglilxirs; Bobby Mamgan for all the great stones y ou told, pushing 
Stephanie into the sw amp because it w as funny, and for al w ays hanging 
out in my dri V eway during the summer; Sarah F. for being so funny in 
8th grade Spanish, putting stuff on Mrs Mv<'arthy'scaron hallow cen. 
skaleNunling. spells on Lisa and Katie at Thompson Island! Ihal 
was stv funny l.cakeKiking sixitests. playing the trumpet, and foralw ays 
laughing and making me laugh; Emma R for Bon Jovi '')3. hav ing me 
down at your house, your pool. I still haven't given youyiHirChnstmas 
present. fi>r calling me all Ihe nine and icIlinL'mc great stories. Softball, 
and every thing else; Kathy K for alwav s laughing al whatever I say , 
being in my gym class ihc last two years. Bon Jovi '93. skiing. Jim's 
tape (ha! ha! 1. great birthday panics, going to Emma's w ith nK-. and 
always being fun to talk toi>; Theresa M for being on the tvasketball. 
siKccr and Softball teams with me, and for going sledding al night; 
Kristin for playing fixitball and e\ cry thing else in gym. and for 
sledding at night, too ( vv ith Julie D ); all my teammates ihat I've ever 
had - thanks lor alwaysensouraging and supponmg ine : JcnSi S. ( word 
up peep ) for being a great dmm ma jor and trumpet player - Moi>: Megan 
B. for Bon Jov i '8'). telling me funny jikes in 5th grade, recreation 

stxrcer.and listening lo WAAF; Elisabeth N. for all Ihe fun parties j 
making forts in the woods in elementary scIhxiI; Katie B foralv« 
laughing at ihe smallest things and having the bast sense of heini< ' 
ceverseen — don'tchange; Mr. BArbasforbicngacool i 
tor — calm blue (xrean; Ruth and Dave Matthews lor al 
you've had me over your house; Laura M for Ronald M 
swimming in the frog pond, and for getting ready to use i ' 
shovel when we thought dicre w as a burglerin the In ' 
all the fun in 3rd and 4th grades: Nickie L. tor coj 
office, walking through the Green River in March. I 
in rivers, and all the fun we've had since I st grade I 
the only ( ither Republican I know this siau;; Craig W i ■ 
football and being the soflball manager; Bon Jovi for N. 
band in the world; Poky for being the besi dog ; all my old | 
neighbors; Carolyn for all the years of wKcer; Lisa for all i ■ 
vidctis and Study penod B last year, Sarah S. for ihe Spanisl 
Study peritxl B and for always going to Springs Brook Park. ^.^ 
because they're so cute; Margaret M. for being in marching h. 
playing soccer, and for playing kickball in ycnjr front yard w nh Siri 
I; Linda Jones for being my cat partner, and many years of vxrccr. f 
Lou for many years of stxcer and calling me "St<xi|;" M.ji M 
playing soflball and driving like a inad-man;Cara Stein d i 
band; George Bush for being agreat president; Srta Dowtiiiil ic r 
the best substitute in the world: and finally thanks to the Tou 
Bedford. I'm sorry if i nll^^eJ .in\ oik 1 hope I (IhIu'i (i.MHlhi.' 
the Class ofl 994! 

Future Goals: To go to a (jood college and successfully 
graduate. Then to live in a town just like Bedford, have lo 
of pets, and have sheep in iny yard. I will be happy and 
someday meet Bon Jovi. 

Sarah EpplerHimscom A.F.B. 

.Activities: Class Secretary 3.4 ; Field Hixkey 2.3.4; Swimmin 
Volleyball forever; Citizenship Committee 3.4; Yearbook 3.4 s 
dent Atmosphere 2.3; Prom Decorating 3.4; SADD 3.4; BFCIimbi 
Crew 3; BONO Fan Club 

Thanksto: MomandDadforbeingthebesi' You guys are really coo 
than I give you credit for Thanks for instilling in me with asct of v ah 
lhat have helped me develop my own opinions, make my ov 
decisions, and to stand up and defend w hat I bcliev e is nght. Bui n' 
of all for continuing to lov e me no matter what. Stephanie for beii\L 
bcsisisterlcouldcvcraskfor! Evwhcingthcl'irstchild-solcould i 
what not to do. for letting me steal your clothes all tiK'se years, to 
nanK-"Baby Sarah", and forjust being there lor riK. Andof course 
family cat. Nacho. forgiv ing the lamily something to laugh at anil 
fnends something to make fun of JessicaD lorbeingmyfirstlrK 
hcre.explanations of every moviewesee.lhe endless supply ofwh 
bread, can't forget niy little accident w ith Ihe cai. Thanks for hei 
there for me. sp>X)ky people in y our baseineni. L'NO games, haircu 
castle cxcursioas, and our annual supertx>w l gathenngs. Yixi' 
al w ay s been there for me w ith an open mind, and for that I w ill alwa 
be grateful. I hope that we remain fnends forever, yixi mean the w oi 
to me! Ro - where do I begin ' There is so much lo say First a. 
foremiist 'Brcakin the law . hreakin the law ." - Beavis and Bullhc 
- our idols. Neil D!. Djarum. endless boy sagas. 1^2 - your fii 
expenence wiih nature. Steve Miller concert - that's anotJiercxpe ' 
encc ... late night phone talks, cluckin' chicken. "Hey Wayne's W ort 
"I know what — time it is!!,"climbing iherixifalBFCl, New Y ear 
Eve - what happened''!, temtixy folk. and "lean t w ait togolocollegi 
Your tnendship has n)eant stv much to nx; these last 3 1/2 years ai 
these memoncs I w ill nev er forget. I hope that we never lose sight 
each (Xticr and remain in ttxKh forever. John B.- for being my fa\ or 
man. I'm so glad that we became belter Ihcnds: in jiM a shon tir 
we'vedivne VI much - Spanish (we made it -barely). Saturday nKnnii 
phtme calls, inovic nights, the chocolate chip cookie incident, la 
Sarah shopping day s. the search for the pertcct girl - you 11 find her O' 
day. paiiencc. John, patience! Andof ciKirseprxMn night at Ro's sor 
I wouldn't lety ou siccp.and finally forjust being yourself - 1 Love \^> 
To "The Row" i Amy S., Erin S , Linda. Wendy . Ro. and Bethi than 
lor a I'rustrating junior English class - how w c got thnnigh lhal I ha 
no idea! Sara Borsh.iy for accidents on field hockey skirts, for n 
killing Richard Beetles! Throwing upon my dnveway,andfaralwa 
making nx: laugh - no matter w hat the situation is. Manka - what c;i 
I say - automobiles and usjust don't mi\ Sorry about the accident yr 
had toexperience w ith me. road trips to Ohio and Virginia. tollbixH 
• next tinx: lake the ticket, for constantly reminding me of walls, dnvii 
the stieeLs of Newton for hours, photography class - push back, pu 

160 Senior Directory 

;k," and foragrecing with iiie that Madonna is God. Lori M. - for 
ling mc go lo step aerobics - 1 hope your career as an aerobics 
tnicior is a prosperous one. ourSunday play days, SATclass. . . and 
beinginy"! ain'lone to gossipso you didn't hear it from me" piutner. 
ns Farmer- "Kyle" forgiving me the name Sizzlerand for constant 
J consistent harassment. Amy A - for my first Bedford Day. the Jason 
nkade experience, all the night I didn;t go to the club with you - one 
these days - promise! Being chased by crazy people late night in the 
eels of Waltham, and for being a sweetheart. Beth - U2 concert, 
;icabs (never again! (forgiving meaning to the work'"qucci"andan 
^icoraling year of swim teain. Chris Midgelt - for your birthday 
icks." for singing "Real Love" - MJB, and your smile. Amy Sandell 
r fights with Limo agencies - "no one goes to bars at 6:(K) at night !" 
• hat a nightmare!, for loving groups that everyone else hates (Rati 
lies!) and for being such a girl. Erin Smith - for Protractor the 
stractor, the race tofinish law articles the period before they're due. 
d for sharing crampexpt!riences with me. Jessamynfor "ILooooove 
eld HtKkey". . . NOT. and your notorious parties. Robbie for your 
menxjm girl dilemma conversations and your pro-cheating style at 
vlO. . .To the "Burning Pretzel" Crew (Cyndi.Ro, and Beth) -don't 
iialeit! - a night to remember. Wendy - Walk for Hunger - a day of 
ire torture, high heel follies.Grace Marie from Everett, reminding me 
where you live all the time, and for being therewith me to share the 
pcrienceofMika's driving skills. Jeremy -for Beverly Hills 902 10 
id for.being a Somerville 02 1 44 junkie, and of course for canoes, 
yndi - for letting me drive yourcar- chigachigonk, and for believing 
at step aerobics really does work. Ben - UNO games at Dugal's. 
)scene T-shirts, and for never ceasing lo amaze me by writing an 
ilire paper the period before it'sduc. Marcus H - for always beingthe 
stigator of our fights. Linda - for not letting me be the only one 
ueless in Analysis, for always knowing how I feel, and lor always 
iting tuna fish in front of me. CJ - for hating Spanish as much as I did. 
im Tarbell - for making photography class fun. Lisa Piantcdosi for 
ping class. Kerri Mead - Chemi stry - 1 think Mr. Palmer fell sorry for 
i. " So when are we going to start blowing things up?" Lauren - for 
vim team - good luck on the US sw im team (hee bee hcc). Carolyn 
anelli - for being my tour guide of Bedford High School. Bott\ - 
l'ou"ieaWinner!"andforthene\v move at step aerobics, Sara Brow n 
Physics labs, peer leadership rules, piom fights (sorry about that. I 
im Raffa - for loving John Cougar Mcllcncamp tixi. and the party you 
jd sophomore year before the dance Chasiiiy - for always standing 
our ground, prom, for being lull of cncrg\ and lor making me laugh 
1 of the time. Aaron Rashba - for being an awesome guy and 
nderstanding law . Brandon - for pestering me during 
ay I'll leach you how to drive. Julie (Julie-bug) for being my PNC, 
rayolas. weekend parties, for being a gym rat too, "Can't we all jusi 
et along," shopping trips, and just being an awesome friend. Carter 
nd Greg C. - for making Spanish fun, and Greg "'that's ridiculous." 
like McAllister - for football games. Lora - my wallpaper buddy, it 
as fun, but let's not make ilahabit. How's driving going.' (Hint Hint) 
)anielle Allain - for not letting ,iday goby w iihout mc smelling you. 
,;n Brown - lor being so nice ,ind .ittcmpiin!: lo help mc understand 
panish. Neil -forexplaining the physics labs tonic (,'■.'). and just being 
ool. All you guys have an awesome senior year Dave Venuti - for 
lo'shouseand being suchaswellguy. Dave Bollu - Mysterious Ways, 
nd gi ving me a name - Tina. Dave Lord - for being iny prom daye and 
leconstanl teasing. BryanA. -photography class. Paul Stone forbeing 

nice tome. Steve Chester - U2! And forbeing my idol. Katy D. 
Peace Baby - you can get the finger. And finally lo Rita forbeing such 
good friend and always believing in ine. Victor - for being a very 
pecial friend, it has meant so much lo me. and for teaching mc all the 
vords I really need to know in Spanish. Tony - forbeing a big brother, 
elting me stare you down and win. and for always laughing at me, 
Jelson - forlaking me to my first Red Sox game, "gorgeous" rice, lotto 
ickets, persuading me to like rabbits, and for being a beautiful person. 
Po my special friends back home in Ohio - Sarah P. for being a friend 
vho I will always beable toconfidc in and all the stupid iindcrazy things 
vedidin middle school - "il was the little light. " Jenni(wilhan I) for 
aking on the challenge of going to private school with me (at least for 

1 while) and for being a constant giggle box. S;u"ah V. - for Weird 
Science, Captain Boggles, and Stone Harbor. Jayson - for being the 
unnicstguy I've ever known, hospital visits, for putting up with me 
you thrived on it ) and for being such a special person. Emily - We' ve 
vHOwneach other since we w ere tiny; you're like the little sister I never 
lad. Thanks for 1 2 years of friendship. Christmas mornings. CCD 
;lasses, and hours of laughs. The Suhr family - for years of babysitting, 
aughs, and love. To the GAP crew - thanks for employing ine with an 
iwesomejob. You guys are the greatest. Karen - I'm still wailing for 
^ou 10 watch Beavisand Butthead. Alex (Do(X)opc??) and Shannon - 
.ou guys are the coolest, you've treated me like a friend not just an 
;niployee. And of course, you guys are true Beavisand Bullhead fans. 
Vlaral - for always havingahoy dilemma. TotheMalymeikandDugal 

families -foralways welcoming me into your home and believing and 
trusting that I was a positive infiuence on your child. To the Rosenberg 
family - forbeing my home away from home, and the ice cieamcookies. 
And to the Patino family - the trip was Ohio was wonderful - il meant 
so much and Thank You for all the encouragement in everything. And 
to anyone I forgot - I'm sorry. 

Future Goals: To go to college, graduate with an accounting / 
international business degree and make mega bucks. To always stay 
focused, set and meet my goals, toconquer and obstacle, and to never 
lose sight of what is important to me. 

Chris Evjy 

Thanks to; .Scott(Timi, " Why dey call you Mike D.?").George (""crash 
position!") , Alan (baddesl white boy in Boston I , Dave (Mr. 440. how 
is Timmy's front end?) . Adam, Alison, Jessica T., Nickie. Matt J., 
AiU"on. Sara C, Carolyn, Kristen, Jason, Demo, Mary, my parents, and 
Jenn (forever). 

Brian Pagan 

Thanks to: All my friends and family and anyone else who really 
deserves il. 

Future Goals: To be Bob Uecker' s stunt double in a beer commercial. 
To be a professional luge bowler. Sell women's shoes. Make a guest 
appearance on the Beavisand Butthead show. "Paper or Plastic." 

Carolyn Fanelli 
26 Sunset Rd. 

Activities: JV Soccer 1.2; Varsity 3.4; JV Basketball I ; Varsity Indoor 
Track 2; Captain 3,4; J V Spring Track I ; Varsity 2.3 ; Captain 4; French 
Club 1.2.3; Secretary 4; AFS 2.3.4; Spring Play 1,2; Musical 1.2; 
Tournament of Plays 1.2. .1.4: NHS 3,4; Interact, Bo.n d of fJiiecUn s 
3,4; Legislative Comniitlee .^.4; holding political campaigns signs for 
losing campaigns in the froc/ing cokl 2.3. 

Thanks to: My parents for their understanding, support, and uncondi- 
tional love over these past four years. You have been willing to do 
anything lo help me balance clubs, sports, work, school, and a million 
other things. Whether I needed a ride, a hug. or just a cup of Bedford 
Farms peach frozen yogurt, you guys were there. I also want to thank 
my big little brother for teaching me that I shouldn't take life so 
seriously. Thanks for jogging with me. laughing w ith me, saying 
"Bad." and never fighting (well, almost never). Thanks to niy friends 
who have made these four years so much fun. e\ en when we were 
struggling through Adv. Chem.! Lauren, thanks lor loving French 
films, pretzels, and "Wanen Christopher" v.n\\ mc. You such .i 
conmiillcd feminist, all w omen will one day ill, ink you for and getting 
everyone to say Congressperson. Ben &. .lorry's, cappucino, the 
Bruin"s game, rugged inen. Beautiful Man, the trombone, the sock 
game - 1 must be thanking Lisa! "I feel like I just ate a carrot !" Thanks 
toCiachformovingthehaystack.changing radio stations, bawling New 
Year's Eve. "track chats." the Chem. bonfire, working at wacky 
Davidson'.s. and spazzing all the lime; Katie for ""Superman" freshmen 
year. Spin Doctors, Davidson' s, and the Brady Bunch; Sarah for dares, 
the weight room, sledding, split ends. Progressive Parties, camping, 
and searching for the house; Julie for the Spring Play disaster and the 
magic "if." Kerri. thank you forbeing my friend forever. We have gone 
through so much together! I want lo thank Aitron for being a great 
person and the future President. Power snorting and fiower prints - 
thanks for o\eryttmig Jess! Thanks to Aaron, Jason, and Heath for 
"Mais Si!". "Glouie, " and Fabio in French class, Ben D, for being the 
only understanding guy in poll sci, Nickie for our f!\ in class chals, 
David for making me laugh, Carvey for super Spencer, Mika for 
matching, and Chris F, for having his locker an inch aw ay from mine 
for loin years' Debbie, Mary, and Kristen, thanks for being good 
friends and playing many years of soccer together. Thanks to all the 
.soccer seniors. Espy. Teresa. Jen. and everyone else. I want lo thank 
Michelle Pulsipher- you'll always bemy"favoriu; freshman!" Chiylenc 
and Chrissy, thanks foi the laughs during our rides with Mr. O'Brien. 
Thanks to the other great |3eoplc in my class: MFF. Chasiiiy. Wendy. 
Chris E.. Ro. Eppler. Alison, Alan, Mindy. Claire, and all the rest. I 
want to thank Ms. Lohruin for being one of the sweetest, most 
understanding people I know. I really appreciate all thai you havedone 
for me. Thanks lo Mr. Reynolds who taught me how to be an active 
and involved citizen. Mrs. Rainis ■ thank you for making your class 
was so much fun ihat I didn't realize I was not only leiu^ning aboni 
French, but about what is "I'essenticl" in life. You are both incredible 


Future Goal: Happiness. 
David Faulkner 

Thanks To: First of al II 'd I ike to thank all the teachers at Bedford High 
School for pulling up with me all these years. I'd especially like lo 
thank Mr. Keup for last period study hall. MrDipictro for helping me 
through everything. Mr. Hunt for trying to get me lo do my best no 
matter how foolish 1 was. Next I'd like lo thank C.E. forbeing a great 
friend and for N.H. summers. S.C. for the attitude, just kidding, and 
J. I.. N.L., J.D., and M.P. for DnD. p.s. I'm NOT an Urquhan. 

Karen Freeman 

Activities: Orchestra; Chamber Music 1,2.3; Choir 1,2.3; 
Show Choir 2,3; Pit Set design 4; Love 1.2; G.B.Y.S.O. 

Thanks To: My parents fortolerating me. my sister for being a sweetie, 
Megan F. F. forbeing my best friend since seventh grade. Magdalena 
Richlerand Michael Zarelsky forhelpingme achieve all I have in viola 
and teaching me about music. Heather P. for gingerbread, Joanne M. 
You First! Jessica T. and Sarah C. for the drugs during Pit and Sarah 
forgoing lo the office. Heath forbeing himself, Ryan K. for letting nie 
pick on him. and all my other friends who have helped me through the 

Future Goals: Graduate from thecollegeof my choice and play in the 

Megan French-Fuller 
26 Independence Rd. 

Aclivities:DramaClub 1,2,3, Vice-President4:FrenehCIub 
Tournament 1 .2.3.4; Student Productions 2.3.4; AFS 3,4; Forum 3. 

Thanks to: I know I'm going to forget a lot of people, so let me start 
off by saying THANK Y(JU loall my friends. I would especially like 
tothank the C<irvey sisters. I will never forget all our shindigs and the 
SNPLG. You slacker, Sarah! .Vtually you are one of the hardest 
working people I know. Cropon! Heath, thank you for still being my 
friend and more, despite the the beginning of this year. You'll always 
be my little cabbage. What is that, chocolate sauce, in your pocket? 
Thank you. Dave for all yourconceni and listening to me w hen I need 
someone to talk lo. You' re a great guy .I'm waiting for the day that you 
takeover the Paper Store. Thanks. Ryan, for being a funny guy and my 
drama pal. Did your drama teacher ever tell you that you were magic 
wailing to happen? And thanks to Julie Bayne for being my partner 
Flecti a. We have to write " Electraand Cassandra Part Deux" iind take 
II 111 Broadway. Thanks to Claire for being a language goddess and 
alwaysha\ ingagreat attitude. Thank you Joanne and Cyndi for being 
such good I'riends. I'm sorry I've seen less of you guys these past two 
years. Thanks to Alison forbeing my "neighbor'and forbeing sick widi 
me on the Drama Club Field Trip. Carson, thanks for letting me play 
Catherine in your video, I had a blast, and for being the understanding 
guy that you tire. Thank you. Katharine forbeing my friend (most of 
the lime ) as well as my 1 ittle sister. I don ' l think any pair of sisters Kx)k 
less alike and have as close a relationship as we do. Thanks to my 
parents for alw ays being there w hen I needed a ride or forgot a report 
at home. Merci beaucoup lo Mrs. Rainis for installing a love of 
languages in me. But most of all. thank you. Karen, for being the best 
friend a person could ever have. 1 hope we move lo Florida together 
after our hu.sbandsiue (lead like the iwoold ladies from "Used People", 
nianks for all your advice, liking the same kind of |)eople lhal I like, 
liking the same kind of movies 1 like, and t>eing an all-around great 
person. When you're playing for the BSO don't forget lhal you knew 
ine. I couldn't have made it through the last four ycar^ without you. 
Don't lose touch! 

Future Goals: To go to college, live in the same apartment with three 
of itiy good friends (J. C. and D) unchaperoned. get married, have iwo 
kids, and find a job that I like. 

Matthew T. Gallant 
13 Beacon Street 

Activities: V. Football 1.2.3,4; Hockey l.2.Caplain3.4; V.Ba.seball 
1 .2.3.4; Vice-President 3.4; Latin Club .3,4; Spanish Club 1 .2; Prom 

Senior Directory 161 

Dccoraiing 3. BFFA 3. 

Thanks Co: GOD, Nana lor believing in me and I wish lhat you could 
have been here to see me graduale. I love you very much and will never 
Ibrgel you. My family - Dad lor bringing nie up right and keeping me 
inline. Mom, thanks for always being there. Youarelhegrcatcsl. 1 
LOVf: YOl'. Mark forieaching me how toplay baseball, without you 
1 don't know where I would be. Maiia for being the best little sister 
a brother could have. Thanks to Nannie and Pa for being the best 
grandparentseveriindforyourlove. Grammy andGnmipy. Tom. Julie. 
Ben and Mall for all you" ve done forme. Belh and Chuck for all your 
thouglululness. Kathy, Jeff, Jeff, and .Scott for your interest in my 
ba.scball slals. Uncle Pat and Aulnie Roberta for standing behind nie 
all these years. Thanks to all my cousins, aunls. and uncles. To my 
second family, the football team. Brendan M. for being a great friend, 
bloo<l bath and the team. Chris F. for always being there when Ineeded 
to talk lo someone. Midge - the cut back and for being captain. J.T. 
for being a Willie, captain, and rides tt) McD s. Wayno for baseball 
(YoungGuns),football,hockeyfCaptainJ. Smulski forbeingaMike 
and Willie, the tattoo and 36 quick trap. McCune-yehl! Weasel for 
the roadrunner. Mobley foryourtruck. Caipy-"ontwo." Hey George 

- "buck." Don't turn once. Damon - Farmer's speech. Brad for 
sprai ning your ankle. Sully for the concussion. Germany for teaching 
inelheGerman language (Scheisse.) Fagan for your radio. Levangie 

- trips, Linda J . (Chicken 1 Beth M. for the cniise and prom 93 1 Queen. ) 
Wendy C, Mary D. for Latin and .Spanish. Poody. Betty. Jessica 
Brown, Sara B.. SaraB., Ro for being President. Bill M for protecting 
me in net. Sean Mec for hockey and boxing. Chris .VI. for J.C. Bill 
B . lor being a hacker and Tiger. Thanks to Jen Hanson for the past 17 
years, you are like a sister to me Trisha Payne for listening to my 
mother talk tome. The McGraths for the junior prom and brciikfast. 
The Hunts for making me feel welcome in your home and for your 
kindness. The coaches - Sabourin, Petrillo, Colonel. Sullivan, Elias, 
and Hirsch for teaching me never to quit. Also. Coach Bevins, 
Dontre'mont and Coach Henry. PctcC. for being there to help me and 
for being afriend. Mr. Tompkins, Mr. Lord, Mr. Joyce and Mr. Venuti. 
Teachers -Maxwell. McDonald. Ducky and Goose. Pal mer.Kelly.and 
Mrs. Mitchell. Thanks to TOP GUN ( He's going vertical and so am 
1.) Special thanks to CYNDl - you are one of the best things that has 
happened to me. I'm really glad that th mgs have worked out between 
us. Y<iu mean so much to me and you have always been there for me 
(baseball, football, and hockey games.) Thanks for everything you 
have done for me. This past year has been the greatest year of my life. 
I hope my I'utuic includes you. 1 will never forget the limes we shared. 

Future Goals: To watch Brendan McCralh win Ihe Indy 500. To 
graduate from college, play major league baseball and pitch in the 
Woild.Series. Mairyabeautifulgirtandliveahappy life. Twentyyears 
from now . coach Bedford High to a slate tourney title w ith Dave 
Venuti. Fulfill all my dreams and aspirations before I die and go to 

1 37 Patterson Rd. 

Activities: Softball I: Newspaper 3,4; Legislative Committee 4; 
Foreign Language Week 3: Debate 1 ,2.3.4: Spanish Club 3: NHS 3.4 
(Treasurer i 

Thanks To: GoJ lor in,iking it all possible My family and friends, 
especially Mom and Dad, Jim, My Be Fri Heidi, Michael, Jen (mi 
primita ), Theesie and my foes. You ha\ e all taught me a lot. especially 
about myself. Love you! 

Future Goals: To go lo college and recei v e my masters in Social work. 
I'd like to come back to Massachusetts and start my careeranda family. 
Travel iu'ound the world and hot every Hiird Roc k Cafe in existence 
w ith my cousin (of course.) Finally, I'd like lo spendtherestof my lite 
with iny guardiiui angel. I've eaten at Kelly's Roast Beef 1 I ate pizza 
on Revere Beach! 

Robert William Hannon 
6 Garrison Dr. 

School Related Activities: Soccer 1,2,3,4 Captain 4: Basketball 1; 
Hockey 2,3,4; Lacrosse 2.3,4; Purity 2,3.4; Slop & Shop 4 (shh'l; 
Yellow Banana 3,4; 

Thanks to: Special thanks to Mr. Wilson and the '93 Varsity Soccer 
leamforllicmostexcitingexpcriencesof my life. You guys have more 
guLs than road kill! To the hockey team lor die most ridiculous fun I've 

had. Tothelaxleamforalloutcbaos. To the fundraising parents that 
made all of that chaos possible. Tlianks to Johnny B. for being a great 
co-captain and trekking the world for Brine-Air; Dugal forgiving me 
a wonderful friend when I needed it and a shoulder lo fail back on; 
Eppler for having the best Gap; Borshay for being my middle school 
love; Buckley for always reminding me that hiscar is better than mine; 
Chhabra for being the baddest white boy in Boston and his sell-out 
party; Wendy, those legs; Mika for Galactic Gigolo: Raffa, can't you 
walk; Brownie for those homcrtx)ra essays lhat beat my best master- 
pieces; Betty, 1 don't think you're fat; Linda for being beautiful; Beth 
lor your honorable superlative; Ben for your net; Mary for having the 
guLs lo play goalie; Nicky for always being ihere; Julie and Betty for 
being my cheerleaders: Calvin for being sog(x>datever>thing: Apama 
for representing food in Physics; Luke lor > our constant off-the wall 
chitchat; Mindy for all your pep talks; Chris x2 lor the SAT; My mom 
for pulling me here : My dad for not taking me off when I deserved it: 
And anyone else w ho look the time lo read this. 

Future Goals: First, to earn my bachelors at Wenlwonh for architec- 
ture, make lots of buildings, and become very rich. Second, to try and 
repay my parents for everything that they have given lo me. And third, 
to die happily with the most toys. 

Siri Hiuison 
40 Springs Road 

Activities: SoccerJ.V. I ;Varsity2.3,4; Basketball Manager2; Spanish 
Club 1,2; AFS 2;Choir 1 ; Hall Decorating 1.2; Spirit Games 3. 

Thanks lo: Thanks to my mom and dad. I love you both. Thanks for 
putting up with me all these years. Also thimks to my gnrndmolherand 
Jane. To Bob. I Booby ) for being such a cool person and embarassing 
me a lot. especially at restaurants and the time you nin and slipped in 
a huge mud puddle on the soccer field ToCarl for pulling up with my 
persistency all the time and for being a cool guy. To the "Emerson 
Crew ." Especially Julie and Lis. Lis I tliank you for the night I slept 
over and 1 met Dave and Andre Too bad I don't live in Milton. Also 
remember the song "Come Go With Me" and when w e sang ii in front 
ol cvcPibody at Copies Plaza in Boston. And the "V subway; those 
gu>sthoughtwewerednink. ToJulie-remember'Xrhili's"anddriving 
in the piirking lot and mc spazi ng out because I ihoughl you w ere going 
locrash. And for the "TALKS." (SUMMER BEACH '93). ToEmils 
for liking all those weir;i guys and for not thinking of mc as too much 
of an "airhead . " To Tina - remember Dunkin Donuts. Josef and the 
other guy and Harvard Square at night when Ann was laughing 
hysterically at thai I guy/girl )'? To N .S for \ our poo\ party . To Cam and 
John for the fun limes. To Choi for being a great friend. To Debbie 
for pulling up with mc and being a good friend. Remember "BERT" 
and all those nicknames I have gone tlm>ugh. luid the Halloween we put 
catfood and tolielpapcr all over you know who"scar and mailN)x. ALso 
the Spanish projects w e made - "".^n^ba. Arriba." To the girls" varsiiy 
siKccrteamcspecially: J.T (B-i-n-g-o).Espi. Margaret, Jenn.,Krislen 
and Apama. To Apama for those talks we had and going lo see "The 
Good Son ", and being a good friend. Don't forget me doing "FACES" 
and you doing the PageanL To John Ballou for lhat fun summer, 
especially the night of July Fourth. To"neming" for being sogotxi- 
looking. To Sarah Ro - remember the movie where Ihe parents ale 
IX'ople and the time we w ent lo .see "Fried Green Tomatoes. " To Mall 
B. for being so gixxl-looking but li\ ing so far aw ay. Toanybody else 
wholveforgolten to mention. Bulespccially to "Emerson Crew "93"'. 
(soap opera). So much happened in so little time. 

Future Goals: To moke it through college, get a career in film and 
lelev iMon. become successful, marry a good-lookiiigand handsome 
guy. and have two kids. 

Stephen Hector 

3 Ruben Duren Way 

Activities: Biuid l.2;Telemedia 1.2,3.4:DebateTeam3.4;Fomm3.4: 
SADD 3.4; Latin Club 1 .2; Rifle Team 3.4: AH AUS Referee 1 .2.3.4; 

Thanks To; Teachers: Mr. Slephenson.forjustbeingan all around nice 
guy with a great senseofhumor, andfor always believing in me. Mr 
Damcron for being a great Brains fan and a nice guy to talk to. thanks 
for the h(Kkey puck! And thanks to those teachers also: Mr Maxwell, 
Mr. McCarthy, Mrs. Pelligrini, and the entire library crew for being 
great people to joke around with. Special Thanks: To my family, 
mainly my mom and dad. You have alw ays believed in mc, even w hen 
others didn't. lean ncs er repay you lor all the helpand support you have 
given mc. Mom. thanks for fighting for me in Bedford High School. 
Dad. thanks for letting mc decide to become a referee, and then sticking 

behind me through all Ihe brawls, penalties.etc.. Bui most of all than 
you for letting me learn to be my own person, and putting up with m 
inquisitive and somelimes jester personality. You've been the bcsi 
And to some friends I've had since time began in Bedford. I'd like I 
th;inkBenCorde.s. Jeff Weinfurt, and David Jones. Is it possible we'v 
been in Bedford our ENTIRE lives? And also thanks to Paul Connoll 
lor giving me a chance, Paul Jenkins for helping mc all those year 
AH AUS, and all those hockey leagues lhat gave meachance torefera 
Students I ' ve befriended over my 4 Years: Jason Alonis. Chris Row< 
Eric Green. Brian Drohan. David Gersh, Bcndik Anlhonscn, Heal 
Dill, Krislina Roussak, John Cadolte, Jen Young, Jason Ingrahan 
Heather Walker, Mall Ross, Greg Ross, Josh Sil vcrstein, Joe Sa\ agi 
Henrik Patel, and Nick Kane. 

Future Goals: I hope to attend college, gel a good degree and enter tb 
work force, barn gixxl money and marry, have some kids, gel a housi 
get season tickets to the local hockey team, and all Ihe usual stuf 
Maybe try for a public office someday since I like politics so much 

Heather Alison Hirsch 
24 Fox Run Rd. 

Activities: Sleep SADD I; Spanish Club I. 

Thanks To: First ofall thanks to my family. I love you all even ihouj 

I don't always show ii. .Michelle, thanks for all you' ve done for me. 
w ill never forget it. Mom. thanks for helping bail me ouL even thoug 
you think I lake it for granted. I love v ou and appreciate every diing yo 
doforme. Joanna, you're the best friend 1 could have. Thanksfora 
those long talks, and the shoulder lo cry on Never forget: Let ' s go i 
Taco Bell, Canobic Lake, Late night drives in North Andover, He; 
you' re stylin ! You git outta here ! ! I and all those others thai I can t ihii 
of. Don't forget thai our kids have to grow up together, .so never lo; 
touch. Brian, you have made me so happy. I love the limes thai we'\ 
spent logether and the many more lo come. You're awesome! Let 
not dri ve each other era/ y and one day 1' 1 1 know all of the Dead lune 
But no mailer what happens don ' I ever lei 1 0/2/93 slip from your min 
Because Bnan. I L<)veyou!!!Don'iever forget lhat. Ohyeah.onemoi 
thing. . WHATEVER!!! Kim don't ever get into a truck w ith guj 
named BozoandCurtis. Keepinlouchalways. Beltyhe'smint! Don 
ever lose lhat personality. Icould never picture you serious. Julie, tat 
theplungc. Kathy, Well Iguess I've made ii. Thanks for helping n 
through my Ifeshman and sophomore years. Take care of yourself ar 
my nephew. LoveyaKath! Rick, thanks forbeing Kalhy'sboyfrieni 
You'a- ihe best. Rick Jr., take care little budy and don'l let whalyoi 
father tells you scare you. Love ya little guy. Wendy, she gon lo g 
you! Thanks for keeping me companv inthemoming. keepintouc 
Eppy, can 1 still have your shirt'' Lcl'snot lose those homeroom chat 
Marcus, thanks for the three years that you reminded me of \oi 
feelings, hut the answerissiill NO! Mindy P., don't let those Monnoi 
.scare you. Shan. Wickey.Wickcy. Jean, be nice lo Joanna or 1' II hai 
to kill you Dave F.. don't you ever forget about ine. Nicev. ju 
remember \ oucan come tome whenever you need mc. Belh. lfu'ou| 
fights and friends we've managed to always stay fnends. lei's keep 
that w a) . Mrs. P.. thanks for being my second mom. I love you. M 
Palmer, you're the only one w ho hasevcr made me like science, lhani 
forthat! You'reoncofihebesi. Mr Maxwell. hey kid.I'llalwayscon 
back lo visit and show you pictures. Thank-s for everything. M 
Lohrum, thanks for EVER YTHING. Without you I don'l know whei 
I'dbe headed lapprcciateallyou'vedoneforme.thanksagain. Mr 
Ralslon. I don'l know where lo slan. 1 guess I'll start off by savir 
thanks for being there for mc. You' \ e made it a lot easier to get up ; 
themoming THANKS!! Max and Speedy, you guys arc the besica 
a person could have Thanksguys! TheBeachinBercila.hanginlhei 
buddy, thanks for all the rides. VERY VERY SPECIAL THANK 
TO: iire the BEST sonamoihtfrcouldask for Evenlhoug 
you're not w iih nK I know you're the BEST' I love you .so very muc 
and miss seeing you grow. I LOVE YOU MY LITTLE BO'Y!!!!! 
Joseph'sparenls, you twoare the best people in this world. I could ha^ 
never asked for anyone better. I love you two VERY much. THAN 
YOU ! ! ! ! ! And for al I those people I forgot . I' m v cry sorry but 1" m tc 
poor to pay for extra lines. THANKS EVER YONE! ! I !! I !!!!!!'! ' 

Future Goals; To get past al I the things thai weigh me down, loconlini 
my education, move out. find the perfect man. startafamily and lo soft 
day see my little boy again. 

Cynthia Diane Hunt 

I I Page Rd. 

Activities: ScKcer 1.2.3. Captain 4; Basketball 1.2.3. Capuin ■ 
Softball 1 .2; Prom Chairperson 3.4; Jessaniyn Smith Tan Club 4. 

162 Senior Directory 

nks To: First I would like lo lhank my laniily. You guys are the 
I precious people in my li fe. To my parents Bob and Bren you two 
he best! Bren - how can I lhank you. you have done so much (or 
F-'orthe Bingham education, homework assif;nmcnis. jicilini: me 
:)f class, writing Ions of notes and pulling up w hli nic- I lo\c you 
la ! Mcl-ly - thanks for never gi ving up on nic. 1 do real i /c now that 
■ylhingisformyowngood. For coming I ni\ games, the rides, 
pcow noises, singing awful, and foralways being there. I love you ! 
dy - the best sister cveiy. l or Newburyporl I Road Kill Cafe), 
ping (Ml. Blue and Pulukaw ay). Rusty 's cottage, blue corn chips, 
ing me feel I was never born yet, and spillson thcdinnertiible! Eric 
ny new big brother. Since Juice won't listen lo mc I'd love to be 
.unlsoonthintlj Huey-Imi.ssyousomuch! Forthcwakc-upcalls 
ly head. HardRiKk, Kelly's. Bedford Farms runsafter church, and 
he talks. Nose - for being a retard, the bird noises, Cyntheder, 
)ing your nose, and the biggest parties ever lo come through 
ford High. You make us all proud. Doc Dan ■ you're a mag. Shane, 
"ailing off a porch for me on New Year' s. Good luck in your nursing 
er. Buddy - for being a retard and the stupidest dog we ever had. 
y F - my 5lh shorter brother. For try ing lo teach Dave manners and 
)ing him alive. To Beth. Linda, and Poof. Beth - for pushing me 
) my best. I owe a lot to you . Tlic Cape Times were the best ( time'?), 
ig to scoop Dave, yoo- hoo in the Caraviui, stink bombs, pictures of 
i in undee's, getting lost going loG's games, Promdccoratingruns, 
iiiise,formitlcas,yoiirsweel birthday parties, Bedford Jacket with 
tipper, iuid serendipilies. I look up lo you in so ninny v\a\s For 
g the best friend I could ever ask for. Gooti luck Scrooge! Linda 
IS. head, unomen. Shaba. Idon't even know w here lo suirt. it ' s been 
ears of great friendship. You have always nicam the world lo me. 
lembcr nursey schwl. mac + checvc w iih Sesame Sueei. my 
nils, slip and slide on my hill, purple hudy bike 1 stole and hid in 
- bushes, bully, touch tongues, show in iindees. t ighis with your 
:r. chug and spin behind Poof s fence, old guys in Corvettes. Sara 
[or letting it all hang ou or in my case nothing, know iiig whai I'm 
glosay before I do, never being ontime. New Year's 93 and gelling 
!ed, the flying pten.)dactyl at Taco Bell, the bird ihal saysCsn diiuid 
_in-da, in ihc car for days only logo lo Pulukaway. steal mg .left, 
ing me withCorkey, Uno's, trying out lor sollball only lo gel cut. 
ng Kim D. with piz/a, and all those trips lo tmcrson. Wherever 
are whatever you're doing I w ill always love you and be here for 
Poof-Poof - the little Brat ! For forts in your Iron' yard, your parties, 
mion's Big Cat, sleeping bag monsters. Walk for Hunger, the 
I'ard Crew. Bobby Clapp's singing, and Ihe trips we took in your 
eway wilhoutgoing anywhere. To - forskipiihead. Bedfordopoly, 
adbird" for pushing me my Juniorycar. Epiludy - for Stcp-acrobics, 
•ad. wretched, rancid and chick-aw. Mika - letting me steal your 
ler, Betty B(x>p- thetanoffs, Mrs. GiddisF-nglish Class. KimT. 
I Friendly's crew, lettuce be friends. Jodi and Krislie - weirdest 
ids ever. The H-crew you know who you are! Brendan - for the 
h in Lane, slabbing me with your pencil, letters lo your girlfriend 
IhcJuniorProm.lhadugiKxIlime. ThanksMrs McCiraili Don't 
touch! I love you. JohnB. DiHieee! for locking me in the free/ei. 
:llne on my care, and always being there for me Good 1 uck ' Bills 
kley-toastrangckid. Chris F. - the shorty on Har\ ;ii (l, Di Das id 
ledonuts. Midgett- the honorofgiving you rides laic iiighi Mike 
1 for Haltering me. gooti luck in the band. Way no - lor all the hear 
>, and pulling me in my place. John I . lor my l irsi kiss and e\ ci \ 
sfirstkiss. Willy B - fords rule. Tara P- girlfriend. laniSlaxin 
j're a good kid. Sorry about the summer thing. Obviously iiall 
sdout for the best. Kim Duda-forthcloiletpaperand unbelievable 
Mackles. Dave V - for making my betliy happy . the cape, Jr. Prom, 
always making me laugh. Darrell ■ New Years, Clingon's iuid 
uirts. BuckyandGoosieforthe talks. PcterCacciolaforrice. The 
ant Family - my second home, for not putting a parking meter in 
I of your house. Mrs. Gallant forlhe dinners, fro/en yogurt, water, 
games, the caterpillar, and letting me date you so»)n after the 4lh 
jly. To Maria, Ihc little sister I never had. For being my pow er- 
ting partner lUid giving it you all- forbeingarejeetandagreat friend. 
. guys arc the best! To Matty 's Grandparents for being so nice to 
itnd making me feel welcome. Kristin M. for not losing your 
des. Friendly 's for keeping me outof trouble. Bedford Farms for 
th Bar Frozen Yogurt Finally to Matt - 1 guess I should thank you 
for asking me lo the Junior Prom. These past month's have meant 
luchlome. I'm unbelievable happy when we're together. The 
^s that we spend only make me love you even more, like the day in 
laspilal. lipping the canoe. Ihe 4th of July, child falling over the 
, eehem, kill that was closelined, my car overheating, our first 
^ie RichiKhet. when the screen fell. C. River Nightmare we 
dii'l slop laughing. Red Sox ganie(mynuH)d), my first accident and 
rsw eel breakfasts. Whenever, we're togetherthcre'sasinileon my 
and with every moment that passes I just want to tell you how much 

I love you. Matt, thanks for making my last year at BHS so memorable. 
Matty "G"- goixl luck in the majors! ! ! Thanks to the '93 yearb<K)k staff 
for ruining it for the seniors of '94 and having me pay .$90 for my 
yearbook. And to all those people I have forgotten. I'm sorry this is 
last minute. I love you all and good luck to the class of '94!! 

Future Goals; Not to be like my brother Dave. SeeJessamyngetareal 
tan. Graduate from BHS and go tocollege. Get manned to a wonderful 
man who is going lo love mc forever, have at least 5 brown eyed kids. 
Go camping, fishing and canoeing at Ml. Blue Slate Park. Live close 
lo New England by my family. Have a small home w ith a large yard 
and a basketball court in back. To live life to thefullest and never, ever 
be lonely! 

Jason Ingraham 
79 South Rd. 

Activhies: Soccer 1,2,3.4; Ski Team; French Club 2.3.4; 
Recycling 2,3; D.D.D.E.A. 1 ,2.3,4; Mr. Lord Fan Club 3,4; Tclemedia 
3,4; Tournament of Plays 4; Spring Play 3.4; Choir 1,2,3,4. 

Thanks to; First of all to mom and dad without whom I would not be 
at all. Then to Pete the best big brother a kid could have. Thanks lo 
Nick for laughing at mc. not w ith me. Heath for staying up all night lo 
talk about stuff. Linda for reminding mc to write my senior thanks. 
Ry<m, you're great don't ever change! Aaron thanks for the great 
Frisbec games. Jell-o, for being squishy andjiggling. BenC. who 1 can 
ask anything about Monty Python and then some. Pete Cacclola. 
Number one trainer! Scott P.. for being .squishy andjiggling Andrew 
S.. Telcmedia Lives!! Rita P. my lovah. take me home ' Nlekic and 
Mary for being one of a kind together. Brain Diohan. He is ihe master 
of youi desliny 'II Ben B. not too runny. The cniire defense of ihc 
SOCCER team: John Banrows, Ben Dick, Jesse Ryan, Cal v m VV ilder. 
it felt great to win. (That goes for the rest of you guys too. i Belle. \ <)us 
etes Ires belle. Jessica we could talk for hours and have, so ihanks 
Chris E. you're huge! .Mlison S. you're going to niiike a greai 
professional model and lhank you I guess. Francais five, you're the 
best. DanG. Ihanks for helping find out that men suck Seih. 1 don 't 
know how long we've been together but it has been worth ii Mine. 
Rainis. I lhank you foryoursupport. Pavao! Robby H. you may eui my 
hair one day. Chris Coatcs, Hey sweet lhang! Special thanks giK-s lo 
all Dunkin' Donuts employees, except Dave F. The entire ski team, 
thanks for four great seasons ! Beth and Jason, love ya. Roger and Chris, 
you helped me find so much strength inside. Fox and Dave, you were 
there and that's what counts. All Ledge Ml. alum. Tetldy. whom I love 
very much and I hope he finds his place in I ife. To anyone I forgot; your 
thanks arc due. Fish. 

Chastity Iri/airy 

1 8 Drake Lane (New Hampshire) 

Activities: Student Body Association 1 .2; Youth-for- Youth 2; Cheer- 
leader 2; Drama 3.4; Debate 4; Yearbook 3.4; Interact Club4; School 
Atmosphere Committee 3.4. 

I hanks lo: I do not want to Stan like evcryoncelsc, so let mc begin by 
saying that I could never thank everyone; solo all those dial I missed. 
I am sorry and I love you all anyway ! 1 have to first thank two people 
who have made mc almost insane for most my life. Ki^stal and Dante. 
I love you more than life itself and I hope you will always remember 
that. No matter what happens you two will always be two of the most 
important i^eoplc in my life. Krystal. we probably have fights worse 
than Ihe World Wars Ihemselves but. we will always end up right w here 
w e are now ; sisters. We have been through so much together and that 
is something 1 could never forget. When I am rich 1 w ill send you the 
money lo build a basketball court outside yoiu' house so all the cule guys 
can come aroundand play as we watch. And yes. "You're beautiful! " 
(Just do not renund mc on adaily basis!) Dante, my de<ui»L gorgeous, 
most favorite brother in all the world, you are the greatest. I have no 
doubts that you w ill be I'amousand handsome as always. Watch out lor 
all Ihe girls that will be knoefcin' at your di«)r. I love you so much and 
I love how close we were despite the age difference. Thank you so 
much for being the best guy in my life, i Literally!) You definately 
deserve a great, big ihanks Julie M. Bayne. You are way tixrsmart for 
yourown good but. that is what I love ahtnit you I am so glud you w ere 
there for me. You are destined for greatness and 1 am clad to say that 
I know you. I nov er would have made it through Mr. Ullman's Physics 
class wiilioul you and the rest of "The Physics Potty Posse". All of oiii 
talks of Sh.iw n, John, and the rest of the great people I nianagetl lo 
encounter, helped mcout quite a bil. I think you should be a talk -show 
host ! I hope you never let anyone put you down (i e. those anal (icopic 

who make you stand for things you do nol believe in. ) You definitely 
taught me a lot about myself and opened my eyes to what was there all 
along, true friendships. You truly are "The Knighr'whohasconqucrcd 
many battles and only ready for more. You leave only proud thoughts 
in people's minds. By the way. PLEASE do not ever atlempt spuas 
on a professional level; unlcssof course you find one that gives points 
for effort! I Love You. Bayne. Lorella Malymcik. How do I begin'.' 
Know ing you has been one big roller coaster. I have lo admit though, 
it taught me a lot. Ironic how we became friends in the first place. Even 
more ironic, how we were brought back together again. Maybe it is fate, 
maybe it is coincidence. Whatever it is I w ill just let it he I did not 
like it when we stopped talking but, I w as too stubborn to make the first 
move, in much the same way you were. I thought it was dumb but I am 
glad it resolved itself and that it is over. I know we may never be as 
close as we were but should never be as far as w e were. Lori, thank you! 
I am not exactlly sure what for yet. but I know that I have to say it before 
ilistoolate. C)h boy. AnasUisia Porter. My first "blonde" friend, lhave 
to thank you for being my diary. All of our long talks helped me to see 
what a good person you are. You saw past my wall and what everyone 
else made me out to be. You gave me a chance and you gota friend for 
life. Drama was a riot and so was Spring Break. (Chastity's first big 
nightout ! ) What a "Sweet" Sixteen you had. In all seriousness, it was 
a lot of fun. We had fun, and did not gel arrested. (Laughing, joking, 
k iddi ng I ) Actually , every night we have gone out has been something 
to remember. We always manage to have fun (Boy. are my parents 
going to have something to say when they read this!) Foreveryonc else, 
Slaccy and I never did anything bad. Stace. just w atch for razor bum 
and next time you and Sarah decide to have a "party", make sure I am 
ihei e. okay .' P S. Do me a big favorand slay away from Michael ' ' We 
e.innoi have a section for ihanks unless Linda Jones is among them. I 
have dubbed Linda the only one to get mad at someone for being nice. 
You w ere the first one on that infamous 'first night out' to say that it 
was cool that I was oul and should do it more often. I took your advice 
and liiok what happened. My parents have only you to blame! I really 
appreciate your uncanny ability lo make me laugh at every situation I 
taketoo seriously. (Of course, when you are not taking it itm seriously, 
too!) You are an awesome friend; thank you. Mr. John Michael 
Barrows, you iU'e a treat within yourself. GiK)d-Kx)king and thoughtful. 
You area very good judge of character. I just have not decided whether 
that isgoodorbad. yet. I am really happy we became friends and I am 
sorry for not trusting you sooner and not seeing the stereotype of 
the one category you can not help but be in. Thanks. Johnny. Arturo 
Santiago and Chris Prentice are also in a class all their own. They are 
two of the greatest "big brothers " a girl could ever have. Chris. 
you...well. you stay Chris. I really do owe you a lot of gas money and 
maybe one day I will pay you back. Maybe. You are strange though. 
I have never met anyone who spend more money on a radio than on the 
actual car, itself!! ODD! And Arturo You surely do make for an 
awesi)mc Puerto Rican. I love having you around. I hope you get 
everything you want in life, and then some. If weever lose touch I w ill 
miss your laugh and your hugs the most. You are the best. .Anuro. and 
Hove you. Lind.say.Sylva. here it is. The thank you I promised. (Joke) 
I could never forget my Lindsay. I enjoy having you around all the time 
and stealing my bed andourgreat "conversations " in the middle of the 
night. Our fights made you ol a little sister lo inc. You became more 
than just my sister"s best-friend and I will have you in my heart and 
mind. You also have to lell your brirthers how much I love them. Not 
i>i mention your mother and father. The Syl\a's are gixxJ people. 
Linds- keep your chin up and keep a smile on your face 1 love you. 
Sweetie. Carol Horsch, neighbor for life. You arecert.iinly different. 
You are going lo do w el I for yourself, when you find oul w hat you want 
to do. The only other person who falls for the same dumb jokes as I 
do; or wcjusi do not get them alall. (Of course, there is Kry stal ') 1 know 
I will see you forever. What ii thought! I am glad though Many 
Christmas times together. I foresee. To my Physics Potty Piisse. 
Wendy Castellana. Adam Udell, and Julie Bayne. You guys are Ihe 
best. I will definitely miss Physics, Well. at least youguys. Youhelped 
me laugh at the fact that I baarcly passed this class at all. Last years 
Scniorguys. who thought they wen; more lh;m they a-jlly were, but you 
had to love them anyway . John Ginn. Dave Boffa. and Dave Lord; 
Ihanks for a great summer. I really miss y ou guys and I atually liked 
being with you. Geoff Chase. th<uiks for no{ telling all my sccrcLs. Tixld 
.Anderson, for being mie of my best kept secrets. Not lo mention, a 
really grciU friend. .And Rob Wakehani. for mil giving upon mc. A 
definite Ihanks to Amy Saiidell and Sarah Eppler for gelling ih« best 
liniothis side of Ihe Mississippi, .^nd in addition. Sarah Rosenberg and 
Wendy Castellana lor being Ihe bosiiK-oplelogoiotlK-Proin with. YiHi 
all made it a fun night. And Sarah Ro. you should be the President of 
the I 'nited Slates You are aw esome and I love \ a. kid. Mr (i.u^ Hunt. 
The only teacher in all of kingdoincome w hociHild make nic do math. 
You deserve a medal for doing the imp»<ssible Youuiragiejilejcher 
and gix'at friend. Thank you for the w ords ol u isdom and the u ords of 

Senior Directory 163 


|)r .' i^^-. Bui. nui!.lo('ull lor showing me thai no matter how bad I think 
I nil jisoinelliint'orhow hardlthiDkitis.Icansiillcli>il. (With a little 
help I ) Thanks. Mrs. Donovan and Mr. Diiggan for keeping me i n line 
and always liHiking out lor ine, I will one day have your jobs. (HA HA) 
W ciid\ Chase I did not forget you I just had to save yours for the end 
Youtrulyarethebestof the best. Iloveyousoniuch. There is so much 
I want tolhank you for and I could go on forever telling you how much 
I ap|5rL'ciate cveiything you have done for mc but I would rather say it 
10 you personally. No letters, remember'^ I love you. Gwendolyn!! 
Look out for Michael for nie, sweetie. He does not know how much 
I care about him iind he can dodumb things. .Also, keep you know who' 
away from hint! 1 1 Michael Cosettc. What the hell am I going lodo w illi 
youV ^'ou definitely know how to make a person suflcr. It l(K>k you 
loi^enough Wiihall lhavegoneihrough.youbetterbewonhit. You 
still do not know how to accept the fact that people care about you. 
Please take care of yourself and know that someone will always be 
thinking ahouiyou. Youarcavery hard person to pinp»iint andavery 
difficult person lo understand but, I love you anyway. I will surely 
never forget you. P..S. Stay away from "thosegirls"! MyMotherand 
Father. 1 had to sa\ e you for last because you have alw ay s been first. 
You were the first in my lite in much the same way I was llic first in 
yours. All of my firsts have Iven w iih \ ou. They say you save the best 
for last, so you were last on my list. I know 1 give you the hardest time 
of all iuid 1 sometimes purposely fight with you but I love you so much. 
It's iust sad that it is only at liines like this that children take the time 

to see how awesome iheir parents arc You two really are the best 

You can always tell a gocxl kid form their parents. I intend to be the 
best ji everything I do Tliank you for giving me that ability I also 
said lalie Ki>sliil and Dante were the two best people in my lileand who 
gave them to me; YOU ! Everything good I have, 1 have because of you. 
The only thanks I can offer you thalcould remoiely repay you, is my 
success I siart by walking down on Graduation Day.diplomainhand, 
and letting you know I could not have done it alone! 

Future Goals: To be an actor with a law degree, to never gel married, 
and to insure that all chauvanistic men arc brought lo justice. But 
basically to be happy 

Miclicllc IX'nise Jackson 
39 Bailey Si. Apt 2 
Dorchester, MA 02 1 24 

Activities: Softball 1.2: Basketball 2; Orchestra 1,2, Spanish Club 
1,2,3; Aft 1 ..1.4; Pcer-Leadcrship4; Yeafhoc>k 4 ; Shopping ('(uisullaiii 
1 ,2,3,4; ATT Operator 1 .2,3,4 

Thanks To: First of f 1 must iliank my I .ord and Sav ior because w ithoui 
G(kI nothing would be possible. I know he w ill continue to bless mc 
in the years locomc. 1 thank my Parents for always being there lor nw 
Your love, under>>landing. encouragement companionship. Ihcndship 
and slight guilt trips have helped mc to gn)w into the wonderfully 
beautiful, intelligent, dctemiincd, and mature young woman I am. 
Love ya Mom. LoveyaDadt Hey Bryan' you missed the great hat of 
Niagara Falls and other memorable adventures we had Ttianks for 
alw ays being there forme. Just ask KaihlcciKind she' II tell yu there's 
no bctiei brother. /\s foi Leonie, we never seemed to actually have oui 
own rooms tor over ,i year, I have enjoy cd having y < hi as my i rKunmate 
though. Oh and let ihc record show tli.ii Kim actually is ilic one that 
Mom and Dad found in the sirect. Novi 1 must get down and give big 
he.irifelt shout-oiils lo my extended family Kim, without doubi (or 
color) you are by fai llie shortest, bigmouthcd,'arian, bre.ikfast 
making, clubbing, movie secing.counscling. " 1 diinno. what y a wanna 
do. "hip- hop-ho'ln. midnight exprtss Tm noi really a taxi service ", 
magnet to orange tickets, concert going, pezdispenserbrcakin'. PFR 
ringleader I know. Don'i evercliangc I lovey ou for being who you arc 
If you ever do a Willie I won't tell a soul. By iho way where are they 
going, lo Heaven or Hcir' We've been around en. High toknowdiatall 
guys art scum but we love "cm anyways. I thank God that I have such 
a valuable tricnd like > ou. To the girl that hadcurlei sin her hair w hen 
1 first Mk i hoi I love you, Tanya ymi iirc and always « 1 1 1 be my big sister. 
I may not always lake your advice but I t.ikc it into consideration. We 
have been througha lot of trialsandwilhGodwealways came through 
Don't get me wrong we had cra/y good limes such as: card playing, 
walking to tha store for bread, (yeah right) renting cars, going to 
-Simco's. studying (yetih right again ), going Dow ntown, lo lha movies, 
and guys have a lot lodo with every thing. Erica, Erica, Erica what can 
I say. Girl I canlcll you right now you did scare me a few limes. I'm 
glad that I was there to lend ya a helping hand and a chocolate 
cheesecake aK>ng the way. I'm glad I met llie Willie for she u uely is 
the "Mighiy " and she will go far. Ma\ be to Oklahoma or Dv>vei w ho 

knows, (ya know ya love mc) You really should come to town more 
often, "Mr 4(J-man" might need help if he docs a Kinimy Julian, if 
I ever needed to thank an alcoholic it would be you. Jusi kiddin'.ya 
know Move ya But I have lo thank you for being one ofthc only people 
who told me the truth, ii opened my eyes ihanx. Now youcan make me 
even happier by buying me mangos everyday and cooking me fish and 
rice. Jr. though we fell from grace not too long ago your friendship w as 
very valuable to mc. Try to use the digits sometime, peace. I'd like to 
thank Chris Baker, Nigel Cany I, James Lane, and my father for being 
strong men in Christ I love and respect you all more than you know 
Cra/.y respect to all the Scorpios in the house we are awesome ! ! To at I 
the Michelle's, hey what can be said- wc rule! .Michelle my 
mam cu/ we both know I had my name picked out first so go on with 
your creative self. Mrs. Michelle Wallace Congrats to you and your 
hubbie I'll swing by OH soon, Michelle Kwp I'm glad we've been 
Iriends for so long . lake care of yourself, I love ya all I ! To my Spanish 
Jr ■Anuronuetar.'"Wondcrt'xil Tonight "was great we've got togoi out 
again soon Tell Wanda and everyone else 1 said HI Joscfina thanks 
for letting me chill with the Lobster since the 4th garde, Conchila now 
my mommy knows that you took my name, thanks for listening to my 
problems in Art and English your a great person, Anita orchestra was 
great we were the best sliindpannersever! Girl, don't ever change, love 
ya.Thanks goes out to Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Mitchell, and Mr. Flynn for 
lielping me throughmy Si. year Tar a, Shaneen. Rhea, Naialie, Marcell. 
Angela Michelle. Barbera and the rest of the MfclCO crew, it's been 
interesting Thanks gix:s to my family, especially Granny Jackson. 
DeeDee. Gi ampa, Mr. Jackson, and all other "old folk " I ever learned 
something from. Carol stay sm)ng lloveyou Dad you and Charlie were 
always there for me. Thanx ui my main man Mr. Sunshine for 
brightening up I nglishcvery now and then, to Marcus J lor confusing 
up the issue ol love, and d Mr Xcan liveuploiL for being a father lo 
hischild. My final shouloutgocstoall teen moms, life islough but with 
God all things are possible. 

FutureGoals; TobeanarchilcctualcngineeroniheSiarshipFnierpnse 
underthc command ol Capt. Jean Luc Picaid. to get a real job, and to 
control my lem|ierenough that I never do permanent damageto any one 
I love. 

David Martin Jon«s 
24 NeillianWay 

First of all. mosi iniponantly. i d like ilunk m v inoinci i>>i .ill 
ofthc support she' s given me through the years. I really appreciate the 
line thai you've shown me and the respect and freedom I've been 
nghllullv awarded. Kan'tlhankyoucnough. forhelpingnK-lhriHigh 
Ihc had times, suffering through the "tgo. " joining me for dinner at 
Denny's, buy ing Rhubie, getting nK on my feet to enjoy life lo the 
fullest, baking brownies that ONE time the list g<iesonandon .. I 
love you Next, I'dhke to thank Dad, Mark and Lori for entering my 
life. You've been there with ine for a painfully long lime and I want 
you 111 know how much I apprrciaic you guys, even though I wasn't 
home Ions enough lo show you Susie, thanks for show ing me how to 
■ ' isllineandhow loenjoygolfonT.V andforbcinglhebcsi 

i.indfnend) anyone could hope for Granipy.Ilovcyou 
anii I lli.t.vci loigctyou KnkaandSleve. thanks forallorihcdnving 
lessons and the Dr Pepper I'll be up soon to get ready lor the party 
youpiomiscd. Bry an. I guess you'll just have locomc to college w ith 
mc "Haveadixxlday.Djiphut!" Ok. withlhal sappy siutfoul ofthc 
way. I can get to die gotxi siufl ... I'd like to thank Katie B, Lisa P and 
S.irahS for the Spanish videos. Esculpasuya ThePavaoPlayerswill 
live lorev CI i at least on tape ) ' I w ant to thank Lauren and Caroly n loi 
thattiethat I WlLLucar. I'dliketothank Debbie for loving Bonjovi 
... even after ihev vv ere dead tuid buned. Susana Banana i MacDnnaldo i 
• thanks for the memoncs ... corduriiy overalls, first grade field inps. 
college lectures 1 Quick, get out before he sees you "' I. labs and and 
awful lot more. Cime, thanks forbeiiig the best NHS pre/levcrserved 
under Heather W ilder. I still can t believe you were in my Physics 
class. J imR. thanks for looking out for your neighbors and show Ing Mr 
I'llmann how lo REALLY useaseabree/e lo his advantage. Anuro, 
fine . I'll buy a Fiesiagrama Turner, mv sliambemi.iiJ ih.niks lor 
alway s being so supportive of my MO.M' JoshSilvc 
for coming to Bedford You made Spanish V not only Ivju. i n,; 
something to look forvviu-d to • I'll bnngtheNerfs." Anna thiinks lor 
luiving such an easy name lo spell. Sean Erikson ... thanks fi>r the 
swollen handsand perfect sets .■Varon - Let me gela safely pin to keep 
yourluxedoonyourbod) PROMNITE! Spray Enamel! Michelle 
Pulsipher... hi. Michelle. Ben t orde*. thanks forcHiriwotalksandfoi 
letting inc tape ihe Pearl 'n Jc<mnette. recycling was a joy .1 
still haven't written to Alanna Claire ... thanks for being noisy. .Sarah 
Ro - KindcrCareCiew! Lei's talk somemoreoveradish of icecream. 

Nickie ... thanks for showing mc thai ii's alright to love ihe Velvet 
Rabbin. Mary D. thanks for labs. lunLhr(K>mrclationshiplalk)>an( 
Soup. AdamS.youcantalkall you want miw Thank»for"Cand 
(I know that you helped aloi). Wendy . DAM.N! Linda I wo 
have beaten you at basketball if I had just given you a massj.jc St. 
H...8-I Rachels, we are simply the best! Waterhouse kei p bum 
those calories. Julie, thanks lor Ihe aquanumandChadwicks Her 
- thanks I or helping me with history and letting me beat you in m; 
Chastity ... thanks foi swinging with ice cream and white pain 
leaves. Ryan K tchew ing gum .' i. thanks for letting me use -. . i jr gc 
thatlimc. I'mweLl'msowei! Riniiey (oops i Katharine • V^' 
for all that you've done and for putting up w ith me for .1 1 
Michel Ic J. thanks for Spanish rice and Ihc most fabulou r 
life. Alison .MovieDay!Lel'sgetsomcCnspix. Aarti > 
advicewillbe with me .well, eternally. I appreciate your ' 
patience, acceptance and music. Wall Man! I'llni ik* 
especially thank theCarvcy family You all were o 
ihcyears.andldon'tknow w hat I would havedinic v^alioui vuu Si 
-we had so many fabulous times together. Crnon.. Slay Red' Of 
green! Divyouwantlodrive ' Really youcan' Scm " r . • ^ 
2. By the wav. I wasvoursecreladmiiertincase 
out). Jefl W .whatcanlsay ' It's finally over. Didvou ;,,; >.. . 
it? We've shared a great deal From bowling with Bruno aniU 
bn>lher to biking lo Alew ife and nding up and down Ihe Piu . jt-. 
4(X1 million times! "Passing on the left!" "Thalonewasa 10 ' fi 
luck in the military! Pally. I'mnot going toleavcyou behind. Ill 
cram you into my suitcase with plenty of elephant ears and the real I 
I j)w -pressure po»il was .. well, relaxing. Let me clear a place for; 
to sit. CYNTHI ,A ! ' Megan ■ The Paper Store wasn I ihe same alter • 
lefi I have to whip up some Toasted Almond Sauce sivnct I me I 
Carlos would like It! Heath ... What's thai on your shoulder ' Ith 
it's Marmalade. "You gel the left lightsw iich. I'll get the nghi 
time fi>r dessert' " Before I vi rap this up, I have a lot more peopli 
thank; Joanne M. Kalhy K. Karen F. Lori M. Heather P. M ulv 1 
T. Jen St S. Dara. Rebecca G. Elisa, Joey Z, Kristin H i > i s. ri:.i! 
Katie C, Michelle Poradovsky. Emma B. Chris E, Chiocca, Beth. 
L (Raplurei, Mr Sabourin. Ms O Malley. Pavao. Mr. Rull. ^ 
l-echan. Mr Bums. Mr Adams. Pete. Col Canipbell.ChiefBraga. I 
Mary ann, John. Alexis, Quita. Brenda, Ashley . Kristie,Gini. .Mv 
Kelly, Dina,Manaand Dan. ifllcflanybody out,l'melefnally sin 
Hold it! I almost forgot' Sarah, my love. Damn! Getinthecar! Pr 
Night' Deaf? What? Dcnny'sis.. Penny s. Travclodgel Can I h 
a hug ' "As long as the dooi "s shut .ind the lights are out. thev u • 
care." Shea I'mconnaiakeyoudown. Right now' WickctJbj;M 
Holdim . I'm wearing youiscrunchie.. dws that mean » . 
out'' ">^ould 11 SI arc you if I told you that 1 love you.'" I can i li 
ifliving IS without vou. I can't live, I can't giveany more..." Senou- 
I've shared a VERY large part of my live withyini and I want yoi 
know thai r II never forget any of our many experiences i ."'.V). Wc ■ 
been through so much together. I don't know how I'm, going torn. 
It without you. I guess wecan jusi hope ihaL sonn-day. ata Denn 
somew here, we'll see each other again across a crttwded room ful 
Diet Cokes and Graham Chex. No, tell you what ... I'll meet yoi 
Cariisle I love you, baby And I always will. 

Future Goals: To get an apartment with three of my best friends o 
to do nothing but have dessert for the a-sl of my life (strictly janil 

Linda Elizabeth JoiKs 
1 8 Reeves Road 

School Related Activ ities: Varsity Soccer 1 .2..'. Captain 4: Vars 
Basketball 1 .2.3. Captain 4: Track 1.2. French Club 1,2,3,4; SAI; Inter .^cl4;Jes.samyn Smith TanningQub 1 .2,3.4; Erin Sm 
Gin Rummy Clan 4. 

Thanks loev cry one w bo inihe past four years has made my high scbi 
years so menuvLil^'r I 'crMi.l! r v^.^n", ; Rrili T'M.:nv.a 
John, my best it nl 

njst P\^ ' \ P. M . \.: ^.Jlj 

.". Mac + ch. learning i 
i.-.i!. , . N ,1, 1,, . S.I .. . ■ K, . .n. Jefr.anJCnfiy! Thinki 
exactly like mc. rcniembenng everything I don'L New ''l's 
K .M s runningawayfroinDancH'sgrandmoiher.drivingwithyt 
head out the window . Laughing at peitple in the mall, walking hoi 
from Ihe mall, being the onv person who know things about inc ih^ 
don't, listening to me .in ■ > > • . nc There, 

way loo many memon si jnnoyii 

clueless. British, best Incnd l lianks loi Icclin^ ilic same way 1 1 
accepung me for viho I am and being w ho you are. Play ing Dunge 

164 Senior Directory 

.■ryday afterschool . loving food as much as I do. for the cup cake al 
house, Adidas Crew, ihe Barry Manilow concert, "look at his 
nker". ordering a Quarter pounder with cheese al Burger King, 
king up fat men with me, and being my best friend, listening to me. 
ui't tell you how much you meant to. Mrs. Smith for being soopen- 
nded, understanding, and easy to talk to. Thanks to Beth, kindcrgardcn 
i the green velvet dress with the white lace, rollerskaiing. always 
ving the best birthday parties, laughing at my jokes, (or taking D.V, 
im me freshman year! We've been through the gaid and bad limes 
il have stayed such good friends. Thanks to Tiff: eighth grade 
mnier. Great Adventure. P.B. and Jelly, your window head first, "il 
IS Linda who stuck the towels under the toilet". "Where's the 
30I1?" "Just punch her". "Just drop him in" "OK " , all the summers 
u stayed and panied with me, TB, Davis School, MY brother, 
ndle^ and piz/.a, the mountains, ouc talks, our fights. I love you and 
sh you the best . "Don 't marry a man in the military ." Thanks to John 
osey ) lor all of the roses, sweetness, and friendship. "I only said it 
you would chase me," "Bui he's the nicest guy !" Bearing with me 
ough all these years, you have been such a good friend and I don't 
ovv what I would do without you. Thanks for being there whenever 
leeded a shoulder to C17 on. I know thai one day you will find the 
rfect BLOND and w ill fail to find anything wrong with her. . . well 
iiybcyouwill! IloveyouJohn! Thanksioallofihegiris! We've had 
many good times together and wc have mun> more locome. Thanks 
Eim . . PRETTY ONE with the T A How s Prince? We have 
;come such goixl friends over the \ ears. I ueasure our friendship, 
labba! Zulu nation! I don't like ihis' We're not going to Weylus 
lusc! Feels like we're in the Museum ol Science! Thanks Kevin! 
ow many wailersdidwehave :' How wa-s your groove to Beethoven'? 
etting to know me really well at Mattie's house! I'm so glad to be 
ive! YourdcathatM.B.'sscaringme! AlllheardwasShabba. Iknew 
lu were alive, having no clue how to play Gin Rummy. To Amy S; 
nniii home from Lexington, time capsule, talking without talking, 
rease Song, faces at Friendly ' s, "You' re holding it backw ards." "But 
lu know ." to Sara Brown: Pea and Pooh go together like Peanut Butter 
id Jelly. "Hurry up!" Thanks lor being such a grooveable girl and for 
I the spaghetti and meatballs To Sarah Borshay for enabling me to 
der a Mattie Lentine Del u xe. stranded at Cliel' s. and for dri 1 li ng teeth 
ith me in Carlo. To Kinimy Raffa lor many years of soccer, roiielling 
e drive your car home from soccer, the midnight ride. Tony and Joe 
irGreg for always being a good friend and lor 1 mroducing me to Mark, 
ill Buckley for having a nice car and turning me into Eiddie Murphy 
id Arnold S. ToFriendly's for$. To Ron, I hopeyou rc feeling better, 
liss you. To Mika for Filene's. "I'm on probation." To Sean .Mee for 
eing a flirt, for picking me up at Friendly 's at 9, for calling me beat, 
ealing me & Erin fixxl with Timmy, and forSalem. Seriously, thanks 
ir being a good friend. "Yeah, I'll pick you up at 9. I swearl will." 
oLiz: we had so many good times. Miss you, wish you were here, 
en Dick for Ihe chips and for letting me beat you up. To Sarah Ro, 
lyFiiench buddy, wecould laugh for hours. "Copain?" "Bonjourpetit 
iseau.salut. " and forall our talks. ToEppler. for being clueless with 
le in Analysis and for hcing so easy to talk 10. To Betty - UMASS, 
lampton Beach, and Bahama Beach Club. To Marcus for livening up 
sychology and for liking me (even though I ' m white. ) To David Jones 
)r admitting I beat him in Basketball . To Wendy for "talking toColin 
I Erin's, . " ToChastity for being the most opinionated person I know, 
ut also the sweetest. Thanks to Brendan for calling meChicken Butt, 
o Matt Gallant for junior year and for being such a nice guy. Chris 
armer for being nice. Chris Midgett for being the funniest person to 
ike a break with. Chris Merrill for the parties. Jim Sullivan for being 
"hicken Wing. Calvin for St. Paul's, the ski trip, and for being such a 
lice kid. To Jason Ingraham for having the same twisted sense of 
lumor as I do, entertaining me in French class I sorry about the face ! ) 
nd for being a gcxxl friend. To Mattie Lentine for sophomore to junior 
ear and all the 2 week interv als between junior and senior years. We 
lad some giKxl times, the Jr. Prom and the day after, enabling ine to 
•rdcr a Mattie Lentine Deluxe from Sara Borshay, picking me up by 
ny jacket, and Jessamyn's party. Tlianks for putting me through 
leavcn and hell, and hell. . . but mostof all forthe memones. To Wayne 
or Weylus and Jason, my bandaidjob that you toreolf and lor dancing 
ale night to Ziggy Marley. To Andrew Pullen, iny neighbor. Bill 
ulartines for being a riot. Bill Boland. Jixli. Jessica, iuid Andrea. 
\ndrca: Wachusett "Don't worry, it's only a bloody nose." To Scott 
itrazzulo for being the pcrl'ectguy, thanks for driving up and down my 
oad 20 times and asking some "strangers" where 1 live. Thai's okay, 
had fun any ways. Thanks Scotl! To D. for being a dork, what would 
do » ithout you Laurie? Thanks to thecool juniors. especially Staccy 
or being so much fun. having worse foot odor than I do. and for 
"There's some Bedford - in the house" and for I'M ASS, toilet paper? 
iarah H. for being different, for late night lea, for being bigger than me. 
ind for flashing cars at UMASS with me and Stacey. I'm gonna miss 
lOu two. To Megan, my team rebel. Tara and Kim lor being so nice, 

Matt Hansen for Weylus, and Carter and Greg. I would also like to 
thank Kristin Doherty and Lois Farrell, forgiving me confidence and 
detennination and for teaching me to believe in myself Thank you 
both. Last but not least 1 w ould like to thank my fainily lor supp<irting. 
loving, and caring forme. Mom. I'm sorry forall the trouble I put you 
through. Hove and appreciate everything you've done. (I'll always be 
thai '"W") To Stephen for sticking in there and being so thoughtful, to 
Doug for being a goon and for coming home once a year with a new 
college term "Ok. Bye." To Allen for never reading "Al play in the 
[■ieldsof iheLord." and for being so nice. Special ihanks to Debbie 
for being one of my closest friends, for laughing at vegetables with me 
and for always support! ng. encour:iging, and advising me. To my dad 
forlry ing to make a bener relationshipand for loving me. To Nana and 
Grandpa forthecountlcss ways in which you've helped the family. And 
finally to Tiger, Oscar, and Jade, the best cats in the world. 1 love you 
all. 1 cannot say how much every one of you has intluenced my life. 

Future Goals: To graduate from medical school, marry a smart and 
beautiful man, have beautiful children, and be happy wherever 1 am. 

244C.ulisle Rd. 

Activities: Funnel Team. Freshman Soccer, Varsity Soccer. JV 
Tennis. Varsiiy Tennis, JV Basketball, Varsity Golf, Latin Club, 
Debate, Science League, DARE, SADD. 

Thanks To: My parents and the Almighty God. 

FutiU"eGoals: To be successful in life. To become a doctor and make 
lots of money. 

Kadiy Kelly 
277 Carlisle Rd. 

Activities: Marching Band 1.2; .Athletic Training 1.2,4; Spanish Club 

Thanks To: First 1 would like to thank my father for being the best 
fatheranyonecould have, for letting medojust about anything 1 w ant, 
for being caring, understiinding. and very forgiving. I don't know how 
you put up with me all these years, but thank you dad, I love you ! Jim 
- thanks forbeingaciwl brother. I know you'regoingtobea successful 
musician teaching English in some college. Stay cool - want some 
apple juice? ood-g ight-n Jim! Thanks to all of aunts, uncles, cousins, 
and other relatives who have seen me grow up through the years. 
Thanks to Kathy and Kevin C. for letting me slay at their house every 
day when 1 v. as little Their children Helen, Katie, and little Kevin for 
being the mils th.ii ilioy iu-e. I know I'll never forget the Sean Kennedy 
caper, she's a dink, or uh-oh grapes! Not to mention 'sit like a lady !" 
Thanks for all the laughsguys, you're the greatest. The Putney's for 
being the best neighbors I'veever known. Debbie thanks lor t>eing one 
of the gre.iiesl friends I have, for being one of th sweetest people I 
know . The Putney 's cow will live forever! Along with Bon Jo\ i and 
supercool Sarah F. Joanna slay peachy and silly, but don't be a 
butlhead! Honestly, you didn't think that cat s name was marshmal- 
low? StayintouchJo! Cindy, weeness' reagreal friend! 
Thanks for being in my life lo hear all of my problems and thanks for 
helping me through them! (O'boisiesarent' O'boisterous!) Thankyou 
Megan, Karen, Jen, Ryan, Phil, Jeanneite for being the people you are, 
I'm glad I know you all. Mary, Krislen. Kerri, Katie, David, Sarah, 
Sarah, you all have great personalities -don'tchange! Thank you Pcic 
Cacciola for beingagreal athletic Irainerandforteaching me- I'm glad 
I got involved in the athletic training program ! I'hanks Mr. Biirbas for 
Uring to leach me the baritone horn. I tried, honesi I did' Mi Kelly 
thanks for being another Kelly, (Kelly, Mackie'' Kell\ Mackic .' It's 
Kelly, Got it, Pavao??'.''.') Thanks Eric, Daryl. Wayne and Rich for 
being the guys from the hobby store, who always maaged to do 
something funny each lime I came to visit. F„specially thanks to Eric 
and Dayl for still being a part of my life! You guys are great (and yes 
I will surprise you one of these days!) Thanks to James and Timmy for 
being Ihe cutest kids lo sw im with on Saturday mornings. Thank you 
Emma who moved to Norwell and actually got out of this tow n (not that 
you moved to a better low n) but thanks for calling me and keeping in 
touch. Thanks for being a great friend - willing to listen to my problems 
and ihanks fortalking to me about yours! Alanna I 'm glad I still know 
you after four years. Even though it's been a long liine. you' re a great 
friend, and I'm lucky 10 know you. Thanks C. W., }oc and Adam for 
being the only three people I know in Hillsboro. Thanks to john, Scotl, 
Karen, Maria. Deb, Fred, and Dave lor being the best managers at 
McDonalds. You guys are great! Thanks lor showing me how 10 

believe in myself And how to play BINGO! It's been real guys! (I 
hate, have always haled, and always will hate die babysiller. end of 
discussion ! You can have him Bucket. ) Tom Ihanks for always making 
jokes and thanks for the postcards. Thanks to everyone else I've 
worked with ( Kim. Kelly. Derrick, Jodie... ) for making » ork interest- 
ing (it's been interesting to say the least) and fun. Last but not least 
thank you Scott Taylor, for being there if I need someone totalk to ( for 
helping mctoopcn up) my lifcchanged a lot w hen I met you, and I know 
il was for the better. You mean a lot to me, and you will always be a 
part of me. All ol you w ho I ' ve mentioned (and those I' ve mentioned 
- sorry!) are all people I will never forget. You're all (no matter how 
corny il sounds) special to me and I love you all. I'hank you. 

Future Goals: To go lo college, become a nurse, get married and be 

.53 Concord Rd. 

Activities: Drama Club. SpanishClub. Latin Club. Forum.Telemedia, 

Thanks to: My mom forall the love. Dad for Iciuning me how louse 
a hammer. Geoffor all the great eats. Becky lor the clothes. Gwen. 
Allison and Rachel for laughing, crying, and fighting with me. J.I. for 
being funny, bouncy, and vco' hairy. H.D.forbeingjustdamcool. N.K. 
for being made of rubber. B.C. for not giving into fashion. K.F. forthe 
great advice. M .F. for the dances. T.S. for having pleasure. H.P. for 
loving me. A. K. for laughing al me. J.M. for scaring me. J.S.for4 years 
offun. D.J.forbeingperfect. A.R.fornot understanding. S.E. forthe 
jokes. A. S. forbcing weirder than anyone. J.M. forplaying with me. 
J.H.forS.S. K.K. for the small talk. J. Y. for marrying me. A. P. for 
the dinosaurs. C.W. for being unpredictable. D.G. for the video store. 
The L.A.C. for teaching me that weird is better. S.C. forbcing a man. 
K.F. forcallingmecuddly. M.J.forbeingarebel. D.S. for keeping me 
oul of the pit. And anyone else who helped me get through this. 

Future Goals: To get some future goals. 

Michelle Koop 
7 Robinson Dr 

Acdvilies: Choir 1,2,3,4; Wind Ensemble 2,3.4; Concert Band I; 
Musical 1.2,3,4, 

ThimkTo; Ms Light. Philipforagreat lOthgradeyear, Barrie, Alex, 
Mom, Dad, Loraand Alison forpepping up w ind, Siu-ah Rosenberg for 
being such a great class president. Jeremy Nash forbcing a really great 
friend lo me dirough Wind Ensemble, marching band and history 
Bemie Carling for being such a g(K>d friend to talk to. Caren Chen. 
Joanne Mackie, Cindy Nemey. Jen Young for making choir so inter- 
esting, Jean Connelly for making me smile and laugh al band compe- 
titions. Joey for helping me get through senior year marching band w ith 
my two buddies and making rehearsals somewhat bearable. Chrissy for 
being a good listener to my problems. Megan for the middle school 
musicals, Michelle Jackson for being such a ginid friend since 4ih 
grade, ChristinaCarveyforchoirclass in lOthgrade.ChrisiinaRoussak 
for listening toall of my problems, Jen St. Sauveur for being so friendly 
and putting up w ith me diuing junior year marching band. Jen Tsang for 
dealing with I st flute wind music with me. Craig Wiley forgncat middle 
school rehearsals together. Kathleen for making band a little more 
exciting, Rachel Siegel for being a good friend and willing lo listen to 
all of the Phil problems 1 had, Vilas for being a gtnxl friend in band. 
Brian Deardorff for helping me out in b;uid iuid ind. Mr. Biutias. ihiink 
you for being such a great teacher and thankscs|x:cially to my brother 
Jonathan for always caring so much and helping me with all my 

Future Goals; To eventually be able to open up my own day care for 
kids with special needs alnd also find a really nice guy to marry. 

Florian Lerchbacher 

Thanks lo the Football team of "94 and the coaches ... they helped me 
a lot settling in the USA. 

Jeremy Levangie 
9 Cot Hill Rd 

Aelivitits; Cros.s-country 2. 3; FoiMball 4: Basketball 1,2,3.4; Baseball; NHS 3.4; Latin Club 4 

Senior Directory 165 

Mine ' kranv I won't be able lo give thanks toeveryonc 
\'ou guys know who yon arc. Thanks to my parents 
lo all the fans who have ever supponvd me throughout 

I iilirrc^uals: Eat. drink, and be merry. I'dlikeiocompletccollegeand 
get married and have hundreds o( children, make millions on WaJI 
.Stitcl, whi.'e iiKwrtligliiing as a masked dancer for bridal showers. I 
V. :ini lo then tour the countrv aloneon a motorcycle, w rite a booLand 
Ik a guest host of Saturday Night Live. 1 will then retire lo become a 
snorkel instructor in Hawaii. 

Nicole! ,iss 
I ' Ul .Stagecoach Rd. 

Acllvitic^. l-icldHockey 1.2.3;.SADD l,:.3.4;SpanishClub?;Sho« 
Choir 4. Yearbook 3.4: LEFTY I.2..5.4; NEFTY; Dunkin 
DonuLs 1,2.3.4: 

ThanksTo; My family for beini; there. Cars cy. Alison, Kevin and CJ, 
English was a blast. The daily potato! niuchdowehave 
incommon? J. Maine, what? Prom night, need 1 say more? If you want 
toeat out. you have toaet like aduhs!! Chili's forever! Katie, .so how 's 
that haunted house doing ' Want to buy some biH)ks? they arc real 
antiques I'll neverforgct Williainstown. Katie, there are laces in the 
snow... ! Shelly, how about a game of dots, hypolhctically spcaking,of 
course. David, thai fortheBRduringlheVRandtheGS. Wannaplay 
some basketball ' Adam, wanttogodownthelauntlry shtwt? Aaron, 
thanks for watching Sesame Street w ith me when w e were little. Chris, 
thanks for making pholoaiid lunch fun. Jason, so how's climWng dow n 
airce. Funny, that tree isn'tthereanymore. DDrules! Debbie, allwc 
needthe cats, then w c w ill all be here, Chris C math for two year\, need 
I say more'' Anita, phoio was a blast Carolyn, no more scary men 
watching us play tennis. CiU'aand Dara. thanks for putting up w ith nn: 
on Tuesday nights. Cara. miss the bus already, it is only the first day 
C'laiieand Heather P. chcni was... yah that. Dave, Mind) and 1 thank 
> i>u for your pizz;i. Mindy, "how's your pn^jiciuiienl .'" Remember 
you shouldn't change, they should. Robbie, thanksforcverythiiig! You 
have always been there lor me. Concord River, Labor Day weekend 
9.V "Rob let me tell you about my night nighl ." You are a great 
rnend,evenifyouhavecruiKhyhair Wanna go fishini.' Mrs Hannon. 
thanks for tiiking me to the htK-key games. Krislen-niy sisier! I'muiie 
stmwbcny and two brownies down. Wannamakc rice krispic treats'' 
Thanks for your sjwte bed. Hopefully, I won't need ii 1 don't cry at 
sadinovies, right ' Buttercup, need 1 say nmre. July 4, W)l What were 
you on? I love vou. Mary, un;issigned, etc., nighi swimming! Wanna 
play hangman ' DC, J.W. what dolhey havein common? Yes,lcan 
keep my feet under my chair. Jogging every morning has been a blast 
How miuiy halloweens did we spend together? Seini-fonnal, prom 
night, netxl 1 say more? You have been a great friend and I love you 
lots. Mr.[X>Moss.lhankyouforbelicvinginiheRedSo.\withme. Oik" 
of these days, we'll win. Mr. Maxwell, how niiuiv times did you read 
that essay? Mr. Sabourin. thanks for being so enthusiastic. Mr 
Sullivan, thanks for listening. You have helped me PKire lhal you 
know. I also want to give a special thanks to: Leah, Faye-Ruth, 
Courtney. Bryan, Simon and Dav e 

Futuregoals: To bc-come a third guck; teacher, marry a wonderful irun. 
have many kids, and keep in touch with my high schixil fnends. 

ShannaMarie Mac Arthur 
133 Patterson Rd, 

ThanksioConnyfor making me gohome Michelle B forbeingthere 
this summer, lov e ya Jen O., thanks tor being the only one there for 
me the night of Tammy's wall. Scott, sorrv about v oiircar, you better 
stopskippiiig. Terry, stay sober. Rod. th;mks lor every thing Aspecial 
love ya to Kavia Se\y, Tony, and Josh, don't drive witfi Tim; it's 
dangerous. Tainmy . Tricin, and .A my. New Year' s I a e w a> fun Tricia. 
I'm sorry. Nikki B., summer camp was fun but we'll nfvergo back- 
Guineapower! Thanks DadandMom:lloveyou. Hica,smokebuits! 

Future Goals: K9 Police. 

Kristcn M MacDoDald 
35 Fayciic Rd 

.Activities: Stx.-cerJV 1,2: V 3,4; BaskctbiUl JV l.V 2,3: SADD 
1,2,3,4: NHS 3,4: Spanish Club Hall Deconiting 1; Gym 
Decorating 2,3.4; Prom Decorating 3; AFS2,3; Touramcnt of Plays 
2.3: Intenici 3.4. 

Thanksto: Tomy family.foralways being there .ind lovingme. Idont 
know what I'ddo.orbe, without you! I love You! Kev, Wegceya'!and 
Bri. keep smilin' - 1 love you two' Mary - we've made it through the 
good and bad. Thanks for always being there, how many years is it now? 
SBP rules' Pringles and gummie bears. Beach Boys' concert. Who's 
keys got locked in the car ' Truck drivers* I ! We love tattoos! stalling, 
our lights, the secrets, fooling Nickic we've had a blast! Nicoletta • 
Hey sis! 1 hanks forthegO(xl times, and helping me through the tough 
ones too. Chocolate and stawbemes' Ditching you at the mall. Nighi 
Swimming, phone lag, prom dress, shopping, July 4. 1992. How ' s the 
curb? Whateva! clue-liss! uh-hem, secreLs. $.27!! He's not coming 
back ! Absolute Boston ! ' Kcni-thanksfor putting up with nie and being 
understanding. Basketball, Eng class. Bentley, the Boston escapade - 
wc'vesurv ived it all ! t including my incident in yourdriveway>. Deb- 
HcyBok! Calm blue ocean! Airplane seaisandPaperama' Oh. Alto! 
\-Mass Eve day, 1992. mmmm chocolate. Rock on' Ram=sheep! Bon 
Jovi'' Thanks for making me laugh and listening to me complain. Ernie 
& Bert' Katie - mi amiga. What v^ould I have done « ithout you and 
our talks'' Thanks for every thing. I really nwan it I know all there is 
to know..., Elvis! BOB' andThe little man dance!! Ca- my siH;cer 
buddy, thanks for the fun limes! Lisa ■ Spanish wouldn't havebeen the 
same w ithout you. Weslu^■ivedDrivers'' Whal'sthal smell? 
Hi Margarita! Carrie and Lauren - Barely see you. but I know you're 
there' Kecpsmiling Jecca - Kritien is always here for you 'Thanks for 
alwaysgiving ine a new and unique look on things and for making me 
laugh! Nose, Goldfish, hmmm. S.inihS mi amiga de Springs Broi>k! 
WTiat would I do without you? SBPSIdasfiesiastanibien)! Surfin' 

Sidaril! SRA-Washinglon. tournament of plays and,,. , 

bubbles speaking. Dav id - Thanks lor helping me make it through 
Chemistry and for always making whatever class we're both in 
interesting. Anita - hi sweetie' .\aion - my SAT buddy, thanks for 
making me laugh and for caring. Hi Ro' Adam and Chnsb. - Thanks 
for being so sw eet to me. v ou tw o are the best ! The DeMoss family ■ 
Thank you so much for being my second familv . I love you all The 
Dow ns' gang Thanks for being so nice and for making mcconstanlly 
laugh ' To the Brady Bunch gang ■ What fun' Only we (stnin^ people) 
could pull that ofP And then there is Fred Oh my god. what is that?!.' 
To ,ill ihe people I mentioned above, you have a special place in my 
hean and you better stay in touch ! ' If I forgot .invone, 1' msorry-it was 
only lor a moment, but never in my heart 

Futiu'e Goals: ToJo my share to mAe this w > r Ui Ixiici . rs. I .>|<p> . ,ind 
to stay in tiHich w ith all those who are dear to me. 

JoiUine Mackic 
441 NunhRd. 

Activities: SpanishClub l,2J,4: Athtaii Training 2; NHS3.4, Prom 
Decorating 3.4: SADD 3,4. Havingabbsl 1,2.3,4 

Thanks ti> Thank you Mom. Dad and Chris lor being behind mc all 
llie u .IV rhank you Cindy lor bring the best I'll alway s remember 
all the great limes we've had. Todd. Todd. Todd. Todd. Thanks to 
Kaihv the siilv. peachy, non-butthead RRRRRRRRRR HeyHuck. 
I had a blast in English .indPtiysics. Thanks foralloui great talks. Hev 
Karen. Bum in Hell! Youkiiovv whotimean. Megan thanks for all our 
lalks HistoryJen' History! to.Miehi M I ' n • , r i v' rh.inks 
loSuperStcwarl ThankstoHeaihei -ayne 
and Rich forbcmggreat guvs Thank , _ ..; times 

Itiroughout high school flianks Ben tor being a great fnend loChris 
R. I'mgladlgiHtoknow you. Josh. I think you're the best Youtoo. 
Ryan. Thank Ton > » herever you may be Hi Simon. Thanksto 
anybody I might have left out by accident Thanks Mr. Palmer. Mr. 
Keup. Mr. Pavao. Mr. Sabounn. and Mr. Ma.xwcll for being great 

FutureCoals: Togotocollege.enlerthemcdical field. Meeliheright 
guy. fall in love and get nvirried and have a great life. 

Elizabeib M Mara 

Acliviucs: Sivcer 1.2,3. Captain4;Swimming 1.2, Captain 3,4; Social 
Officer 3,4; SADD 1,2.3,4: Spanish Club 1,2.3,4: Latin Club 3; 
Interact 4 

Thanks To: First of all, dianks to all the people that have made the 
fouryearsof my lifeso memorable. Especially toniyfamily. Thanks 
dad for the unsurpassable lov eand support you have giv en me, and for 
your inspirational convcrsaiions ( Larry Bird) You're the best father 
that anyone could ask for. John for your guidance, y our great advic~e 
(questionable), the rides, the $2 pi/a, and especially your "great' 

music. Susan for yourself, lor taking my things without aM , u 
alwaystesiingmypaiienceiothelullcsl.hutmuslimportaii! . -n^ 
laughsihai wehavehad. Lisa my lialechickapee foralw j\ ,kjo 
me smile when I needed It most. Most imporlanily - ihanL s hki 
You have taught all of us so much. You always mi .h, 
pushed me to do my best 1 chensh the times that v r,e 
I think ot youevery day -your memory lives in usall ii / , : ;|. 
Linda Gunn for being there forev cry thing ,nid helping. n< il on I . i .c. hi 
my whole family.out tremendously Dav e v ou are so spe^ i nn» 
We' ve had so many precious memories that I will always rc: .ne 
You have always been there when 1 needed you most. 1 1 . i. 
alwyasmakjngmelaugh,smile,andforalwaysprmingntcv.r V 
are truly my besi fnend I LOVE YOU' Die Venutis for r. ^ „ 
"sc-cond" family Mr and Mrs V.,Sc»Ht. Becky, and my pal kajy. 
vmi have treated mew ith overwliclming kindness thalisirrcpl.i^ihk 
Cv ndi , Linda, and Jessamy n - there arc so many mc 
I couldn't )x Ksibly list them all. Remember the oui 
the summer days over Poofv 'n '■ ( ,^ 
excursions, (super s(\aker.tOiisK 

quarierofninemean '") promdc^oi,i:.i,. j.i 
allol our inu;resting conversations. We've hi 
greal memories together. Linda for your " gn. y t,^- , lu 
soccer camp talks, for the night in McDonalds, Mr P "Belli Bel 
who?", and especially for expressing whatever was im vour ma» 
Jessamyn for being a true Brit! Forthe rides. ("Waich out for the ^ urb'' 
theb'day parties, and the sununerswimsat yourhouse. Thankv guv 
forev eiything and I hopeall of your dreamscome true Brendan r HNL 
and Malt G, for Ihe bowling nights, the Jr Prom, and our p.tiniin 
expedition Brendan for being a true If ' ' ijn 

SpiritofBoslontJump'l.breakfastat I gi 
inlotheComedy Connec1ion(siimexla> ' "ii u-u; .; nd 
and Calvin tor our WcdgevKKxi expcnenccs Thi ih 
conipetition,aivdforbeingihei>nlv ihreeioknow wh .ill 
means. Wendy - eariier morning practices, breaki li 
know ing my favorite saying f I gotta i and for be ul 
mother. Jenn M for the collapsable potth Kiminy lor the ^x.c« 
camps. Mika (Mike) for being my fashion designer Scdr. ' i ^ ye 
buttons, plums, our get in shape trials, nxit beer pops > < 

semi-succc-ssful mns alter school FppandRofoi' ii 
andlhec.ibridc Epplcr-humn ' (>■ 

impon.inilv.WinniethePooh i * 
dip IVbbie forth; ' ' 
underrovw ) Ken 

Buckley for lov inj: 111- i, 
Ji>hn B., Chns M iVm 

lAlpolforbeinginy steal, . i. m 
me a hard lime jIxhiI leaving you thai <« 
WW chats (« hjtev er happened ^ M ' e« 
especially Jefl and Neil for ihit' siomyscll 

KimmyD l»irlbes«>cceTseavM k' Toallmy tea^iK-r^ an 

coaches - thanks. And loallthcgiaJuaiing seniors, good luck inallth: 
you set out to do. 

Future Goals: To attend the college of my choice and he succe!>sful i 

whatcverlchoi^setodo Tobeh p ' 1 ' ' i^ ' '.n 

and have three or foiirchildren -k 
theocean Tokeepon smiling J J ni'is.h I , i..,.;, ;.' . iii. 
things than chicken pot pic or pi/ya. 

Bill Manincs 

Activiues; Hockey 1.2-3.4 

ThanksTo: Thanks to my parents Donna and Bill Tba^k^ Ma fo 
always making me food w henever I asked Thanks Dad for hel pi nj m 
work on my truck even though It's junk. Thanks to my si-ier \ngel 
fortakingmeout all the time Imissyou ThankstoScanwe \ehce: 

buddicsf.w.ilon.. ,.,;r„(,,i,.n.Mi.„ ... ... 11, ,.,1,,,,, iirr. t; -k ■ 

the nicest k 

ThanksB.'h;- '..i.'- ,.:v,..:,.iu,.:i/',_ 

histiuckrunning ThankstoSarah.lhi : :ik 
toalltheieachersllike. To Willy .A\»h. . , I . i el' 

gowheeling Thanks to Way nc for having the mintesl car. Bnanlc 
getting stuck with me. Iwishlcouldthank Andreabutlcan'i. Toal 
the people I forgot I w ish I could thank you but I ha v e to this thin- 

Brendan Mc<iralh 
4 Russell Road 

Activities: Football 1,2, L,i('i.iin - U.^ios^e ... • i : n - 
B.FJ.A. 3: Team 5.0. 3.4: Team Ballistic 2J.4; Code Retl ^ ^ 

166 Senior Directory 

nks To: I can't thank my mom and dad enough . Ever since I got 
ed off the bus in kindcrgarden until now you have always put up 
I me and never sent me to reform school . Sorry for all those hours 
orrying. I love you both ver) much. Jeffand Jess for toeing the best 
her and sister. Then I woulJ thank the football team of 1992 for 
ging the winning siiiril hack lo Bedford. Then ihe football team of 
3. You guys are the lx;st. You ' i 1 a! ways be my second fami ly to mc. 
ty G. for being a great friend on and off battlefield, "the learn", 
es. Top Gun, and for being tough. Farmer, "Dawg" for being ag(K)d 
dy, your long speeches, 6 points, "Catch the ball". Latin Class, 
gett for Tuff D. on split side, and doing your homework, right, 
lor for living to tell stories about Hirsh, Monte, andGinn. Wayno 
quilting soccer and playing real man's sport football of course, 
jlski for his tattoo, the riders. Stock boy 1, and "yeah", McCune 
nees, Wezal for love stories, and gold, Mobley for Stock Boy II. 
penter "On two" George for " Lucious Legs" and P. A.T., Marcus 
ford is not like Campton, Sully "Whats the play?". Lavangl for 
lidjokcs. Fagan foryour radio, Germany foryourname and kicking, 
ant the jello-man, Damon for smiling. Coach Sabourin, Petrillo, 
npbell (lax too), Sullivan, F.lias, Belcher. Hirsh (.^Ih grade) all of 
for bringing us through the first steps of manhood, 'fhen Ford lor 
king such a beautiful carCS.s I'ord Mustang."), I) GT). Sara Brown 
being my cheerleader and riuhcll. Betty. Julie IM'or all Ihe support, 
nil for Ballistic, parties, camping, hair, and your SLOW car. Rossi 
iherides. PoofyforbeingBrilish. Chicken Butt (LindaJones)"76 
mbones". Cyndi and Beth for being great friends and Junior Prom, 
ndi. why don'lyou tell mc anything? TheScormelli's for paying for 
ner. Bay Towers etc. ..movies at your house and alwaysbeing sweet, 
ki, Ican't thank you enough. You are oneofthe most beautiful girls 
o ever entered my life. We have always had the best of times 
ether. Thanks for making me feel special and being a best friend. I 
e you very much. Monte for being Hawaiian, the Cape, andevents 
tiTara.Chip for being unsexy iind Glory day stories. Ginny forCode 
,ind Gym class. Kleekamp for photo, Pilla and being Spanish in 
iburn. Top gun, "MotherG(Kise!!"."wcre going ballistic Mavgogei 
".The regisuy for taking my license I really needed Van Halen 
being the best band ever created. Mr. Maxwell "you're so strong " 
d being a great guy. Ducky for stories and passes. Mr. Kelly "Hey 
h". Boland. Martinez, Sean, Brian. Andrew for big trucks, partying 
d those boots. Sara Rosenberg for your wcasional attitude, Mike 
)senbergforthe National Anthem. GoixloldChasily Misery!!!!!!!!. 

itui« Goals: Win the Indy 500. go to college and graduate with a 
gree in lawthen become the bcstcop around. Own the most beautiful 
d fastest Mustang ever made and have the license plate that says "Z 
hat?" anddrive it with abeauliful girl. Ow n a house on a lake in N.H. 
isically rock the world and then go to heaven. 

.•rri Mead 

' Field Hockey I , Varsity 2, 3. Captain 4; J V Basketball 1 , Varsity 
.1.4; Track I ; InteractClub3,4; SADD 1 .2,3.4: AFS 1 ,2.3.4; French 
luh 1,2,3,4; Yearbook 3.4; Legislative 3,4; Hall Decorating 1: Gym 
scorating 2.3,4. 

(tanks to.. .Mom and Dad for your unconditional love and support, 
ristin my sister and best friend for always being there to talk to and 
ind me earrings. Michael, my little brother who is always keeping me 
lughing. Kristen, for being such a great friend and always being there 
• listen to me and cheer me up, basketball, "the driveway incident", 
asketball, our Boston escapade, golfing. General Hospital, Sisters. 
:nding me lunch money, the Acrosmilh conceri - that annoying lady 
ith the huge but, basketball camps - cereal, math classes, and for 
wing chocolate so much. Debbie for the chicken man - "if you want 
1 lose weight go to the moon. " basketball, calendars, "the driveway 
icidcnl". run away hamsters, tor always making me laugh, candy, 
anobic. and Uno's. M;u7 for F.urope - ' 'Excuse nie this guy would like 
1 talk to you." "Oh my g(X)dncss we are stuck in this elevator!" "the 
riveway incident." Uno's. General Hospital - Jagger. Canobie. ice 
team, teaching yourcousin to drive standard, mini golfing (KEYS !). 
arolyn forall the great memories since we were two years old. Katie 
ir always being there to talk to about our problems. Field Hockey, our 
ips to Springs Brook and Europe. Thank you Carrie for Europe, 
eiting me hooked on General Hospital, and for being so spazzy. Lisa 
ir your exploding coke on the bus trip to D.C. Lauren for Field 
lockey.Europeandforalwaysdrinking diet coke. Roforalwaysbeing 
.> friendly - FRENCH ! Linda fordoing French homework in homeriKjm. 
arahC. for always having so much energy. Sarah E. for Palmer's 
'hemistry class. Adam S. for trying to explain to Sarah and mc what 

was going on in Chemistry. Sarah S. for being such a great athlete. 
Adam C. for being the Interact Mascot. Jen M. for being the basketball 
manager — I know Palmer gave you those extra points for doing the 
game clock with him. Kathyforbeing my labpanner in Biology. Beth 
for always smiling and being as lost as I was in Physics and History - 
Wemadeil! Mindy for Physics Labs(Uncer1ainty!),keepsmiling. To 
the whole Field Hockey team especially Jessamyn and Danielle - 
Defense! Maria G, for having such a great team spirit and for being a 
freshmen on the team. And Sara B. and Sarah E. for your great 
iiTipersonations - Run ! Thanks to Nickie L., David J . Chris F. . Jessica 
T., and everyone else for all the laughs and memories (hruughoutthe 
years. Good luck to the Class of '94. 

Future Goals: To be happy and to succeed in everything that I set out 
to do. 

Sean Mee 

ThanksTo: First. I 'd like to thank Heather W. for all the good and bad 
times we had together. You mean the world lo me and more Tliarix 
toTarnia forbeing there and becoming one of my best I nciKis. Love 
ya, Thanx lo Bill. Pana :indTric:i, We had a hlasi in ilie Hseorl, Hill. 
andtheHaniplon4lhi)rJuly Weekend, Bob H, and r,C, iorpanylni!, 
with us. Mr, Carlson lor all the giHxladvice. Mom and Dad for keeping 
me in line. Jessica, Lynn. Jodi. Linda. Jessamyn, Bill B. for launching 
his truck in the boon yards. Maddox forall the times in his Chevy and 

Chris Merrill 

Activities: Soccer 1 ,2; Basketball 1 ,2; Broken legs 2.3; Beach Volley- 
ball 1,2.3.4; S.-SiDD 1,2,3; McDonald's Crew 1.2,3,4; TBB 1,2; Na- 
tional Honor Society 1 .2.3 ,4; Littleton Quarters Champ 3 

Thanks to: Mom. for being the most loving and caring mother and 
helpmg me through it all. To Dad. my best rrieiicl, lor leaching me right 
and wrong, and hailing mc out of jail. TliankstoRick forputtingup with 
me. Thanks to Linda, Lauren, and Ryan, for making my dad happy. To 
Katie for being S.ATAN and the best little sister. To Julie: There is 
so much 10 thank you for. Forall my problems, girlfriend, and getting 
me out of trouble. 1 know sometimes 1 really confuse you. but thanks 
for not leaving me. and being my unconditional best friend. I love you. 
Thanks to Danny Callahan for pushing ine loplay. I've always looked 
up to you and someday I will beatyou. Thiinks to TBB , Matt- for being 
my best friend. All of our good limes. New Jersey, cool as ice. I've 
leiuned a lot about myself hanging around with you. I'll be there tobail 
you out every time. Chip - the one person I know that can get lost at 
one of my parties. Thanks for all theintoxicatingly fun nights, andnot 
letting me go mental , Josh- for being man icd. mailboxing, and getting 
arresied w ith me. Mike B. - forlx'ing a true mustang man. and a good 
friend. Adam - for healing me up when we roamed Ihe hood, and lor 
wearing those ridiculous corks strapped to your leet, Sjiccial thanks lo 
Geoff Chase for being ihe only person I'll ever get on the stage with 
agai n . and for al I our late n ighls. Also for bei ng the on ly other hmik up. 
Shake your iiuiip. Thanks to all the guys of '93: Alpo.theMcGarrys, 
Mara,Ciccone,Mclnnis, Kyvelos. Boffa. andGinn. Tlianks to Cooler 
forbeing the true Lowell boy. Mivky Mark rules!! Thanks toColin for 
having the biggest ego and for being a spoiled lotten braL You will 
always be the real Cave Man. Thanks to Phil Miller for Shay, and 
making fun of Cheryi'sTattoos. I'd like to apologize to the class of '94 
for never truly liking our class. It's not that your not nice people, but 
with theexccption of the Rado's, Huinmer's.Sullivan, McGrath, Mara. 
Hunt, and Jones, you guys are as boring as hell. Thanks for nothing 
Thanks to Brendan McGrath forballistic mountain biking, thecamping 
trip (how's the sausage McMuffin?), bridge jumping, iind hating my 
music. Mustangs suck! ! To Wayne Sullivan for helping me out with 
Carla(Oh. Christine!!), stealing my jacket, and your car. Thanks to 
Gallant for the Team, English Class, and J.C. Thanks lo all the 
Hummer's You got the skills. Thanks for all the late nights and 
destroying my house. Thanks to the guys of '95: Hansen, Sullivan, 
McAllister. Cohen. Wiener, and Kovall - "You can't park your bicycle 
there." Also thanks to the Dicks, the Callahans. Ihe Lentines. Ihe 
Mofields, the Gianettas, and the Ross's. Thanks to my car. Stan/y, 
Cool as Ice, my volleyball, my hair, Paul Mitchell, and my grand- 
mother. A special thanks toCarla. Thank you so much forall the times 
we've spent togelherand all thetiincs I hope lo spend w ith you. Thanks 
for trusting me and putting up with me when I'm obnoxious. Thanks 
for the Lake and oiircani>eing trips, '^ ou mean the world to me. I'll 
never forget you. 

Future Goals: To graduate, be a pinik for a few more years, become a 

wealthy dolphin trainer, come back and let Malt Lcntine pump my gas, 
help make peace on earth, and drag race part time. 

Claire Morehead 
445 Concord Rd. 

Activics: Basketball 1 ,2;Ficld Hockey I ;Track 1 ;FrenchClub 1 ,2J,4: 
Spanish Club 4; Atmosphere Committee 2,3.4; NHS 3.4 

My thanks go first to those who have loved mc and bel Icved i n me even 
when I did not love them back: God, parents. Graham, Irshal. Amanda, 
Mary Scott, You have molded my character the most and tiiught mc lo 
never give up. My heart is with you. I thank my grandparents for their 
overflowing generosity. Next I thank my friends who have never 
cea.sed to make me laugh: Pro. Ester. Christophe, Irshal, Dave. Dad. 
Barbazou, Guy, Evjy. Fredrick. Slacker , High Hair. Ner. D-D-Dad. 
baby steps, bye ladics.totally, wait...ok, 5(X) miles. 

Future Goal: I want lo run the race marked out for me. 

Carl Mushala 

1 1 Andrews Circle 

School related Activities: Uicrosse.ROTC.ComputerClub, Spanish 

Thanks to my family for creating me and giving me a childhood fullof 
good morals and a lot of love. To the many friends I ' ve had throughout 
Ihe yetu-s. To Chris Scanlan, Jed Robyn, Jan Sipes, Kristi James. 
SterlingRoal'.JahannesHekkanen.Lcanna Wallace. Ryan Santiago. 
Seth Barnard, Carlce Brandt. Katrina Kordich. and David Oren. 
Thanks to Mr. McKim forbeing one of the biggest role models ir. my 
life. To Julie Smith. Aaron Palmer, and Sarah Epplcr for being the 
circle crew. Special thanks to Julie Smith for just being who you are 
and what you stand for in my life. To Reny and the rest of the 
Chelinsford crowd. To Jen Casey for being such a punk and a true 
friend. Thanks lo Matt O, Chuck, Chris, Sam. and the rest of the ROTC 
folks. To Sain for bringing faith, religion, and hope back into my life. 
Muchos thankos to Matt O for being such a gotxl friend. Don ' t change 
man! To Mall Guisti for being yourself in a school full of phonies. To 
my I'el low workers at the commissary like James M, Duslin M, Scott 
Perkins. Ciuol Horsch, Chris M, and Crystal. To my study hall buds. 
To Captain Morgan for beating the heck out of me in lax last year. 
Special thanks to anyone I forgot. Again, my thanks go out to God and 
Ihe beauty he created in my sister and parents and the fact that we get 
along together. 

Futuie Goals: To hopefully graduate from high school and college, 
settle down in a rural part or New England, and raise Elk and Deer. I 
also hope to make a dollar or two by going diK)r to d(X)r selling 
plagiarised fiction done by dead poets. 

Cindy LceNcmey 
371 Concord Rd. 

Activities: FrenchClub 1 .2.3,4; .\thletic Training 2; SADD 3.4; NHS 
3.4; School Atmospheiie Committee 4; Prom Decorating 3.4; 

Thanks To: Most of all. my parents who have given me the strength 
and the courage to succeed and fulfill all my dreams. I love you! My 
brother. Matthew, forcaring and being there lor me. Hang in there, kid! 
You' re a great brother and I' 11 alw ays be there for you no matter w hat 
happens. I love you! Thanks to my family for being there w hen 1 
needed them. To my cousin, Lynda, you wcic alwavs there vvhon I 
needed someone and I'll never forget that - thank you .nid 1 hope we To my best friend. Joanne - Thanks for ALL 
the memories and especially athletic training (Chad! ). the long phone 
calls, and summer! We have had some awesome times! We'll alwav s 
be best friends! To my second mother - Mrs. Mackie - thanks lor all 
the help you have given me. To Kath\ Kelly - thanks lor ull the talks 
on the way to swimming and the ice cream talks at the mall (and F.ric 
Fuch's!) You've helped mc through some tough times ■ Thanks! To 
Jen Young (my b-day party ) and Heather Peebles for being there. You 
guys are great - Thanks! Thanks to Jen'sdad for being as short ;lsI am! 
Jcannette-you'reasweel person - don't cverchangc. Megan and Karen 
- you're great friends. Thanks! ToChns Rowc - you're a sweet guy 
and a great friend Thanks for listening to my problems H I SIMON " 
To Barric P. for being a grcjil friend and helping mc. To Dwayno R. 

we've known each other forever. Thank you for all the help and 
suppon you' ve given me, I'll never forget ya! Thanks again lo all nn 

Senior Directory 167 

ii ! .i 1 11 never loi j;claiiy of you. Thanks to Mr. Maxwell for an 
.Us );)u- fre.liinun English class. Thanks lo Mr. Palmer forinaking 
( !icinisir>' fun :ind interesting. ThankstoMrs. Ruinis foragreai French 
cla.iis ;ind l or being a caring person. 

I 1. 10 iioals: To live a happy and fulfllling life, logo to college, lo 
> iliegiiyof my dreams, and lobe succe.ssful in life. Bui most of 
all in never lose louch w illi my friends, who ar the best friends in the 

\',(;rld. I love you guys' 

Henrik Paiel 
lOOoiil.l R,l. 

\ biitc Team 1.2.3. Captain 4; Science League 1,2.. ?.4; 
lee 3,4; Schnot Advisory C:()miniUec4: .School HandKwk Committee 
4; Tennis leain 2J,4; Uolf Team .?.4 

Thanks lo: I would like tothank Mom and I'aiu I or supi). ■! ii nic, and 
my brothers Rajul and Shan for being there I would like to thank all 
iny teachers for putting up with me. especially my Debate Coach Mr. 
MillikcnandniyGolfCoachMr. Reynolds. I wouldalsoliketothank 
K C. Colbath and Rohil Kaul for the fun over the past four y ears, Aiyon 
Rashba. Yung-En Chen. Josh Silversleiniuid Steve Hector for Debat- 
ing. Thiuiks to Mary DeMoss ( Freshniiin Gyinclass ). David Jones, and 
I .inda Jones (Mr. Sabourm'sclass l. Thanks toCah in Wilder. Heath 
Oill.and Aanm for intca'sling political views. Thanksio Adam Smith 
Ibr.irguiiig in English. Ben Cordcs for f-rench.and lo Sarah Rosenberg 
lor Siiidcnl Govcmmenl. Finally, thanks to all the (K-oplc I h.ive 
forgotten ai the present lime. 

Future Goals; I hope to complcle college and Uivs School iind 
eventually become a law yci .\n4 maybe one day become a judge. I 
also hope loconlinue Debating. 

Tai a Peaks 
(il Woolson St. 

Thanks To: I would like to give thanks lo the Almighiy God for 
bringing me inlothe world. I woldlike to givethanlLsio my wonderful 
family for putting up w iih all my bull for seventeen ycais and they will 
putup w ith much more in the years tocome ' 1 would like to say Ih.inks 
to my mother and filther Betty and Freddy Peaks, and toniy sister Trieie 
lor always being there w hen 1 needed someone lo Uilk to and when 1 
needed some money or clothes. I want lo say hi lomy baby Rasliah for 
being there for me (I Love You). 1 would like to say ihanks lo Mrs 
Parker I would like to say whauaaatupU): .Angela. Natalie. Susan. 
/Vngie, Khayrea, Mona. Shancen, Rhea. Barbara, .Akil.ih. Michele. 
.■\i luro. Joanna, Vamp, Bumbles. TDK, Chop, and Rose 

Future Goals: To get my LPN and then my KN. 

Heather Peebles 
38 Davis Rd. 

Activities: Soccer 3,4; Spanish Club 1.2.3; Debate Team 2J; Art 

Thanks To: My parents lor being there; Jenler for being stranger i li.m 
ine: Fcho for having a psychic connection with my pen; Squeaky for 
teaching mc about love; Shanna M. for not kniH'king me down; 
Jeannctte H. for the napkins; Karen F. for the pancakes; Oavid S. lor 
sharing Michelle; Scolt P. for being there lo beat on: his niom for 
e\ ciT, thing; Jacquio S. for"Piofessional Jail B.iil"; All my navy buddies 
(that means you Jay); my luscious love niulTin: Cindy N. for "coniiecl 
the dots"; the feiir^iorac foursome; my cat; everyone 1' m too cheap 
lo mention. I love you all . and my music and art lor keeping me kind.i 

Future Goals: True love, inner peace, and some son ot p()« er 

Julie Dawn Pianledo^i 
29 Maxwell Rd 

Activities: Softball 1,2; Cheerleading 2.3. Captain 4. 

Tlianks lo: My mom and dad for always supporting what I do and 
looking out for my best interests, 1 love you guys 1 1 Mark, even though 
I can't stand you sonielimes. your my bro imd 1 love you. Ninv my 

friends in no particular order, Joanna T. - Youth Group. Peanut 
Pistachio, cnisty rocks, sporks, bad mamas. KFC. PF"R. Elvis, Spam. 
Guy talks, every thing talks, green M&M s inourbellybuttons. iTiagcUna 
Hagelina Lolta.HEE! sunflower seeds. B&J.ITIiilwaysLoffayouHo 
Jol Kim T - 7th frade canoe camp buddies, spin the bottle, Maine, 
snoopy, clamming no gas bumper cars, tie-dye shirts, alias Bina and 

Janet. Lions, ligersand bears York Beach, can I take your picture? 

High haiil we were the queens). B-mall, many guys, all nighters. 
Flonda, SC., Virginia Beach- Navy!, 8th floor party, dukes of ha2ard 
in Bessie, loo many #'s, D.C.-PFR convention (whcrc s the pic?) 
Hampton Beach, No Dinglebcrries. Red Dot. sporks. KFC- What a 
mess! Dancing with PFR's. Bopperino,club. pary van, etc. Kim your 
likcasistome. YourcoolHuh, Huh.Huhl llovcyou! Peace! Jessica 
D. - T'ya as if I'd thank you' Foxy lady. Chicago and Joumey, 
swimming in the bathtub, itk' baby sitting you, long talLs, Maine. "I'm 
constipated " Eeey Booy. sunbathing. TREET! Alladin. the |xx>l. 
O Boisies. "Hi my name is Reginald and I will be your waiter this 
evening. " Thanx for having big boobs w iih me! 1 love you Dugie! 
Wayno-thanks for always being thcr when I need you. Junior prom, 
taking mc out and putting up w ith my attitude, you really meana lot to 
me Betty C. -I know wedon'talways getalong. but your erii7y and can 
make ine laugh, "y ou're queei 1 hope someday w e can talk thingsoul 
and become real iViends. erica W'. - my clubgirl ! Isn't Thomas FINE! 
Toobadlie'scross-eyed. We'renoithal picky! MichelleJ.-gocxIluck 
Nici! Is Kwan Huang Lee gonna be a part ofoiir bigot club? Chris M. 
- Raynard, Keep pullin' all those hunnys! Ihee, heel Quit follow in' 
farbcll ' ChrisF. -Thiinks for weahngihat paisley shirtall of l()th grade 
.indllic Bill Cosby sweater. 1 -4-3. JohnT - Walkiiholicgelstnnehelp! 
Karen C. - SHbT L'P! Shanna M Guinea Power. Christine V. 
Thanx for being Corky ! I Wuv you Thatcher' Thanx to the Tarbell 
Family, my 2nd home! the Dugal's, brother Scoa! My coach ,\pnl f<ir 
also being a fnend, Mr Beaton fix making iiv hungry ' My Queerleading 
ssquadd-.Sara B and Kimmiee my fellow capplains. Dugic. Mindy. 
Betty. Jaquila. Adele. Christine P . Jenn. l^Tany.i.Grimmace. Hilly. 
Lynnie. Collen. Maime, Muggy . C y ndi Lt hi. Terry . Taw nya. Rochelle. 
and Kristcn. Gixxl Luck you Guy s Shake It ' Oh ^ eah' W ork it! Thanks 
toHeatherH . Chris P .LoriM , NicoleB .SaraB , John B .AronG . 
Poofy. and Chris C Thanks U) my Auntie Kaiy. I love you! Last but not 
least r>l like to thank the most important member of my lamily. my 
dog Honey. I wuv you Hunneeey ! 

Future Goals: To Icam the w ords lo Mrs Robin.son and teach them lo 
Joanna, le,im how tocook, lo e v enliully get married lo the man of my 
dreams, have a couple of kids, a dog just hkc Honey, end racism, and 
be happy lor the rest of my lile' 

14 Putnam Rd. 

Activities: Athletic Tiainmg 1.2. Spanish Club 1.2.3,4, AFS 1.2, 
Secretary 3, Vice President 4; Interact N ice President 3. President 4; 
Crisis 3.4; NHS 3.4; SADO 1 .2.3.4: Jerry Brown Campaign 2; Fan 
Cluh 3.4. Ben and Jerry s Banana Strawbitry Yogurt 3.4. Ad\ Chcni 
support group 3 

TlianksTo: Mynii'inli .uhnieihioughoiil 
high scho»>l and for bci ,lcdher. Tomydad 

lorbeing sopolitical .in.; i ,. . i. : .i]s,.uik . ueirarsomuch. Mike 
for driving mc cia/y just about every viaking moment ol the day 
l.auren for being such a good lriend,in(! i.t ni.ilin j sonuiny memories 
together: BenandJerry's,Oh,yinilo< ' '. Intcrjcl.tri-pKL 

Adv Chcm.andthclTonlire.surx ivin . . ^ Junng the summer, 
the Brady Bunch. ;ind the in - pact. Katie - you ' vc always nuide inc laugh 
( "Angel" in middle schixil. the tiger outtitefiir "Black Cat", rugged- 
man and the » alkie-talkiecrcw . Butnis Huirvisand die lice, prom-night 
and Brelt.orwasit l>rake.Harv;u\JSmi.ire.Tums.JeiTy Brawn.anddK- 
"new " Lisa. Ciirolyn lorbeing iheic since firsi grade ■ PREPclasses. 
loving cappuccinos and being italianu. going lo every leslaiirant we 
could, gelling mad ai the system, coffee beans. Adv Chem., Warren 
( 111 isiopher, and "I think 1 jusi saw a rabid ratX(.>on!" Sarah, ini amiga. 
lorni,ikiiigiiie add the word honey "lomy vocabulaiA I. r'l'; hi g talk 
.11 Ren and Jerry's, lor having a study with me t >r the 

stemumdiscase.forbeingobsessedwiihcranberry pi .J.i^ I . Iving 
vegetarian ilon'l forget your pal Bruno from AFS.our weekly inps 
to Arlington, y oiii split end obsession, and your boy . Kerri for being 
.so athletic and for the big cokeexplosion in the 8th grade Jessica for 
the plunger incident wluch will always make me laugh, and lorbeing 
there in athletic training. Aaron for the nature walks w hich we never 
have time lo do anyiuoR' and for sitting K'hind me in every 
Kristcn for spending hours talking to my answering machioi;, for the 
diaiiiosof lea, and foralwyas being tired when I am. Da\ id for being 

in the Spanish videos - "Who's fault is it the lapt heinj. M^ed, 
driving to Arlington DebbicforalwaysmanagingUisay' V^h.ll iorr 
isdone"after an Analysis lest and for loving Bon Jovi. My l^n.ik m 
Spain for taking meinio their house, changing me inloa"nev." ■ 
and letting me have the best 3 weeks of my life. Mr. Pava«) ' 
me inspiration and selling up the whole Spain trip for m< 
helpedgivemedircctionmlife-thankyou. Mr RcyiK ' 
mc started on Jerry Brow n and for mak ing us campa i , 
Because of you everyone I know wants to major in I 
Dowling for lelling the funniest stones and for always j m 

Ihclibrary Mr. Corliss for leaching me how lotypcl « 
I everused 2 lingers before. Mrs. Knicgerforsupp<' Jv 
Chemandncvcrmakinghomcworkandlabsbeducuiu ihe 
term. Mrs. RullfDrcanng so much about my tripio Spain and lor N;ing 
my teacher for 3 years. Dr Symko for adv ising Interact and " i ti 
the meetings tw ice a week. Mr Spinosa for hav ing the ' 
IbrbemgoiK of the best teachers Mrs. Donovan lor le' 
stylerinallyemergeandlorworkmgusiothebonc. I mall, 
the Stew arts, the Ciaccias. the Brow ns. the Turners, the Meai I 
Shanicis for putting up with all of us for so long and for dn < n.^ 
every where 'from Manchcsur. NH to Jamaica Plain so we could 

Future Goals: To goto college and return to Spain to visit my famdy 
inAlcala. TohaveasucccssfulcareerinpoliucsandSpanish Tobt 
abletoeal a pint of Ben Jerry's in less than eight minuies T.> loot 
a search for HIv is with Katie and prove he is alive (even il ue li,i\et( 
goloTokyol. To sec Lauren become the next GlonaSleineiri loset 
Carrie drink a Cappuccino and enjoy it. To stay in touch wiih all my 
go<xl friends and lo always be happy. 

Chis Prentice 
I Constitution Dr 

Thanks to: My family forevcrything. my girl in OK jn 
forhelpingmegeiloknoweveryonehercChasiity foi irt 
im essaysandletlingmedrivehcraroundevery wher. in- 
fi>rbeingaUMefriend;KimT.irf>ellformakingnk:laii_^ , in« 

toaconcen in her trunk. Julie P fi^beingsoquiet; Tiger III! leiuiignK 
blow up his speakers in my truck; Chris Farmcrand Chris Mi.ljeit foi 
irukingiiKdogo(xiingymby"i.H m i 
me turn this in late. Heather Hir^ 

John iS.r,i .1, ,,, , M.Ulies. S.K.ili kus. ■ ^1." 

beiri' 'layer for Nirvana ;aiK! i \ ri, 

else I l>>i j>>l. Kv.n.-^' you kiKni iiiL 

Future Go.iU Tom.iVi.- lots of ^and ioh.i \ r .t li ' .^ nder \Mih , '■'r»,>niin 

Mindy Pulsipher 

Activiiies Football Cheerleading 3.4: BasketballCheerleading3,4 
CompetiticMi -Squad 3,4; PromCoi7tmitiee3,4; Choir 1.2 Show Ch<» 
2; Ulinaiib3.4; President 4; NHS 3,4. 

Tbanksio: Fnsi of all. I dijnk or : ^ ' • .jh 

pulling up w I di me. Mom and n :le 

I know that il was hard, but I lou . iHv 

morning buddies- Jane and Sally AiV L 

Anila,thankyouforbeingmy best fneij . : a ji .... ne 

Also Ihanks lo my goixJ friends Ben and Rob- you g h; 

lot fn>m mc and my few prcdk ainenis Keep in louc. i lers 

what can I say? Krisiin. Tav nya. Rachelei Peanut I. Amy t Mamie i 
Kerri i Muggy I. Colleen I Squeaky I. Chnsline V. (Corky i. Cynd 
(LiHiV Hdly, Lynno, Tern, Jennifer. Jacqui. .Adelle, Chnstme P 
l^tanya. Jessica, Belly. Sara. Kim. and Julie- vou all have a hngh 

future. Oldgirls.remembcrtolisienloyourcir^ ' 

allyouguys. Spccialthanksiomycheeringbui: a* 

^'ou always put up w ith my attitude and my i • h 

ray fovMhall players- Ctins FarmerandGeorL. ■ U 

raysiiccei pl.i\^ r ( .iImuNV :l,ler Lalinlll.yoi am 

continue 111 i.j ThanksUu ilu 

class for mjk , V . cn I wxs cluele- lei 

'coi>r and Hcalti. thanks tor my "Gonk" A il H 

crack me up. Jen M . Cyndi D . Kim T . anti .-a 
always a blasl. Jen, you still have the best shoes. Jason, Dave, aik 
Nickie- the Dunkin' IXmuls crew Vuk' I hate that place Thanks ti 

allmy teachers. IctHildn'i ' rn thing without .Jl; 

thankyoutothea-siofthc whol failedi .kM 

and every one of you has touched my lite in some way- 1 wili alway 
tcnKmber you 

168 Senior Directory 

reGoals: To goon locollege.get iny masters, gel married and have 
Iren. and live in complete happiness. 

berly Ann Raffa 
South Road 

vilies: JV Soccerl.2; Varsity Soccer 3; Indoor Track 3,4; Jv 
)all 1.2: Varsity Softball3.4:Spanish Club 1.2.3:SADD 1.2,3,4; 
Lcn lcg3,4;W3. 1,2,3; Jessamyn sTraining Club l.2.3.4;Carlo 

iks To: Special thanks to Mom and Dad. You've always been 
«rti\ e and understanding iUl those years, there have been countless 
s where you" ve always been there for me and I know you'll be there 
e future. I love you both I Thanks to the best sisters: Debbie, Pattie. 
Jennifer. Dee- we're loo much idike and I'll always be you're 

tie "; Pita- you thought I got away with everything . but I love 

anyway; Jenny- for letting me you re tagalong and knowing how 
irty: I love all three of youl; To Rick andE.J.- the coolest brother- 
iws I know; and to my three beautiful nieces Brittanie. Amber Lee. 
Emily: Thanks Granditia and God bless Grandpa cmd the rest of the 
ily. A special thanks to all the GIRLS I couldn't have made it 
ugh high school w i dnoul y ou I ER IN <L k a. my other " bobsie tw i n " , 
known you almost all my life and diought it all we never lost touch, 
ve been best friends ever since kindergarten and have shared 
rylhing together from good times to bad, don't forget: Cape 
lural", Maine-Tab. day camp ( Bill M. » as always the bad boy), 
kle deodorant, pickles, Waking Elise up w/ something , flinging 
nese food, X-niass plays (I'm the rock;.and now more recent: 
ing mirrors, holly boxers, red giant flashlights (I did find that 
inchy ). "What up Nanvy". 3 am boulders at your w iiidow. asking 
Jrca s neighbor for plungers W/me . the 3 hour, drive from your 
ker. listening to the Gambler a inillion times with me and Brow n, 
being homeless and sleeping in Cougar at lantern lane. Dunkin" 
nut coffee, Ranibett. "I ain t no maintenance man!", for having 
igie as a neighbor, helping me find my way when 1 had noeyeballs 
lad a hearing problem and to Maryanne for telling me to go to bed. 
idi r 11 never forget the memories that always had the best advice 
I never lived a dull moment, we shared the iKst high school years 
I anyone could of had. thanks for: Robbie day s. "How bout ya Uncle 
.-k". "Dust in the Wind", helping me break my toe and scmbbing my 
ir, "1" II have Italian dressing on my Caesar salad please", scraping 
my candles, eating hot Ciindy and telling Anita and John off, .'i things: 
igheitis, fruit roll-ups. tea and cheese, to the parties that I can't 
lember, cruising to Ram. inventing Slammes, to helping me find my 
ss (Lisa's wedding. ». for reliving the disco era. late night grilled 
■eses. and all the ti mes I ' ve crashed at your house. To Matt for all 
Friday and Saturday nighLs. BORSHA V- What can Isiiy- 1 love your 
I fat md your kitty ! I'll iilways remember how much you hel|>ed inc 
en I was crippled . forever Pusher I. Hectic Pee 92, Carlo adventures/ 
letfipsC UM ASS, Maine. Hampton-newyears) the camera always 
idy in my back pocket, showing my lighthouse lane (lantern), for 
ne gtxxl stories at work, for loving Chester, cranking up Jack & 
pne. having a rag handy at all times and adoring my sister. AM Y-the 
|e w ho has a piro with me, the 7th grade rebels who hit the stash. 
i>ting me into going out with Mike R.. Joy and Pain, Delta rides. 

■ ph medobitesnie. dropping my camera, having pimies that I 

ver want to. and without a doubt always up for a g(«)d time! 
NDA—Shabba!, thanks forall the soccer adventures- Long Island. 
ilASS. fordrivingtheCougarand I bn)kemy leg. the Midnight Ride. 

ice in Wonderland. Finger painting, fat fadier you know you 

ow, "itsniells likcob ". and being women of inany faces. JESS AM YN- 
r letting me be yoursidekick Tonto. for being blonde and British, for 
the long tanning hours at your hoasc, for having a bl ue Hoixl. all the 
rthday rtKkcts. for catching Rob in the act, having aannoying laugh 
the way home from Roy Rogers, and being apart of the H — crew that 
In't earn it. Andrea-for all the great and irtemorable piirties just so 1 
uld clean your mom's mirror; Jenny, Jen, Jen, Jen-for putting up with 
.•, Carrier, having computer Spanish programs that come in handy, 
lling porches, for being in almost all my classes, and frisbecs w ith 
caniiint jelly; Ro-to my sub-smelling buddy, softball. and expcrienc- 
g the lima bean; Wendy-for golfing at Brown's with me; 
ffany-Imiss youl For making this past summer so enjoyable; thanks 
rest of the .senior girls: Jessica. Jodi. Kristy, Cyndi, Beth. Mika 
xrctchipmunk). Amy A.. Eppler, Betty. Mindy. Erika. Kim. Joanna 
ucus ). Julie. Toall the senior guys: Billy — "It's not a tumor", "I'm 
s party pixjper !", sorry for hiti ing your citr. fidget some more, w here 
up ncxtli me, you'llfindthechocolate milk for your twosandwic lies, 
ankslorthelockerrtiom visits imd for always making mc laugh: Rob 

■ 1 still have your love notes from 4ih grade, I know about the shower, 
d knowing evryones cycle; Jason — you always knew what I was 

try ing to say; Michel R. for New Hampshire, ski mobilingand springs 
brook; Wayne — "Hello Darlin "; Bill M. — "Hamburger" and 
making the best jokes possible: Andrew — for teaching me how to 
drive standard and then letting me and Linda frive over Spires lawn, 
escorting me to my classes and sitting in my chair at my interview; 
JimmyM. — youarelhebestcousinever; Sean M.andBillyB.:Chris 
M. — camping out atthcMts. and not falling asleep; Finally, to J.T.; 
We've been able to have the best talks about anything and 1 know 
you' ve always been l(X)king out for me and I appreciate it — I don t now 
what I'd do without you ! Thanks for the semi-formal ( no luck). New 
Hampshire and riding the four wheeler, forall the interesting phone 
conversations. T& L, for misting me (inside scoop), and having to put 
up with me! .Also thanks to Jininiy S, John B. — my sw eetie and first 
love; Matt G .. FiUTiier and Midgell Tlianks to the class of '^)^ — Thanks 
to John forall the memories, for being die most stubborn person I know . 
and most of all forgiving but not forgetting, you'll tie successful in 
whatever you do; To Michel D. and all your friends; Matthew Hanson; 
Timmy: Duda: Tara; Siu-ah and Stacey for all llic goixl times and 
parties; Wendy; Lexi; Hilary; Christine — shut up! : Chris R. — punk; 
Jim M. — for not know ing w here you live; Thanks Chet for treating 
Saragoixl. teaching us" I Red Hen", and foryoureyebrows:To Bobby 
for McDonald braille menus; To Steven — I miss your smelly shoes. 
Shannon and all the giM>d times we had! To Robert — I'm still spiffy 
as I'll always be, I'll never forgive you for throwing me intothe freezer 
and I make a hell of a airplane. 1 already have great memories of C.C., 
R.I,. UMass, and how you spoil me rotten! You have no ideaof what 
you mean to me or what I'd do without you ! Thanks to Holly for our 
UMass adventure, listening to .Augies sick storiesand pictures, and for 
all our classic water fights. To MaryKate for breaking up the tights 
between Jenny and me. To Lorraine — thanks for being so understand- 
ing and starting me out as a little freshman. I'd also like to especially 
thank Pete. You have done an unmeasurable amount of work lor me 
— you put me back on my feet again. Pete you put so much time and 
effort into my rehabili wtion that I don't know how 1 could ever repay 
you and I'msony that this incident has repeated itself. 

Future Goals: To be successful in my chosen career, to be happily 
married and have a family of my own, to have nice legs and never break 
il again tor the 3rd time, andalways keep in touch with all my friends. 

Apania K. Rao 

.Activities: Hall Decorating 1: Atmosphere Committee 3,4; Drama 
Club LR.O.T.C.; Yeart»ok4:Orcheslra4;Concert Band I; 
S.A.D.D. 2,3.4; Indian Cultural School 2,3; International Cafe3.4; 
Boston CollegeSummer Experience '93 3;GirlsJ.V. Soccer 1.2; Girls 
Varsity Soccer 4; Girls Track 1 ,2,3.4; Girls Lacntssc at Belmont Hill 
Summer '92 2; Miss Massachusetts Pageant 2; Powder Puff 3,4; 
Tounianient of Plays 1: Attempted Chccrlcading 3. 

Thanks To: I think the first thanks I d like to nuike are to the Gods 
above. They have made sure that my life has progressed in such a way 
that it only gets better. They have given me hope and faith, as well as 
security. To my parents: I love you dearly. Without either of your 
guidance, support and love, all of my achievement s w ould have never 
been possible. Mom. you .ire the strongest womim 1 know. .And without 
your strength, our family would be nothing. Dad. you iu-e such agreat 
man. No matter our difficuliies w ith each other 1 love you and will 
remember all that we did share andall of your wisdom. Thank you b<.>th. 
To ( hctaii (Chet) my baby brother. I know things can be so awful at 
limes and you think the problems will never end. but they will. And 
soraeday you will have all that you've ever wanted. Don't forget any 
of our wonderful times. We've had so many! Be strong and believe in 
yourself. That's when you can aceomplishanything. (Barry thisapplies 
toyoutoo!)Tomygrandmolher. family in India, U.S.A..and Singapore, 
I love you all dearly. Thank you forall of your support and love for my 
family and our lives. Now I have to remember every body I Thanks to 
Dr. White for the years of support and help - 1 love you. Mr. and Mrs. 
Perkins thank you Ibr all of your years of love as well. To Rinily. my 
sister and best girlfriend. I love you Em. Thank you forall of our years 
of true friendship. Yourcaring iuid level head helped me to be strong 
a.s well. Thanks for all of our gieat times and talks. To Leighton, my 
boy! ! I don't know how lo thank you for all of our late-night talks and 
never ending letters. Thank you for always sticking by me.ToCliiiton, 
my big brother. Alw ays there to help and care. I w on'l ever forget all 
the times you were there to listen and all of your letters. Tliank you. 1 
love you guys ! .Angela - my girl ! ! Take c;iro. be c;ircfiil. and stay strong 
- 1 love you. To Kim. my friend since 2nd grade! I won't ever forget 
our millions of outings and all of our line men! You alw ays tcMik the 
rap for me! 1 can' I diank you enough for all > ou ' ve done and our years 
of friendship, Don' t ever stop being wild ! I love you girl, take care. The 
WILLIE! My ALL-weatherfriend and "mother"!! Thank you for 

everything - all of our talks, dances and goofy times. You are someone 
Iwillneverforgel. Remember Spanish? Please keep in touch no matter 
what !Takc care girl! To Linda K. and Amy F - 1 didn't forget ya'll! 
Thank you for all of your support and true friendships. Take care. To 
Amy A., well, we really went our separate ways, but the times we had 
girl. I'll never forget. You had a lot of strength when I didn't. I cant 
thank you enough for that Take care ;md marry Myles you hear.'! 
Aparna U.. 1 may be in a fight with you now, but you do deserve the 
thanks lor being a true Indian sister lo me. Take care. Rachelle B . you 
ARE beautiful and oh so sw eel! Rememberour FONTAINES! Gixxl 
Luck! Claire Morehead. the one who believed in everything and 
everyone. You're such a great person. Gtxxl luck in modeling! To 
Rhea, you are thecot)lesi half Indian 1 know 'Thanks for all of our talks 
in R.O.T.C. about EVERYTHING ! Take care giri. To Gladys and Jo 
for understanding all of my man situations ! Ya' 11 Puerto Ricans are cool 
as anything! To Darlenc and Nicovanna thank you for caring so much! 
To Julie P. for our years of friendship back in the day. To Anita S. for 
beingagreat Indian sister to talk lo. Marry you knowwhogirl!ToArthi 
K. for also being a greai Indian sister to talk to in Nexus! Whatupto: 
Megan B.,Siri H take care of yourself. Manaal 1., Michelle J. girl you 
so craaaz/yy! Thanks for all the trips to your house thai I've made in 
the past ! To Mika for all of those rides, talks, and soccer game thanks! 
To Joanna'r.. my public transportation buddy, know in' damn well we 
ain't got no license! NickieL. - 1 didn't forget! Christine Harrington. 
Maya. Tevelee! Sandra J. you're so beautiful! Lisa T.. Vanita Gupta 
and JennTrallo for all of our great times at Boston Col lege ! Nicole B 
I'm glad we became friends, you are TOO funny ! Adellc, don't vou 
worry, your time and man WILL come! Barbara. Denisc K. my birthday 
buddy ! Katie A.. Laurie and AndrewCook - thecixileslLexingtonitesl 
Lori M. - yiiu'rea real sweetheart. Don't forget the ways of back in the 
days! Take care w ith Mr Mickey. And good luck! ToGreg J . atrue 
lifelong friend Wc'\c shared loo much! Thank you for EVERY- 
THING ! I love you. John B . thank you for being such a great friend lo 
me. Both of you - don't forget me and all of our great times! Takecare. 
And Greg, settle down!!! Chris F.,(bubbles! - shhh!) You're such a 
cutie! Remember 8th grade? Da Ethnic Posse! Midgell - my junior 
prom dale (even if 1 was your3rd choice!) You -n- I were both 
nominated for king and queen, how's that for a 3rd choice! Takecare 
you two w ith your goofy selves! Tiger, for always matching his pants 
tohisshirt. Nosah! llovcyouT! Say hellolo the family forme. Allister 
- my baby ! You've been wonderful forthe last 9 months. Thank you for 
always chillin' on the phone with me! We've had too much fun! 
Takecare ! Adam S. you bet 1 passed you by ! I've know n you since we 
were in KG and we've been friends ever since. Thank you for your 
common sense and forall those rides lo schixil ! Bryant C, .Mr. Football 
Man! I hope you and Midgell make it to the NFL! Mall K. it's all in the 
name. .Anuro, my Spanish buddy! Remember the cafe? Thanks for 
ALL of our talks. You' ve been such a wonderful friend and 1 hope we 
end up in college together! Antonio, for being sucha wonderful Boston 
College buddy. Takecaiehoney!!sexy! Whatupto; Bryan 
A..Lou + Ed A.,Jii.sonC.+ReggieK..Jamille P..Tony J. forall of your 
kisses! EmeslT. Sean L.Cameron - Mickey boy ! Vinny - for being my 
Isl Indian boyfriend, Cy B., David S. -i- family - D i m so glad you 
FINALLY got a job! Marcell, Brcndim - you need to slop sweatin' 
yo'self! CEDRIC! - for nuikin' me laugh. Steve - my Haitian baby! 
Remember what happened in Nexus with the desk and yo' big ol' 
butt?!! Damon forall of our talks and for being so nice to hk. Thank 
you. Tremaine-1 didn't forget you! Last but not least Demetrius! And 
loall my men of "92! To the Fontaine Crew: Yves, the love of my life. 
1 will love you Imly for always. 1 can't thank you enough for all of our 
wonderful limes, things we've shared, and everything we've been 
IhrtMigh. At times you were like my best friend and you stillare.Thank 
you for alw ays sucking by me through all of our highs and lows. 
Someday there will come a time when life will be like it should. I will 
stick by \ ou always until we both reach that point. I love you. Jean - a 
little version of your brother! You' ve been great to talk lo! GikxI luck 
w7 Larissa. Bryan ! Forall the limes you w ere there to listen.cheer me 
up. andhelpno matter what. Thank you and gixxl luck. Daphne - you're 
so cute! Hi Sarah Jean ! To John S. and .Abdul Cabba tor being so nice 
to me and putting up with my endless phone calls! John. go<id luck in 
your group ;md Abdul, I ho|X' you make it to the NFL! Trevor, you so 
goofy ! ! Bridgelle. for our talks and (or alw ays being so happy to see me 
and Yves U)gclher. WiMxIy, foroiw long lalks' .And finalK loMiuie, for 
listening tonic and for all of ourlalk.s on the phone, thank \ou Thanks 
and olTicials of "92! 1 launcd a lot lri>m my expeneiice w ith you. To 
the MISS l EEN ALL AMERICAN P.AGEANT oflicials for > our 
interest in mc to be the MISS MASSACHUSETTS representative. I 
may lake you up on that some da> ! To chie f. colonel. ;ind the M.A 79 1 st 
AFJ ROTC squadron lor 4 great years ol R O T.C. ! To Mr. McDonald . 
Ms Mitchell, and Mr. Ciollis. for being w hat great tciichei s shmild be 
Thiuik you for being so wonderful to me these last 4 v ears. Tolbe girls 

Senior Directory 169 

kV: I iir.ii u.CkU )oii \c hccii SO much lun Id work with. To 

rr\(nJly'b for employing mc! AndloShishuBharali. lor providing me 
' I) 1 ' ^ 1 1 ri al limes and cultural knowledge about India these last 
I ( ■ any one else I forgot, sorry, but I tried not lo! 

I I i UKI'.GOALS:Togotoagreatunivcr>ityofMYchoiceand study 
nieditini;. Marrj' Yves and have ^ lo 4 kids! Be a doctor and the most 

I I APPlESThard working woman ot ihe next century ! 

Aaron Michael Rashba 
2 1 Glcnridge Dr. 

Activities: Crosscountry 2,.1,Captain4: Basketball 1,2; lndix)r Track 
3; Tennis 1.2,3,4; Purity-1. 0,1,2,3.4,5. .;FrenchClub 1. 2.3.4: Drama 
Club l.2.3.4;LalinClub 1, 2; Science League I ;Telemcdia 2: Debate 
?.3,4; .Student .Atmosphere Committee 3.4; Legislative Committee 
3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Boys State 3,4; Crisis 3,4; Ultimate 
f-risbee 3.4; Math League 4. 

Thanks To: First and loiemosi, my family: Mom and Dad. your 
tremendous encouragement and love have led mc the right way. You 
were always there for me, and I love you both very much. Daniel, 
you're agreat brother and a great kid:goixl luck in high school. Thanks 
to my other relatives, and of course Misty ! Next to the Class of 94 
(alphabetically): Bayne for being a pool shark. Carvey for knowing 
how logrunl. Alan for being agrea.ser.Came lor Australia. 27, and other 
crazy stuff. Ben C. for being my first friend in Bedford. Ben D. lor 
French videos. Heath for drivmg Pavao cra/y and fnsbce. tvjy for 
being cool, Brian F for unlocking my car, Carolyn for your sensitivity 
and twack, Megan for bemg a great actress. Marcus for being the other 
senior in driver's ed. Jason Ibr being the most insane person I know. 
Chastity for being a rebel. Dave J. for always having fun. Ryan lor 
Idling me beat on you in physics. Nickie L. for inviting me lo dinner. 
Krislen lor Princeton Review, Claire for all your noises and breakfast- 
ing. Henrik for being intimidating and nice at the same lime, Lisa for 
being a long lime friend andall your mysterious fetishes, Ro forgetting 
less sleep than me. Sarahs, forninning. Anita for laughing all ihelimc. 
Adam for making mc laugh. Lauren for ihe surprise party, feminism, 
and sanitation. Alison for ihe prom and DIL. Jessica for canng so much 
about everything, all the lime wc spent together, and being a dork, and 
Calvin lor having such interesting vicwsand Purtluctglory diiys). Also 
thankstoall Ihe fnsbecand political science dorks in theclassof 93 for 
smoking butts, especially B. Drohan for being the bcsi neighbor. Bnan 
Dcardorff for going biking with mc. Jodi and Abby for lifelong 
friendships, and the X-C and Tennis teams Special thanks lo Bary and 
Mrs. Deardorff for defininggixxl coaching. Steve, the runnmgOod.and 
Navecn and Sewon fordoing all three sports with me. GckxJ luck next 
year! Finally, thanks Mr. Spiiiosa, Mr. Reynolds, and Mr . Sullivan lor 
inspiring me lo pursue social studies, and Ihe other teachers who've 
made learning exciting: Mr. Pavao. Mr. McCarthy. Mr Pilla. Mrs. 
Sorgi, Mr. Ullniann. Mr. Stephenson. Mrs. Rainis. Mr\. Donovan, Mr 
Sabourin, Mrs. Krucger. and Mr. Petrillo. Also, ihank you Mr Duggan. 
everyone at Purity, and anyone else who'scnnched my life. 

Future Goals: Option 1: Gotocollege, join the debate team, get my 
Ph.D., become a history professor, enter politics, have a nice family . 
dog, a white house, and a picket fence. Option 2: Go to college, join 
the ultimate frisbee team, meet beautiful women, bike aniund the 
woHd.climbmountains. liveolTwork stints at supcrniiu-kets, Iciim how 
to gamble and surf, and spend life in hedonistic debauchery! "As 
always, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. . ." 

Carlos A. Roman 

Urb. Sna LuisaLote#42 


Activities: Soccer 4; AFS Student 4. 

Thanks to: First lo Gixi who helped me in all of these years. Second 
to my dciu tw o families both in Fcuador and here for supporting me. 
I mean lo niy father Luis A forgiving me this great chance lo leant many 
things, to my mother Monica w ho helped me in every dung, lo my 
brothers Luis E. Diego lor accepting my jokes and my little and 
beautiful brother Paul, because I love him. lo my grandmothers 
"Paletita " and "Carmelita ". to my host parents Dave ( "Mr. P"). and 
Virginia I "Giiiny") lor being good parents and for supponmg me this 
w hole year, to my "gringo" brothcrCraig "Coyote" Wiley for having 
patience with me and because I think , I will never forget him and my 
host family included Eric (the ACDC's guy). Krislen and her beautiful 
baby Oscar, my other brothers and sisters, to Mr. Wiley and his wife 
and ihicr pretty son "Willie", to Roman's family, to Reyes' family, to 
Millard's family, to Mr. Ladia and his family, to Border's family, toall 
of my teachers, toidlof my "compradres"hcre and in Ecuador(Fausto, 

Cailos A. .Jose l.uis.WildoM. and iitliersj.luCi Lillys Kn^es lor singing 
their beautiful songs, to NFL and L A Raiders, to the soccer team, to 
my Gennan Kicker and cra/y friend Flonan Linebacker, to my Panama' s 
greal friend Edniundo, and I ,(K)0,()0() thanks to my friends in heaven 

Future Goals: Finish college with good grades. Have a good wife and 
4kids. HaveaBMWcar. Gotolrelandandcomeherctovisitmyhosl 
family and my friends before I die. Ah! ! ! and go to the Guns N'Roses 

Sarah Rosenberg 

Activities: Student Council President; Interact/Citizenship 
Committee prs 3; Legislative Committee 1 .2.3.4; Student 
Advisoi>Conimittec2.3:2(X)l Committee 3,4; Softball 1,2.3.4; Field 
Hockey 1. 2.3; Basketball 1; French Club 1. 2,3.4; SADD 1,2,3.4; AFS 
3.4; Madrigal 3,4; Double Sextette 3.4; Show Choir2.3; Ycarboi>k 1 ,2; 
Marching Band I ;Girrs State 3: HOBY 2; Amnesty International I; 

Thanks to: The entire class of 1 994 especially — Amy Akillian and 
Apama Rao lor leaching me right from wrong, for show ing me how to 
be a real. true, self-confident individual Words can not express how 
much I admire, respect, and value our friendship and what you have 
taught me in the past4 year.. Sara Borshay for show ing me the pictures 
in your lix:ker. for "Wishbringer ' and "Zork I". XCAB 1 23. and for 
always putting a smile on my face Sara Brown for "Hangin' with 
Holly wood". "There was thisguy... in a bar", and lorwalching'Hangin' 
Tough Live" M> times with n»e. Castellana li>r finding Payless shoes, 
auditorium talk, and being in "The Row". Jessamyn fiwyour parties, 
laughing at me when I dropped my lunch tray, and ALL BALL! Raffa 
for Lima bean, breaking y our legs and getting in a fighl w ith me w hen 
I dumped water on your bed in Maine. Linda for "Petit Ouiteax", 
COPAIN '. and always being Ihe best person lo talk to when I needed 
some academic advice Cyndi for DEADBIRD'.SKIPP.^HEAD'. and 
Coffee Heath BarCrunch Yogurt. Chns Farmer and Chris Midgcll for 
being two of the most beautiful people in the wi^rld. who really care 
abiuii others and arc the only guys who can say h<>» ihey feel. Lori 
Malyincik for being a train Lisa for being an incredible leader, a 
wonderful person. >md an honesi. loyal Inend. Lauren for making 
every thing seem sochecrful, for being so(>pen and strdighiforwarvl, and 
for always making me feel better Sarah Carvey for say ing Rock On' 
David Jones and Kristen MacDonald for saving m> life in Lab. and lor 
being pnceless friends. Bayno for I Love Yooix)!, for know ing how 
niiuiy steps are in the Florence Cathedral and for supporting mc in 
every thing I do Jccca for Rainforest Crunch, teaching me what time I 
should go to bed, and for being my pers4>nal therapist by the way . tell 
your mom I said Hi ' ! Heath and Jav s»in for making oatmeal cookies with 
me and Carvey. tor making me laugh, and for being so obnoxious in 
French La Mead lor being the only one who understands French the 
w a\ I understand it Gallant for V49.(K) To the "FearNoine Foursome": 
Tarbell. Peebles. Curry and Rosenberg — We will always be the best 
of friends. Although we split apart the "Living and Learning Crew" 
is still alive — I love you guys" Ciacciu. Claire, Mindy. Kane B.. 
Dugal, Fanelh, Ben Corde>. Hennk. Evjy. CaJvin. KC. MFT. and Alan 
C. for being s«) likable. To Ben Dick lor being one of ihc undefcla,vsmcn 
rebels in hUimpe and for being one of the only nice guys left. Beth. 
Mika. and Enca l»ir being so fnendiv . .'Vrluro lor being the cutest boy 
on eanh, and for making me laugh constantly. Chns Prentice for 
blow ing upeverv stervii he ow ns. Jivanna for making mc laugh. John 
B.foriUwaysbcingagixidfnend— I'msorr. lyelledatyouaNHitKim. 
Chastity for being the only person I know who is self-confident, 
determined, moii v ated and prepared I ' m g lad I got lo know you better, 
thanks for being agtxxl Inend .A.imn Rashba fiirmissine the bus all the 
time, for being so articulate and for being such an amazing. gcnuiiK-. 
dependable, and politically correct friend The BHS soltball team: 
Dudii for the bat. SUn in for peace. Giannelia for being competitive, 
Hanwell for being stretch. Mcgov em forlaughing at myjokcvGullage 
for laughing ai Da\ e Kelly . Debbie D for always having a goixl altitude 
and Inferrera for understanding nie. dealing » ith my bad da> s. and for 
always encouraging me to do ni> best. .Amy Sandcll fur being a 
Renaissiince Rapper, for always listening to me when I want to 
complain about school and for being one of the mi>s| dynamic, 
uneqtialcd. intelligent, and trtjsiw onhv friend I have ever had ..oh by 
the w ay , you' re scary w hen y ou get mad. Enn— where do 1 Ix-gin .' How 
about Barbie's?Or the pniiect adventure wire, or NKOTB. orbth grade 
Bcrgbabe'sclass? I love vou so much. We have been through so much, 
and although w e didn't sia> as close as wc would hav e liked, I knew 
that I always had someone lo talk lo I'm not going to go through all 
of ourmcniories. but I would like tosay a sincere thank you for Ihe past 
7+ years — You w ill always be my best friend. To Eppler — doesn't 

It seem like jusi yesterday we were climbing Ihe root of Bl ' !■ ,aai 
bi-en 4 years but it seems like an cu-mily thai we have been !■ leaj 

Thanks lor being like me. understanding and ration J I ' lim 
anyone does, for be ing > ourself . for lo v ing I 2. Be. 

Daysof our Lives arxl Nachosas much as me — Sara i „ 

there is no way 1 could tell you how I feel about oui ih 
little space — YOU ARE THE BEST! Oh. If you v 

rcferti> years yearbook. beh.hch.hch.Thanksto I; i, 

being my second home — Mr. Venuti for being the i; ^n, 

ing.personablcandcharismaticpcrson.boss.fnend. Stoii v^cuit 
to be friends" Venuti. Becky. Su/anne for being so cra/\ nid fi 
nriaking me laugh. Julie for being an original gangsiah. Mjurnjnfi 
making the "every icecream frappc". Sull for say ing I w as a ncT J l-ltik 
for being Fluke. Brcnda lor just talking. Dave Vcniii 
good friend of mine even though I've made a few r , j 

Dubitsky forheingmyrolemtxlelandformakingmc Ix ^ .i ..yj 
Boffa for everything you have ever said, done or w ill do. K> \ closfi 
being the best friend and date I could have ever asked Coaci 
Wilson forgiving me the self-confidcnte and deteniiinaiinn I netd i 
have the desire to win. Mr. Spinosa for being the mosi inucdih 
teacher who really understands, cares and guides every stu : ' i 
stepsintoyourclassroom. Mr PavaoandMr Stephenson i - -i 
up with ine Mr. Fichera, for 5lh grade, you were the one » liu i . ; i 
me the most, you helped me define who I am and I w ish to th.i : n , 
And Mrs Sorgi forbeinglhenHisiexiraordinary advisoracla^scou 
ever ask for —I love you all! And lasi bui certainly not the le.istii 
family. MomandDad — ihereisnopossibleway tote'' u, 
you guys meaniomc EncouragenK-nl. support. Iom m 
foursimpleworUsthatdescnbeonlyapieceofwhal'. I 
made your lives difficult at linK-s. but I'm growr I 
supposed to make your lives .isdifficult as possible 
"that stage " Any wav — thank v ihi for evcrvthing. k 
tell mom I turned on the stove. I don'i care anvmor.. 
Vermillian-Ha! Gctyourownglassofwater-rilbeincollcL ) 
arc the one w ho uiKlerslands w here I ' ve been, and w hc-re 1' ni j: ■ i ^- 1 1 
one w ho's laughed w ith mc and always stood by ine Youar>. i/icoi 
I can call any lime day or night, and you' II be there for me - 1 Im c yo 
Becky! Oh! Mable.thanksforpeei-a-booandscratchuigupinyfac 

Future Goals: To be able to do 50 billion things in the course of oi 
night and still get a good night's sleep. 

Michael C Rovsi 
3 Minutcman Dnve 

Activiucs: Htx:key3.4; 2,3.4. 

Thanks to: Mom and Dad for being the best, most understandu 
parents a kid could ever have. To Jeff and Scon for f>eing i c s 'I liii 
brothers. Thanks John for Pcnnsv l\ aniai my name is Mi. I mem Ji>hn ■ 
Volleyball in die dark (out of bounds i.Painl Pellc'- 
driving home for N H. ( would y ou tw o shut up bdck I) 
else 1 didn't think of Thanks Jim forbi ' 
(have fun in die \a»y) Thanks Rob . 

Thanks Matt G lor being Italian HcvMims M \ li. ju 
his fingers. Puke, always remember Miss Giddis Thanks in il 
Hivkcv team It was fun Thanks to the Lacn>^si- ,r- ,u 
somebody call the ahhh .Audubon Society." Mike S 
guys ore the funniest guy s 1 know Betty you look ! \ 
thanksfor giving someonctopickontjuslkidding) Cuxly >»u ncor 
of the nicest people I know . Thanks to Mr Cari.sonund die w o<xl she 
crew Mr. Maxwell, you're the only teacher I ever regixntcd hav mg 
sub for. Thanks to JD for the Junior Prom. M.P.. stop calling n 
Mucko. D.F.. you still reming me of a N.H. kid, and Bill — my at 

Future Goals: On to college and bigger and better things alter ths 


Thanksto: Firslofalll'dliketolhankmy Mom. Janice Row eim Ito. 
Wayne Rowe. my sister. Catherine, my Step-.Mom. Robin Rpm . it 
Step-Brother. Nathan Korwn, and the res of my fain ' 
for helping me w ith schixil activities, projects, and il 
Next I'd like to thank all my best fnends for being ii ^ .u 
makjngmy twoycarsalBHSvery special. Thev arcJcn^'oonL- ^ tir 
Inend from Hanscom. Hennk r.i' ■ '( ' \ . ' « 
friends 1 had at Bedford. Jason \ 

Jeff Wcinfun. : :. i . ! I>. t k .- .- . ji 
my fnends who I hung annmd with at lunch. Michelle Koop. my be 

170 Senior Directory 

;nd in Miirching Band, Healhoi Walker, my la\ oi iic and talented 
jtand novelist. Kalliy Kelly, who drives mc to w nrk all the time, 
alher Peebles, a co-worker at my my job. Joanne Mackie. who lel-- 

domy homework with her and Cindy in her parked car dun ns; (' 
iod uiiassigned, and Jeannette Hagon. a great Iriend. 1 aKo have 
ny other fiiends who I'd like to thank I'm being my triends and 
king niy two yearsat Bedford really wonderful. I'd also I ike to thank 
my teachers that I had for the past two years for making classes lun 
lexciting. They did agreat job. I'd also like to thank Ralph Roiondo. 

Bassguitiir teacher, for teaching me how to play the Bassguuar Liiid 
pingmeloprogressinmy know ledge of playing it. I'd also like lo 
nkCapt. Baker for tutoring me in Geometry which 1 had problems 
h my Junioryear. Also I want to thank all the managers and fellow 
iployees at the Bedford McDonald's for making my job ther fun and 
riling. Finally if 1 forgot anyone else. 1 want to thank them now for 
!fything. But the person who I almost forgot to ihank the most is God 
ause he helped mcgci this far in life 

nclia Veronica Sandell 
Wildwood Drive 

tiviliesiTrack l;JVFieldHockey 1,2. Varsity .?.4; Ski Team 2,. s.4. 
ill Decorating I : Borshay mission 92 1 1 -find Chet .^.4 

anks To: First I have to thank my parents for every thing that you ' \ e 
nc for meover the last eighteenyears. I can 't tell you how much your 
e and support mean to me. Beth thanks fordoing all the things lor 
:that 1 wa.s too lazy to do myself and for always being there for me. 
Is thanks for just being you and for all the days we spent together 
lying Sega. You guys arc the best. Sara Borshay, thank you lor 
rtccn years ol'being a best Iriend i B Kf J. Thanks for the dandel ions 
nursery school, I'or hiding my bag in 2nd grade, lor Cape Cod 
^mories, for our ranipagecniise. for always having aboyfncnd that's 
ends with mine, forgoing to my Inst fawn Lake p;irty with me (need 
ay more',') for being yourself, being honest, and for always making 
jlaugh. Yoiidon't know how much all these years have meani tome, 
idrea Marslon, my sunshine. Thanks forall the times at your house, 
jying Nintendo, getting subs and watching a movie, bargain shop- 
ng, for falling in love with all of Rob' s friends, for being a nightmiu^e 
times, forgetting mc into coffee, for our late night chats, and most 
all for valuing our friendship and for being a l(X)% original. Erin, 
y partner incri me. You've always taken good care ofmeand the other 
ris when you've been most needed. "Erin where's MY H.AT .'! '", 
;rin,GETDOWNHERENOW!!!! "Thankyoulor 1 1 ycarsofballet, 
rDeltacruising, forehecseburgersubs. for movie fests, for the noodle 
ss, for loving my turtle, for letting me contomi you. for double 
adcrs, for late night, for always being theie to support me no matter 

nal, for being the one - you know ! Your friendship means so much 

me, I love you! ! To Sara Brown, my brownie, thank you for helping 
e steal Billy's Mike n" Ikes, for all of our long walks, for Wile E. 
jyote, for our late night cruises. Attitash (Erin and Andrea too), for 
tresting rides homeinmy hack seat, for being a victim of the I. S., for 
lling down my stairs, and for always being soineonc who is w illing 
listen and cry with me (in bathtubs, cars, on the phone, or on the go) 
ssamyn,poofy,tliankyouforbeingabiit, forniany wildnightsinihe 
>od, for running wicked long runs with nie in field Hockey, forall of 
lurpool parties, for being a nightmare that lime at Phil B's, for being 
noiher figure to Sara and Andrea w ith me at Sara's, for the clams in 
c drive-in movie ( what a Hick it was) in Cape Cod, and for alw ays 
■ing happy and being a sweetheart. Linda, thanks for shabba, thanks 
r running home with me from the mall in sixth gradeione more 
ailboxlogo), for making the time capsule w ith met too bad we dug 
jp), for never understanding what anyone says "tlngerpainiing.'". foi 
•ing my singing partner, and foralways being "tracked " Kim Raffa. 
anks for being a rebel with me in sixth grade, for that nightnuue night., 
ink oranges and my backseat and you ' II know, for being a Nintendo 
eak with me, for joy and pain, for being the master videotaper and 
-•tting many classic moments on film, for being late, and foralways 
iving the best time with me when we get a little cnuy and nightmar- 
h!! Sarah Rosenberg, what do I say?Thanks for late night at my house 
ilh 20 cups of coffee. Renaissance rap (One, two, three, and to the 
lur....), listening to me goon and on when I'm mad. for being a school 
bel ( passes, unassigned, mailboxes, yeah..,lots of tape recorders) I 
ve it I ! !, and for always being an objective and understanding friend 
■talk to. Thanks to Jessica B. for Archie ( I have his numberif you want 
!). for many late night cruises, for being my partner in baggage 
lopefullythats over with), and for joining me in being abrunette. To 
iff any G. for that god awful laugh, forcoming with me toGary's when 
)oncelse would (they loose big time), for loving something as much 
. I do, for late nighl al Shell and for being somewhat of a Brit! To 
indsay, iny other long distance friend, for also loving something, for 
-■ing the biillsiest person t know, for many seclusiveoulings. for being 

such a fun pariier, and for our long talks. I miss both of you guys so 
much ! To Jen-.Ien-Jen-Jenny Jen Jen Jen for your awesome dry humor, 
lor fun rides lo sclnx)!, for being antisocial (by the lime this is printed 
that will have changed), and for dealing with my cr.i/ , ness, MY 

NAME IS MUD! !, L(X)k at me I'm Sandra D To 1 pplcr I. ir being 

sociK)l,l LOVE field Hockey! !, for liking RATT, lor youisiories about 
Nelson, and for being open-minded and an all person, 1 o 
Christie C. lor being the absolute coolest, class ski|)pitig, detention 
going, locker room bound giri I've ever met!! Nevci lorgci .seventh 
grade in the locker room- We were such rebels! ! Thanks to all the other 
senior girls who have been and still are friends; Cindy H.. Beth M . 
Chastity, Mika V. (Tetris and five alive I. Wendy C. (how's your 
eyes'.'), and Amy A. (T lives on). Thanks to the Junior girls: Wendy 
Chase, Suicey P., Sara H.(no Sara you don't blow into it!), and Michelle 
Pietchell. Thanks to Gretch for dumping John, for only listening to 
depressing songs, and for al I the memories. Thanks to my babe. Todd 
Anderson for always being the best friend anyone could ever ask for. 
You ' ve helped me through so many dilemmas and I istened to so many 

of my twisted stories- 1 give you credit. Your the eternal righlTodd? 

Thanks for many proms, many parties, all our long deep talks, and for 
always kxjking out for me-remember I'm always there for you ' I To Dan 
K. for always keeping in touch, for being a boneheadimd for being the 
most honest good kid whocan read my mind. ToChipforcia/'y nighis, deep talks, and for always being a friend. To Mailic lor 
being my best-boy and for many memories. To Bil ly for being the hesi 
guy and also the dirtiest one in town. To Sean lor your amazinggoatie 
shaving punch. To Jimmy M. foralways grossing meoutandnmlesiing 
my friends. To Matt M. for being my buildv . loi know . and lor 
miuiyp;ir!ying memories. To ,^danl lor being so philosphical. for being 
adeadhead.and for being a great person lotalk to. To Wayne forcalling 
ine Darlin' and letting me rag on you for it. lo Jell, where ever you arc, 

thanks for the ullimatesing-alongs (Oh Chris you're so gay jToChris 

K. for messing with all of my friends heads and lor having good col fee. 
ToChel for making Scua happy, forall ol your crazy fishing stories, and 
for your frosty back yard. To Billy Boland lor letii ng me steal your Mike 
'n' Ikes, alsothankstoJodi forallof our memories, you guys iu'esocule. 
Thanks lo Gary forbeingagood friend, being so mellow, and for some 
good times. Thanks to Larry for being Gary's sidekick and forall the 
memories of you. me. and Rob. To Billy Buckley lor loving hi^ ear 
more than life, being so fidgety.and for not having a tumor. To .Andrew 
for setting me up with Neil. To Matt Hansen for teaching me cool 
moves. Tlianks To Rob for the 2-1- years we' ve been together. I know 
I'm not an easy person to deal with all the lime bui we've managed 
pielty well so far. Just remember that I will always love you and will 
always be here for you no matter what happens. 

Goals: To graduate from college, get a good jobdoing something that 
1 like, get married and have a beautiful family and to keep ;ilivc in my 
memory all the gcHxl times 1 had and all the friends 1 made in high 

Arturo Santiago 

Constitution Dr. 

.-\ctivities: ROTC I; Band I, 2. Spanish Club 2..'*. President 4; 
Ycirbook 4; Drama Club 4; Show Choir 4; t'hoir 4; rournanient ol 
Plays 4; Musical .'5,4. 

ThanksTo: 1 wouldlike to thank firslofall.lomypaienls. The\ have 
been my role models. Thank you lorlcichiiig me respect for niyscll. 
Know now that if you don't have respect lor yourself you don't have 
respect l or nobody. (Juisieradecirmuchascosas maspero solamenle 
lengo un limile de escribir. Pcro no puudo n ine sin decirles que los 
amosa losdoscontixloel corazon. Y siempre los llcbos en el cora/iin 
Wanda, thank you for being not only my sister but my besi Irieml ( )iicc 
again thiink you and I love you with all my hciin. Yvy, portate bien y 
siguc adelante. You know I love you. sis. Lori, thank you for dancing 
with nie at the International Dinner. Thank you for being good friend 
to mcand for listening lo my problem. And again thank you for being 
likeasister. Michelle, it wasa pleasure taking you to the Junior Prom. 
I had a lot of fun. Keep in touch. And also thank you for being nice to 
mc since the minute I walked in youi Spanish class. Joanna. I had a lot 
of fun in our English class rememlKr ... and Yes! ! I can't wait for our 
big entrance al Ihe prom. Kim Tarbell thank you I'or all the rides you 
gave me loclubs. Sweet Tara thank you for being a good friend to me. 
Amy Akillian, Marika thank you for being gixxl friends to me. Chris, 
thank you for the ride to school everyday, and. yes, like Joanna said, 
your radio is pumping but now it's not. Sweet Apama thank you 4 being 
a good friend to me. Sarah Ciu"vcy , you are a nice girl - thank you for 
teaching me what I know in yearbook. Niki, hi even though you gave 
me all ihosc cold answers, but you iU"e a good girl and a good friend. 
Cli<LSiily,sUiy out ofpioblcms.andlhankyouforyour friendship. Betty, 

remember our English class it was nasty smell!! To Rhea. Adele, 
LaTanya, thank you for being a good friend to me since my first day of 
schix)l last year. I'm sorry if I miss somebody, and if I did thanks for 
being a good freind. 

future Goals: I wouldlike to graduateandgeladcgree. gel married, 
have kids hopefully before 20 years old. And also become a successful 
actor and have lots of money. 

David Schowalter 
6 10 Springs Rd 

Activities: J V Soccer 1,2; Varsity 3.4: Latin Club. V4: .Spanish Club 
1 : Forum .^.4; Student Atmosphere Committee 3; 

Thanks to: My family 4 having me. Deity 4 giving njcFailh. Jesse 4 
letting me in. Rachel, Susan (I'll never forget the rose) I wouldn't B 
here without U. Jen: friends since',' Kiesslings4 Pearl Jam O/jy for the 
lesions. Ben 4 Harvard Sq.,HubbaHubba. Patty 4 being an Aquarius. 
Andi 4 strength. Stephen 4 showing mc who my friends were. NOT 
YOU! Athaya: U madcmereali/cwhol was. No longer am. Jessica: 
Blessed Be! Glad U didn't leave. Julie 4 her help. Nicole 4 being the 
first 2 care. Melinda 4 her voice. Thome 4 pricking me. Slephany 
Seacord 4 Canobie 4 saving my life, then killing me herself. You'll 
always B "Something I Can Never Have". Michelle 4 being a friend 
1 11 si. Nightshade ( best 4 last ) 4 U the words I spoke were trae. Society 
4 making me into what I'm. 2 all who'rc DIFFERENT. Bproudov who 
LR Many will hate U4thinking4yourself:SOBEIT!The GOTHIC: 
Keep 2 the shadows. There U shall find acceptance! 

Damon SeotI 

Thanks to: my Mom and Dad. Giu>-, Jordan, and Shirley. Also thanks 
lo all my friends. 

Sarah Shamel 
-^2 Page Rd, 

ActiviUes: Varsity Ski Team 1. 2.3.4. Captain 2,3,4; Field Hockey JV' 
1, Varsity 2,3; Cross Country 4; Varsity Track 1.2,4; Drama Club 
1 ,2.3.4: AFS 2,3.4. Treasurer 3. President 4; Spanish Club 1 .2.3,4; 
Chorus 1 ,2; Show Choir4; Science Legue 4; Interact 3,4;Musical 1 ,2; 
Telemedia2: NHS 3,4; Spring Play 1 ,2,3.4; SeniorGuy Worship 1,2; 
Ultimate Frisbec 3.4; Procrastination 1.2,3,4 

ThanksTo: All my friends and classmates. Jecca for 1 5 years of 
friendship and counting. What more can I say? Chiach. the other half 
of the "dynamic duo" - captains three years in a row ! We' re unstoppable! 
Thanks for being a spaz, and a perfect role model of eff ficiency . Ca for 
being so athletic, going lo parly(s) with me. and being a true friend lo 
evei"> one. Lauren for teaching me how to shop at Victoria's Secrets, 
being my "psychiatrist" in JGMS. Wednesday morning labs, and 
Curious George, the field hockey slick. Lisa, mi amiga espanola, for 
so manj years of Espanol, cranberry juice, and majorly procrastinating 
on the phone. You wcrcalwayslhcie, honey, or at least your answering 
machine was (I had to write il, it's tradition). K.B. for a great laugh. 
All ol the above for a plethora of memories (Jerry Brown, progressive 
[lariies, pumpkin seeds, RiKky Horror. Ben and Jerry 's, eel., ect.). 
Kristenand Mary and everyone from SBP for two great summers of 
Hying to get tan. Mary again for having a crazier love life than I do. 
Ki islen and Kerri for .Adv. Bio. study groups. Deb for laughing al us 
and thinking we'd get nothing done, and for having a /.oo in her back 
yard. Lisaforbeingsuchagrcal.uiiwimpy lab partner. Tlie l992-'93 
Adv. Chem class (Lis-.s*IO^ — 18 molecules. That's a pretty good 
vacuum! ); Mrs. Kieugarforneverhavingaslouchday. Thankyouso 
much for being a great teacher and making me love Chem. Congnitu- 
lations on being the first female head of a depariment! Mr. Sabourin 
for challenging me. Mrs. Donovan for showing me how to w rite an 
essay, and for appreciating my writing. Thanks to Mr. Stephenson for 
beingcool. Tlianks to Ms. Messmerforivmindingine that popquizzes 
still exist. Thanks lo Ms. O'Malley for helping mc calm down about 
my college applications. You've been so much help. Tlianks to Barry 
andthewholeXCteamof '93. especially: Aaron, for having so much 
confidence in me, (We w ill run the marjihon, RiLsh! ) Christina C. for 
being my fellow female .XC runner and for helping me show that .AB 
brat not to mess with the BcdIonI Girl's XC Team', .md Johnny for 
tellingmel wasa "pretty nice girl." The whole ski team. especially the 
X-C skiers- Brian, AlyssaiUidChiach. Bayne for being silly.ond.AdiUii 

Senior Directory 171 

• (. lucdtoher side (who arc you in love with, anyway? I Ben 
' I,. j!cl an Ulliniale team going. Ben D. for "calculus 
: leachingmclobondwithmycalculalor. writing me 
ii, <. and being a malh snob. Carcn C. lor driviny me to 
u.y.,;. Megan \ l lor going on the same college trips as mc. Phil for 
niini; next lo ine in physics and always asking me if I'd slept. Jones 
MioandSr PavaoforcontroversialSpanishvideos, AnilaS lor 
ilai 1(1 iiie alphabetically. Calvin lor being such a big partier- 
LKSincup. .SarahC.lorourMt.Ranierlrip(fallingoffacliff,"lhe 
Ullage ol the algi and the fungi", and "Exile 11") Thanks to the 
piircnts of all my Inends for putting up with me.espeeially: Mrs. Fanclli 
for so many rides home ("it all comes out in the wash"). The Turners 
fordealingwith so many sponianet)us visits, luid the Woods f or letting 
mc practically live at their house in iht summer. Thanks to Ivan for 
leaching me to laugh at inyself . and lor dealing w ith me when I didn't 
led like laughing. Thankslomy inom foi gelling mc upeverv morning 
Willi an inspiiing"S<). when are you going to quit schixjl ? ' Thanks to 
my w hole family. Mom, Dad.Ciirric. and Steph. for being supportive 
VSKi ev erylhing. I love you guys. .And finally, thanks lo all the Juniors, 
Sophmore.^. and Freshmen, because I always wanted to be mentioned 
in one of these things when I was an underclassman. 

Future Goals: leach Jecca to knit, have long hair without split endv. 
disprove ihelawsof physics, go hang-gliding, ski Tuckerman s, learn 
to throw a I'risbee. keep iniouch with my friends from High School, 
work at SEP long enough to become director, figure out what I want 
to do w ilh my life and do it !- 

Bradford Shatluck 
28A Scott Circle 

Activities: Football. Wrestling, Ba.sketball. 

Thanks To: All the le.u hers of in\ four years iti llich School and my 

Future Goals: Ciolo col lege and bccme a marine biologist. 

Name: Anita Shewakrainani 
.Address: 42 Wildwood Drive 

School Related Acliviiies: Field Hik key 1 ,2..V4: SADD2,.1.4; French 
Club 2..^.4. Science League 2..^.4; M.ith League 4: NHS .V4: School 
Atmosphere Committee .^,4; Pit 2.4. 

Thanks lo: My parents and God for putting upwilh me all my lilc. I'm 
sorry lor all of the things I put you through: Sanju. for being an 
understanding and caring brother as w ell as a friend most of the time; 
■Aaiti and ber family lor being like my second family; Naveen and Alan 
and their families; Alan. es|jccialK , lor being the big bmther 1 never had 
and telling me all of your crazy Ntories: Mrs. Kniegar for basing faith 
in mc and being iin favorite teacher; Mrs. .Anderson - I miss youl 
Rachelle B. for being my best friend in sixth grade. [ miss \ ou so much! 
Michelle Jackson lor still being my gocxi friend since founh grade and 
for being ihe funniest girl I know : He.iiher P .Sarah C. David. .Adain, 
Nicki, and .-\parna foi cheering mc up wheneser I needed it: Maria. 
Ann L .and I .or;i lor being my field hockey buddies; Calvin ami Ben 
n lor making Calculus a little morv evening; KateGearyandChnvC 
lor making work at CV S lun for mc: Brad, Kevin. Chri.s F.. Jeremy, 
Bryant. Marcus. Midgett. John T.. Jim S., and Matt G. all for heing in> 
football friends ( I didn ' t mind > our teasing that much l; Alison I or Iving 
a wonderf ul friend and al w ay s being diei e w henevcr I needctl her (even 
if we did have our fights); Minnie (Crickets), my best fncnd. lor 
know ing how to cheer mc up and alw ays gi v ing me advice w hether I 
needed it or not Thanks especially for listening to me whenever I 
needed someone to talk to; I-inally. George for being the best friend 
I've ever had. I don't know what I would have done without you. 

Future Goals; To graduate from Tufts, become aChemical tnginecr. 
get rich, gel married, have kids, and live happily ever after. 

Joshua Aaron Silversiein 

.Activities: Debate .■?,4; School Newspaper 2..V4: School Aimo- 
sphere Committee i: SADD .V Ycarb<wk 2. 

Tluinks To: The only person I would like to thank is my mother for 
moving us here lo Bedford. She w ill never really know how much it 
changed iny lif e. Thanks Mom 

F'UturcGoals: laniinteresledinbccomingawriterwhenlgrow up. A 
writer of shon stories, fiction, or even poetry. 

Adam M. Smith 

41 Old Stagecoach Rd. 

Activities: Tennis 1 ,2.3.4; Soccer 2,3; Spanish Club 1,2; LatinClub 
3.4; Debate 4; SADD 4; Drama 4; All sons of other stuff 

Thanks to: First off, before I go rambling on about everyone, I should 
thank my Mother Father and brother for being there, helping me. 
listening to me. dealing with me and for supporting me in everything 
that Ido. Josh, I know that I don'lalways tell you how much I apreciale 
you.butldo. Thanksforeverything I would like to say a big thanks 
to Lisa for finally talking lo me, after how many years'' SarahC. I love 
you dearly and will always appreciate Ihe advice that I received and 
gave. Chris K., I can't remember any time that I have ever laughed so 
hardinmy whole life as when we are either visiting a schcxil or slaying 
up till three in the morning studying for a test. Uh uh uh. wait you want 
theb<H)k. . How would >ou like to. . .? Nickie.hnim. . I don't 
know exactly where to start bet w een listening to your stories about guys 
and living ncxtloymi T haie just about shared every thing, thanks for 
evcryiJiing. "Nickic w ould ytHi mind turning around so that your feet 
are under your own desk". Mary and Kristcn thanks forev erything, you 
have helped lo make high schtxjl a litdemoreentertaining. Nickie likes 
whoiiow? Alison, I really can't believe you've put up with me. Despite 
my constant nagging. I honestly doapprcciate you. Apama. talking lo 
you has given my lif e thai "soap opera" aspect thai I'd been Uxiking for. 
I mean that in Ihe besi possible way. ChnsC. want to see me gel out 
of a headlock? ... Let go! Let go! Rashba. I don'l know w here lo start. 
I've gone from not knowing you lo considering you one of mx gcxxi 
friends Thanks, and I will always appreciate your "giving birth" 
slreich Henrik. I've nc\er liked anyone as loud as you in my life. 
Thanks forincrcasing the decibel level in my life. Dugal. your the best 
I am so glad that I had all that lime during malh cla!>!> to talk to you. I 
mean after all why would I do woik in class ' Dave. I've always 
considered you to be absolutely the biggest stud inlhcschtxil ... no 
in the world' Honestly, you iuv my idol and I w ish thai I could be jusi 
likeyou. But ih.ii shirt looksabsolutelyfabulousonytxi. Really, you 
kx>k great. Thiiiikslbrwnlingyourownscctionof thanks. Alsothanks 
for the advice uboul a certain "C". Jeccii. you hase enhanced m\ 
del iniiion of an lo include food all chewed up in your moulh. What 
would Ido without you'.' I think maybe I would slinvie up intoa small 
prune and die. Or may be not. .. thanks lor every thing. What do you 
mean I already lost the Ivi (it jusi sianed five minuii - > ' H i\nc. 
You re the best kid I lose \ bin if you sing lliat S ! ung 
once more I think I am going lo kill you Powers nev*, i.ercad 
It ' Yanghl. Kane, thanks for h<.'ingsochecr\ all the tinK- and admitting 
that I havejust a better life dian soudo. Accept it. iisiiue. Kane, the 
class for fa'shniiui is across ihc hall Forthosc of \ ou outside the scixiol: 
Mark, Lev. Danielle. Sh.ui. Liam, Slieny. and Amy I love and 
appreciate you guysmofclhan youcan imagine. Thanks fores erylhing, 

I mean It. 

Futurv Goals: Not lo be a shrink, sorry Mom and Dad 

Inn Sniilh 

I I Fern Way 

.ActiMlies: Field Hockey: 1.2,3.4: SludcniCounsil l:Track2;Mis.sion 
92 1 1 -Find Chester 3.4: Carlo Adventure Team 3; 70's Preservation 
SiK-iely 1,2.3.4; Jevsamyn Smith Tanning Club 1.2.3,4. 

Thanks to: My family Mom. Dad. Robin, and Lee Mom and Dad, 
I don'l know how you put up with me - but y ou did I ow e you so much 
and could never forget how understanding jou'se been I love you 
Mosi imptsrtantly. I w ant to thank the girls, the H-Crew . for ihe best 
friends any one couldes er ask for Borshay - thanks f or lov ing caisand 
siki fat, Danish-ealing frciuies. aand m\ « ardrobes! Thanks for letting 
mepiin of your firsi car accident - you taught me life isn't so had oven 
when you are grounded. For Florida and Grandma Swcrsemente. 
buffets, your evil a bed, all you caneai at Papa's, iuid Ihe Golden Arches. 
Thank you forow ning the world'sbcst rad jeans iruloy vehicle - Carlo. 
He « as alw ays up for a gotxl road trip Thanks for having no incmory . 
your mom's spag hem. Mission "^2 1 1 1 . and llie Momenlum-Say It! ! II 
line sou and will always be your shoulder lo cry on. Kim. you've 
known me longer than anyone - that definitely desenes a thanks! 
Thanks for being my best Friend all tlirough eleineniary schixil. for 
using my tickle deodarant. and all the Raffa nx kcis. passing out in my 
bed many times, having my mom yell ai > ou when you strolled in al 3 

a.m.. riding in die Cougar listening u>"Thc Gambler", being ■* nh m 
during my first accident, working "Rambet Style" al the Tra. > i xigi 
beingscclusivc intheBurlingionMallparliing loLhcir 
all the lime, being ultimately blonde, and tor always I 
clothes! Youandyourv.camcrawillalwaysbciheri. 
sleeping i n the back of you car at Lanurm Lane or ruf i h 
sprinklers in ihccenicr of town. I'll never fori' 
Amy -la.k a T.M.B.lYouarcmy ulumalemjl' 
been blonde ■ jusi obvious. Thank > ini so much i . 
-elexen years of dancing, cruising in the Delia. Bun 
many laienighLsalyourhouse.beingalrueyouknow V. : 
Lighlsnights.andthcintrrxlucingmeto'TlieOlJjcrSidkr'-lhi > s t 
holding dow n your po|x:om. Thanks for using my name on W \ I t. 
alwaysbeingsosupportive ofim guymixups.foryourtunle H f . 
being insane enough lodrive lo Atlitash and not geltir 
ended up in Maine! Thanks for bashing Boffa. i 
Andrea's house. latenighip<«ilgameswiihB B andif 
the work IXKiLs and sniokini: J stogie, singing the blue- 
illegally . ruining the Viol jiors life, searching through i . i . ; i 
me. singing "The Sound of Music" to mc and Chns late n. i 
becaU'sc it wasn't really yrmr house - but I knew ' 1 1< ^ > 
the worid to you. Thanks for every thing Brown -Sh.^ 
ahall jetting ortwo 'Thanks for being tlie ultimak' sa\ .i^ 
to late night acliviues. f or letting irw lis e w Ilh youevery s acaiii >n \ut 
cat who bites me. you mom and dad - RondiandSan. lor teaching m 
the fine methods of abrieve. for know ing David 5>ears. for having 
problemdigestingcheesc.andforiheconcepijonot Heai=Clcjn Yo 
always make me chuckle - usually because you're dressed in ( ir^ >o\ 
Master garb. Tlianks for cxpcnencing New Years with nx . -ul m 
police, for the Sheraton with B.T. aand "Cha/"-"l'm like it i 
alway s making my machine messages and for being able lo s.: j^,, 
boo "85tiincsinonee\ening Thanks for all ihi ' ■ Ihuc 
cry sessions, and for being niN Brownie Amh Iw 
Ibankyou forbcingsuchawonderful fnendaiK) : s . ;iiiinf 
really know show to party! "If I was a boy and yixi were a gn d 
always having "some g>xxl clean fun," for your blur swe.n r 'h. 
I adopted, and for alway s being there when I needed ^ il 
lo. Please don't hold il against me thai I love your n i j 

yiHido.sheslillneedshelpwithhercixiking Youkn(>^> j. 
count on mc lo help you puke or jusi go out for our ir.i !.i 
coffee. I line you B<K)!! Linda - my pretty one ' Iknu^K .m 
stop saying that. Thankyousomuchforhclpinginewitha l> i -in; 

this\. /iiluNaUonandShaka Laka! ForK 

upgi I'lywhcre.forCapeCixJandihenij. 

usar. . Jays.for"KMn.hd.Kim.didIsa\ K m 

soni •>iki with- especially when we wercall inlt. -am 

rmiin iu supported mc through this patst year - Iharik SOI 

and a-memtner lo keep fingerpainting ' Jcvsainyn - Iguessyou II aUay ^ 
be Smith «2 Thank you for being the sweetest p<-Ts.>n iH these sear 
-even when we made a few loo many blonde a' Thank 
for all ihccra/y nights in Ihe Hood - having It bri. U 1) san- 

rushing II to Exxon Thanks for always heing upio|uri> -e\cnifiii 
2am and we'rx? driving around Salem on the wmng side of the rote 

That ' vkcy nnrmoricv lav ing out at >our p<H>l. jiK 

alw.i I he cops wentlochcvk our trunks Ro iJunl 

youliii I, - ichLs,yiHirnx'iii ■ ' , ' th. 

slitet dn ipping the w atcrmclon boat . 1 1 

N.H., Pans Duke, the tape sou made nil 'C 
Bcrghabe. Feef. "lJul's the balls ," Shek -i , 

aJv.wiie-lwon'ttellifyouwon t. We . sk n; 
lime, and I could nes er find someone so easy toialk to I'hank you fo i 
every cra/y adventure we've had and every 3 hour li n^- i.ilV we' v. 
goiteniniojuslaslwasabouilolcave llovesouRo'l k 
forihefiictsoflifcpepuUksdunngstiphonxsreyearans; ^ j 

of the Ovaries " Thanks for all the advice and funny sioncs. juJ lo 
alw ays listening Whenever I didn'l want todoa long nin I knew Lsxik 
counlony<xiiojoinmcintakingashoncui. Tiffany :' 
in my ear for a solid week - 1 know you haven't bcei .e 
Thanksfor living on ham and cheese subs and milk, .i: J . >, moj 
thnsugh the crabby w ater in Cape Cod w uh mc Jessica B - thanks fo 
haung two Lexington girls as much as I did and for not falling fo 
Archie! ! ! ChnslieC. - Thank y ou for always being in the kxker nxxi 
when I have unassigned. and for Ihe "deep" talk we had ai Dunkii 
Donuts -any time y>Hi feel like talking, lei me know. Grclchen - thank 
for having as many guv problems as Idts. aixl rvmenihcr to keep tha 

cixdiess phono in your hands at all times. Dav i J I nj 
mybestguyfricnd. YoullaughliiK-alolandl t. la 
you'vedoneformo- incliidingallthe jokcsabo t 
I'm slill wailing for you to conK into clean ar i 
foralwavsbeingniybigbrocher-lloveyou! Ste\sR ii>r su'. r _ i viv 
my Enn." Shannon, and for alway s being iheic lo listen - 1 ni-s von 

172 Senior Directory 

Hie - Ihonks for Iclting me stay at your house wiih Limla and Chris 
f lidn't do any thing if you didn't, and for always hein^ a sweetheart. 
i!b C. - for being the perfect guy for Amy and Ibr all the free gas. 
Bnmy - for Dunkin Donuts at 2 a.m. and for always bumming butts, 
limy M- - for being in love with my mother and for lacing my shoes. 
|iet - thanks for making Sara so happy and Ibr grated cheese. Bobby 
[(•rcooking medinncrand foryour leather jacket. Jeff M. - foralways 
fjjngonmeandforbeingmy honey. Bill Buckley-forbeinga' party 
fjper" and for never getting any chocolate milk. MattM. for being 
I larded." Jom McGrath - for being the "ultimate cocky kid " Wayne 
l)rdinnerand the movies. Matt H. - Ibr all the memorable limes and 

letting nredri\c your car. To the rest olthe Class of 94; Scan, Billy 
Billy B., .Andrew, Wendy, Beth, Cyndi. Jodi. Bcily. Jen M, 

astity. Amy A., and Mika - the Bandit, Also a special thanks to 

:ndy C , Todd, Rob. and Chip. 

[ure Goals: lo never have to write another thanks to again, be 
.cessful in w hatcvcr I decide to do, and continue lo be happy, 1 also 
pctosee Brown gelher license, Raff without a cast, and to never lose 
; people important to me. 

;samyn Smith 
Jarvard Drive 

Jtivities: J.V, Baskelball 1,2; Field Hockey J.V. 1.2: Varsity 3, 4; 
iing 4: Softball J.V. 1,2; SADD 4; Winter Track 2; Vice 
esidcnt 1 .2; Atmosphere Commilte ."*; Hall Decorating I ; H.C 3,4; 
W,R.N.P. 3.4; Prom Decorating 3; Powder Puff 4: Cancun Bound 
The Mucked Up Four 3.4. 

iank.s to: Mum: Foralways being there whenever 1 needed anyhting, 
ju've supported me through all these years and more. You re always 
my side whenever 1 needed the support. I appreciate you helping 
e financially and also just someone lo talk lo, you're like a Ireind to 
eand my mother - ihcic is so much I could say , but I need years to 
rite it. I kive you and Ibrev cr ahvas s. Dad: What can 1 say - dial 1 
ipreciale everything you'\e done for me. I may not show it sonio- 
nes, but I really do, I hope you know that and I really do thank you 
reverylhing. Thanks lor always letting me do ihe ihings 1' vc wanted 
id for supporting me at the same time. 1 love you very much and 
halevcr happens in the future with us, wherever w ego. 1 will always 
ve you. Day m i on : I don ' t know' where to start , we ' ve had such a great 
lationship and 1 hope it will remain the same as the years go by. 
ou're a great friend and a brother; remember that 1 love you. maybe 
eTl go 10 the same school - ha. ha! Thanks for all the years. Jay: 
lanks for always making fun of me when you were around, Goixl luck 
the future 1 hope the best in everything you do, 1 love you. Richard: 
le thousands ofiiiilesawaythat you are. Our relationship w ill remain 
e greatest of IViends, Thanks for the great memories aiul more lo 
imc. Good luck and congratulations lo Julia and Richard. I lo\ eyou 
ichiU"d. Linda: 1 don'l know where to siarl. We ha\c been friends 
nee the second grade. It feels like forever lhai our friendship has 
■niained. Don'l ever forget the first time 1 inei you or doing cvcr\ thing 
igether in 6th and 7lh: going skiing with the church (Brady Bunch 
laying pool ); going out with the guys that ;ire friends w iih each other; 
Ithepartics we've been to; McDonald'seven weekend. I don 'I know 
hat I would do without you. You're the bestest friend anyone could 
ver have. I love you. Keep in touch when we go to college. Thanks 
Irs. Jones for everything dirough the years, you're the best. Cyndi: 
lianks for being one of my closest friends through all the years. Don't 
irgei all llie dreams we've had, like going to art school after high 
chool . 1 know w e iiren ' t as clo,se as we used to be , 1 lio(x; we w i 1 1 aKvay s 
efriends-you'rcagreal friend, Don'levcrforgcl your little pool -poof, 
love you Cyniiomeii, Beth: Thanks so much loi the yaxrs. We hecanie 
ich great friends and I appreciate all the talks w e" ve had and dances 
nd piulies, .All the tears and happiness w c' vc had together - wiUk for 
unger miles. Beth, let's keep in touch. 1 love you -doiil ever change; 
Dd keep smiling. Sara Brown; Brownie, where am 1 gonnasturt, your is the best, always hanging out there everyday, pretty much, 
lophomore year getting my license, cruising every night (when arc you 
.oing to get your. L.P. BrownVj. July 4ih (that' s all I have to say), 1 993. 
•ummer of T.B.B. was the best. Times we walked to Fawn Lake, 
saley, my cousin, at your The big fight and me talking like a duck 
it Fawn Uike. UNH. Go low er. go low ei Interrupting you before IJNH 
ha. ha). Roy ' s late nighi. Walking home iiflcr a night of throw i ng notes 
low n stairs and Amy saying shecan handlegoing strong. Sara, thereat e 
'oing to be moregreal times. Thanks for being such a great friend these 
ears. Thanks for all the talks, I really appreciate it and I love you for 
I , We must keep in touch, Erin; Smith, my homeroom buddy . We have 
wen through some funny limes together - jewel and bigblue. Deuxch- 
ible penis is a great song - your house was great after the senior prom. 

The recordi iiy i^l Wendy and Colin fighting. Amy getting a shortic by 
me. Our cars .ilwass breaking down. Thanks for being there and 
understanding my problenms. Dancing like Malty and jusi being a great 
friend. Don'l forget Salem with Timmy, That one half day . I'll never 
forget these memories and 1 hope our friendship remains as the future 
progresses. Amy: Jesse James and Toiito- almost running overthecal. 
Cape Cod was definitely a treat. The drive-in-movic (matinee). Tlie 
friedclams smelling my car up. Going to the beach and getting roasted. 
Those guys that came to the house and tried looking for us. Talent show 
-losing your key-.. CjcllingshotinlhcbuttbyaB-B gun. Amy, we've 
gone lhrou;jh sonic fun times together- don'tevcr forget ihetn. You're 
ai cally grcal I ricndamlilon't fogetit - you guys are jji eai. Jessica: All 
I have 11) say is I rcshnLiii \ ear, yu coming in to class. Kenicnihcryour 
hou,se when Chip w role me notes and my mum picking me up. All the 
times we did things together like lying out in yuryard. Me and some 
others kicking out thice people in your house because you were 
freaking. Being in my classes for all these years, 1 know we have our 
lives to led afier H.S,, but I hope we can siill keep in touch, your are 
a good frien; and remmber I was one of our first friends, big red. 
Andrea: Thanks for your parties sophomore year - those were some 
hectic nights Thanks for your parties sophomore year - those were 
some hectic nights. Thanks for being a friend. Thanks for always 
milking me laugh and thanks for liking the same guy I likv,-d(ha). Good 
luck in the lulure. Sara Ro: Hey Pre/.. We had been in Studeni Body 
for many years - 1 do iiiissheing Vicc-Prcsldcnl. We were a piety good 
team. Thanks for .il ways laughing at iiie fniy stupid jokes), your girl 
parlies (those w etc great ). Good luek in ihe lutuie m whate\eryoudo. 
We've had some great nicniories. I'll miss you, .len M: Thanks lor 
being my friend all these years. Rene: Thanks for all those great 
sloreies you lold me I hope the best for yoO in the future and thanks 
for bieng like a sister lo me, Kristen Celeste: For being my favorite 
.seniorin 1992- 1993. I miss you, Terri Franks:For<dways making me 
smile even when 1 was in a bad mood. Jodi Bailey: For junior high 
yeiirs. throwing balls aat my head, and gum on my ann swimming, in 
your pool. Thanks for "talkin' about Jodi. yeah, yeah, yeah ", etc. Great 
night! Thanks Ibr all Ihc memories, Kristie; for just being a not ,you 
always made me laugh. Good weekend. Billy Cheeseburger: Thanks 
to you also for just silting in your chair e\ cry time we ccyoii Pete" 
Thanks for linally seeing Jurassic Park wiih nic. Thanks lor Summer 
of '93, Chip: Thanks for thanking me for Ihe Junior Piom, Brendan: 
For always hilling inc. ScoltCann: "It's good. " Thanks lor being Ihe 
funniest and nicest pet son I know. Gary; Thaks for letiiii us [lariy at 
your house. lid: Thaks for not going out with me when I was ;i 
Sophomore. I 'm glad we becamereally close these years Thanks for 
lelingus visit you a! UNH. You're a great friend. Bill Boland: Thaks 
for all the funny memories from sixth gradcon. John Taylor: For being 
awalk-a-holic. Adam Udell- Foralwayscalling me a stupid Brit, Dave 
Boffa: Reject, Igot you back. BillBuckley:Forovinghiscar Thanks 
foralways annoying me Junior ^ eai, \ on, loo, Robbie Haiinon. Bill 
Marlines; l-oi Junior Piom, Mark Mclniiis: For Semi-formal. Chas- 
tity: Thanks lor our talk at oullalk al yur house for a couple of hours 
and for being a great I'l ieiid and liking me lor w ho I am not what 1 can 
do ,Mika; How many yetirs have we been friends .' We have so inaiiy 
iiieinories 1 couldn't even begin. I'll begin with hard can ot and I like 
thecolors, Mike buying hor chocolate for us, Fivefingerrelill. Taht 
wasagiealfcw days of skiing. Hey Dad, I want donuts -Okay, he turns 
around into Dunkin D's, How about calling at Chris Men ill's parly. 
Remember also (J ,T, ) Mika, remember Rob Stanley - w e come in (you 
girls are in big trouble a helaiighs.) Mika, I won't ever lot gel our good 
times; your'e so fun lobe with and I love you. Thanks for all the talks 
at your house every day after school. I know weiu'en'l asclose. but think 
ofthemoemories and keep in touch, Kim: Hey, what's up Tonto'.' Well 
kim. blondes rule and everyone knows it! Well, w here shoudi I start 
Okay- Soflbal lolly, lowy, Lewis all rule, Winer track I the bandit and 
the weasel). Kim, thanks for all the inemories of Senu-lomial andjusi 
going out all the lime. Me and you stuck together as csciyonc is 
crammed m Ihe other car, lahns for bieng a great friend through Ihe 
years. Kim, i f you break your leg again, 1 think I'll have to kill you. 
Well Kim. good luck in Ihe future. I'll miss you. Raff. Thanks again. 
Iloveyou, ,SaraBorshay; itly want a towel,' The tape ou. me. and Amy 
did at your house. Richard, Bciitles. field hockey camp. Bciu-d- BCC 
niles. You yelling at your mum," It's Ihe 9(l's, mum. grow up!" Phil DRIVF • Mark MinosianatFawn 
Lake. Yoiirgrealparty you got biigged for and comingbackto my house 
afer. Throwning notes at Phil's house dow n the stairs . Thank.s sarn. 
foralways making me laugh and always loving kilties, and thinking 
future, but do'i forget me. I miss Carlo, Sara, thanks for being a goixl 
friend to me, I love you. Thanks lo SiU'ah Lppler for loving field hockey 
at camp, Thans for ihe tape you made for me. Thanks for always 
laughing at me. I know we aren't that close, but all I know is. I consider 
you a good friend. Good luck in college. Wendy Casiellana: For 
Student Body Freshman Sophomore year. For lo\ ing NKOTB Ibrever. 

I'm glad we've had some fun memories. Keep in touch in the future, 
loveya. Belly: Where amlgonnastarl? Mrs. Pclligrini'sJunioryear 
wiih Bill Boland. Going oul with your boyfriend and finding out Sara 
went lo the hospital, what a night, UMasslhal weekend, Tailgating 
and scooping guys. Daymion'sdorm and us going to that ridiculous pike 
party. Wc have had some fun times and I hop for more to come. I'm 
glad we're closer this year Don'l forget rjurgiKxl limes. Bu<ip. .Sarah 
Higham; The dance last October. 1992, Thanks for UMass over Ihe 
summer, teh ride up was so fun. but very tired in Ihc morning. Your 
great parties - especially over July 4lh week. That's the best week of 
parties I've ever been to. Remember going local with Paul and Dan. 
Thanks lor all Ihe fun times. Stacie: Thanks for all the fun time,s at your 
house and upal UMass - "I'll get Ihe pi//a! " Thanks for being there 
and thanks for understanding me and thanks lor being a gixxl friend. 
Sean Mee; I don'l know where to start , but you ' ve been my best friend 
all these years. I know we aren't as close any more, bul thanks for all 
those years we were. No matter where we end up, I hope we can keep 
in touch. Thanks toChris Merrill, Chris F , Chris Midgell, Greg Janian, 
John B.. Dan H , and Nal for being my older brothers and for being so 
sweet. Rob Stanley: Thanks to you for pulling up with me all these 
years. You ' re like another brother lo me. I ' ve known you for so long 
and I'm glad we're not related, we would kill each other Thanks for 
so many memories thn)ugh the years. I love you. Hilary andChrisline; 
lorbeingsosweet. Field Hockey Team: Thanks foragreal. fun season. 
Good luck lo Varsity next years. Thanks Miss G foralways pushing 
inc to do my best 1 had a great four years - I'll miss it very much. 
Carolina: For all those years wc were friends and for being my 
neighbor. Thanks lo your family also. ThankstoKimTand Joanna for 
algebra/geometry IC. Joanna, remember walk-a-holic. Thanks to 
Carter and Greg for always picking on me. Matt H. for being my 
neighbor. Thanks to Mr. Maxwell for being my favorite teacher 
sophomore year, Mr, McDonald for always making me laugh and 
picking on me. Talent show was great. Thanks to Matt Gallant, Mike 
Smulski and Mike Rossi for always annoying me, Sarah Farrier; 
Thanks for everything. All the years I've know n you. we have gotten 
closer and closer. The visit, when I went ut F'ngland, and our families 
going to Florida. That's something I will never forget. Don't forget 
Ihe memories audi hope we can keep in touch overseas. To Mary for 
being a second muin tome and my family, ljust want lo thank evryone 
else I have know n through the years, and also thank the people I will 
know in the future. For the gii Is w ho went to Wobum Bedford Hosare 
in Ihe house woo-hoo! 

Future Goals; Togo to college for I our years. To find a job and be a 
success in whatever I do. Never forget the memoricsof high school and 
to try and keep in touch with all my friends. To find the man of my 
dreams and marry. To see Sarah F.pplerhavelotsof kids when she's 
married. To just live a happy and healthy life. 

Michael D, Smulski 

26 Beacon St,, Buriinglon 

Activities: Football 1,2,3,4; Sk 'feam l,2..3.4; Baseball 1.2,3,4; 
Lacrosse 4; Lalin Club 3.4. 

Thanks To: Mom. Dad. and especially my other laimly the football 
team. Tothose tough guy middle linebackers J,T, and Mail Gallant and 
Chris Farmer, Chris Midgett, Wayne, Jim. Mobley. Marcus. George, 
Cune, Brendan and Bryant. To the coaches and thanks lo my cheer- 
leader Amy Corrigan and special thanks lo Destiny! 

Lauren Marie Stewart 
1 Francis Kel ley Rd. 

Activities: FieldHockeyJV 1. Val^ily 2.3.Capt.4; Tennis 1.2: French 
Club 1. 2, Vice President 3. President 4; Interaei / Citizenship 
Committee Secretary 3, Vice President 4; SADD 1. 2, 3, 4; AFS I, 
2.3.4; Advanced Chcni, Supptirt Group 3: NHS 3. 4; Jen^ Brown 
Campaign 2, Fan Club 3, 4, 


Thanks To; All of my friends - 1 think that you'a- idl great and I know 
that you will be very happy and successful in life! To Carrie La Chach. 
1 2 years of friendship and counting ! Taekw ;mdo w as great - keep your 
bear forever, French Club was so much fun. You are m> Wedgewood 
buddy UH> (sw im team was ablasi t Tlianks Ibr hosting the Adv , Chem, 
Bonfire! Furopc was the most fun I'vecverhadinni) lilci TheSorg,! 
To Lisa for all of ourcrazy memones - especially JERRY BROWN! 
I love that man! Don't forget our Walks and RiUlics - be a feminisland 
pro-choicer for ever, Lexington Chib. did I lel 1 > ou 1 found the Nrnfire 
pictures!!! Carleton Willard. poor Lillian Ben and Jerry 's Bdnaiia 


Senior Directory 173 

1 .1 

'/. ii Yogim( lOniin.pei pint). Inieriicl! l-oi our"mall 
; ccpina the Wooden Man secret. How we always cry 
. K.itie lor liking (he sunie music us me. iind being a 
,1 Field Hockey Captain! lihas been lun but challen^- 
■ jorgeand Wallcrrule. Europe, the best trip. 
..hoys' What lime is il?4:30!. Qirolyn. lets go to the 
! VouaiethcnecklaccandllaLsqucen, I can always count 
! ' clinner(Beriiicci"s^fNO's....) HMV, Mediterranean Fcxxl 
v. arren Christopher, that Jerk '. Aaron "Guy " dc Rashboirc. for 
ditcmpling to teach me to play basket ball and tennis, and visilini; me 
at the Snack Bar. Kcrri for beinj; a great field hockey player! What 
would we have done without \ ou ' Sarah S.. niy Ad\ f hem. idol. Tape 
covers, progressive parlies, and the BookClub. They Might BcGianis 
concert - whogels the T-shirl Jessica, we were the How y skirtsgirls 
at tile Sacre Coeuf and Versailles. Keep yoin prints and portrait 
forever. Sarah C. thank you for all of the rides - I'll get you a 
convertible. Adam S .. l or staring at people and t)eiiig friends w ith Lisa. 
David J., you're acra/y guy! I'he Held Hik key team. Miss G, and the 
great defense we" ve got - Thanks to Sarah E. ( swim team ! ) and Sara B . 
for scoring!!! Sarah Ro. for being so involved, our Chilics chat, and 
try ing lounitcourclaris. Megan KF, you are my French idol - 1' m jealous 
of your trip! Toeverv one on the Europe trip, the Sorgi's for leading it, 
Ms O' Malley, Ann. and Mr. McCarthy It wasgreat ! (Ben D. you were 
brave to goalone. Dave G. for helping us across the street) The Interact 
ClubandC'ircgSymko. Tlie French Club fiveryone from CRISIS 93 
(Italy, Rugged Man). WcdgewoodandMr.McManus.CaKiniindlvan 
for bugging me. All oflasl year's seniors. Stephanie D.( sunbathing at 
Wedgewood, listening toGUS. French Clubhand Rachael B. forgiving 
gocxl advice. 1 he juniors. Katharine IT-, for working with me (don't 
leave!), listening to tny problems, and promising to go to Harvard Sq. 
Kale L. my field hockey car-pool friend, and Adam C. the Man- 
Recruiiiiig-Mascot. My friends parents. theCiaccia's, Pianledosi's. 
Fanelli's. Shamel's. Turner's, and Mrs. Brown - you have great 
daughters!!! My wonderful "Pemi friends " Karen. Jill (Jtvl I. Kaicn, 
Matt, Mike, Nate, Josh, Sean m l I We have to keep in touch 
forever. Tlmnk$U>all of thi ^ al BUS, especially Mme. 

Rainis(FabioandJakeioo) \. love French, Mr. Reynolds 

■ you in.ide me love politics, Mr. Spinosa, Mrs. Donovan. Mr. Pavau 
and ."vlr. Pilla. And finally to my parents, for encouraging me and 
helping mc with everything 1 do, 1 love you very much and appreciate 
all you' \ e done lor me. Healherand Peter, for making life interesting 
and being great siblings. To Nana and Papa lorlK-ing so generous and 
supportive, and Folfie for keeping touch and caring even though vou 
are far aw ay. I am very lucky to have such a great family . 

Goals: To t*e a feminist vogcianan lorcvt-r. have a caa*cr m pfiliiics. and spcat. 
French fluently. To have dinner with Jcrrv Brown. To show Mr. Pilln iin ink* 
TdcKwaruIn jbiliiy. ToMvCami'C. inarralmovttf. TocaiBA J*»trv)/cnyot:uf1 I isj. ToluM'alluny Jogaiidacowtorpvis And finally lobchappy 
wiih whaicver Ido. h.ivc jikkI fririxb. aduughier nanu d Rmalir. and make my 
hii^h.iiul ^fi.iiipc his la-it name. N'.iliiv.iii 
87 fine Hill Rd. 

Activities: Fooiball l.JV::,ViuMiyJ.4;Skiing2.3.4;B«Khall I , Varsity IJ.4 

Thanks To: First I'd likelolhank my momunddad lor eetling me past 
the hist four years. JclTand Mike, thanks I'orthe fights and whiflle ball 
games you both vs ill always lose. J.T. for all the rides for ihc lasi ihree 
years. Trips to N .H., Skiing in -40 weather. The First lacrosse game 
inBoston. Hopping the tricks. Andtheridehoiiv Brendan uc kicked 
\ our butt. Ditching the cops in the driving range. Teeing up on the? 
green. Rossi for teaching me to water ski. Tlie lacrosse game, giving 
me moneyjust about all of the nine. Joanna Ibvte.iching nicioioll my 
piints. Dick!?l. Thconlyonc 2^ .Xnylime. Caly. Dicky. or noone. 
Christine V'aleiite for being my cheerleader. Malt Gallaut for gelling 
a criuiip on your way for a touchdown. Moblev , Smulski, Sullivan, 
Midgell, Carpenter. Taylor. Farmer, Chen, Gallant, Brendan, mv 
liulback Bryant, and the resl of the')3 football ie:im. Eileen for all the 
help in Spanish and accounting. The apple. Don't forget to shut your 
locker. Thanks to anyone I might have left oul 

Future Goals: To go to the Navy. Get man icd and live any place bui 

Wayne Richard Sullivan 
28 Riverside Avenue 

.Activities: Varsity Htxrkey l,2..3.4. Caplain2.-\4; Varsity Baseball 
1 .2.3.4: Varsity SiKcer 2 (son-y guys i; Varsity Finnball 4 

Thanks To: Ma, Dad, Colleen - thanks for hangin' in there w ith mc. 

The Jardine's for being a .second family. An. Blubba. Lisa. Caren. 
cs|>ecially Art for being able to talk to. Pat, Jackie, J.P, and Yack for 
always feeding me "Oh, J.P. you finally gave me my money!" Nan. 
Grainp, Pete. Milly. Kids. Beef. Paul, Bill. Ingrid. Gilian and Lisa, 
lhank you for being there. Thanks Yack for 6:(XJ a.m. escapades 
walking and seeing Jacky smoking bulLs. Brian for throwing f rosting 
on my walls and then bolting out of the house. Erin for the driveway 
at3:(X)a.m.. Kim and Knssy for the 8:(X)a.mcalls.Uicr the proms. Kim 
for the D ART session. Blubba for not coming out of the house lo gel 
his clothes. Beth for Xth grade semi-formal. .M ika lor the best month 
of my life, Betty & Julie, Marcy, Kerrie, Betsy, for pronrs. Sean & 
iinie for Rez scenery . Merrill for being there to skip with me, party 
with me. etc. Baseball '43 we almost made it. "G" don't ever change 
( "You'rea savage!"). Big B for his sweet chicks! I "haha. joke!") Matty 
Hansen for picking weeds lorChiU-lie! Midgetl. Famicrandtherestof 
the guys thanks. Gallant don't forget ULMAN FIRLHY! (2 CM) 
Skippa. you know w hy I'm thanking you. Julie for being able lolalk 
to McAllister's forhangin' out. Zu/katorletiingmebuyyou. Thanks 
to all iny coaches for pushing me. Especially Coach Sab and SuUi for 
making me a better bid I player. Oh, Coach Sulli - "rHAT'S BULL!" 
Planks Ducky and Goosey for always giving mc p.issesand pulling up 
with Brendan and mc. G>x>scy thanks for typing this ridiculous thing. 
I loveyab<ith. La.slly.iri forgot anyone I'm sorry but you do have lo 
pay loi this thing 

Future Goals: Gel with Kf-C like Mark D (Just kidding, it's a joke). 
Seriously, I figure to live long and go strung 

Alison Sundet 

Activities: Drama club 2.3.4: Tournament of plays 2.3.4: Student 
Prixiuction 2.3, Director, 4: Spring play '.4: Marching Band 3.4; 
S.A C. 3.4: -BCGB " 3. V P 4: Teleinedia 4 

Thanks to: FirM and most importantly . I thank my Heavenly Father for 
blessing ine with everything thai I have - my faith, my family, my 
fnends. etc.. etc.. etc. Thanks to mom and dad liir their counllcu 
sacrifices for me .ind my happiness...! love you both very much. 
Tlianks to Bryan lor borrowing inc your headphones and lorjusi being 
aniceguynwstofihetinK-. ThanLsloallof my friendsand family in 
Minnesota To Kelly Kncelund, my very very best friend, foi listening 
tomeandcanngsi>mu(.hal>>ulmce\enihoii ' - ■ ' i ^rt ...I 

don't know where I'dbewitjKlulyou I"haii> .oof 
my great Minnesota pals The Pcasiin lamn , son. 
grandma and Grandpa SundcL .uid all the res! v in 

MinncsoU. Thanks lomv Church fainiK I'l i rii uiuly, 
ll>e Gilbridcs. the Brownes. the Bun .incveryi>neel>e' 
Thankyouallforhelpingmcalongatk: piniu.ilK Thank-s 

to ..SaraliC Girl Whatiosay'' You'rcpiokiil l! my 
budwhenlfmlcamcloBHS, You'a-M-t^ deartop ithu 
Diet Coke: i hear too much can w ,iii(ia 
(...Ditch!). DividJ -youareoncofih. ^ I've 

met. Yijui agreatguy andl'm^ Aini 
lo see you fill up that truck " :hl") 
Claire M..."Bcc-cr!" iDnl I .• .i n. ii ...ij:^ ; ;iu isay you 

have made an art of |\ i^Uly You're a great Incnd! 

Thaiik>io.\arti K .lhc | u ,:. . :iic best ,i. r ■ , n . /.mon 
evcrcreaied!!' Thankstoallofihelolloun aiit 
■ »asmcanttobe:MegiinF I .,Aar<>nR.,Kallu i % > \lindy 
P .Mary D..NickieL VilamS.Jasitnl .ClvisK .GeorgcC. Thanks 
loevs-ryone who has ever contributed lo my well-being. I love you all 
very vc-ry much and you will ncverbc forgotten. God bless. 

b') Concord Rd 

Activities: J VSos. .: ;.\ l :.^l i u.i.lji;;. : 1 ,.M.i-.i 

Capt 4; Spanish Club 1,2.3,4; \ c<irNx>k 3,4: Pr«im Decorating 3,4: 
G>niDecoratingl,2.3;Petitioni.lMu i ■ )M\ i' ( .Mnsil.t ' ? '4 
Shopping network 1 .2.3.4, 

Thanks to First I would like to lhank my lamily - Joanne, lor putting 
up with me. Sue. lor being my cousin but more like a stsier, I br>pc 
every thing worksout for you' My Gr.indnxitI)er(Grammy) for making 
all those vvh«iopie pies for ine and for being such w onderful person, 
ILOX'EYOli! My brother Jodi My Mom, lorall those talkson the 
phone and for being .i great m«>ihcr, I LOVE YOU! Last, but most 
important I w ould like to lhank my Dad."mi padre." Im glad that you 
.ire not jusi a father, but a friend too! You've been tJ>eir through bad 

limes, supported mc through gocxi times, and I apprc 
you've done for me' I LOVE YOU DAD' THANK 
being die tvsl bed friend! We've been through alotn 
thick and thin"! Bruins games. Lex., Dol., Med 
motorcycle. Wecki Walchee. I brought my 
HARRHH AH AR ! Canoe and SummtT camp, Maine 
abe's, running out of gas in bumper COTS. Can I 
Snoopy. S.C - we almost got our free shoes', s. 
peewees.FORTI.V.A -Vn I , ,K ,. h 
armed serv ices. Hotel p.r 

Showandihinkingnoonc • ■ - . > i' . i . 
Betsy breaking down in Delaware -Midgclt 10 the rescue' I' 
Renec,Theclub(inaLiino)dancingw/Pn< NODINt.l I HI l I'l} 
Revere and Hampton beach. STOP P Y N ' ~OH 
SPORK. We've had so many go>xiumes and laugli 
always being there for me don' t change ' . and rememb. 
foryou!LYLAS'Dottie.for being tJiatcanngnuxIiei' '. 
telling Julie when ever 1 called. Jtdo. for als»> bci 
You're agreat triend, sister, mother, and worry wan. ' 
I ready - alright Billy Icl y our squirrel ... ■ ^ 
MONEY. MONEY! walking intooihi 
your hands only you'. Our journeys. Mo . 
summei by escaping at 12! Ihopecvcrylhinv 
Jiz/. sorry Jean If hcdoesanything bad you b.. 
habit ' PFR. eggrolls. c-ru/ing annind R.I look iiig lor 
B B concert and running out of gas in w hcrev crtCani ' 
at 4 and still going to school. BRUSHA. BRUSHA' h,.vi,.u kiot 
Bamie's the man' Bruins. ARRt ARRE SKRIkO \RRF ARR 
ncys lo Ihc club, Mcdfoid scniiw protn. Jo - 1 l 
Years EvetALEW IFE Puke pictures) MichellcMi 
such a great friend W ASSUP' HOW YA IXJIN' ', I 
fnends but Im sorry I can't be fnends w lib 
WHY",J K !Sunnower seeds, pe/ s| 
ofciHirse', Just say NO!.andpr.i. ' , i 
years of knowing ytxi I've m ^ 
CuvulsHjnpros, JR-whichone?. 

movie's I We' II be home around l2,yanght!jandBraintrci'. I 
Rydim. feel the Rhyme. Jamaica its BOBSLED time'". I ' ve I a i 
I can t gel up!. SHHHH PIR. SIR. "VKEE YOl'R MIND", bicakui 
down in Dcdham-I'll pick you up in a half, anvway 
SIMK OS. flying dead Hawks, ncighborho 
again s •: •• •• ' ' 'W " ' ' ■ •• •• 
and I 


LecorrXHmnmue W illu 

KNOW WHY'. J K ,You . 

there for mc and Im gkid I could tht 

thcHoase"' l'llcoiiK-\isityiiuinBrx<adwuy,O.K.,C !■ 
Dow nlow n, Im glad you. unlike Nici. could free \ (n 
ticket wammg - hot chocolate • then a i 
night' Monday s your pi Jce or mine - IK 
pari ' " • . ~ in )0 1 -1 .1. 

thin laWillie-m.!- 
sock ■ ! ^' 

and ' 

follov. _ M,l: , 

cnuy sell . I m so hungry but no one understands ! c I : 
dow n and lipsy nc s»i we can gelour SI.V)' Mika,Fi ■ 
for ever and now here to go'. Lets do it again ■ ihH- ai 
black books, gelling losi and in traffic for hours ■ no i • 
ourjoumey to Lynn, pigging out ' 
and Flhtan the best' Amv A , for 

.:. 1 i^U 1 , 

on time, si 

hclpn -v I \K\i 

. ' up ■ don't w.' 

s»imi ■ jther P . Kindercaie Bud^' 

SOUK rnc in Ihc dill, h todK- jrnl " 

bum ! Ko - scuing tliclahle and sp 
lun'ChrisF. iBUB. .!i. Kyle r 

won't fTvmUon you throw ing up in Iiisumv cla^s iii> nui at ah iio> 
Luck inCROSS-COlNTRY!Chn»M.. for trying to play otTthcf* 
that ygo fell on Ihc Ferry, saving us in DeL.stop bm- 
home lo my dad', always making "mess ups" at I > > 

174 Senior Directory 

LOWING MEII!! Cyndi H, & Linda J.. (CLAMBOAT & 
ODMELT) Johnny B's unreal !. food fights wiih you just niade my 
getting lost becaaseolyou(J.K.).NYAAA-BIGHEAD!.Thanks 
eing agixxl friend ! Always remember that Im here for you now that 
ical Jordan has retired. John T.. Have you gone to WA yet? (J.K. ! ). 
r a real nice person just make sure you don't get the veal! Jim S., 
it'sall you!), Say helloto your Russian wifeand kid for iTielWayno 
LEA) - stop calling meROOSTA! - that's old. slay sweet! Caren 
UT UP!. Bill Buckley - NUTCRACKER !. I hope you and yourcar 
iappilyeverafter!HeatherH. - Rocky, V.T.. You are the one who 
; in the truck first! Betty - slopdoing eggrolls!, you' 11 always make 
lugh ! , Tara P. , Let ' s drop S. A.T. class ! Don" t forget where you met 
y and don't be a stranger-stay sweet! Arturo. Comoestas aniigo? 
IK.!), Keep Laughing! McU-cus-Slop swealn' everyone! (and 
igeveryones food!) Bedfordsjust like Complon-that's all you! 
; w ith Foreign Language cuz it leads you to BIG tilings ! "Shocker" 
beinga big brother! Shanna and Wendy true Guineas !, .Angela W. 
ffa! and Barbera - 11 1 miss the lunch talks you tw o come up with ! , 
bie, Ben. Burrilo (Cock). Teddy, Sara Epp - photo was fun. 
ping was funner!, Marccll. Bryant (Pop Tart ). Greg. Beth, Jenn P. 
ra, Chris. Tom S.. Sean W. ( good luck with soccer), Katie A.. Mall 
\kilah. Jcssamyn. Tiger, David S., Sean S.. Brendan. Michelle P., 
•an A., Scott . George - sorry about the g lass i n your eyes ! . Jeremy 
anksfor bringing me home! Jim. Denise ■ You' ve learned my ways 
aying tickets!. Gotid luck in the future!. Don't change!. Rhea 
How My FooLsteps!" I had fun going lo Trinidad with you. TRUE 
PRICORNS! OH GOSSSSHH!. Vi hy you act so stupid, you're 
ing me vexed.VAGR ANT!, going to the ROTC ball, at least you 
10 know mi padre! Wrinkles!, LYLAS! Good Luck in the Future, 
ergive up yourtoosmart forthat, Im wishing you the Best! Sandra, 
leing there to talk to. even when you moved - Lylas - stop burping 
don't change! Laurie C, you just have lo renicmbei who is #1 
dly know that you moved!, Hampton Beach, forall those talks w iih 
r crazy self, for having parents I could call my ow n! Boston, 
lering the PFR people in the early hours, for being free with nothing 
o, for letting me call you in sick all those limes! Cooking all those 
ikfasi BuffeLs.The Cheerleaders - (Rumpshakers / Kick those 
sys ) - Coach Apri 1. for putting up with the squad and doing my hair, 
d luck with your future squads ! CAPT. SARA, stop running into 
s! Give me my S2!. we should've done the Ducktape!. Muggy, 
mie ( keep clubbing, stop worry ing !) Corky V - we' ve had too many 
;hs and you had to run for ail of them !. Mindy (let' s cook dinner, or 
serve it frozen, they can't tell!), Jessica ( How Funky is your 
.ken'.' 'DO DO DO DI DO " thanks for "holding up the squad", keep 
;ing!.Rochelle (keep eating-snack it up! ), Squeaky. Christine P.. 
Tanya (for always listening to my hour long stories). Lynn, Hilary, 
slen, Tawnya. Cyndi (keep dancing-stay sweet!), Hilary, Terry, 
n (I'm glad you were w ith us this year it was very nice of you to help 
! ), Jaqui - sorry my car always had troubles and you got in trouble 
en you got home!, don't change. Keep the SPIRIT 
ICK ACHICKACHECK iilive!. Good luck in the future!, Adelle- 
jlwaysbeingsocrazy. nasty, weird, funny.and outgoing!. partying, 
in. Galleria YA-DO YA?. Don't ever forget about Fred and 
ellape and their friend Bob.NO ! !, stop putting yoiu^ hands in other 
^ ! ( "Now that I'm gone I'm handing everything over to you !" - Tony 
\nd lo anyone I forgot - I'ln sorry but I w ish you ALL good luck and 
best! I LOVE YOU ALL' 

lure Goals: To see Sara Ro become president of the U.S., to see 
chelle J. has finally "Freed her mind" and getajob, logo back toour 
nion and watch Scott. Chris, and George perform iheir Humpty 
nee. lo teach Apama and Julie lo cook, to become Joanna Thorns' 
I Jaqui ' s manager for her singi ng career, to tell John what to do with 
t money ! . to have an outfit for each day of the year, to go tocollege 
J marry a handsome, fine, honesLloving, rcspcctablc.generous and 
cessfulman.haveat least two kids, live on 
cessful and live a long . happy, and fulfilling life! 

Old BillericaRd. 

tivilies: Football: 1 ,2,3,4; Ski Team: 1 ,2,3,4; Lacrosse 1 ,2,3.4. 

anksTo: My Mom and Dad for always supporting me through my 
KXil yeaarsand everything else you have done for me through out my 
Danielle you are the best little sisteranyone would w ant. I'm sorry 
always picking on you. Denise. Ed, and Edw ard Shawn for always 
Iping if I needed it and for bringing Ed Jr. into the world. Michelle, 
'b. Briini Courtney, and Kelsey for never leaving home. Debbie, 
■die. and Edw iird James, I know you guys will always be there for me. 
lu are all the best . I love you all! Mike and Jim for being my best 

friends. Jim forgoing to the topof Cannon at 40 below, we werecrazy. 
Mike for always having inc up in New Hampshire. We had some great 
times, oh the lax camp that what piss ah. There is what I have to say. 
I wonder where you would be without me? Mike Smulski and Matt 
Gallant for wondcrTue.sday and Linebacker Drills. Brendon. Farmer, 
and Midgetl. How many funeral homes are on that street? Wayne, 
George, Jeremy, Enc, Marcus. Germany, Carpenter. Kevin. Mobely. 
and the rest of the football team. Coach Sabourin for never giving up 
on us you have taught me a lot about myself. Coach Pelrillo for all the 
stories. Coach Campbell for never getting mad. Pete for aiding to my 
knee. .Ml the kidson the ski team. Jason get ahaircul. Coach Goodw in 
and the Lax team, we had a blast. (What ah you guys doing scrvin 
dwinks?) Tern Ciccone, do you think you are cool with that jeep? You 
are .someone to look up to. Mr. Maxwell you arc the coolest teacher 
anybody could have. Jessaniyn and Joann for wwa and all our math 
years. Belly, Hansen, Little Sullivan, Bethany, Anita, Rob, Mika, and 
every body else. 

Future Goals: Someday get a girlfriend, get married and have kids. And 
most imponantly always have a big heart and never quit. 

Joanna Thoms 

Activities: Field Hockey 1. Swimming I. Softball 1,2,3,4. S.A.D.D. 
1,2,3. Mud Wreslling 1.2.3,4. Sleep 1,2,3,4. Dwarf Tossing 1,2,3,4. 
Synchronized sw imming 1,2,3,4. 

Thanks to: Firstof all! would like to thank myself, because I'm the 
one who got myself where I am today. Next I would like to thank my 
mother for always letting me make my owndecisionsand guiding me 
towards the right ones, I can only hope that 1' m as good a mother lo my 
children that you've been lo me, I love you mommy. Tim you have 
alw ays been like a father to me and in my mind you are. Thank you for 
treating me as if I were your very own. Daddy even though your not 
always there, I know that you ;ire always there w hen 1 need you. Dana 
and Jason, you two really get on my ncn es but I guess I still love you, 
but it's only out of the goodness of my heart. Kelly you will one day 
be my sister-in-law (hopefully I. I have always wanted a sister and if 
I had. had a choice. I would of chosen you. I'd also like to thank the 
rest of my family, you all represent a part of me and I love you. Next 
I would like to thank my freinds. This isn' t in any sort of order so don t 
lake offense. Alexis, you have been my bestfreind since w e were kids, 
I know that we'll never grow apart. Don't ever forget ROY! ROY! 
orHoborailroad! Knockinona wall. Cocmachuck... Julie, you'reone 
crazy girl (don' t w onry , I won' t tell anyone about the strange things you 
do). You're weird and that's why I love you. I also won't tell about the 
time that you filled yourshoe « ith pee. And don't forget I saved your 
life that one summer. Kim iClambcrly). you're always gonna be nuts. 
Don't ever forget that time that we ran out of gas in East Bum *«■*'. 
.Awrighl Billy, let your squirrel go and move it. pronto. Ha you and . 
Oh. by the way, get that OJ out of your room, it's beginning lo move. 
Headda Hershey. you have been through so much, but somehow you 
just manage to grin and bear ill hope everything w orks out w ith Brian. 
Hi Brian! No you Detattahear. Hello, hello, hello ... Tara P. my love 
bud. You are the loudest person that I know . but I lo\ c you sis I heller 
be in your wedding (when you and Fendi gel married i Betiy . you arc 
the biggest ditz in the world, while in college, iry noi lo iripand pop 
yourhead(J.K.). Don'tforgelEggroll, Spam, the weird noises that your 
shoe makes and ... "Nice fiip Andre, how z your neck'.'" Caren, you are 
the loudest, most obnoxious bral, but I still love you as if we were 
sisters. Keep on t<ilkin'. Michelle, you are taking on such a big 
responsibility, but I know you'll be happy. Ifyou ever need a hand, you 
know my number. Arturo, I' 11 be seein ' you at the prom when w e make 
our big entrance. ChrisP.yes,yourstercoispumpin'.'re 
the funniest guy I know, superfreak. Chris M. your name alone makes 
me laugh. Erica, keep on dancin' . John T, ( w alkaholic ) Jimmy, say 
hello to your son forme. .Andtothesporkcrew^bu/zin'atKFC. And 
a little word of advice to all who are proud of nothing lobe called 
the Hummer Crew. I'm sorry there's nothing lobe proud of. And lo 
Brenda, Mike, Gage, and my baby sis Melanie, I love you guys. I would 
also like to thank Amy A, Mika. Sara R. Sara E, Shaneen, Siri. Jessica 
H. Jessica D, Shanna. Krisly, Lori M, Rhea. Wayne. Marcus. Teddy, 
Nicky. Jessamyn. Tiger. Barbara, Cyndi. Matt G, Anfela W. Mareel. 
Apama, Christine V. Tara K, Daw n, Senta, M.iry B, Mar>' K.Julie S. 
Adam B. Becky, and Wiener (graffiti man). And thanks lo the 
MacLeod, Piantedosi,Tarbell. Cook. Peaks (hey. whcrc's my sweet 
potato pie) and Blesser/Kettly families. Special thanks lo the Cesar 
fami ly. I love you mommy Cesar. Now for you Jean, you have loaughl 
me so much through your love and mistakes. You have become m\ \ ery 

best friend. I pray loGtxl that we will always be at least friends, if not 
more. llove>'ouandrmsurethalIalwayswill. [apologize loallihe 
people I have forgotwn (John B). I'm sorry and 1 love you guys, loo. 
Without you, all my school daze (oops ... days) wouldn't be worth a 

Jessica Turner 
15 Paul Revere Rd. 

Schtxil Related Acliviiies: Soccer 1,2,3,4; Skiing 1,2,3,4: Athletic 
training 1,2; Orchestra 1,2,3.4: Chamber music 2,3,4; Choir 1.2,3; 
Musical I ; Pit 2,3.4; Tournament of plays2; Spring play 4; Drama club 
1 .2,3,4; Science lcam2,3,4; Citizenshipcommitlce 3; S ADD 1 .2.3.4; 
NHS 3.4; Frenchclub 1 .2.3.4; AFS 1 .2,3; Student AtmosphereCom- 
mittee 3; Ultimate frisbee 2.3,4. 

Thanks to: Mom and Dad, for love, support, guidance, and values; 
Allison, forbeing my sister, looking up to me. and understanding my 
mistakes; Shadow , for having the softest ears and for listening when no 
one else would; Mrs. Lori; Mrs. Hoyu for our tree: Mrs. Reed, for 
throwing my books out the window; Mrs. McCaithy and Mrs. Woolard. 
for being the only middle school teachers I care to remember; Mr Hunt; 
Mrs. Bosak. for enthusiasm; Mr. Sabourin. for helping me through, 
adding birds, praying for our class (we needed it!), and genuinely 
Cimng; Mrs. Rainis, for loving us and sharing laughter - Fabio; Mr. 
Maxwell, for being the only Eng. teacher who taught me grammar, Mrs. 
Kruegar; Mr. Spinosa, for making me stick with it; Mr.Renyolds. for 
being inspiring; Mr. Pavao; Mr. Tingley, for letting us lo<ise D per. ; and 
Mrs. Anderson, forG per. orchestra, stories, and forgiving me a love 
of music that will stay with me always; Sarah S., for 16 years of 
memories - don't stiffen up when your mom tries lo pulyou in thecar!; 
Aaron, for holding me w hen I cry, even ifyou don't know how ; Bayne. 
forbackrubs, making people think we were lesbians, the lunch table 
antics, and being a beautiful person; Kristen C. for Waukeela memo- 
ries and hugs; I love you four, thanks for being my best friends; Brian 
J., for being my first love; Russell, for being both wonderful and 
beautiful; Lauren, for standing uplo Amy in4th grade; Lisa, forbeing 
an SAT with me - lacrosse team!; Ca. for Physics and 6th grade 
"emergencies";Calvin. forbeing my locker buddy iuid 2nd prom date; 
Adam, for hugs and the talk on the washing machine; Devon, for 
teaching me so much; Chach. forgiving meazillion weird nicknames; 
Sleph. for laughs and Russ; O.G.. for being an amazing kisser; Jay. for 
the hair; Mar) , forbeing louder than me; Kristen. for Kridden; Ro. for 
Europe-NOT. love yaanyway ; Ben D , for finding my passport; Dave 
and Dan (Reebok twins); David J., for man-handling; Carvey. for 
trusting me and typing this; Ivan and George, for leaching meihe ways 
of ultimate frisbee; Theresa, Esp. and Margaret, forbeing crazy, but 
thinking I wascrazier; the soccer team; the ski team; Jeff, forbeing my 
across-lhe-street brother; Craig, for the bet and for maybe...; Jim. for 
gorgeous legs; Eilleen. for adopting the freshman friends; Dan. for 
thinking lam beautiful: Mr. Schweitzer, for making my violin; Simon 
and Garfunkel, for making music; and to anyone else I may become 
close to this year. Thanks to the mountains, w ho never fail lohumble 
me and remind me of life's beauty. Finally, thanks toanyone who has 
swung on the sw ings with me or given me a hug. 

Future Goals: Become a petrolium transfer engineer, ski Tucherman's 
ravine, hike the Appalachian Trail, beat Healh at chess, beat anyone at 
running, meet Benand Jeiry ,goparasailing, learn locook, read every 
book by AgathaChristie, stay happy, live life to the fullest, and never 
loose my love of nature. 


Activities: ROTC 1,2,3,4: Marching Band; Rifle Team3.4; 
Telemedia 1,2,3,4; Spring Musical Pit I. 

Thiuiks to: Thank you Dad. Mom. Joan, Dave. Tncia. Mike. Dave 
Jones. ChrisCarjxjnter, Jeremy Nash, Charlie .Axlell. Dave Wolf. Jen 
St. Sauveur, Jen' s little brother's Jeff and John. .Ml the Bass Dnimmers 
and the rest of Marching Band. Mars D.CaraSlein. .■\nyone 1 forgot, 
it's my mistake, it is the last day and I hav e to gel these in on lime Col 
Campbell; Chief Braga. All the ROTCCadeis. 

Future Goals; Graduate school and col lege . 

Senior Directory 175 

' ,::vilOA'|li|ci 

\ SiKccr 1.2. Captain 3.4; HrcshniimBiiskelhall I.JV2. 

.i|)tain4; Varsiiy Lacrosse I.Dcbalc Team 2.3; Science 
1. .riM.J..».4.MathLeaguei.2:l.atinClubl.2..?,Prcsidenl2;SAi:)D 
_ . Spiril Games 1.2; Hall Decoraiiiii; I ; Pep Rally Decorating 2.3; 
I nick l)ccoraling4; Indoor Fooiball 2.3; Wedgewiwd Crew 1 .2.3.4; 

Thanks To: Fanner, George, and .Skipper for all Ihe limes we' ve hung 
oulsince junior high. Chhabra lor having us o\er so much and Idling 
us party, especially ihe volloybal leslival. "Don't look behind the 
drapes!" "Wlicrcslhe search waiTanf" Linda for being so nice tome 
and for helping ine endure Sunday school. Linda and Jessamyn fora 
super lime on the Ski Retfeat. "Wanna play some pool?" Dcrn "Dr. 
l-eelg<K)d"forall ihc h(X)k -upsat Purily. Mike and Eric for the good 
limes in Salisbury and New Hampshire Skipper and Alan forariKkin' 
weekend wiih Ralph Nader "Don'tplay w ith my underwear." Julie 
and Jessica for all our conversations, note.s. and laughs in Finglish. 1 
cnn'l believe we went loChuck-F.-Cbeesel Scotl. Chris. iuidBnan for 
GnRandMelallica. Jessica and Cmig for lunch dining Adv. Bio and 
lorbakingacakeforMr.Tinglcy'sretirement. Anna for being sonice, 
and Mindy for being a great cheerleader.and both of you for being 
Calculus parlneis. Julie for being soannoyiiig. Coach Wilson and all 
Ihe stKccr guys, past and present, for giving me some ol the greatest 
tunes fo iny life: ihc stale tournament run, the Concord and Acton nighl 
games, and the "Welcome to Ihc DCLI" Westford .Academy game. 
John and Rob for leading the team with me (his past year. J<ihn, Ben. 
Jason, and Jesse loi always being there on D. Mike my fellow Caliper 
and Carter for being so screwy. I ' ve truly had a blast I Wendy and Beth 
for making sw im leant so much fun all these years, hspecially Beth, 
forcv erylhing in and out of school and Wcdgewood and being such a 
sweet fnend. you 're the greatest! Hcnrik lorbeine a fellow Libcriiunui 
and for wearing a IX'bale Team Cap T in taking iiparms!" Tlie debate 
leant for having more fun thunadebate team shiiiildbc allowed lohave. 
To Conch 1 .11 son and everyone w ho played J V b.iskeiba 1 1 sophomore 
year. How many limesdid wc come fromlwenly down ti>win ' Mr. 
Sullivan for listening to me and iindersianding kidsand K-ing soiiKH)ne 
you can talk loaboul anything Mr. Petnllo for making me laugh ingyin 
clas.*, Pete Cacciola for being a great role mixlel as well a.s a great 
athletic trainer Thanks to everyone who pailied with me and w.i.sso 
gixxl tome senior year, I' II never forget vou Mosi imporunily, thanks 
to my family. Diui for always standing up I or me and working so hard, 
and for letting me drive the truck. You've set quite an example. Mom 
forcanngsomuchanddriv ing mcevcrv where before I got niy license 
Heather for putting up w ith me nil these yeiu's. for silting in the hack 
of the truck, and for letting me use the phone once in a u hilc. 

Future Goals: To win the Division III Slate Toumainenl. graduate 
from college and medical schol, and become a diKlor l o see a 
libertarian elected President, to live a long, happv life in a nice house 
w ith the perfect woman, ,ind U> play w atcr polo in the Olympic G.iirK's 
somewhere along the way . 

Erica L. Willie 
127 Bedford Rd, 

School Activities: JV Basketball l:DramaClub l,4:SpanishClub 1; 

TlianksTo: FirsirdlikelolhiinkGodlorgivintiiielile. lomv family: 
Dad. thank you lor alw ays being there for me every .step of the way 
Mom, tbrgiving me moral support Ron. for acting like a fool lochcei 
me up. To my fav oriic cousin. Toni. stay sweet Kristen B . my best 
friend in the world. Thank you for everything you've done. Don't 
forget the pi //a parly! SandraJ. my soulsisla. ToKim.thanksforall 
the rides to the club Remember all ihecrazy times wc had together. 
Don'l forget warning, beach, ticket Michelle J,, thanks forcv cry thing, 
please free your mind. Good luck with Quan Lee I smile) Lon M. 
(friend, drama buddic ) lemember all the fun times we shared i espe- 
cially Discovery in Drama I ToNikkiB .tl)ank.sforalways making me 
laugh wheni was feeling down. Apama, remember all the times we 
cried over slupidguys Thank you foreverylhing You llalwaysbcmy 
fairweather friend Tom> big bn>ther. Eric. I'll alwaysrvmenibcr your 
advice. Tlianksioall my other friends. Amy .A , MikaV (bowling). 
Dav id S., Julie P. (crossed eyed Thomas), Joanne. Hakim, Scott. Jo Jo, 
John B. 

Future Goals: I plan on going tocollege.Raiseahcalthy family. Live 
a long, happy life. 

Jennifer Anne Young 

Address: 2 Prescott PL Hanscom A F B. 

Telephone #: 274-6137 

Activities: SiwcerfJ-l Chorus 10-12 
Latin club 1 1 

Thanks To: My parents first of all for being there for 
durcving to slay here long enough for me to graduate, 
especially to all my friends; Heather P.,Leti-s Partv! Ftei 
VV,, I love your poetry . Cindv \ . I won+t let m v dad iurg^ 
Joanne M. -History len History *. Kasey M. - He+s 
Jeannefte H - Don+t let him get my chair.+ And Miche 
Kalhy for being able to stand me at lunch. Becky F., nnji 
to it+s fullest sweets. David S., 1+ve known vou lorev 
thert'+s not much that you don+t already know Carol 
en)oyed all the fun we had Chris M., you+11 alvs a\ s b»> ani 
brother'' to me Jason A., Please let there be more to you 
then a computer console. Shanna M., For King sudlj 
bully. Chns R , I haven+t known vou long but it -s 
O., You+U always be the other little sLster I wish that I 
P.. Terry T„ -Take me home!+ Jason W., hopefully you m 
be a gimp forever. Kevin C, all I have to sa v is, -Just 
of tnmble.-t^ Josh (Ren) M. Patty L & Brian C Ben G 
for always making me feel two feet tall + Marr F. and the 
stupid+ pin. Josh S. -Smile!+ Everyone at the base p»Kil 
the greatest* and to J Simmons theawesomest bos>!SlB 
Gilschier- 1 don+l know what to say except, -I Love You 
everyone eLse that I h-tve known over the years or 
overlooked in writing this, -1 haven+t forgotten and nevt 

Future Goals: To get married and live life fo the fuJlest.e 
ing all that it has to offer me! Also to be able to see moret 
world other then the East coast. Now let+s blow this join 


176 Senior Directory 


Congratulations - you did it. We're so proud of you. May your future be filled with success and sweet dreams. Be happy and keep 


Mom. Dad, and Matt 


Best Wishes and remember "Enthusiasm finds the opportunities - Energy makes the most of them". The sky's the limit so reach 
for the stars and follow your dreams! 

Dad and Robin 

Dear Jen. 

Congratulations. I'm so proud of you, - the world is yours my daughter, my friend, my heart . 


Congratulations Alan Chhabra on your senior graduation. Have fiin in your freshman year in college. Don't party too much and 
study. Get me some concert tickets and shirts. 
See ya. 
Anurag C. 

Congratulations our dearest, lovely, smartest, most handsome friend Alankar. You will always be fun company. Good luck on 
your journey through college & Medical School. You can do it. 


Jennifer Y.. 

Congratulations. We are so proud of you. You did a Great Job! May your future hold only success. You deserve it! 

Mom. Dad. Chrissy and Gram. 

Dear Bill. 

Congratulations, you really made it! Good luck in the future, and enjoy life to the fullest. We all love you. 
Dad. Ma, and John 

To Kim, 

Hope that your experiences in the future will be fulled with much happiness and success. Keep on being the best that you can 



Mom. Dad and Familv 


You ha\ e made us proud. We w ish you a successful future. Press On. 

Mom, Dad, Charles, Michael 


We love you ver> much an know you'll have success in whatever you do. With all our love, kisses, and "Pundas." 

Grammy and Papa 

180 Ads 

Of every thing we've ever done in our lives, raising a son like you is one of the things we're proudest of. Remember to always aim for 
the stars. 

Love always, 
MOM and DAD 

Congratulations and best of luck to Chris and classmates - BHS class of '94 . 

From the Farmers. 

Dear Alison, 

We are so proud of you! We wish for all your desires to come true and are blessed to have you as our daughter (and sister!) 

Mom, Dad and Bryan 


Loving you always. 
Mom and Dad 

Dear Mika, 

We love you and hope all your dreams come true. 

Mom and Dad 

Dear Sarah, 

"Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find: knock, and it will be opened to you." Matt. 7:7 

With Love, 
Mom and Dad 

Jessica Lynn, 

Be proud , yet humble in achieving a milestone and a gateway. We pray for your success in reaching your dreams and we love 
you! Always seek out justice and understanding. Life is short. Enjoy it. 


Three new paths in life- 
follow your heart, for it's your own guiding light 
I know— I have seen it shine Big & Bright. 

Love Mom 

To our dear granddaughter Jessica: 

May your future be a happy & healthy one! We are very proud of you and love you very much. 

Gramma & Grampy Turner 

Honest, Sincere, Caring, Witty, Attractive, Intelligent 
determined, stubborn & you did it "your way"- That's our 
Kristie! Yes! Its finally over! We're proud of you. 

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Woburn Sportsman's Association 

155 Middlesex Turnpike 
(P.O. Box 226) 
Bedford Massachusetts 01730 

Junior Rifle 
Firearms Safety 


Warm Wishes 

to the Class of 1994 and their Families 

Reliable Energy Resources 

Residential Heating Sales / Serv ice 
Energy Conservation 24 hr. Full Service 

617-275-1343 508-663-3303 

R.E.R. Fuel Service Inc. 

Primitive Arms 
Junior Pistol 
Hunter Education 

Call or write for information. 

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to ifit 1994 graduates of 
Bedford 9{ig a ScfiooC 

The MITRE Corporation 


Serves the nation with 
pharmaceuticals & health care products 

Success and Good Fortune 
to the Graduates of Bedford High School... 

CIS - us, Inc. 10 De Angelo Drive Bedford MA 01730 

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bedford athletic association 

Congratulations and Good Luck 

to the 

Class of 1994 

Resource Information Systems, Inc. 

Bedford's Premier Economic Analysts 
Forcast a Bright Future 
For the Class of '41 
I 1 Great Road, Bedford, MA 1 730 

(617) 271-0030 

379 North Road 
Bedfordj MA 
01 730 

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Best Wishes to 
and the class of '94 

Consulting Resources 

Lexington, IVIA 
"Quality Service since 1981" 


65 Loom is Street 
Bedford, MA 


We Deliver 


^ Jl 

1 e9 CONCORD ROAD <RT. 62) 


8 Preston Ct. 
Bedford, MA 

Guy A. McGarry, 
D.D.S., P.C. 

50 Loom is Street 
Bedford, MA 


. .and gifts \ J 

142The Great Road 
Bedford, MA 

Lynda Giannetta 

^^^^^^^^^^H^^^^H come a 

^^^^^^P^^^^BJH^H only be- 

^^H^^ ^^wIr^^^I gun. We're very proud 
^^^^U ^nPHil^H and hope all 
^^^^A il^^H ^^^'^ dreams come 
^^^^^k ' '~*^^^^^^^H (Become 

We love you. 
Mom, Dad, 
Rebecca '91 

We love you, 
Mom, Dad & Mike 

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Best Wisties Brian 
Love Mom 

Keep your beautiful 
snnile and sense of 
tiumor! You can be 
wtiatever you want to 
be. Wishiing you love 
and tiapplness in your 
future. Love always, 
Mom + Amy 


We" re so proud of 
you. Our love 
and support will 
be witti you 

Love, Mom, Dad, Kristin and Mictiael 



Thanks for all 
the memories. 
Mum, Dad, 
and Matthew 

Michelle Denise Jackson, 

Hold on to your dreams; you have the 
potential. Philippeans 3: 1 4 

Daddy, Mom, Bryan and Kathleen 

From pundo's to proms - 
you've grown up loud! 
From $' mores to sensational - 
you 've done us proud 
And you always been special to 


Dad, Mom, & Allison 

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You're Off To New Adventures 

We Know You'll Find The Best Routes! 
We Love You. We're Proud of You and We'll 
Always Be Here For You. 

Mom, Dad, Danny, and Misty 

Dear Sarah, 

We all love you very much 
and wish you a successful life 
filled with happiness and joy! 

Mom, Dad, Christina, Andrew, 
and Matthew 


You can always trust your inner strength. When faced 
with a decision, ask yourself, "What is the right thing to 
do?" Only that Question is a worthy star by which to 
steer your life. 

We are proud of you 
and we love you. Mom and 


Dear Mary, 

May continued success, lasting friend- 
shiips, and tiappiness be yours! 
Thanks for ttie music, ttie games, ttie joy 
and the love you have given us. 

Proudly & with Love, 
Mom , Dad, & Danielle 

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your op- 

sense of 
you have 
us much 

We Love You Always, 
Mom, Dad, Shawn, JP 

Carrie - 
Be Proud of not only your ac- 
complishments but more im- 
portantly what you have be- 

We Love You and wish you only 
the Best. 

Mom & Dad, Jeremy 


Chastity May All Your Dreams Come True!!! 
We Are All Very Proud of You. 
Remember - - Live Life, Be Happy and Be 
We Love You. 

Krystal & Dante 
Mommy & Daddy 

Dear Amy, 

We are proud and confident 
of the young woman you 
have become, although 
some things never change. 

Love, Mom & Dad 

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We are so proud of you and love you very 
much. You have brought us much happi- 
ness. May all your dreams come true. 
With lots of love, 
Mom, Dad, Heather & Peter 

Where did yesterday go? 
May all your tomorrows be 
as special as you. 
Good Luck 
Love Mom, Dad, Jeff & Scott 

Good Luck 


to the 

You make us happy, 
You make us proud. 

Class of 1994 

You are truly a special person. 
We are blessed to be your family. 

(and Dave) 


Dad, Mom, Danielle, Deborah, Eddie & Ed- 
ward Jame Michelle, Bob, Brit Courtney & 

The Paper Store 

309 The Great Road 

Denise, Ed & Edward S 

Bedford, Mass. 01730 

Ads 189 

Good Luck Class of 94 


Farewell and 
Good Luck to the 
Class of 1994 


Applied Imaging 

23 Crosby Drive, Bedford, MA 

377 Concord Road 



328 GREAT ROAD 275-6662 

Best wishes for the 
Good Luck! 
Mom Dad and Kathy 

190 Ads 


JuUe Bayne 
Sarah Carvey 
Came Ciaccia 
Mary DeMoss 

Heath DiU 
Debbie Downs 

Karen Freeman 
Jason Ingraham 
Megan French-Fuller 

Heather Hirch 
Christoper Johnson 

Michell Koop 
Loretta Malymeik 
Sarah Rosenberg 

Christopher Rowe 
Arturo Santiago Jr. 
Anita Shewakramani 
Alison Sundet 
Jessica TUmer 
Jennifer Young 
Jeffrey Weinfert 




Ads 191 

Congratulations Graduates! 

Dr Eugene Eagles, III, D.M.D., P.C. 
Bedford Medical Building 
50 Loomis Street 

Bedford, MA • ^ ^-^^ orthcxjontics 

Bedford Medical Building _ ._ ^ 


50 Loomis Street ^-^^^amerjcan boakd 


As you go out into this world 
Remember how proud we are of you 
and how much we love you 
Dad and Jo 

High Quality TV ' s And i^pliances 
Great Road Shopping Center, Bedford 


Bedford Cptical 

Renzo Salon 

428 North Road 

Milton S.Moffett 
Registered Optician 

Bedford, MA 

Telephone 275-0736 


50 Loomis Street 

192 Ads 

To the 1994 Graduates of 
Bedford High School 




Ads 193 



I STypips 

99 Cambridge Street 
Buriington Mass. 


Senior Portraits,Wedding^, Family Groups 

*A11 candid photographs !^or 

the yearbook are l^onated by 
Burlington Studios at^o charge! 

194 Ads 

For All Your Formal Needs 

Peabody, MA 
(508) 531-3040 

Rt. 28 
Reading, MA 
(617) 944-5776 

91 Middlesex Tpk 
Burlington, MA 
(617) 271-3228 

Square One Mall 

Saugus, MA 
(617) 233-2114 

Open evenings to 8:30 Mon.-Fri. and until 5:00 Sat. 


Class of 1 994 

Middlesex Community College 

Admissions Office 


Best Wishes for a healthy, 
happy future. You have 
made us very proud. 


Mom, Papa 
Rajul and Shan 

196 Ads 


Fine Chinese Cuisine 



BEDFORD, MA 01730 



Ads 197 


We do Nails and Hair 

36 South Rd. 
Bedford, MA 01730 

275-0666 275-6076 

Alfonse and staff 
Wendy - Gina 

class of '94 

K.W. Luther 

Associates, Inc. 

Bodyworks Co. Inc 

Environmental Consultants dr Engineers 

#1 Commercial Ave 

Five Alfred Circle 
Bedford, Massachusetts 01730 
(617) 275-6050 Fax:(617)275-5651 

Bedford, MA 

Wendy , 

You ' ve alvrays been a free spirit ! 
We are all very proud of your accoitplishments . 

Never change . 


Congratulations on your graduation! 
As you head off for college (and the world), con- 
tinue to be fair and open-minded to new ideas, 
people and situations and you will become an 
even more wonderful, caring and loving young 
woman than you are now! 

All our love. 
Mom, Dad and Katherine 

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200 Ads 

that will 


Jack Taylor 

Ed Lloyd 

Ads 201 


from your class officers 

Advisor: Huberta Sorgi 
President: Sarah Rosenberg 
Vice- President: Matt Gallant 

Secretary: Sarah Eppler 
Treasurer: Wendy Castella 
Prom Committee: Beth Mara 

Cyndi Hunt 

202 Ads 

Thanks for the memories of Troop #2092 

Good Luck Sarah, Jessica, Amy, Anita, Aparna, Linda, Karen, Cindy, Sarah, Lauren and Jessamyn 
You were great scouts! 
Mrs. S. & Mrs. T. 


Be sure to clean off the bar and pick up your room before you go to college. 
Just Kidding, Dad. 
I'm not, Mom. 

P.S. We're very proud of you! 

To my loving son Christopher, 

Always let your loving compassion and understanding be your guide in life. You will always be very special 
to me. 

The Bedford Jewish Community 

Extends its congratulations to the graduating Class of 1994 

and their families. 


Ads 203 


CLASS OF 1994 
"From Vision to Venture!" 

Thank you staff. 

Your determination, perseverence, laughs, tears, 
Intense captions and good humor show through each 


Your Advisor 


to the Graduates of 1994 

The Law Offices of 

Dick, Dyson, 

Bolton, P.C. 

204 Ads 


Bedford High School's 1994 SIGNUM was printed bv reallv, reallv big machines at Jostens Printing and 
PubHshing Division, 401 Science Park, State College, Pennsylvania 16801. The Jostens area representative was 
John Neister and the in-house consultants were Karen Betts, Julio Agosto De Septiembre and their trusted 

servants Abu, Jafar and Jasmine. 

Senior portraits, group photos, some candids and all of our money were taken by Burlington Studios, 99R 
Cambridge Street, Burlington, MA 01830 and the remainder of the candids were taken by staff photographers 
who never turned the film on time. Underclassmen portraits were taken bv O'Connor School Pictures, 1348 
Main Street Tewksbury, Ma 01876 (in the castle Anthrax). 

The cover was of litho material base enhanced with a tartarian honeysuckle matrimonial periwinkle #069 and 
a shimmering tlecha of gold #911. Headlines were set in many, manv different ways because we were here 
until 10:30 at night and either did not care, notice or know how to change them. Secondary headlines. ..what 
the *!?@ are those?!? Body copy was done with clothes on. ..most of the time. 
Well, guys ... it's finally done! 

208 Closing